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  1. mine actually went up 3 times since yesterday, now at 185 afraid to sell too early since i paid 101 but its only 60k so maybe ill just unload
  2. ideally you'd want a spiked price of at least 300 usually but of you're making a profit who really cares with so many people playing tho, finding a good price shouldn't be hard, so if you bought turnips this week, help out the community by posting your prices daily mine were 102 today which is not good but i only spent like 60k so whatever lol
  3. thank you! this was actually really helpful and i am indeed eligible fuck yeah a paper check is fuckin annoying tho since my mom will have to send it to me and but free money is free money
  4. oh really? i was wondering if I'd be eligible since I've been in Canada a year now...ive been unemployed for a year too tho so i wonder if that matters we could use the money here but i do think ill be sending some of it to my mom and older brother
  5. if its a sunny day, just water the ones you want breeded I'd say! on rainy days idk if it helps to water them again tho, i haven't noticed any difference with it, but its only been a few days lol
  6. i think the DAL stuff is based on how MANY islands you're visiting; i got it the shirt and eye mask but i mostly visit the wild islands, not inhabited so I'd assume its from those but idk how many
  7. the most efficient way is in a checkerboard pattern with whatever colors you're attempting to breed for the most part, its simple color theory (red plus white equals pink) while other common ones are a bit less obvious (white plus white equals purple) id take a look at this pic to get the colors you want!
  8. im glad they're taking advantage of the internet to patch shit like that out now
  9. That's correct! The front two items are buyable for anyone, multiple times. The back 2 are 'rare' items, so only one person can buy those a day.
  10. Yeah, Ty and I have run into this as well...I don't really understand it either. You're telling me 8 people can live on this island but only one can do anything of note? It just seems so poorly designed. I think New Horizons is a great game, and I'm really enjoying it, but already in the prologue there are SOOOOOO many quality of life features missing that seem so obvious or worse, were better in previous entries. Why can't we access storage in another town? Why can't visitors use the drop off box for Nooks? Why can't other residents place buildings, or even help build the things needed for homes? Why is there no bulk crafting? It just feels like meaningless annoyances. That said, I think I'll have a lot more GOOD to say about the game once we exit the prologue and get some more freedom. I got used to New Leaf's quirks, I'm sure I can get used to these as well.
  11. yeah, you can get shooting stars outside of meteor showers, but they're a lot more rare and you're not likely to see a bunch at a time my buddy saw one in my town but i missed it and we sat around waiting for like 5 minutes and didn't see anymore lol can't wait to see celeste tho :3
  12. wishing stars at night im p sure, tho i haven't had any luck at seeing any yet ;(
  13. i noticed the rain on windows and was really enchanted, so many charming features hoping for more furniture options soon, my house has everything on the floor bc we can only build boring tables so far lol
  14. im not even gonna pretend like i don't enjoy being in control, but not if its gonna be just a pain in my ass
  15. tbh upgrading my tools early was SO much more worth it than using the iron for anything else, they last waaaay longer than the flimsy stuff, so no regrets here tho i will say i think the nook miles tickets cost too much; i think 1k woulda been fine and if they didnt want you going all the time, just limit us on how many times we can go in a day...it takes me so long to save up 2k x_x