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  1. there's nothing wrong with the style they're going for though? i have nothing against the style, and the world looking like shit doesn't have anything to do with that style they're trying to emulate. tho if we're gonna talk about the ~style~, i'm pretty disappointed with their inability to really stick to it, either, what with having a real ass tablet device and absolutely no stylizing in the menus in order to keep maximum readability. the font is boring, the menus are dull, the town has cookie cutter homes, AND the world looks like shit to top it off i enjoy playing games that look good, what can i say? its weird and offputting that they can't put some effort into some better grass and tree textures. don't think it's that weird to expect better out of the world's biggest franchise lol
  2. idk how that could possibly be a spoiler, haven't they helped w previous games and only helped out in an 'assisting with assets' way? plus it doesnt even have anything to do w the game lol
  3. all those leaks for Legends actually made me MORE likely to buy and play it.....before I was still pretty firmly in the camp of 'there's just not enough here to inspire me' but the leaks make it look pretty fun i still think the game looks graphically like shit though so if i do buy it i'm really still hoping the gameplay loop gives it a leg to stand on
  4. happy new year gamers been spending a few weeks feelin down and extremely cold but time marches onwards anyway! on the bright side our spider plant has a tiny flower blooming, i've already finished 1 book, and its now warm enough that i don't have to wear a scarf indoors B)
  5. 25 episodes of anime to go!! and two books...and 36 youtube vids started reading Jamie Foxx's new book last night since I realized I only have like 9 days left on my loan and its pretty funny, I'm liking it a lot so far but still no job..... =_=
  6. 18 games, 904 hours, and to no one's surprise, my most played game was Animal Crossing: New Horizons clocking in at 505 hours! I took like a 5 month break when I got extremely bored of the gameplay loop, only coming back at the 2.0 update, but for reference, last year it clocked in at 1058 hours. O_O Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics rolled in at 2nd place with 178 hours (I play Spider Solitaire exclusively lmao.....its just a fun time waster when I'm catching up on youtube vids) and at 3rd place is BOTW, with 96 hours and counting! I restarted sometime at the beginning of this year when we purchased the DLC, forgot about it entirely 2 Divine Beasts in, then jumped back into it hardcore a few weeks ago. Small honorable mention to Skyward Sword HD, too, for being a far and away 4th place, at around 40~ hours. What a great game! Even now, I can't stop thinking about it...Maybe I'll replay next year. Most played month: November, at 192.....not surprising, between a LOT of animal crossy and botw Least played month: June....with 1 hour?! What the hell was I even doing?! Most active day: Thursday, November 11th.....12 hours of NH......I feel a twinge of guilt even admitting that..... Last year I logged in 1415 total hours on our switch, so my break from NH this year really took quite a chunk out! My average daily playtime with it has definitely decreased, even with the DLC/new content. Hopefully by next year I'll have a fuckin job again, and these numbers can see a sharp decrease as I go back to being a normal member of society. But in the meantime, its been a fun year for games. Happy holidays, gamers!
  7. happy saturday gamers 27 episodes of anime to go, 52 videos in my youtube to watch list, and currently playing through 3 games one day i'll be free...............
  8. ty gave me the idea to try to wrap up all my backlogged anime before the year ends and im tryin!!! already finished up bnha s5, caught up on maiko-san, now i just gotta get through mieruko-chan, nomad, ousama ranking, taishou otome, and precure x_x so many....why did i decide to watch so many...
  9. pokemon has probably aged the least gracefully into 3D as any franchise i can even think of u_u pls bring back sprites nintendo......i know you can do it...
  10. such a great haul ;_; I haven't bought any yet but I reallyyyyy wanna get some...out of all the new (and 'new') villagers my heart belongs most to Azalea, Quinn, and Sasha
  11. now that there's like 5000000 new items i really wish they had given us a way of telling us what we have/what we have cataloged/what's new i feel like i gotta start an excel spreadsheet to keep track of it all, its so much x_x
  12. no, but if you don't buy the pro designer nook mile thingie, timmy and tommy won't let you buy ceiling items funnily enough i bought the designer thing prior to using the dlc, and they refunded my nook miles as a bonus, so that was cute
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