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  1. i also loved trace memory, also bummed the sequel didn't come here or the hotel dusk one :'[ i played lost in blue, but not a lot of it but it was very fun from what i remember, i love those survival type games
  2. no offense, but i think that just means you're not diving enough. Scallops show up every day, at any time - I haven't had a day since the diving update where I haven't found at least one, so you just need to be in the water a bit more
  3. he does indeed only show up once a day i'd assume its set like that so you don't just get the entire mermaid set of diys in a single day or whatever, which...honestly seems fine to me
  4. kai was always the love of my life, but I only had the first game and after marrying popuri, he just fuckin LEAVES FOREVER and i remember being so bummed bc i thought he was very cute
  5. i'm honestly kinda surprised they decided to keep the 'best friends' title, but i guess i shouldn't be based on my knowledge of lgbt issues in japan regardless, i will marry my gf popuri and we will live happily with our 50 chickens and i cannot wait
  6. only a few days til FoMT....popuri girl...im comin for you
  7. i doubt the dude even needs any more money at this point i'm sure it's already available to pirate somewhere lol
  8. extremely glad hamilton is now on disney plus, since i've been wanting to watch it for years and i really hope it ends up setting a precedent for making official filmings of broadway shows available widely still a weird ass musical, but the music is so fuckin catchy i've had it stuck in my head for days
  9. Ahah, no problem! If you need anything else, just lemme know! And thanks for the surfboard!
  10. i have them all except for hibiscus (which I'm getting soon) if you want to come by and catalog em
  11. New list of extra DIYs in case anyone needs 'em: Rose bed Pretty tulip wreath Sleigh Boomerang Log round table Mum cushion Doghouse Pansy table