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  1. 'normie' meaning 'not horny' im terminally online so i can only be as normie as that allows tho u_u
  2. I'm ready to swap out half my town, its kinda nice pocket camp lets me see my faves whenever I want, so I no longer feel so attached to having them all here constantly and I already let Diana move out for a lucky camping Audie so glad I already got the bellionaire achievement so I don't really have to mess with them anymore...its way more fun for me to just putz around and make money on bugs n such and at 11 mil I should be okay for most of the new stuff coming
  3. i only respect people who can be normie on main anymore i get a +1 purity buff every time i block someone on twitter who makes horny art of nintendo characters and soon enough i'll be strong enough to cast a spell deleting all of them from the site as a whole
  4. who are u! ill follow u back :3 i go through all my follows n make sure they're Normal People so if i haven't blocked you already then you're in luck
  5. katara and azula my darlings <3 truly some of the best written girls of our time
  6. i have successfully jumped back into NH after 5 months...it feels like longer tho i can't wait for the update tho, esp HHP ;_;
  7. too slow....but no price is too much for such a big boy.... .....okay 584cad might be pushing it but he's so cute ;_;
  8. i hope they know that this just opens to door to people netflix'ing the subscription model and thus making way less money than they would otherwise if they woulda just made it affordable in the first place like if this was like 10 bucks more, i seriously doubt as many people would bother reaching out to others to see if they could split a subscription lol
  9. whether the cost is due to licensing costs or not, as a consumer that's not really my problem like if that was the case, i would have rather they just taken games that didn't cost a lot to license (ie, THEIR OWN) and upped the price by 10 bucks MAX and i'd jump on it and convince everyone i know too like i'm just one person, what do i care that nintendo thought it business-savvy to try this out??
  10. AND!! the games i wanna play for the n64 expansion aren't even gonna be out at launch anyway! so what's the appeal!!!!
  11. I've seen a tweet already addressing this, basically saying you lose access to the islands (and thus decorating the houses, taking on work, etc) but keep access to wall partitions, ceiling decor/lights in your actual island home. This is still too vague for me though, like does that mean if you remove that stuff you won't be able to put it back? Or is it just free access? If that's the case, why is it part of the DLC at all??? Either way, the price for the expansion pack NSO is insane and absolutely not worth it to me unless you're splitting it between people. I'll probably just buy the DLC outright to avoid thinking about it in the future, bc 100CAD is just nuts.
  12. im kinda like, sooooo mad about this it feels like SO MUCH (TOO much EVEN) so late in the game regardless of my anger towards nintendo, this seems like a SICK update tho, truly breathing new life into the game like the Welcome Amiibo update did for New Leaf. Even an entire upgrade of HHD (which i LOVED) for cheaper than HHD was at launch...chefs kiss. and yet, somehow I still have things to ask for that they never addressed, like a clear upgrade for nooks or upgrading your house to be normal sized or literally anything to do in multiplayer that isn't just trading items (which isnt even really necessary anymore). its very strange how they managed to dump so much into a 20 minute direct while still managing to leave me wanting more lol oh well! i wasn't truly expecting much and now i'm very pleasantly surprised! i figure i'll buy the expansion outright and play to my heart's content
  13. starting to lose hope this game will start to look any better by the time it launches the jaggies, man....the grass, the trees.......it just looks so bad lmao the gameplay looks fine, the new pokemon looks fine....that said, i wonder if we'll end up never seeing these new pokemon again outside of this game....since they'd go extinct? would be neat if we end up seeing fossil pokemon roam around, yknow, before they were fossils the girl's default name being akari is v cute..hikari....akari....anyway the graphics look like shit tho, i seriously hope this isn't what the final project is gonna look like lmao
  14. i don't usually keep up with what people are 'expecting' from directs so what is everyone like, actually expecting? idk what's even already been announced for the rest of the year
  15. damn we're terrible parents didn't even throw it a party u_u
  16. that seems a little heartless tbh :S antivaxxers seem crazy and unhinged but a lot of what they say isn't actually coming from total ignorance or lies. the medical industry does profit immensely from the average joe, from both ends of the spectrum - from very really sick to not actually sick at all, and we all know the american government is not known for its truthfulness. those very real thoughts and worries spiral people who have been or have watched loved ones been taken advantage of and puts them in these states of mind and then they spread it to others. covid can spread to any of us, and as time goes on i don't really think 'statistically' he WILL be fine, and that's scary to imagine when its someone you really care about. though, based on what you posted, ty, i don't really know how you would break through that mindset. a common theme now is antivaxxers laying dying in emergency rooms begging for the vax and finally realizing the weight of their choice. at most i think you can lead a horse to water, as they say. i hope your friend comes around and it doesn't end up biting him in the ass. compassion can only get you so far, but if you really care about him, that's really about all you can convey. could be worth bringing up previous vaccines and why we don't have things like the black plague anymore?
  17. My older brother lost his best friend in 9/11, but by that time he was already an adult and I barely knew my brother, let alone his friend. I know he still struggles with the loss every year; I imagine you don't really get over that kind of thing no matter how much time passes. I was only in 5th grade then, and I remember the principal going around to each of the classes to tell the teachers what was happening, who then vaguely told us something was going on. At that age I don't think most kids are really aware of the world around them, so I honestly didn't really get it or grasp what a tragedy it was. We weren't allowed recess for the rest of the (school) year and weren't allowed outside of the school at all. I grew up in a pretty podunk nowhere town in VA, so looking back it was definitely overkill, but I guess since the Pentagon was closer than the towers the adults felt a bit more stressed than they would have otherwise. My mom didn't really attempt to explain to me what was going on and now that I'm older I'm glad she didn't because ultimately what is a preteen child going to do with that information other than just be scared. But because of that, I feel distinctly separate from the event at all, and don't really have any feelings about it whatsoever.
  18. everyone's memeing on the MLK x Fortnite thing but as cringy as it seems (or is, idk) its really important to make history easy to understand and parse by kids reaching the next generation via one of the most popular games to ever exist is extremely smart and if it helps even one kid understand something they might have otherwise missed in a classroom setting, its a win to me perhaps its just 'cursed content' bc we're clearly not the target demographic for it lol
  19. ff14 is fun but after this month i don't think i'm gonna keep playing it i don't read literally any of the text because there's so much of it, it doesn't even feel worth my time, and i just don't think the MMO format is for me its just so vast it just feels like Too Much lol
  20. been plowing through the umineko manga since i'm not in the mood to sit at the computer for 100 hours reading the VN and damn is it rly good amazed they even attempted to make an anime adaptation of this, its way too long to fit into one season and yet they persisted would love to own the whole manga series physically but cringe at the idea of how much money that would actually cost lmao
  21. i also thought it was rly slow and ty thought i was insane for saying that!! something about it just feels like its encased in jelly lmao
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