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  1. 6 hours ago, Shadow118 said:


    I’d like to, but really haven’t watched much in quite awhile and really haven’t watched/knocked much off since


    Still not really sure where exactly to start with having over 4,000 entries and counting... 


    doesn’t help that im indecisive and somewhat procrastinating on it


    And then there’s some longer and complicated series that I really have no idea to start with watching.....

    ehhh, that many? i think that's why you're feeling overwhelmed lol


    but within those, there's probably something you'll look at and say 'oh, i want to watch that right now!' and then...just watch it right then


    i feel like if i can at least start reading/watching whatever is in my queue, its easier to keep it up, especially if its something i'm really drawn to right then


    good luck flower; 

  2. 5 hours ago, Shadow118 said:

    I’ve been thinking, but i think it would be easier to start with anime that’s 100% complete, and leave ongoing ones for last or later on...?




    Think there’s some logic to that?

    are you trying to work through your backlog? starting with completed series definitely seems the smart way to go, if so flower; 


    i've been watching a ton ton TON of anime since i moved here since i can't work...but now i'm burned out, so i've taken up manga again instead lol


    its nice to cut down on the backlog, but now i find myself adding even more things to it than before x_x

  3. 4 hours ago, Pichi said:

    whomst and which albums

    sheena ringo! the albums are all fixed, but for what its worth i have 3 of her full albums (Sanmon Gossip, Shoso Strip, and Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana)


    i think its near impossible to fix the other, single random songs i have, but at least i have them in some form lol

  4. trying to slowly update my music folders n rearrange shit correctly and its been going swimmingly but i have this one artist that reinvents her own music like every album and some of her stuff i have ripped straight from youtube from wayyyy back when and its impossible to know which version is from which album and some are just live versions and some i just have no idea and i have 3 versions of the exact same song performed different ways and they all have the same name and i dont speak japanese and neither did my old computer apparently because all the tags are fucked up and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


    i managed to fix the 3 full albums i do have tho so at least they all play in order now lmfao

  5. 2 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

    Like, it's one thing if you're smoking a cigarette on a crowded bus filled with small children, or at a restaurant two tables down from an old lady with asthma.


    But if you want to smoke in your own backyard, nobody should have the power to say you can't.

    you sound like you're lacking a huge amount of empathy, as well as a viewpoint of the bigger picture


    but what else is new, i suppose 

  6. of the 3 mobile games i play regularly, one i paid for the full version without ads, one ONLY has ads on a if-you-want-to basis, and the other only has 1 ad when you open it and that's it 


    the last two are incredibly valid imo, esp the one that has ads only if you want to, considering the amount of content and care put into it 


    i only bought the full version of my word game bc it has 3500 levels n i only bought it after the first 1000 levels lmao. at this point i refuse to play games that have longform ads i don't choose to watch or a terrible ad system in general. i don't mind supporting a creator that cares about their product, but most of the time the setup is just terrible and absolutely not worth the trouble for me. 

  7. thank u oscar-chan


    ive actually been playing more mobile games lately, believe it or not! we have a wii u but i use it intermittently, and pc games....but in my down time from those, i have a word game i play every day and an adventure clicker game ive been really into lately. i miss handheld systems being more popular, though.


    i don't have phone service here, so even when i'm out i find myself playing games sometimes just to fill time if we're on the bus or something.