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  1. ahhh, my SO showed me the trailer for this during the steam sale bc they were thinking of getting it. I am into those kind games...something about this one kinda turned me off tho. Maybe the fact that its live action? still seems like a very cool game, I think my SO would like it more than me haha
  2. i started watching a longplay of this cool danganronpa-esque game called Your Turn To Die, but i don't think its finished yet, so i think i'm gonna get real blue-balled by the time i reach the end of this
  3. i think i'm probably gonna be skipping Sword n Shield; at this point i'm kinda fatigued with the series at least it gives me a lot of time to catch up on switch games i've missed so far and the new stuff coming out
  4. im okay w master mode being dlc....im mostly just bummed that the extra cutscenes and the remaining shrines are locked behind dlc, i feel pretty strongly they should have just been in the base game :[ ho hum our wii u doesn't have any space bc botw was downloaded lol so no dlc for me!
  5. dlc is outta the question, but even if it wasn't i dont really want it unless you mean self-enforced difficulty, but i don't love the game in that kinda way lol ah, i played it on wii u and it was fine n dandy tbh the system certainly lags in areas but for the most part it played perfectly fine...though playing on the gamepad was a useless sentiment, the game looked terrible on that small of a screen definitely meant to be played in hd lol
  6. now that i beat botw and spent 3 hours theory crafting and watching youtube videos i don't know what to do with my time
  7. >me, learning anything at all, ever surely you jest but i beat botw finally!! what a charming and lovely game, rly made me feel like a hero
  8. no offense bc this game slaps but hyrule castle? whack ive been here 45 minutes and all ive got to show for it is an anxiety disorder and a dependence on daruk's protection
  9. finally got all the shrines in botw, we in the home stretch now being in the castle stresses me out surprisingly strongly tho so now its break time
  10. i can see the demographic this is meant for, and if it came out a little sooner, i likely would have BEEN in that demographic but overall, even then, i'd still prefer a normal switch for the added functionality it has overall i wish the OG switch came in those colors, i'm so tired of the grey/black/white era gaming has been in for home consoles, and that turquoise one is so cool :[
  11. not to condone youtube bc theyre shit at what they do, but are you trying to imply that that thumbnail with her titties almost out is not racy?
  12. @Chrom wow reacts when you gotta start higher on the food chain my dude, i am but a lowly moderator, beloved by many but powerless before my makers
  13. you had to spit for your drug test???? everywhere i've worked has wanted a urine sample i coulda just been spitting in a cup all this fuckin time?????
  14. great pics!! that dock in the 5th photo looks photoshopped in lmfao
  15. after 8 years on tumblr my og username is finally free and i can stop using a knockoff version of myself, god is real after all, yeehaw