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  1. My older brother lost his best friend in 9/11, but by that time he was already an adult and I barely knew my brother, let alone his friend. I know he still struggles with the loss every year; I imagine you don't really get over that kind of thing no matter how much time passes. I was only in 5th grade then, and I remember the principal going around to each of the classes to tell the teachers what was happening, who then vaguely told us something was going on. At that age I don't think most kids are really aware of the world around them, so I honestly didn't really get it or grasp what a tragedy it was. We weren't allowed recess for the rest of the (school) year and weren't allowed outside of the school at all. I grew up in a pretty podunk nowhere town in VA, so looking back it was definitely overkill, but I guess since the Pentagon was closer than the towers the adults felt a bit more stressed than they would have otherwise. My mom didn't really attempt to explain to me what was going on and now that I'm older I'm glad she didn't because ultimately what is a preteen child going to do with that information other than just be scared. But because of that, I feel distinctly separate from the event at all, and don't really have any feelings about it whatsoever.
  2. everyone's memeing on the MLK x Fortnite thing but as cringy as it seems (or is, idk) its really important to make history easy to understand and parse by kids reaching the next generation via one of the most popular games to ever exist is extremely smart and if it helps even one kid understand something they might have otherwise missed in a classroom setting, its a win to me perhaps its just 'cursed content' bc we're clearly not the target demographic for it lol
  3. ff14 is fun but after this month i don't think i'm gonna keep playing it i don't read literally any of the text because there's so much of it, it doesn't even feel worth my time, and i just don't think the MMO format is for me its just so vast it just feels like Too Much lol
  4. been plowing through the umineko manga since i'm not in the mood to sit at the computer for 100 hours reading the VN and damn is it rly good amazed they even attempted to make an anime adaptation of this, its way too long to fit into one season and yet they persisted would love to own the whole manga series physically but cringe at the idea of how much money that would actually cost lmao
  5. i also thought it was rly slow and ty thought i was insane for saying that!! something about it just feels like its encased in jelly lmao
  6. idk, they made twewy work on the switch and that's like the most DS game to ever grace the system imo much like how they made waggle controls work for buttons w skyward sword, life finds a way
  7. i dont want any of these!! DS ZELDA HD REMAKES REMAKE PHANTOM HOURGLASS COWARDS also i love the oracle games but LA's graphics are just not as charming as everyone makes it out to be imo...like it looks nice for sure but i just do not feel strongly about the style anymore, having seen the game in motion.....also im tired of OoT, if they resell OoT even once again in my lifetime itll be too soon
  8. I beat Skyward Sword!! that was incredible, 9/10 game wowzers i think my favorite section of all was getting all the pieces to the Song of the Hero
  9. if you thought the main run of the game was a chore then genocide isn't for you anyway, and you would have hated it but on the flip side, you don't even get the entire story unless you play through like 2-3 times, so idk if its fair to say Sans is overrated lol, you ain't even play the whole game
  10. im having a fantastic time catching every bug i see in Skyward Sword but is there any point to this or should i just sell them to the weird skinny kid
  11. literally NO one uses those bathrooms, if anything id assume that when the goddess sent them all up into the fuckin sky she removed part of their humanity and now they're just living as fake humans with all the trappings for tradition's sake the bathrooms are a shrine to their lost humanity and no one on skyloft could use them even if they remembered how link sits on that thing without even attempting to pull down his pants anyway, dude clearly has no idea how it works other than as a chair
  12. n4a AITA for giving a heartfelt love letter to a spirit haunting my dorm's toilet? tbf the letter is from one of my bullies but he is cursed for life now to be haunted by said spirit
  13. skyward sword is so much fun, i dont even wanna play anything else lately very grateful i did not play this game when it came out, i think i mighta hated it if i had to play w motion controls lol
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