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  1. A month of orbs wasn't enough to get Gustav, after I got only 3 New Year's Alfonses out of 18 5* hits, after I had to use my 40th summon to get each of Dieck, Flayn, and Shinon consecutively. Then I get Dedue on my free summon. I'm still very grumpy, and he's no Gustav, but... I can give his Save skill to Brave Hector who's very similar. Has anyone else tried Save shenanigans yet? I want to make an Aether Raid challenge that's just two Save armors plus a ball of weaponless armor units. Any attack will be redirected via Saves (so their buffs apply), the allies will never
  2. Returning to this... The Pokedex is all I'm talking about here. The outrage about the Dex is overblown and redirected venting for all of Sword/Shield's other shortcomings (which deserve every criticism). And I don't see when Game Freak lied about the game's features. I get that people are mad about S/S. I am too. But instead of keeping our criticisms reasonable, much of this fandom has gone far off the deep end--even making threats. When we act like a game with 1000+ Pokemon is easy and free of consequences for game design or the competitive scene, we just tell Game Freak that we d
  3. The DP remakes... I've never had such a big smile vanish so immediately. Looks like the next Let's Go--another game so insultingly easy it'll beat itself. The art style looks boring and empty, reminiscent of the Link's Awakening remake which was slow and one of Nintendo's laziest yet. No opinion on Legends because we don't really know what it is yet. Plus, this is Game Freak we're talking about. EVERY time they've tried a new thing in the past 15 years, it's been barely playable. DP, XY, SS. I'm ready for Legends to be just as underwhelming.
  4. You mean you don't have 0 orbs? I busted out all the squad assaults and gift cards on the New Year's event... 20 5-star hits yet only 3 Alfonses, leaving me two merges short for another year. Then just after that we get the Askr family as two of the most absurd armor units to date, even compared to Edelgard... and after a month of pulls I still don't have them. AND THEN CLAUDE DROPS, but he's not as revolutionary as the other 3H lords. Doesn't powercreep his Brave edition.
  5. Controversial opinion... culling the Dex was one of the best moves a Pokemon game has ever made. Competitive battling in Gen 7 was an absolute dumpster fire. The power creep was insane. Every team was just legendaries, ultra beasts, and megas, with so many immediately deadly strategies it was impossible to counter much and one wrong opening move could end the battle. Compare that to the early Sword/Shield meta, in which dozens of Pokemon were finally able to shine. The most threatening sweeper by far was Dragapult and no one else. Stakes were low and you could comfortably play balanced, versat
  6. Wow. I don't remember a dang thing about how I got mine. I don't do preorders without incentives--I just show up early and get lucky. Probably helps that I don't go for special edition stuff. Except... now that I think about it... I was seeing the Creating a Champion art book's special edition for like $40 back in December, and now it's $150 and sold out everywhere even though it's supposedly a 2018 release and nothing should've changed. ... Well, I guess it also helps that I'm okay with missing out on cool products.
  7. I got the original Skyward Sword bundle too! Best Wiimote ever, and the CD was the only music in my car for years. I'm not worried about the new joy-cons. I think Nintendo will probably manufacture a surplus of them knowing they'll sell like crazy. Then again, this IS Nintendo... so maybe they'll just produce ten and act surprised when they get scalped 1000%. For how much they want our money, they sure don't want our money.
  8. Well, aside from updating a doomed art style, Twilight Princess HD was almost a direct port. Replaying Super Mario 64 DS has had me reflecting on how above-and-beyond Nintendo's remakes used to be. Well, back then we didn't even make a distinction between remakes vs ports, because when Nintendo did simply port something, they were quiet about it. Now the remakes are undercooked (like Link's Awakening) and the ports are pitched as AAA sellers. We used to rip on Nintendo for reselling old games via Virtual Console, but now it's getting absurd. It's like they're trying to
  9. Every port has gotten worse. Ocarina of Time 3D started strong with amazing visuals and controls, and the whole Master Quest (which few people had gotten to experience before). Majora's Mask had the controls and graphics plus so many QoL upgrades that it's actually a playable video game now. Wind Waker also had greatly enhanced controls, but no new content. Twilight Princess... had a few QoL tweaks and that's it.
  10. There are only two characters left!? Oh, man. They better be Professor Layton and WALUIGI.
  11. That new Square Enix game looks awesome--first time in ages that I've felt excited for a non-Nintendo release! But I won't be touching it thanks to the HD-2D art style thing. Octopath was murder on the eyes, plus even Yugioh cards are easier to read than that font size. @Surge135 Skyward Sword is definitely worth playing... once. The first playthrough is epic--it's replaying that really highlights the heavy the tutorials and slow text. Plus I think this game would probably look worse in HD--the Wii's lower resolution actually reinforced the "watercolor painting" visual style. Also,
  12. This was the least hype reveal trailer from the very first frame. We always knew a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character was en route. Personally I haven't been excited for any of the DLC characters so far. I think it's because they've all been from very un-Nintendolike genres and games, which rarely interest me. Two waifus for the price of one--they're unique in the Smash roster, but after watching every other game I follow become consumed by weeb bait, this leaves a very sour taste.
  13. Wow that's awesome. But fortunately for me I have too much self-respect to scalp McDonald's kids meals. There's no collectible one can't live without.
  14. What's debunked? I was just going off of Konietzko and DiMartino's statements from August saying the environment was negative and unsupportive, with them not having the creative freedom / faithfulness to the original vision which Netflix had promised in the beginning. They just didn't say what the differences were. But considering that Avatar's original appeal was that the characters were not sexualized and focus was on the consequences of violence rather than the act, and the current industry fad is to maximize sexualization and gore/brutality, it's easy to assume. Plus the same a
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