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  1. my snowballs keep spawning in the same area and its so annoying bc i already have like 2 others there already my towns too full for snowboys!! why are they even melting, anyway!
  2. happy wednesday, gamers tonight's drink of choice is rum and coke and for once in my life i don't find it detestable i hope everyone is keeping their spirits up this holiday season uwu
  3. i don't think its hand wringing to complain about a merger that helps literally no consumers its an annoying event, AND its annoying to complain about other people finding fault with it imo 'it was worse before!' is not a genuine opposition point and acting like commenting on the monetary value is absurd is in bad taste and complaining about sub quality is not something the average consumer even cares abt but thats just my 2c; ive been using cr for a few years and i watch a decent amount of anime and ive honestly never had any issue with it now
  4. i'm just going off of this list that says some are winter based and some are more time limited the ice stuff is definitely snowboy bound tho but also i didnt even get a snowflake wreath from izzy so who knows
  5. the bear statue is a snowboy diy, so you only get it from making them (perfectly, i'd assume, based on my track record ) edit: the balloon diys don't start til the 15th either, and those are for the festive and illuminated diys
  6. my snowboy was literally like 1% off from being perfect but apparently that's not good enough, so no diy for me today got my last bug at least lol
  7. woke up the ealiest i have in months to watch my friends graduation online w her im sleepy as hell but so proud ;_; i hope the border opens soon
  8. lets play later if u have time!! you'll be pleased to know ive done no training, learning, or playing since we played bc ive been obsessively playing style savvy
  9. our province finally decided to put some restrictions back in place now that the case numbers are really high feeling the burn on not having any money but like hell im going back to retail now lmao
  10. could I have you send me the blue kids tent and the pink puppy? i have the rc copter in light blue and regular blue if you need either of those, and the brown dollhouse
  11. i just say fuck it and eat them a bit green sometimes anyway tbh do you actually keep bananas in your bedroom??
  12. my ass has been sufficiently handed to me on lichess dot com by pichi, as expected but it was fun!!
  13. ty downloaded me style savvy and i basically blacked out and have played almost nothing but that for 2 days straight wish more extremely girly games were popular here, an SS on switch would be dope as hell @Pichi kick my ass in chess, senpai
  14. i will not tonight bc i am sleepy but tomorrow............get ready
  15. happy december gamers! i finished the queen's gambit today n true to form i picked up chess half-assedly recently tho besides knowing how each of the pieces move, i have no knowledge of strategy so i just kick the normal cpu's ass in clubhouse lol
  16. folks i gotta say, getting less than 8 hours of sunlight every day is NOT poggers
  17. I! Signed! Up!! Happy holidays everyone, and thank you in advance for everyone who participates We're going to finish off this year filled with some brightness!
  18. While I can't say I'm entirely surprised (just seems like a good time for one, with the anime coming and all), I AM extremely hype! The move from 2d to 3d reminds me of Risk of Rain's similar jump and it also looked like you'll have a 'team' rather than just you and 1 partner, so that should help with the extra space 3d brings. The art style looks great, I'm SUPER excited to see returning characters (Sho especially <333333) and the music sounds good so far too. i can't wait ;_; interesting its gonna be on playstation too considering you can't play the original
  19. oh thank you! this city has a pretty big asian population but unluckily, we're in the one spot that DOESN'T have a T&T or Hmart around us its like a bus ride and a long walk to the nearest one and its already winter and there's covid.... i've been making my mom's zucchini bread a lot lately and its sooooo fuckin tasty she gave me her recipe for pumpkin bread recently too and i wanna make that eventually once we get the stuff for it
  20. oh those are tasty!! i love stouffers stuff, my mom and I would eat a lot of those when I was growing up and we only had her budget lol my favorite are the french bread pizzas they make, but they're like impossible to find anymore, especially up here ;_; so tasty...
  21. aw man i love mac and cheese but Ty HATES cheese so we never buy anything cheesy...I feel bad if I suggest something w cheese bc I know I'll be the only one eating it italian 5 cheese sounds extremely tasty
  22. gamers, good afternoon what's everyone been eatin' lately for dinner? we've been having a lot of fried rice bc its extremely cheap to make and ty makes it extremely tasty i wish we had an asian grocery store closer tho....i saw a tasty lookin recipe for gyoza the other day but i don't think we can get the wrappings anywhere nearby
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