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  1. are you implying its 4am right now?? or just in general, 4am needs more people posting
  2. something incredibly cozy comes from watching a corny christmas love movie
  3. its not my job as a consumer to do the work for them and be constructive with my criticism - if GF and TPC cared about my criticism in the first place, the games wouldn't be at the point they're at now anyway. sometimes people just want to complain about shitty service and its anyone's right to do so. no one is really saying that previous games in the series didn't have problems either; we all have the same conversations every 3 years about what the previous gen did wrong and what it did right lol either way, i think its incredibly unwise in this day and age to take any reviewer for almost any game site at their word when many of them are easily paid off to say whatever the company wants them to but maybe that's just me
  4. most jobs just test you before they hire you and expect you to keep up that pace if its necessary if you're being hired under the pretense that you can type that fast, then if you're falling behind then they have reason to rightfully punish you for it
  5. hell yeah brother the villager and ocean updates rly added a lot of much needed stuff and changes to the game, but i always have fun w vanilla anyway
  6. are u implying the comic creator is shilling for GF by making it seem not as bad as it is, or that GF is trying to get us to believe that climate concerns is why they cut half of the pokemon not combative, i just dunno what u mean my favorite pokemon of all time didnt make it :[ i wasnt gonna buy it anyway but i still wanted her represented...
  7. whatever leaker Nintendo caught is not the only one, because a guy has been on /vp/ for days leaking stuff intermittently this week. we've gotten pictures of the main city, info on evolutions and how to do them, and a buncha dex entries/pics of pokemon/moves they can learn and the camp feature, and that's just from what i've seen. additionally, the thing about returns on preorders isn't true: nintendo will allow everyone (yes, EVERYONE) one singular lifetime return on preorders, and pokemon is not a special exception they just don't tell anyone they do that because they don't WANT people to do it source: i used to take calls for nintendo and its something we were doing even way back then (like 3-4 years ago) and we would just tell people not to tell others that we did a return/cancellation
  8. i've always wanted to get an atelier game but they're so fuckin expensive for games that look like they have no replay value whatsoever everywhere i looked said to start with rorona dx so i have that in my wishlist now but i watched a bit of ryza n its v pretty which i like
  9. FUNDAMENTAL SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS!!! unique to regions: formes, pokemon, difference in gyms/lack thereof, legendaries should not ever be unique to regions or game generations: literally anything that makes the game easier to play and enjoy just slap a new coat of paint on the PSS and call it a day jesus christ gamefreak
  10. i still can't get over the festival plaza every time i think about i'm like...was this a fever dream or did they really Do That absolute GARBAGE
  11. happy thursday, gamers been messing around w steam's new local play option lately and its v cool in theory and not the worst in practice i don't do a lot of local multiplayer since my friends all live far away so its nice to have an option to play other fun games w them now....i wish it worked a little better, but i guess its still new so whatever
  12. i was vastly disappointed with X and Y but gen 7 really brought it back for me; i still don't really 'get' most people's complaints with SuMo i'm not willing to drop full price on a pokemon game just to 'see if they can pull something off' because of course they will, but that doesn't really translate to being worth 80 dollars to me... i don't even think the nat'l dex being gone is the most of the game's issues, and i feel like that's really saying something considering the game isn't even OUT yet oh well tho! you win some, you lose some. i just hope that whatever they make next, i'll enjoy
  13. instead of just spin-off games, i really wish the MAINLINE series would start to shake things up a lot more i was already unconvinced to buy swsh before all the leaks, but now that i've seen them all, i'm DOUBLY convinced i made the right choice the whole series needs a big ass reboot imo
  14. pokemon spinoffs in particular i feel are very good generally i woke up at like 6 today but ended up taking a nap anyway bc i got too tired
  15. i always thought the love for colo and xd was pretty normal, tho i guess you could consider the games 'underrated gems' in the pokemon series i never played them but i had a crush on wes from seeing his picture in nintendo power when i was a kid