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  1. Here's something that's really getting on my nerves. In spoken English, when a noun or adjective gets repeated, we change emphasis so the same word isn't being stressed twice. For example, “I had some good APPLES! But some of them were BAD apples.” But when Feh repeats a word, she keeps the emphasis exactly the same, which is a jarringly unnatural speech pattern. She's done this again at 4:30 in the June 6th Feh Channel when talking about AR seasons. Instead of shifting her emphasis to the part of the phrase which has changed in the repetition, she stresses "seasons" twice.
  2. Hooray. Now that that's settled, with the Direct having dropped, I now return to my eternal spoiler-free slumber.
  3. Did he edit the first post? Because I'm pretty sure I saw Grookey's typing and I doubt I would've been clicking on any spoiler tags. Then again my brain has entered trauma mode so everything's a blur. I think I saw that Grookey's type is Grass and also Poison, like Bulbasaur. My opinion is that I'm not thrilled and couldn't imagine liking its final evolution anyway. I haven't fully evolved a starter since gen 4 because of the more drastic form changes. It's comforting that you think this leak is totally fake. But then I think back to when gen 5's final starters were leaked. The image looked so simple and fake that I just laughed it off, but it turned out that the only joke was that it was true. So my paranoia will need more talking down than that.
  4. Okay, I'm instantly in panic mode and it doesn't look like this thread is using spoiler tags to tag spoilers. As with Black/White, X/Y, and Sun/Moon, when a new Pokemon game is on the horizon, I leave the internet. Anywhere spoilers could pop up, I do not touch. Do I have to start now? Is this legit? How did it get leaked? Game Freak's reveals are done in the worst, most unhyped way possible. They just slap some art and BGM onto a lazy PowerPoint video, revealing entire evolution lines together--and with the final evolution first, so you don't even get one second to use your imagination.
  5. He's super hot and handsome and huggable and WHERE DID HE GET HIS HAIR COLORED and he's also a really good unit who's unique in his statline and his strategies. He can tank entire AR battles by himself when he's a bonus unit. I might be biased because I have him with the superboon for 60+ ATK.
  6. Summoning Gunnthra Joint Hone Speed right away, and Hector soon after, tempted me into going for Naga... at which point we were on the way to a 10% pity rate into a Tiki merge. But... eh. I'll stop at 150 down the toilet. While I'd like to stay at the top of the AR leaderboard, I'd need a Naga after that and a Duma or two. I've already been letting aether go wasted even during Light weeks. I'm fine with dropping to Arena Tier 17 if I don't have a good bonus hero. I'm not stressing about this stuff anymore, and my life is a little less infuriating for it.
  7. Has Naga always been so... boobilicious? Or is that just FEH being FEH? Completely whelmed by this selection. The reds have great skills, with A/S Solo, DC, and Joint Hone Speed. The blues are 3 tanks. But I should keep saving for the upcoming event with Eir and Legendary Alm.
  8. The "metronome" beating onscreen at all times is an anatomical human heart. That is not wholesome.
  9. I've heard it's a full game, rather than a DLC pack. I'm really interested, since the original really turns me off with its grotesque imagery.
  10. Bridelia did lose a lot of her relevance to Brave Lyn*, and now Legendary Alm shreds her and every other aggressive infantry archer. Klein should still have a niche, though, with his improved Brave Bow. *Also, Brave Lyn is the perfect user for Louise's new bridal bow, for Swift Sparrow 4. Excluding refine, that's +2 ATK and +1 SPD. I've been playing a little more loosely with my 600K feathers in building fun units. Klein has been a bit disappointing. Haar turned out to be a total bust. I should be working on arena scoring, but none of those units interest me. Libra's so meh, I strongly dislike Mordecai (who is so much better than Lukas), Soleil is a sword lord and nobody needs one more of those. All of my big merges have been ranged units, and that's made life kind of difficult...
  11. I can't stand anything about Selkie, yet she's an AR staple for me. Sabotage Atk is amazing.
  12. A Seliph with Lunge onto a bolt trap with a full team of Wings of Mercy and instant specials. I lost four units in one fucking turn.
  13. To be fair, Sigrun is probably also just realizing that Tanith was a woman all along. I'm not a fan of more no-context brides. But at least Pent and Louise get to join Marth, Caeda, and Charlotte in the "THIS ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE" club. Congrats to Swift Sparrow on its marriage to everyone in this event, though on principle I stay out of these.
  14. The blog post mentions that upcoming Special Research will reward the new lures. I'd guess it'll be part of the Jirachi quest.
  15. I think a Fire Emblem Warriors dialogue also pronounces "azure" it with a J sound. Kind of like how some people pronounce "pendulum" with a J sound--it just means they're a dumb person who's wrong. Also, the new Corrin is a 173 BST infantry, and with just the effect of her weapon, she literally has 200 BST: 43/44/43/37/33.