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  1. roommate broke one of my mugs last night and didn't bother telling me or apologizing and I'm realizing the thread I'm hanging on by recently is actually very thin happy fathers day gamers i don't think any of you are dads but whatever lol
  2. i don't play metroid games and i don't plan on playing it, so take this w a grain of salt but 60 bucks is totally reasonable for a switch game i feel like the only thing that could make it NOT worth full price is if it ends up being literally <10 hours long with no replayability at all, but i seriously doubt that's gonna be the case
  3. oh, i totally remember that, i played the freddi fish games a bunch danganronpa has enough side content that i could see why people would replay them to get to some of the 'lore' of characters and such....the mysteries are so intertwined to the main plot tho, i have no idea how those games could possibly change their setup, tho i dont necessarily think that's a bad thing either it would be cool to see more mystery games mess w the format a bit more to encourage more REAL replays tho i can understand why they don't since that'd be really hard to pull off and make the w
  4. the danganronpa collection looks neat but mystery games don't hold much replay value to me and i know the answers to all the mysteries so alas i hear people praise LiS all the time but i watched someone play about half of it when it originally came out and the writing was so off-putting to me that it put me off wanting to play the series at all, forever lmao
  5. i can really only think of like 4 games that looked interesting to me from e3 this year, with one of them being the gimme-pick of botw2, and the other 3 were from devolver....this year felt pretty underwhelming lol literally cannot stop thinking about that botw2 trailer tho and cannot wait to pour over it excitedly for the next however-many-months looking for lore
  6. that's great, it sounds awesome! sounds a lot more stressful than moving to Canada, where everything is....well, mostly the same really compared to the states my spouse is from Canada! it was hard living apart and the permanent residency for married couples is easier in Canada so I decided to just move up here and its been great so far tho we're considering going back to the states soon for family reasons, it'll be nice to go between the two as we please once we get them a green card too. glad to hear the pandemic rules are letting up a bit there, the province we're in (alberta)
  7. brooo new country buddies! i moved to Canada a couple years ago, thankfully a little before the world went to shit lol how is it there? other than the global pandemic ruining everyone's lives, i mean
  8. it is! damn dude its been forever glad you found us! tho its pretty quiet around here usually haha i'm good, i'm good, how are you doing? my life is very slow and boring, just how i like it
  9. i dont think TTYD is superior, tho it did improve on the original in a lot of ways...i have about the same love for both, which is how i feel about pikmin 1 and 2, too both are great
  10. orcs must die 3 finally leaving its stadia-only contract....god is real after all gamers...
  11. one day ill make ugly sigs illegal and you'll be the first one on my hitlist limey
  12. happy birthday paper mario only been a couple years since i replayed the original, but its been quite a long ass time since i played TTYD...probably bc its only on the GCN
  13. gamers.......my arm still hurts from vax-chan but i no longer feel like the living dead so its okay here's a cute pic i took from pc earlier
  14. happy june gamers, i finally have my first shot scheduled again for next week uwu
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