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  1. Excited for the new update! More custom slots will be sooo nice to add character to towns, and access via the phone was well needed. I remember actually suggesting that to a friend months ago lol Glad Bunny Day is getting some new stuff too, it keeps an old (hated) holiday fresh. Still no Cranny update tho....
  2. 4 years is a long time for a kid... it seems so little now though haha
  3. it really didn't, and the porn isn't even gone to begin with youtube is a media site, but its not a social media site imo
  4. how are you gonna list OF (not a social media) and not tumblr, wtf and youtube??????
  5. i was like 11 when i joined nsider i think? had my dad help me sign up for an account when we were at his work on saturday and he just left me to my own devices after that in hindsight that was a terrible idea but oh well
  6. gamers we fuckin did it, I'm officially a permanent resident of canada ;_;
  7. my new favorite pastime is counting how many times Ace can open and reopen skyrim on steam while assumedly trying to use mods it just makes me laugh
  8. I managed to get a preorder in for my sanrio cards via best buy earlier so I'm very stoked about that we ordered our AC switch from them last year without any problem via a preorder so I'm hoping my luck holds out w it
  9. ive found its a lot more fun to make absolutely bogus nintendo direct predictions than guess anything that could be close to real here are a few that me and my friend thought up while we wait smash bros challengers: charles martinet added to smash as himself heats flameguy from undertale arin from game grumps rena ryuguu from higurashi bad game predictions (and other): arms 2 (called legs) nintendo fully doxxes everyone live on stream who has ever pirated their games earthbound...for mobile! botw2 cancelled
  10. ahhh i love MP3 players, there's something totally different about listening to music on one rather than a phone i had a bunch of different mp3 players throughout the year, my first one being in the late 90s and it was only big enough to hold 3 songs on it lol. mine had genie in a bottle, the cha cha slide part 2, and every morning by sugar ray i had a cheap 20 dollar one from the dollar store in middle/high school and i distinctly remember listening to the Chicago soundtrack on my bus ride to school every single morning and then eventually my mom got me a
  11. its so cold i dont even wanna workout just the idea of undressing to switch to my workout clothes is so daunting i can't bring myself to do it and for anyone curious, yes, i will be complaining until it warms up again
  12. I'm sorry but you've been voted invalid on the Sarah Scale and will be immediately suspended
  13. how ya'll eating your toast i only ask bc i forgot to change the settings this morning and now my favorite 'this is just hot bread' option has been ruined by ty's 'incredibly normal real toast' anything over 2 is too hard......whats the point.....just eat a cracker...
  14. I cannot wait to be done with immigration aaaaaaaaaa this system is so dated and annoying it stresses me tf out
  15. what i wouldn't give to have a father build me a perfect replica of link's house from botw ;_;
  16. the only place i've ever been where people didn't was visiting a very small town in minnesota where my aunt lived...this was back in the early 2000s iirc, and my mom was appalled we were about to go out for dinner and her sister was about to just leave the house unlocked with no one home lol >aren't you going to lock up? >lock up for what? idk.....all it took was being followed home from work once to really cement how easy it would be for a man to do whatever he wants whenever he wants, so i have a hard time thinking its paranoid to be this way and with how e
  17. oh so ur livin the Sarah Deluxe Lifestyle i always sleep on the farthest side of the bed from the door bc i figure it'll give me some unseen advantage if someone tries to break in
  18. do you guys lock your front door when you come into your home?? like just in general? i can't tell if i'm just insane bc living in the US gave me brain rot thinking some dude was gonna break in and steal everything including my virtue but our roommate 80% of the time comes into the apartment and just leaves the door unlocked after him, sometimes overnight and i'm just like bro
  19. i think the peppy gf is kinda nasty and that takes me out of it a bit lmfao. their relationship is believable but not exactly my cup of tea mostly bc it DOES kinda seem like they're only together bc they're gay which is fine (and wildly realistic, even if they were straight) but just doesn't really appeal to me that much. i can understand why their friends are like 'are you sure they're good together??' BUT i also fucking hate it when people say that about my own relationship, so who knows lol. i imagine as the story goes on they'll grow and get closer and it becomes more touching
  20. speaking of, i read that manga u suggested to me last time we chatted and caught up w it recommend me more things
  21. happy february chatters wishing everyone a love-filled and charming month uwu
  22. bro i try to recommend manga to my one friend and she just cannot do it lmao it KILLS MEEEE she has like, a Real Life tho so i get it but it does mean i don't rly have anyone to chat w about the great shit i read lol
  23. almost all the shit i'm watching rn i'm only watching bc they're sequels of things i already loved/liked but i'm usually in the same boat also currently rewatching shit i've already seen w friends who have seen way less anime than me lol manga is just so much easier to manage i feel and no matter how good an adaptation is, the manga is always better anyway x_x
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