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  1. 8 hours ago, fuzz said:



    this acct is odd

    i have nothing to add to this other than yeah, that is really weird y;


    2 hours ago, a/0 said:

    If anything could convince me to check here more often it is seeing that I missed this. I feel rude now. Congratulations! I hope it went well. I am happy for you!

    oh, thank you! flower; it was a lowkey affair and making proper statements on life events still feels strange to me, so don't feel bad haha 

  2. twewy is my favorite DS game tbh, i replay it every few years and it still holds all the charm and fun it did back then


    i still remember the dislike/like ratio on youtube after they did that whole website w the countdown timer just to tell us it wasnt a sequel 

  3. 6 minutes ago, Pichi said:

    oh, so it would always start the same way with somebody getting sick or something?

    YEAH it would start w like, a scene of someone random just doing something in their everyday life n then by the end of the scene they fall down the stairs or have a heart attack or some shit, it was so stressful bc it would always start normal and sometimes id be like 'what show is this' and 2 minutes later im like ITS HOUSE AND ALSO ITS LUPUS

  4. my mom and i used to watch house, like, religiously and despite that i remember literally nothing about it except the feeling of anxiety every episode would give me in its intro scene where someone has something happen to them


    like i used to straight up just leave the room whenever the show started bc i didnt wanna see someone get hurt alkfjdfjdslk

  5. 1 hour ago, Kirbymeister2 said:


      I wanted to brighten the tone by saying that I got All A's in my classes this summer term but I don't know if that's appropriate right after the word still going on.


     If that does come out as wrong time to do so I apologize if that comes out wrong. 

    hey congrats, that must have been hard to muster flower; 


    don't feel bad about trying to bring some good news in, an overabundance of bad is difficult to be submerged in all the time; its good to remember the good things and reflect on how hard you've worked as well 


    i've kinda been toying with the idea to go back to school once i get my permanent residency, but i'm not really sure what for...it'd be fun to just be able to take classes for free lol...i just wanna learn things!!

  6. 3 hours ago, Pichi said:

    I highly recommend the insanity that is 428: Shibuya Scramble if you need more of that kinda thing


    ahhh, my SO showed me the trailer for this during the steam sale bc they were thinking of getting it. I am into those kind games...something about this one kinda turned me off tho. Maybe the fact that its live action? y; still seems like a very cool game, I think my SO would like it more than me haha

  7. Just now, ace said:


    Oh crap I didn’t realize that was dlc. Why is that DLC????

    im okay w master mode being dlc....im mostly just bummed that the extra cutscenes and the remaining shrines are locked behind dlc, i feel pretty strongly they should have just been in the base game :[


    ho hum


    our wii u doesn't have any space bc botw was downloaded lol so no dlc for me! 

  8. 38 minutes ago, ace said:


    Play it again on the hard difficulty!

    dlc is outta the question, but even if it wasn't i dont really want it y; unless you mean self-enforced difficulty, but i don't love the game in that kinda way lol


    22 minutes ago, K said:

    I wish I had BotW on the Switch, might have actually beaten the game if I did. lol

    ah, i played it on wii u and it was fine n dandy tbh 


    the system certainly lags in areas but for the most part it played perfectly fine...though playing on the gamepad was a useless sentiment, the game looked terrible on that small of a screen


    definitely meant to be played in hd lol