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  1. I love Clubhouse games so far! The variety of games is good, I like that you don't have to play with another person, and I can't wait to try out some more. So far I've been enamored with learning Shogi, and I can seem to consistently beat the normal CPU, but I tried to move up to Hard and got my ass handed to me so I think I'll just stick with normal until I get more games under my belt. My only real complaint so far is that the game is a bit too quick to get to the action, and never shows me the controls for long enough. I wish it was a bit more like Mario Party, where it would show you the controls in a controlled environment first, and then let you get into the game.
  2. hhhhhhh going to a protest was the most physical activity we've had in months and my poor feet are tired
  3. i don't think its very helpful to tell people to 'just search twitter' when there's so much misinformation and outdated information going around... many of the most popular funds being broadcasted online are very clearly asking people to not even donate money anymore because they have what they need, and while some are generous enough to link to others that do, some are not and its overwhelming to find funds that you believe are doing good work or that will use your money wisely...even some of the links in that Carrd are already overfunded.
  4. Do you live in a major city? If so, make sure you read up on proper safety measures to conceal your identity and ensure your safety from anything from tear gas (do not use milk to wash it out) to rubber bullets (do not use plywood to protect yourself from). Make sure you have everyone's contact information written down somewhere and somewhere to meet up if things get out of hand. I know people that live in smaller cities and towns and while the protests are laden with police presence, they generally seem to get in and out without it turning violent. Either way, be very careful. Thank you for going, it means a lot.
  5. @Chrom atone for your sins and answer this man
  6. SIX villagers???? my lineup has barely changed (only gotten rid of one original so far, and only for an amiibo) but at least everything is in order now... i've been breeding for blue roses for a month now and i'm ready to just trash the whole breeding area and forget about it
  7. also i would have named this the clubhouse because clubhouse games come out this month but no one cares what i think
  8. every time someone brings up ARMS its like i'm violently pulled back to reality in which its a real game that nintendo made and no one cares about and it wasn't just a fever dream i had
  9. potential max for this week is 216 on wednesday afternoon, based on AM price being 55 and my PM price being 51 my guaranteed minimum is pretty bad tho pichi-chan we should play together soon because my town doesnt look like shit anymore finally i've been cooped up in my town for months redecorating but its finally livable and i've forgotten what other players look like
  10. my turnips had the audacity to be 108 yesterday, but i still bought because i have no self control am price: 55
  11. everything is just too much folks
  12. mine got a spike this afternoon at 125, but idk what my morning price was because i slept through it
  13. i store turnips inside my house, because out of sight, out of mind i plan on setting up a flea market area for free flowers/diys once i'm done breeding blue roses (haha.), but for right now they sit on log benches outside of nooks nicely aligned keeping things neat is really important to me; i keep no more than 6 at any given time, and my extras will go to my one friend first, then my spouse, and if they're still leftover i wrap em up and send em to villagers, who love getting them in the mail
  14. how is it that march was 3 months long, april was 2, and may was only 2 weeks the passage of time is making me nuts!