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  1. I'm still happy for the people who did get the game, controllers, amiibo, and all! There's just something about Zelda-branded tech... (BUT WILL NINTENDO FINALLY TAKE THE HINT?)
  2. Conveniently my car has gotten itself stranded at the mechanic's, just in time for me to NOT go hunting for Skyward Sword's newest limited-edition controllers. I'm fine. I'm totally fine. Not listed on Target's or Walmart's site, out of stock on Best Buy, scalped on Amazon. Any stragglers in-store are probably off the shelves already.
  3. Safety laws don't apply to drifting, though. There also isn't an objective way to describe what an acceptably "functional" product is--like for an input device, how much precision is required and how do you calculate it? And the accuracy to which the device "should" function after any certain amount of time--that will largely come down to a matter of opinion. Even something as intentionally malicious as Apple's forced obsolescence can be defended as something consumers should know they're getting into, like that's simply the way phones work. Here is not much of a court case to be made.
  4. I mean not Switch OLED controllers, but old controllers in general. I thought the drifting oversight would've been fixed a while back. I don't get these lawsuits over drifting either. There's no law requiring tech companies to make their products operate at some level of quality for some period of time.
  5. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/07/nintendo_wont_say_whether_switch_oled_joy-con_fixes_drift_so_dont_count_on_it Does this mean even new controllers are still drifting? I thought only old models got it, and mine didn't start acting up until over two years. With the Skyward Sword controllers releasing soon...
  6. A Melee HD would have to keep all the glitches and bugs intact. Things like washdashing are the game's identity. So many high-level strategies are built around these glitches that Melee would be a different game without them. Melee players want their joints brutally murdered by these spastic inputs. The point of a Melee HD wouldn't be to "fix" its mechanics. Rather, it'd be fixing that Melee players are pirating the software, modding it, and busting their buns getting ideal equipment like CRT TVs. It's an outdated game running on outdated technology. And the pirating and modding ne
  7. 2D Metroid games have speedrun challenges that are around 2-3 hours. So unless Dread is ending this tradition, we're looking at a $60 game which can be experienced pretty much in its entirety in one sitting. I wasn't buying anyway because the tone isn't for me, but I totally get the worry here. 2D Metroids are short games.
  8. I'm SCREAMING. Only 200 orbs saved because I assumed the summer events would be easy skips for me as usual, but then IS slaps me with the two cutest boys of Garreg Mach, shirtless. Finally, equal opportunity objectification. They probably can't stand up to Fallen Edelgard and Legendary Sigurd, but hey. Life got a lot better when I stopped caring so much about Aether Raids.
  9. I'm going off of how Ultimate increased sales by 500% yet tournament attendance increased by about 20% or less. It lost views at EVO 2019 then got dropped. A Melee HD would clearly deter sales from future Smash games. Where people drop Melee or don't get into because it's hard to find, lacks online play, etc., a Melee HD would say "No need to play a different Smash game instead. You can stay on this old one." And that damages Nintendo's brand further because Smash is one of their main marketing vessels. Nintendo wants you playing the newest Smash Bros so you're exposed to
  10. That's not Nintendo's time frame. As I pointed out, if they wanted short-term cash grabs, they'd release Melee HD already. But they haven't, because it'd further isolate Melee fans from buying or helping to promote other games in the series. Nintendo's always very clear about how they plan ahead. I agree that Melee's competitive longevity isn't going to tank future Smash games. But remember that Nintendo is a business. From a business perspective, there is little difference between profits decreased and potential profits missed. Melee still discourages potential purchases, diverts
  11. People thinking they hid Greek Link's face because he's older... Remember BOTW's first teaser, when so many thought this Link was a woman? (Turns out he's just androgynous.) The developers said they were completely surprised by our reaction. So... we might be overestimating them again here.
  12. I'm not saying Melee can't coexist with other Smash games, but it's definitely a problem for Nintendo. It devalues future releases, diverts attention from them, discourages purchasing them, and encourages pirating and modding Nintendo's products. It is absolutely in Nintendo's best interest to replace it and get its players on a new game. As for Melee's scene developing over time, that's not a fair comparison. When Melee was released, the internet barely existed and competitive gaming was limited to arcades or rare tournaments which themselves were closer to marketing stunts. Plus
  13. Alright, that post is finally convincing evidence. Especially how the timeshift stones have the same shape and slant as the pillars--and, I'll add, the same visual design of the looped circles connected by lines. Though I'm still not convinced the floating islands are zipping in and out of time. It's super bizarre that they aren't visible when Link glides down and sees the Talus fort, but perhaps it's simply because the expedition under Hyrule Castle isn't the opening scene of the game. Maybe you have some adventuring to do beforehand, to establish the status quo and teach basic sk
  14. You're right! Link does have swords equipped throughout the trailer! As for the change in his hairstyle... maybe that's just for the Greek outfit. The toga seems to be just a top piece. Maybe wearing it also changes his hair, or he's wearing a circlet that does that--we haven't seen him from the front yet. The floating islands are probably replacing shrines, since apparently you teleport up to them via special puddles below.
  15. Anyway it got me thinking/worrying about the implications of Link's magic arm and the lack of weapons in the teaser... It might be an excuse to give climbing a well-deserved nerf. But maybe Link can't wield blades at all anymore, and so players are forced to get really creative, but too much high-concept combat would get fatiguing. That fire-spewing arm could be the new standard, replacing weapon durability with recharge times. And the Slate is gone, so the player's assistant for navigating/logging the big world is gone. Together with the floating islands, this could imply that BOT
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