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  1. AOG? If you're not misspelling Age of Calamity then I don't know what this is. Is there another lore book? I still haven't gotten this sequel or Creating a Champion--I meant to say it's just inevitable for me now. Life's a mess at the moment, but I look forward to them. Although just one bit of trivia which I read is in Creating a Champion seems to solve the timeline issue irrefutably and I've coincidentally been thinking about it all day SO HERE I GO!
  2. Trying to avoid spoilers... What are people's thoughts a month later? I thought I could do without Age of Calamity, but I'm just too obsessed with Zelda lore. I just found out about the Creating a Champion art/development book that released literally two years ago with an awesome collector's edition that's heavily discounted now.
  3. Popping in here... So this highlighted quote is the main reasoning for people condemning Nintendo's actions? Weird, because this quote directly justifies Nintendo's actions: the tournament was not "personal enjoyment". It was a paid event. For the Etika controllers, there may be a moral difference between products manufactured for profit versus for charity, but legally they're the same. The tournament organizers should've known better than to expect Nintendo to support charging money to promote modded games. And the Etika people should've known better than to manufactur
  4. I don't deny that Sephiroth is hype AF. He just makes no sense from almost any other perspective and I wish Nintendo would've chosen someone who could better broaden Smash's appeal and the diversity of the roster. Anyway, has this been posted yet?
  5. This still doesn't feel real to me. No third-party series has gotten a second unique rep--not even Sonic, who's been here since Brawl. And Sephiroth isn't just from the same series as Cloud--they're from the same game. Not even Nintendo has gotten two unique reps from a single title. And this honor goes to Square Enix, the most ungrateful collaborator, who gave Sakurai no assets beyond the bare minimum fighter, stage, and two songs? And on top of all that, he's yet another anime swordsman. He's cool and it's good to get more antagonists, but there are so many characters and develop
  6. Thanks for sticking with me as I struggle to explain my feelings for this game! As I get the hang of combat it's become more enjoyable. But I also get a headache because, between the resolution and often jittery camera, it's very difficult to get my bearings. The battlefields feel very broken up and difficult to navigate--especially the canyon. Thrown off more by not being able to traverse anything but barren ground even though it's BOTW, man. Just me? It'd be fascinating to play through this side-by-side with BOTW. Right now there isn't a video on YouTube giving any single-screen
  7. @DranSeasona I don't doubt that it feels fine to you! Again, the way I play and the experience I look for is a bit weird. I like small, nuanced movements and playing like it's me in the game--even little moments in a short pause can create that feeling. Being able to get close and personal with the world, even without branching off and exploring. So that's why the less precise/focused nature of Warriors gets in the way for me. For comparison, it's like how in Fire Emblem you deal 21 damage and in Disgaea you deal 21837355 damage. One has a comforting clarity, while the other gives
  8. Link feels very hard to control. I can't move his direction just a little bit, or the camera moves with him and he starts turning hard. Can't seem to run in a straight line either. BOTW encouraged going slow and taking in the world, but Link's walking is difficult to control precisely and the lowest speed doesn't match its animation. Attacks have very dubious hitboxes. Jittery camera and invisible boundaries made observing my surroundings very difficult. And the vast majority of enemies not actually having any consequence to the player was very bizarre in this setting. I get that m
  9. I am BEYOND impressed with how closely Age of Calamity replicates BOTW's art style and especially the UI. They probably lifted the UI elements directly. That was my only Switch game for a year and a half, so all the visuals really resonate with me. The gameplay, though... not so much. I knew I wouldn't be into the hack-and-slash button mashing, but I feel like I must be missing something big. I didn't know what I was doing or what was expected. This is definitely not a Nintendo game--it doesn't have the clarity or responsive controls. Even walking around exploring (as the battle wa
  10. Byleth & Rhea's art is straight-up hentai.
  11. Do I smile because after 3.5 years I'm finally an official Tier 21 Mainstay? Or do I cry because I saved up 350 orbs for this Legendary event and only pulled a single 5*? I was shocked when I got into Tier 20 twice with a low-merged Legendary and only 1 blessing. Now I'm with the highest-ranked players on the entire leaderboard!? My team isn't even that good! Only one 300 SP skill, Linus has an old dual Rally, and Ike is only +4. Two units with gen 2 BST, and no armors. High rankings must not be so difficult after all. Arena also gets significantly easier above 750, where dancers a
  12. Of course right after I have my big falling out with Ultimate, they patch up my LONG-neglected mains, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer. Even Corrin, whose side smash has had so much shield lag even on sweetspot that opponents could punish me the next day.
  13. Thanks for the warm response, you guys, but I'm sorry to have gotten your hopes up. I tried more quick play today, thinking it would be less infuriating after fixing my joy-con drift, but instead hit a new low and I've deleted Ultimate permanently. If anything, this "I want to join you wait no I don't" here is a sign of just how badly I need to disconnect from the internet right now.
  14. I'd like to join the next of these game nights. Now that I've fixed my microphone I could even chat with the big boys. Having no friends who want to do anything online, I'm beyond sick of playing competitive games against strangers. There's no satisfaction for the winner, and... a whole array of negative emotions for the loser. I'M FORCING MY WAY INTO YOUR FRIEND GROUP WHETHER YOU LIKE ME OR NOT please like me i'm very polite and have a dog
  15. Why do people say Assist Trophy appearances can't be made into fighters? Obviously if you'd summon Shovel Knight while someone is playing as him, you get Alfonzo instead.
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