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  1. i can't fucking believe after all this time we're getting a sequel i really thought they were just gonna pull the biggest troll on us for the rest of our lives and we just had to live w it but here we are....we made it...
  2. sorry gamers my life is so whimsically dull i have nothing of note to add u_u i just be playin my silly little games and watching my silly little youtubers
  3. happy june gamers idk what i'm excited for this summer....honestly i haven't been paying attention to release dates since kirby came out, since that's all i was looking forward to for a long while lol
  4. this year i wanted to try reading between 24 and 30 books, and while i'm currently at 10, i didn't actually read any for the entirety of may... but taking a month off means i'm ready to read again, so i'm happy to take this recommendation and give this series a go most of the books i've read thus far have been feminist fiction so far so it'll be nice to read a new fantasy series for once....i find it hard to delve into fantasy series now that i'm older i tried to read Dune a few years ago and it was so fuckin dense and boring i actually gave up within the first 30 pages, which is insane for me x_x
  5. they're in the back, we just pretend we don't have any when you ask, just like everything else out of stock ofc
  6. its raining today...just like in animal crossy..! wow.........
  7. i hate it when movies attempt to make me laugh anymore....DON'T think it means anything if i chuckle at your dumb joke, im just very susceptible to laughter.......you didn't earn this...
  8. i imagine that kind of mindset is exactly what they would want you to feel, because as soon as you stop because it 'doesn't matter', that very very small percentage that they win by matters a lot more in the long run, long after you're already exhausted from thinking about it and that's not coming from someone who is a hardcore 'vote or you're part of the problem!' because frankly i just don't really believe in that AND i don't even vote where it matters but i think the apathy and exhaustion and overwhelming despair is a feature, not a bug whether it actually 'does anything' is not something you can see right away usually, which is why people end up thinking it doesn't matter or isn't worth their time. but the good things that came from voting also took a long time to enact and see positive change from. even my own mom was kicked out of restaurants for dating a black man when she was younger, but thanks to her and other people like her, i was able to be in an interracial marriage today. and before that, her ancestors fought for the right for a bank account, or to vote, while mine fought to be seen as people, and all those things took a very long time. much longer than they should have, but its because people kept voting for them and putting pressure on where it mattered that it eventually amounted to something. its pretty easy to be tired of it and frankly we should be past the point of fighting for all this shit, but when i think about the people before me who i have a lot more in common with than they want you to believe, fighting for those rights so that i could get an abortion, or marry white people, or be bisexual and not lose anything in my life because of it, it makes it a little easier to put some more effort in. its exhausting, but i like to think there's more people out there that believe i do deserve those things than those who don't and i do believe that even if its not overnight, those actions do matter in the long run, even if its just a momentary comfort.
  9. its been so long i cant even remember the last time it was but gamers, i've caught a fuckin cold and i gotta say, this shit sucks >:[
  10. lately ty and i have been going through some popular games i've never experienced before so you're not alone i got to experience FF7 and Chrono Trigger for the first time recently and they were very fun better late than never!
  11. 34, 35, and 36 are mid 30s 37, 38, and 39 are late 30s regardless you are not old
  12. it gives you more coins but it doesn't count towards 100% completion
  13. honestly just depends on how i'm feeling at the moment if its something annoying i have to accomplish, i usually end up going back to it later when i feel more motivation, but if its somethin' fun or easy i'll do it right away if i have time beating a boss and not getting hit/beat a level in x amount of time: lame, i'll go back to this later 'take a nap by the hidden pool': mysterious, fun, i know where this is so i'll do it now
  14. honestly sounds like a neat feature but also wonders how it would even compare to what we got, which is horses following the paths of the world perfectly fine without any input anyway the world isn't really built around a horse needing to traverse, so being able to draw my own paths just for a horse to get stuck on a rock taller than itself seems like it'd just be annoying? idk lol anyway, not surprised in the least its been delayed, i was 100% expecting that anyway so here's hoping its made even better while i wait
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