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  1. i love these seasonal items they keep givin us but god damn, i also frickin hate these things by now 


    a single item, with color variants you have to buy separately and cannot just customize, unpurchaseable after the date passes, and there's new ones EACH MONTH?? can i have a kitchen counter PLEASE?? a full furniture set?? something to do other than terraform and reterraform and reterraform my life away????


    i can't believe a year in im bout to pick up new leaf again just to have something new to look at 

  2. 5 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:

    Anyone looking to get back into Pokemon Go? Use my referral code please!!


    i cant use your code bc i got back into it a few weeks ago but please be my pogo friend, i only had one and he stopped playing so now im alone with my single pokestop and no one to give gifts to ;_;

  3. 6 minutes ago, Pichi said:


    if your name is spring now can i call you haru chan y;

    i would be honored ;_; 


    i always use the name spring for games and such, im pretty attached to it now flower; 




    now that i have more hard drive space i'm determined to go through 3gatsu again and actually watch it all once the current season of anime ends.....soon.......so close

  4. 56 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:


    Nice. What brand was your old drive, if you don't mind me asking. 


    My old WD external drive only lasted 7 years. :(

    its a Seagate, 500gb flower;  Even now it's totally fine, my main issue is that I've basically run out of space lol. Was gonna go with the same brand again but decided on a Toshiba for the new one....mostly just because its cute. :D  

  5. 1 hour ago, alienboyva said:


    Yeah, I was wondering if they were going to do anything for ACNH's anniversary, besides just the Sanrio ✕ AC amiibo cards. While I was expecting a big new feature, this update with a bunch of smaller things is still nice. 


    Since Nintendo loves adding new things to ACNH to keep it fresh, I was also wondering if they were going to add to/change holiday events (like AC: Pocket Camp) now that we're approaching the game's 2nd year. 

    i wouldn't mind if they keep some holidays the same (for instance, I thought Turkey Day was fun and doesn't need any tweaking) but if they do learn from their mistakes and make some holidays less annoying, then I'm fine with it. The backlash of Bunny Day must still be sticking with them. y; 


    For a one year update, this seems a bit understated frankly, but I'm still happy with the things they're adding. My only real complaint is the app now having its own 'currency' in it to unlock things in game....in theory, I actually love the idea and think it'll be fun (and give me a reason to open the app for once), but I really wish it used something we ALL already have way too many of - nook miles. 

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