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  1. buddy you should never be paying for photoshop
  2. i started using photoshop again bc my friend wants me to help spruce up her twitch branding n its so fuckin weird bc its been like 5 years since i opened it lol i wanna take more graphic design classes now 😭
  3. mountain climbers got me sweatin like a sinner in church, thank u ring fit i could do knee presses all day long tho
  4. The only one I never owned was Galaxy, since I've never had a Wii. I played 64 on the 64, but didn't actually own it til the DS came out. Definitely gonna be playing Sunshine first, its my favorite mario game I usually replay it on the GCN every few years anyway just bc its endless fun so I'm hyped to have it on switch now!
  5. after a week i can comfortably work out for 20+ minutes, feels absolutely good man my flexibility is absolutely nothing tho, gotta start doin those yoga poses
  6. yeah, I was hoping they were gonna use that space for fall items as well. Now it just looks extremely empty. I always thought it was weird that Harvey's house is bigger than ours, but its what gives me hope that one day our houses can be that big too. I like the odd shape to the upper and lower rooms, makes me hope they'll give us a bit more control over what the rooms can be shaped like, like in HHD.
  7. I bought a bunch this week but my prices are clearly in a decline i dont even need the money but i want that frickin badge tho i do believe we'll eventually get an update for increasing our house size..so the money is an investment in the future, hopefully lol
  8. ring fit is enough to probably hold me through the winter lol god no to dancing, i dont have enough rhythm to get any fun out of that ring fits really fun tho starting off real slow just bc im out of shape but im gonna work up to doing longer workouts now that im getting used to it
  9. ring fit is making me wanna take up running for real but winter is fuckin coming n there's no way im running outside once snow n ice hits
  10. If you guys can't be at the very least civil, have the conversation elsewhere. This and this are not necessary to get your point across. I understand the severity of what's going on in the world and how much you might look down on people on the other side of the argument, but I know you can do better than this. If you want to sling insults, you're free to take it to twitter.
  11. i dont think its a fair assessment to label americans as idiots or stupid for the cards being dealt when we aren't the dealer and the dealer is also cheating. just like with other real cults, there's a real reason and real psychology behind WHY they work in the first place, and its laziness to just group americans into being 'idiots' just because they 'fell for it' tho its not our job to convince others that still have the rose colored glasses on either, i s'pose trump has done a terrible job with everything tho, as expected and if i think too hard about how many people have died because the people who run the country decided money was more important than lives, i want to vomit still holding out hope we get UBI one day here soon lol
  12. lucky!! my villagers only send me fakes but its okay because i like placing them around i finally....FINALLY....got the last reaction today norma....i love u ;_;
  13. tbh we could prob hide that in here just fine since fish don't make noise lol since i started living here i havent seen the landlord even once
  14. i have that mindset abt any pet, definitely a big investment for sure would b fun tho given the chance no pets allowed here
  15. ace ur making me want fish friends of my own