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  1. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    We've got a surprise Feh Channel for tomorrow night! They must be bringing it back for a special Choose Your Legends announcement. For 2018 FEH has switched to smaller monthly updates. This presentation will be 18 minutes long, so I can hardly imagine how they're going to fill all of that time. What more could be on the way, with all the updates we've already gotten?
  2. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Lunatic 5 for the boosted runs. Hard 5 otherwise. I don't do Lunatic when I don't have a good bonus unit. Just a healer, two units I don't use with low HM, and an unequipped level 1 Masked Marth. Only good voice actors are allowed in my barracks.
  3. Destiny Hero

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    Octopath is the only game that's ever hurt my eyes. I let my hopes get up when I read in a developer interview that the graphic designers had resolved to make the game easier to look at. But I guess that was all talk.
  4. Destiny Hero

    General Pokemon talk thread

    Misty never stops getting hotter. Pikachu, on the other hand... between the POP and Pokemon Quest, he's seen better days.
  5. Destiny Hero

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    I've tried both. Either way, the size 5 font is fucking brutal, along with how zoomed out everything is. The action only ever takes place in a tiny portion of the screen. It's as if the whole game was intentionally designed to see how small elements could be displayed. Having more pixels available doesn't mean you can fit more on the screen--it means it means that what appears will be more detailed. The visuals of Octopath Traveler take a lot of good design philosophies and drive them in the complete opposite direction of where they should be going.
  6. Destiny Hero

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    Are you asking why it's painful to focus on small, distant, dim objects far away for long periods of time?
  7. Destiny Hero

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    This game is really beautiful. Or, it would be really beautiful if it wasn't physically painful to look at for more than five minutes. Alf and his boyfriend are entertaining, but this is fucking miserable for a final product. Five minutes a half hour ago and my eyes are still in pain. People who thought the 3DS hurt should really sit down with Octopath Traveler.
  8. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Can this officially be the worst Tap Battle ever? Also, the last legendary event was bait. Elise will be on a focus next week. Let's just hope she isn't sharing a color again... I already dumped 350 orbs on the last one for nothing.
  9. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    My archer checks have been +D/-S Spring Camilla with TA and Gronnraven, and Subaki with Iote's Shield. You could also use a glass cannon like Brave or Firesweep Cordelia, with things like Hit and Run, Galeforce, Flier Formation, or NY Azura / Bridal Ninian to get the glass cannon out of harm's way after the battle. Basically, checking an archer requires you to really commit to defensive strategies or a hyperoffensive setup. Fliers are very good at both of these.
  10. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Here's my Radiant Dawn Boyfriend Squad in a nutshell: 1. Standard Legendary Ike with Red Tomebreaker, the main bruiser, ranged bait, and the dragon killer. 2. Brave Ike +Def, the physical wall. I've been experimenting with Vantage. Using -Speed even though apparently now +Speed is supposed to be his good nature? Ugh. I don't know. I'm perpetually half-assing new sets for this guy. 3. Soren is tricky--he can be built as a mage wall or a glass cannon. I still have Watersweep on mine because it helps kill dragons and I'm hesitant to sacrifice a Fallen Celica for Chill Speed, but then he isn't an efficient glass cannon. Mine is using Fury because there just aren't other good budget A skills for him. Life and Death is a possibility. 4. Vanilla Ike doesn't have a good role to fill here. Just gave mine Swordbreaker and Reciprocal Aid. Brash Assault + Desperation might be ideal. Ragnell is absolutely pointless on him for this team, and actually his ideal weapon is Kadomatsu+. Armorslayer could also work, but if Legendary Ike has the Quick Riposte seal then there are very few matchups this would tip for you. A set based around a Firesweep Sword could also perform well, but probably only if your Vanilla Ike is +Speed. Fill up everyone's C skills with defensive buffs and give Soren Rally Def/Res from your free Roderick summon. As an alternative to Quick Riposte on Legendary Ike, you could use Quickened Pulse along with an Infantry Pulse on whatever Ike has the most HP. I'm juggling with some janky IVs and the highest-HP Ike could change, so I can't risk wasting an Infantry Pulse inherit...
  11. Destiny Hero

    Do you think Bowser should get his own princess?

    This upsets me.
  12. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm okay with Camilla's saturation. Her alts have been spread out over the full life of the game, stay faithful to her original design and Camilla Emblem is fairly well-balanced.* Compare that to Takumi and Hector, who are going from 1 to 4 in half a year with the same weapon types. Ninja Linde on a horse with high attack... that's an alt I can't appreciate. We have way too many frail women with bizarrely high physical strength... not that the reason's a mystery. I wish more alts were based on the characters' actual alternate classes, with statlines that make sense compared to their originals. As it stands, many alts may as well be random characters with their identities swapped around. *Yes, I am defending a Big Boob Waifu. I actually don't hate all of them!
  13. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'd like to enjoy things, too. A triple Tactics dealer sounds like amazing potential. But why Resistance!? Titania wants to be giving that boost, not receiving it. It's like how the developers put Defense Tactic on Legendary Ike and a defense bonus on Legendary Ephraim. Did anyone else notice that the new Summer Tiki's exclusive Breath doesn't mention the usual Def/Res weak point effect? Either they're making it an implied effect on all Breaths, or they're finally realizing that dragons have rendered nearly all ranged units incapable of defensive play. Update: It was a text error. Summer's Breath does indeed have four different effects.
  14. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I let my hopes rise, that the new Tactics Drill mode might be full of exciting battles with unlikely allies. Nope, it's the kind of puzzle where you have to make a long series of precisely correct moves, despite not being able to see many moves ahead. And the next summer event is as predictable as all seasonals.