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  1. i watched a tiny bit of blasphemous being played n it was INCREDIBLY pretty i dont have anything to add other than that, that part just really stuck out to me
  2. what game is that pichi-chan nevermind, been drinking that dumb bitch juice today apparently, its literally at the top of the screenshot skdlfjsflkds
  3. you sound like you're lacking a huge amount of empathy, as well as a viewpoint of the bigger picture but what else is new, i suppose
  4. what people have a 'right' to do with themselves becomes incredibly skewed when they are not presented the choice within a vacuum chamber of which society, advertising, and full truths don't exist, i think
  5. happy fruits basket friday everyone lately im watching so much anime, i find myself forgetting what i watched within weeks because the queue is just always rotating tho its nice to finally watch stuff i've had on the backburner for months too i suppose
  6. of the 3 mobile games i play regularly, one i paid for the full version without ads, one ONLY has ads on a if-you-want-to basis, and the other only has 1 ad when you open it and that's it the last two are incredibly valid imo, esp the one that has ads only if you want to, considering the amount of content and care put into it i only bought the full version of my word game bc it has 3500 levels n i only bought it after the first 1000 levels lmao. at this point i refuse to play games that have longform ads i don't choose to watch or a terrible ad system in general. i don't mind supporting a creator that cares about their product, but most of the time the setup is just terrible and absolutely not worth the trouble for me.
  7. it really shoulda been koholint tho, we really got ahead of ourselves in april
  8. thank u oscar-chan ive actually been playing more mobile games lately, believe it or not! we have a wii u but i use it intermittently, and pc games....but in my down time from those, i have a word game i play every day and an adventure clicker game ive been really into lately. i miss handheld systems being more popular, though. i don't have phone service here, so even when i'm out i find myself playing games sometimes just to fill time if we're on the bus or something.
  9. okay but seriously we need a new chat thread name
  10. did we really time means nothing to me anymore
  11. steins;gate 0 i watched the first 6 eps last night then binged the rest today v good, tho i don't think it surpassed the original by a smidge
  12. uggghhhh i binge watched an entire anime today and now i feel like garbo remember to get up and stretch every so often, kids
  13. jenna marbles is great, her content is consistently funny and she's REALLY passionate about her dogs wellbeing which is really nice to see her and her boyfriend seem like a great couple its nice to see someone so popular actually be a decent person tbh
  14. is raocow still making videos?! i used to watch his shit YEARS ago and i still have catplanet downloaded today bc i watched him play it and there was a remix song of his playing it to video game music