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  1. came to the thread just to tell pichi to go to bed but now i just feel sorry instead hope u get some zzz's soon ;_;
  2. i hate that we're clearly in the era where the money you have in the bank could easily be tied to a bank account, but we still have to carry around cash specifically >talk to tom >upgrade my storage >we need 500k up front >you don't have that right now uwu >walk 5 steps away to atm >take out 500k >talk to tom >upgrade storage >okay :] just give me a fuckin debit card already
  3. oled is when its like pure black right?? i hate that too hard on my lil eyeballs x_x
  4. SO EXCITED for the new update! Now if only they'd give us a hug emote ;_; I want to hug my friends and my villagers!! I find it weird that we're getting more storage before getting to upgrade our houses, but I'm still convinced that'll come in a future update so its fine. I could use the storage space anyway. Extremely happy about the new hairstyles, and we need more nook mile things to buy tbh. I'm constantly over 100k unless I go villager hunting and they're just wasting away. Wish the reactions were hidden behind villager types though like before...gives more
  5. WHOA the site got a new coat of paint! lookin' good anyone who wants a light skin will be banned <3
  6. god i relate to this so much, the past couple of days have been absolutely numb for me i can't stop thinking 'more progress more progress more progress, we need to do more now' but bc that's the prevailing mindset i don't know how to be 'off' anymore about politics exhausting tbh hoping i can start to fuckin relax in the coming weeks lmao
  7. it snowed a few inches last night! wow! merry christmas everyone
  8. happy completely innocuous tuesday, everyone!
  9. been having extreme pulls to replay botw lately since its so calming happy november everyone i hope this penultimate month brings you all a lot of peace and relaxation
  10. if you're interested, please visit the dream address for my town Gardenia i worked very hard on it DA-9490-1026-4870
  11. Idk if its possible to get extras of the spooky diys, whenever a villager is making one I already have, they only give me pumpkins instead of another diy card.
  12. i gotta get back into weegee now thatits October but im obsessed w vesperia and ac right now maybe once i beat vesperia ill go back to it
  13. nothing better than reading a terrible manga then going to read reviews and seeing everyone else hate it too im validated
  14. i needed 3 forms of ID just to open my own bank account, so right now its mostly a case of being safer than sorry and i live in alberta to be eligible for the ID here i have to prove i'm living here legally (which i can) and prove my address (which i cannot, right now at least). its still a pain in the ass that i can't get my license renewed though, especially since i went through the trouble of having my mom contact my dad for me to get it sent up here to me, and gives me another thing to worry about when i go back to the states, whenever that is SIIIIIIG
  15. why even have an option to renew your license online if its never going to fucking work i spent 45 minutes yesterday trying to pay to renew my license online yesterday and it refused to take my card without giving any reason why, try again today and suddenly i can only do it 'in person' at the DMV which is not gonna happen because i don't live in the countryyyyyyyy guess i'll just fucking hope i don't need another form of photo ID while i live here in the meantime
  16. I use Opera on both mobile and desktop but fwiw only desktop has me land on that page. I'll check another browser for desktop later n let you know though
  17. yeah, just whenever i click on the bookmark i have
  18. i keep having to put in a captcha to load the site and its annoying
  19. turns out the spooky stuff they sell in the shop is just the DIYs anyway, so im no longer mad that i can't buy them en masse got the spooky fence diy today, which i didnt even know was a thing, so that'll be fun to use around town might surround my pumpkin patch/orchard with it for the season
  20. bit mad I can't buy the spooky stuff from the catalog, esp since I have 2 people living on my island why even sell it at nooks if its not buyable, just make me craft it instead
  21. idk, rhythm games are only FUN because of the music, but the music isn't necessarily needed to keep the rhythm most of it is visual cues to begin with, and keeping a rhythm of some sort is necessary to be good at smash anyway
  22. a rhythm character would be so fuckin cool for smash, miku or not personally, im in the rhythm heaven camp but there's also so many 'characters' in that it'd be hard to pick just one
  23. steve's moveset looks so cool! i'm a huge fan of minecraft tho so i think its especially neat the only complaint i have is the music, which has no place in a game like smash imo....way too atmospheric to be fitting for a fight, but other than that he looks great
  24. i get extremely self conscious playing animal crossing in front of ppl so like...i get it getting our joycon back was a dream come true bc now i can decorate in peace
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