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  1. im still missing some AC amiibo and i curse myself every day for not rocketing myself further into poverty by buying them at the time ;_; even tho i don't use them, i still get joy seein' em in our display case so i don't regret buying them
  2. every cheap ass mid tier nerd has one of these in their barely furnished apartment, and honestly they look terrible displaying anime merch already usually looks pretty bad bc there's no color cohesion or real decor done to spruce it up but you could at least do better than this that said we also have our merch displayed in an ikea cabinet, we just went for this one instead and bc we have some small figurines we might end up getting some muji-esque raisers to make use of the vertical space was thinking eventually it'd be nice to set up some lights at the top (since the shelves are glass) and some wallpaper for the back so its not just black but then i'd have to worry about color clashing so we'll see.....
  3. im going so sloooooow through Frontiers, im still only at the second world i was finally ready to move onto the 3rd one last night but rage quit after failing to parry the boss about 15 times in a row
  4. its been surprisingly warm for winter here so far; it didn't start snowing til november, and even when i go out i don't even need to be wearing 2 sweaters?? sometimes i don't even need my scarf?! makes it very pleasant considering by the time i get off work to walk home the sun has been long gone
  5. (good) furniture options in canada are surprisingly sparse, it seems like 80% of the country is still stuck in the 90s when it comes to decor which is really drab i'd spend 1000 bucks on a couch if it meant having something that looked like it was actually made this century but instead ugly ass sectionals are like 2 grand at the least and thus everyone buys one of the same 15 couches from ikea
  6. sonic frontiers is a lot of fun! the voice acting is stellar and the characters are loveable and the gameplay is fun that said, literally what in the god damn lmfao the graphics are so bad on switch it doesn't even look like its FINISHED i don't really think they were ready to make a game of this scale, bc the 'traditional' sonic levels all look pretty great comparatively but the second you're back in the world its like it all falls apart!
  7. there's no good pics of Quaxly's from in-game but i found this pic on twitter for you which is just a drawn version of all of them POKEMON S/V STARTER SPOILERS
  8. id like to thank all the hackers and leakers out there who dumped all the new pokemon effectively convincing me to buy sonic frontiers instead bc these creatures are mad ugly god bless
  9. i'd have to be insane to not wear it on a commute if i wasn't just walking; i've seen the people who ride public transit my area at my work is far away from everyone else and im typically alone for my entire shift but our breakroom and back areas are pretty small for how many people we have so i just keep it on all day unless im eatin lol
  10. once my work stopped providing masks i stopped wearing them for a bit and ended up getting the worst cold of my life one of the cashiers did get covid tho so they did end up getting us more masks lol i still wear it into business and such but not around buddies =_= i know i should but its annoying as hell and i'd rather be comfortable around my friends if we're all visibly healthy anyway
  11. even if i was planning on getting it, i refuse to even purchase it until i see what those starters evolve into bc i'm shallow and i need to know if they're gonna be cute
  12. happy november! the more info i see about pokemon the less i want it, so i'm still quite split on if i even wanna get it........i wonder what else i'll be playing this month tho =_=
  13. truly embarrassing behavior lmfao in other news my 2nd degree burns are finally healing
  14. a silent hill game written by ryu07....!!! im so excited! i wonder if i'll have the fortitude to play it; the body horror shown off in the trailer is the exact kind i'm not very good with, not to mention i'm a baby when it comes to scares anyway...but i wanna support it in other news, my hand is finally starting to visibly heal from my burns wahoo
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