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  1. happy Valentine's day, gamers!! spent yesterday at a museum w my love and ate some delicious japanese food for dinner, so today we are relaxing im tired after walking so much
  2. earlier i unplugged the mouse and when i plugged it back in, the internet and keyboard went out simultaneously and i've honestly never been more baffled but at this point its just kinda hilarious bc if i hadnt seen it happen myself i wouldnt even believe it computers are fun and definitely not annoying ever
  3. now that im done being annoyed that the computer is malfunctioning its turned into a little scavenger hunt of what i can find wrong when scouring old message boards for the same problem, only to be hit w the classic 'i got it, thanks!' and a time stamp of 7 years ago....ah...there's nothing like it
  4. we completely reinstalled the OS but the keyboard and mouse problem just happened again while doing absolutely nothing
  5. i will not because you don't deserve them >:[ and i'm lazy >:[
  6. i'm to the point where i wanna just take out a huge loan and fix all my teeth and once and be 'done with it', so to speak the dental plan at my last job was so shit it wasn't even worth paying into there's so many better options than real insurance at this point, at least in the states but there don't seem to be as many options here from what i've seen
  7. also isnt that right brain/left brain thing proven false? tho i believe horoscopes so i guess who cares
  8. what??????????????? you wanna fight??? is that what you want???? you want a fight????? you want me to fight you?????
  9. its not a short; the keyboard works fine on every profile but mine and even on mine sometimes its totally fine the mouse is fuckin up too but only occasionally and even the on screen keyboard messes up in the same way theres not really any consistency
  10. keyboard continues to have a mind of its own and really loves just pressing the C key repeatedly, if it decides to work at all truly computer troubleshooting is the worst of all
  11. its 500 dollars bc its huge and great quality i think the price is fair if it was made by a small artist but for pokemon its a bit steep... but it had real reviews so i guess its legit very nice
  12. i literally hate computers so much, we need to go back to the stone age
  13. if chikorita doesn't win, i'll be personally banning all of you from the forums forever
  14. can i ask how many people are in your immediate family?? i cant imagine having a group chat like that...my family is too spread out to make use of it i think