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  1. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Note: Ylgr's Sorcerous Blade skill will be inheritable. It grants dragonbreath's adaptive damage while the user is adjacent to a mage. Even if it doesn't turn out exclusive to daggers, I doubt it's going to see use. There isn't much need to turn your damage output from physical to magical when you're already accompanied by a magic user.
  2. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Ylgr seems pretty cool. But leaving Surtr's Sinmara untouched? SERIOUSLY??? AND he powercreeps two skills at once? tl;dr Surtr shows how comically overpowered units need to be these days, especially armor units. Our first two-unit focus is a real drag, but on the bright side this makes sniping easier.
  3. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Exempting the first month, this game's entire history has been dominated by and built around Reinhardt, and then also Brave Lyn, and now mainly Veronica. Everything gravitates around just a couple of stupid design mistakes the developers made and refuse to ever directly address. With one compromise after another, IS has failed again and again to make a truly enjoyable game mode out of an otherwise fantastically designed game. Hyperoffensive ranged cavalry units are a cancer, but there's no other way to build that archetype, because there is almost no such thing as a reliable defensive ranged unit, because of dragonbreath's adaptive damage. Then we've got Wings of Mercy dancers and Fighter skills demanding that every engagement results in a ORKO.
  4. Destiny Hero

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Palutena's new VA (the one who's been doing Smash) really stands out. ... And Viridi's new VA really, REALLY stands out. They didn't even try to get a similar voice. Or a good one.
  5. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    My interest in the arena modes has declined exponentially. I didn't touch either until the final hour this week. Standard arena, unless I have some amazing bonus units, I couldn't care less about. The bonus kills update was the final nail. It's a luck-based grind. It has no redeeming qualities. There is nothing fun about this. I'm dropping to tier 17 and I don't even care. Arena Assault just gets worse over time. I did the first battle with a random team, lost the second, and that's it for me this week. Again, can't give a fuck. Aether Raids might be a decent replacement once IS goes full Yugioh and outright bans Reinhardt and Veronica. Because that's all this mode is. It's the Reinhardt and Veronica mode. When your entire game revolves around just 2 of your 320 characters, one being a launch unit, you've got a problem you're not gonna solve through skillcreep.
  6. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    It's not DST that's messed up*--it's the way they publish the event schedules. The west coast gets their reset at 11 PM now, and for some stupid reason the event schedule's times are based on that region. So the majority of the playerbase is told the wrong date so that a few people who stay up late won't sometimes think they have to wait an extra hour if they don't check the game. *in this very specific context
  7. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    From start to finish these Tap Battles are even worse than usual. I'm convinced the stages are generated by a sloppy algorithm rather than an actual developer. I need to stop thinking that we're ever going to get a playable Tap Battle set ever again. That was just a one-time fluke.
  8. Destiny Hero

    Detective Pikachu (Movie) - FIRST TRAILER!!!

    The only proper way to discuss the Detective Pikachu trailer is for us all to just sit in a room silently, awkwardly looking at each other, wondering who's going to say it first.
  9. Destiny Hero

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    do we not get grinch movies more frequently than smash bros games? or mario games?
  10. I love this. I love every part of this. Crappy old technology and YouTube videos are so wholesome. Plus, seeing the Wii and its interface fills me with nostalgia--I haven't plugged my Wii in at all since the Wii U came out.
  11. What!? I have to know more about this experience. Like that DS internet browser that also required a peripheral in the GBA port.
  12. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I stayed up late to assign a ton of blessings and grind that for orbs before losing my 4% pity rate on Brave Redux... Just another handful of jank summons. I'd be getting just as much use out of my orbs if I took them out back and torched them.
  13. Destiny Hero

    YouTube now available on Nintendo Switch!

    So that's how they do it. Well, I'm not shelling out for one of those connecty thingies and I guess my TV isn't new enough to have it built in. I can't follow one bit of any of this smart TV stuff. I'm a technical guy, but any wireless device-to-device connections have never been worth the effort for me. Though like, sometimes my phone would randomly try to push YouTube videos onto my brother's nearby Xbox One. I've tried sending him some weird shit, but he never commented on it so I guess it never worked.
  14. Destiny Hero

    YouTube now available on Nintendo Switch!

    My friends and I loved using the Wii U to play YouTube videos on the TV. I have no freaking clue how to do that stuff from my phone, if that's even possible.
  15. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Yeah, I've taken one look at the Heroic Grails system and thought... well, it's still limited. I can now have 25 Saises, but I still can't fodder any for Speed Ploy because I need to save all of these potions for any potential secret final bosses... Gah, this mindset is unbreakable. But like @Chrom says, there's nothing preventing IS from resetting or increasing the quota, as they've done with Hero Merit. My second thought is that my ultra-optimal debuff tank Leon is now inferior to NY-Corrin, which is upsetting. But at least Corrin would take much longer to build, and I prefer Leon as a character. I'm learning to put more value on fun. I made a reroll account that got bad summons, but it got an excellent Owain and Kliff, so I kept them.