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  1. mine got a spike this afternoon at 125, but idk what my morning price was because i slept through it
  2. i store turnips inside my house, because out of sight, out of mind i plan on setting up a flea market area for free flowers/diys once i'm done breeding blue roses (haha.), but for right now they sit on log benches outside of nooks nicely aligned keeping things neat is really important to me; i keep no more than 6 at any given time, and my extras will go to my one friend first, then my spouse, and if they're still leftover i wrap em up and send em to villagers, who love getting them in the mail
  3. how is it that march was 3 months long, april was 2, and may was only 2 weeks the passage of time is making me nuts!
  4. Double posts are okay, even I make them sometimes in the chat thread. Though you can quote multiple people at once, sometimes its easier to just post twice instead, especially if what you're saying isn't really related to the post you made previously. Just try not to go overboard with it! In my opinion, common courtesy would be to avoid making more than 2 posts in a row, but that's just me.
  5. 116am to 128pm i sold at 116 because i hate holding turnips and i have no self control and i have no regrets
  6. you can't choose who they pick, my camper a few weeks ago always only chose the same villager, so I'm alsi inclined to think they won't change their choice at random either
  7. i feel you, im extremely lucky to not have to be working right now and if i was, i woulda lost my mind by now; people are generally pretty easygoing here but there's always assholes
  8. our grocery store has arrows and such on the floor to make it so people kinda travel in one line through the store in order to keep distance from people as much as possible and while its hard to adhere to entirely, this bitch really dragged her 2 kids through every single aisle backwards, giving everyone the stinkeye as if we're in HER way and had it not been for the laws of this land, i would have slaughtered her
  9. i love the adblocker for opera bc it blocks every ad on spotify for me i wish i could use it for twitter but it kinda breaks it
  10. ill take anything over 100 at this point, im at a steep decline this week at an amazing 49 bells today
  11. ahhh, i've been wanting to replay botw so bad lately even though i have like 1500 games to be playing instead...and having to plug in the wii u for it doesn't excite me lol gonna try to sink in some time into splatoon 2 first though, then maybe i'll go back to it
  12. yeah the rates at what NPCs show up when is fucked imo, tho i wouldn't agree that lief should be one of the rare ones, mostly because i'd really prefer he just had his own shop so i could see him whenever i NEED to. its extremely annoying bulk buying (just in general) but even moreso when id when he's gonna next show up i can't even tell why label shows up in the first place yet i havent seen redd in ages tho and last time he showed up w all fakes so that was real fun i've seen a lot of people complain since the rates got posted tho so maybe nintendo will actually do something for once about it, she says without a hint of hope in her voice
  13. getting tired of holding onto extras, so i figure I'll start listing my extra diys here and if anyone wants em I can mail em out Natural garden chair Modeling clay Large cardboard boxes Rustic-stone wall Shell fountain Ironwood clock Mum cushion if I get anymore, I'll quote and update this post continually I think because why not and tho it might be a stretch, if anyone gets an extra diy for one of those tiny libraries, I'm looking for one
  14. ever since getting over meningitis I've been waking up randomly at like around 7am so today i just embraced it and got tf up i keep getting headaches intermittently and i wanna go to a doctor but i feel bad even going grocery shopping so i might just wait it out til the province reopens partially
  15. nothin like a 3 hour overpowered risk of rain run to cleanse all negative feelings in you
  16. lately my sleep schedule is 3am to 11am-12pm and i fuckin hate it but also why bother fixing it feeling very blah lately boys
  17. yes, and they have a decent selection of switch games too its a Shoppers, which if i had to compare it, would be like a big ol' walgreens in the states not usually, but we needed one ASAP and it was the closest place to us that sells electronics so yolo
  18. yo that's the exact same mouse we have lol when our computer started going on the fritz even after a system restore, we just bought the best looking one the pharmacy had to offer lol
  19. i hate lights on computers, i only want ONE light on anything and its the num lock our computer has 500 lights on it and we gotta turn them all off or cover them every night bc some of them are legit too bright to sleep with lmfao
  20. shoutout to redd for selling 4 extremely fake pieces of art today, very appreciated
  21. anyone have any suggestions on sd cards for the switch? w covid still about i don't rly feel strongly about getting games physically unless its a rare title or something