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  1. yes but i'm sleeping on a couch right now so it'd have to be after i move only for u tho, my dad doesn't have good taste in furniture and i sold all of mine so its not gonna be my style at all >:'[
  2. you need an SO to tell you that that's not acceptable, you're living like a god dang hobo lmao get your life together, i bayleef in you
  3. >last month >no bed literally what is wrong with you that's like the first thing you're supposed to do after you move????/ why are you like this?????
  4. Its been the worst year of my life, and I'm barely alive but whatever. I plan on getting a car and learning to drive when I'm down there since my dad is DEEP in the suburbs, so I would gladly visit u <3
  5. oh jesus you had me thinking you were some kind of hulk on your earbuds lmao alright alright
  6. It has its pros and cons. Pros: video games all day. Cons: everything else. Depression and hardcore anxiety hit me like a bag of bricks this year and I wasn't able to continue working at Comcast, so after being unemployed for a while, I started working part time at an Express. Part time isn't enough to pay my rent, but I wasn't (and still might not be, who knows) really capable of doing more than that, so my mom suggested that she'll get a roommate and I can go live with my dad, who has a house he'll let me live in rent-free until I can get it together again. I don't really expect to like AL though and its more of a pit stop since I plan to move to Canada after a couple of years, tops.
  7. TRI-ANNUAL? You buy earbuds that many times a year? What are you doing to them? I have a pair of really nice audio-technica headphones, and a samsung pair of earbuds that came with my phone. Both are perfect and work beautifully. The AT ones are pretty durable I'd say, and noise-cancelling is only important depending on what you're using them for, I'd guess. Personal preference.
  8. pls make sure to eat ur veggies when u get a chance full NEET status currently; i'm moving to Alabama on the 1st so I quit my job a while back to prepare for the move. y; so until then i'm just chilling at home playing a lot of games and being a waste of space!
  9. bit.ly's are suspect as hell, i wouldn't click on one of those if my dying mother sent me one as her last dying wish
  10. those sound like the words of a quitter
  11. 10 hours! make sure you're getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods >:[ take care of urself!!
  12. i need making unread thread font bigger to be a priority, i'm tired of staring for 2 seconds longer than usual to see what threads have new content in them give me thicker font or give me death
  13. i'd know those cute as a button nicknames anywhere hey bby <3 i'm ready for death but still adorable how are u doin
  14. i didnt know shrimpy was here
  15. oh, so is there not a game to match the 3rd anime that was airing? y; I thought there were 3 games but I guess I was wrong. That's...weird. I'm currently in chapter 3 of of a DR2 playthrough that I'm watching with my buddy, and I'm really loving it so far. The story and characters feel like a big improvement on the first one and I'm more invested. Can't wait to watch the anime after we're done with it even though I know a few spoilers already. i'd buy the games and just play them but i'm v poor ;-;
  16. OH I had no idea it was coming out so soon? I'll be honest, I really enjoyed Sticker Star. It had flaws, obviously, but I definitely enjoyed it. So even though this is in the same vein, I'm still pretty interested in playing it. It's also really pretty, which I'm a sucker for.
  17. thank you kindly; i didn't wanna bug you again but i appreciate it
  18. why...would i do that i don't feel the need to post that strongly
  19. they unsuspended me but i still can't post or send/reply to messages rip until the 26th :'[
  20. i'm feeling terrible but its a nice enough day outside no plans until friday so i'm just lazing around the house today as always
  21. We should always be focused on new members, and now would be the BEST time to get that hashed out rather than wasting time making sure everyone from NS2 is comfy. It's only going to be more of a pain to change it later if we keep a name now and then old members get attached to it.