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  1. The End of the Wii Shop Channel - All WiiWare/VC titles to disappear

    I'd say it's tragic, but my Wii's been disconnected for six years. And if people can't buy or redownload Shop Channel games, the Wii is Pirate City anyway. (And if the games are no longer obtainable at all, then I guess there's no moral dilemma to grapple there.)
  2. Kirby Star Allies

    To clarify, what I meant about the difficulty of generic enemies was that before, you'd at least get hit by them, especially if you're trying to rush through a level. There were swarms and hazards in close quarters, and many of Kirby's attacks required positioning at a specific angle or right in front of enemies. Now the spaces are much more open and the range of Kirby's every attack is HUGE. It's brain dead enough that you can just hold the attack button and walk forward forever as Yo-Yo Kirby. Water Kirby, you literally just run and your enemies are automatically killed.
  3. Kirby Star Allies

    This is what's ruined all the 2.5D Kirby games for me--they're slow. It took me a while to get into Super Star Ultra because of Kirby's slower movements compared to the GBA engine, but at least the action is still snappy and urgent (and I can obsess over the Wing ability). With the newer games everything is slower and all the precision of sprite-based platforming is gone. The newer games can offer more grand and exciting action, but Kirby's abilities have been buffed so much that any single button press can kill every lame enemy onscreen. The result is a game that excels at nothing and doesn't offer any compelling experience to the player. NSMB syndrome has hit Kirby hard. Maybe Nintendo's trying to keep Kirby as a casual-friendly game, but even the most casual players I know enjoy when their games get creative and difficult halfway through, as opposed to just the final level. They care way more about aesthetics and feel than easiness.
  4. Toys R US shutting down

    Related: there's a plaza on my Main Street that you'd think would be in the perfect location, but somehow the storefronts are different every time I see it. Only two have never changed: Dunkin' Donuts and a local toy shop.
  5. Toys R US shutting down

    Yep. And according to Wikipedia there are plenty of other brands you shouldn't get attached to: "Since inception it has invested in or acquired hundreds of companies including AMC Theatres, Artisan Entertainment, Aspen Education Group, Brookstone, Burger King, Burlington Coat Factory, Canada Goose, DIC Entertainment, Domino's Pizza, DoubleClick, Dunkin' Donuts, D&M Holdings, Guitar Center, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), iHeartMedia, Sealy, Sports Authority, Staples, Toys "R" Us, Warner Music Group, Fingerhut, The Weather Channel, and Apple Leisure Group, which includes AMResorts and Apple Vacations." I have very foul wishes for people who make billions from leeching off of and destroying what others have worked so hard to create.
  6. Toys R US shutting down

    You're reading too much into the debt. I don't think this goes any deeper than executives destroying a beloved company to create a short-term profit for shareholders. That's what Bain Capital does, and that's what our culture encourages. The only recourse I see would be to not sell a controlling share of your company to vultures. Even if consumers try to boycott Bain Capital, they own at least a hundred different companies to hide beyond, who are forced to eat all the risks and are left with all the debt.
  7. Toys R US shutting down

    It's worth noting that Toys R Us wasn't put out of business by online shopping. Bain Capital bought a controlling share and installed a terrible CEO whose only purpose was to drain the company's money for top execs and shareholders, bankrupt it, and walk away. Yes, the same tactic by the same Bain Capital that had co-founder Mitt Romney in some nasty headlines a few years back. More reading: http://theweek.com/articles/761124/how-vulture-capitalists-ate-toys-r (That said, last time I walked into Toys R Us they were selling products 25% above MSRP, so it's at least nice to see they won't be ripping anyone off anymore.)
  8. They look like "what if Tails was Sonic" and "what if Sonic was Knuckles".
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes

    For optimal natures, more people need to start thinking about breaking points. I've been doing a lot of calculations trying to decide between a 40+2 neutral or +HP/-R Legendary Ike--how much damage can he survive from two hits? Is it worth losing 2 bulk from double physical attacks for 1 bulk from double magic attacks? I also got thinking about Bow Lyn a bit. Lyn has 35 HP and 18 DEF, giving her a physical bulk of 53. Even as the meta becomes more and more and more skewed toward higher ATK, there are still a LOT of units that don't reach 53 ATK. At least, in comparison with those sitting at 52, 51, 50, and even 49. Lyn's physical bulk seems like an easy throwaway, but keeping it at 53 rather than 49-50 actually lets her survive a whole lot of failed assaults. You'd get way more use out of lowering Lyn's resistance. At 28, she can survive a single magic attack up to 63 damage, but will never survive two hits unless they're somehow 45 and weaker. So a RES bane is actually far less harmful to Lyn than the "obvious" HP/DEF. And this goes for just about everyone who isn't built to engage the opposite range--check your breaking points. So guess which bane my FAVORITE WEBSITE EVER GAMEPRESS says you should put on Bow Lyn, as you slap Fury 3 on all of your walls and pretend Threatens and Ploys are the only C skills in the game.
  10. The My Nintendo Thread - Club Nintendo's Successor

    That disclaimer was still in the original announcement. In addition to gold coins expiring after a year or so, you can't get any coins at all from physical games that released a year ago. So if anyone's picking up Breath of the Wild these days, be prepared--you're out twelve whole cents.
  11. Darn, it's mostly just those prenatal controls and icons. Nothing big. Adding by Facebook/Twitter friends sounds convenient for certain crowds (if Nintendo finally gets their online services act together after some 14 years).
  12. Archer Appreciation Day

    If you search the internet, apparently you'll find a lot of very dedicated Niles fans. But of course there is no Niles like mine. I was also putting a lot of effort into a defensive Leon, complete with Obstruct, but then he was powercrept by New Year's Corrin. So now I don't see any use for Leon outside of being a crappier Lyn. BUT IF WE COULD MEME LUTE AND DORCAS AND VERONICA INTO PLAYABLE CHARACTERS, WE CAN GET THE 3-13 ARCHER TOO. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. (PS: To amend the first post, the Tellius saga also has Kyza as gay/trans, and Ike, Soren, and Ranulf who are all hella fuckin gay. A search also shows that Legault, a Black Fang rando from FE7, is also bi. But he is also a thief. Apparently Nintendo thinks we're all just snatchin' D and takin' off. Maybe someone down at IS has been humped and dumped too many times and has gotten very bitter about the whole thing.)
  13. No, but they sure stare at me. PS: How's that Ski Slalom going?
  14. If I have to stare at Crash Bandicoot's gross face in a Super Smash Bros game I am going to gag.
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I thought you were only addicted to corny jokes. Hoping another relapse doesn't hap-pun soon.