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  1. kai was always the love of my life, but I only had the first game and after marrying popuri, he just fuckin LEAVES FOREVER and i remember being so bummed bc i thought he was very cute
  2. i'm honestly kinda surprised they decided to keep the 'best friends' title, but i guess i shouldn't be based on my knowledge of lgbt issues in japan regardless, i will marry my gf popuri and we will live happily with our 50 chickens and i cannot wait
  3. only a few days til FoMT....popuri girl...im comin for you
  4. i doubt the dude even needs any more money at this point i'm sure it's already available to pirate somewhere lol
  5. extremely glad hamilton is now on disney plus, since i've been wanting to watch it for years and i really hope it ends up setting a precedent for making official filmings of broadway shows available widely still a weird ass musical, but the music is so fuckin catchy i've had it stuck in my head for days
  6. Ahah, no problem! If you need anything else, just lemme know! And thanks for the surfboard!
  7. i have them all except for hibiscus (which I'm getting soon) if you want to come by and catalog em
  8. New list of extra DIYs in case anyone needs 'em: Rose bed Pretty tulip wreath Sleigh Boomerang Log round table Mum cushion Doghouse Pansy table
  9. pretty sure nook's always sells a wetsuit now, its in the cabinet with the tools i managed to get one from my nooks yesterday after i updated and today they had a different color in stock
  10. thank u both i'm glad they changed it, Saharah is nice but Lief I don't even talk to anymore and Kicks is bordering on useless himself...I'd much rather see Gulliver (who offers me something useful AND rare at every visit) and Redd (who had it not been for the laws of this land, i would have slaughtered by now for his slothfulness)
  11. what were the ones that counted as guaranteed? im assuming saharah since i feel like she practically lives here but idk who else either way, you're right - a welcome improvement for sure lmao
  12. yes! give me a second to open up open in case anyone else needs one too!
  13. Sure! Just lemme know when you're available and I'm sure I'll have some time
  14. Mog, apparently I'm stupid and forgot to even buy the brown wedding wall I'll probably TT back to grab it for myself after I sell my turnips this week but until then I have your pumps green wall, and you can catalog my brown floor whenever you're ready
  15. ive never heard of it so its obscure enough for me wishing everyone a peaceful and safe July, and happy belated birthday Tyranogre!
  16. Tomorrow whenever you have time will prob be best, since the stuff I bought from Cyrus won't be here til then. I should be around all day as usual
  17. I only have 20 left over, so I only able to get the green wall and the pumps I do have the other stuff if you'd like to at least catalog it, though
  18. you can have my remaining crystals if you want! i got all i needed so the extras are just taking up space lol
  19. I've been playing since launch and no-lifing it, so if you need anything specific I can probably scrounge it up I can def bring you the fruits you're missing! I have an orchard for all of em.
  20. hey, thank you!! when its delivered just hit me up n i can come grab it from ya! lemme know if you want anything in return!
  21. Does anyone have the hibiscus surfboard they'd be willing to get for me? Its the only one I'm missing out of the 6 and coincidentally the cutest one