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  1. Why would they choose Hinata for a wedding event? His entire characterization is "has horrific body odor but will not bathe".
  2. Heads-up for everyone chasing high scores--June's Legendary event Azura/Peony/Chrom and July has Ike/Roy/Altina. You'll only need a couple of merges on the mythics to get into the top tiers of Mjollnir's Strike, and Roy, Chrom, and Azura are some of the best legends for high scores. I'm saving up for them instead of getting a +10 Young Marth, after realizing that the roadblock to high scores comes from those hard-to-get legendary/mythic merges.
  3. Ooh, that's really interesting. Nintendo didn't like the game idea but still used their character as the base for Graham Cracker. They probably didn't like the darker atmosphere and more mature protagonist. We've seen how they encourage big departures from Link's design at the start of each game (especially BOTW's biker and amputee veteran designs), but those don't go far.
  4. Good to see that we've been having good luck! There's been such a constant creep for infantry swords. Compared to the former champ, Mareeta, Ike has only 1 point of difference, a similar kit, and trades her Null Follow-Up and +10/6/4/4 for DC, debuff countering, and easy Aethers. I pulled both with their 46-speed boons. I'm at a point where I'm satisfied using just the units I like, since there have been so many lately even if they aren't all great, like Ferdinand. Plus I wonder if Narcian's heal-per-hit refine can make for some shenanigans.
  5. I shouldn't be, but I'm surprised at how badass dark male Corrin is, considering how soft and doe-eyed female Corrin is as she crosses and buckles her legs while feeling herself up. Interested to see how the BSTs here play out... His weapon is already better, trading +1 for Guard, but she might still win for being colorless. @Surge135 You should consider waiting on the merges after getting the free 40-summon pick from this introductory event. Ike is clearly the big prize here, as evidenced by color-sharing with the stinker. (Not that Julia's Panic Smoke isn't a top-tier skill, but compared to Ike and his kit...) Units like this are usually rerun on a 3-man focus after a few months, like Mareeta last week. Or he'll be in a Legendary event, giving better odds than this, plus your pitybreakers will at least be the Legendary units who are the most important for scoring.
  6. For real, they just keep half-assing multiple routes with messy stories full of plot holes and plain old bad writing/planning. They don't even try to make the characters' choices believable--just gotta create some conflict to prolong the story. Claude and Dimitri's routes look like they'd be basically the same story, though I still haven't finished my first playthrough for lack of motivation. The story is told through support conversations--the gameplay itself has maybe one plot point of consequence every dozen hours, and you can deduce most of every route's plot before finishing the first half of any.
  7. If it's any consolation, FEH's spoiling isn't far from how unceremoniously this twist was revealed in-game, at least for Claude's route. I feel like most anything else FEH could also spoil is spoiled in 3H itself by the series's stereotypical plots, tendency to tease plot twists way too hard, and characters pursuing long-running "mysteries" that the writers seem to forget were fully revealed to the audience from the very beginning... The protagonists of modern FE games are so oblivious it's physically painful.
  8. The spoilers are significant enough that I would've been furious had I not passed that plot twist just two weeks ago. The game hasn't even been out for a year and FEH is already spoiling its biggest twists. Not that 3H's plot is very good to begin with, but this was so unnecessary. IS could have released this unit without spoiling anything--instead they put out a slap in the face for every fan too short on money or time to have played the game while it was hot off the press.
  9. ... Someone please tell me this Legendary Edelgard is just a bad dream. I'm glad I've just started playing Three Houses... The game wasn't even out for a year. I guess now I have to hurry and finish all 3 paths before any more legendary trailers go up.
  10. 1. Not even being the series mascot for the 30th anniversary event could save Marth from being its worst unit. 2. Free male wyvern riders are, without exception, the worst releases. But the moment we get a female one, she's one of the most outstanding free units we've ever seen. 3. A random little girl learning to ride a horse is more powerful than the literal god of strength. I think that sums up why there isn't much to discuss with this game anymore. It's always the same old, except worse.
  11. I have to come back to this. This strategy has gotten me destroyed nearly every time I've tried it. Springtron's window of vulnerability is very short, and cannot be punished at all except at close range. His shockwave can also be cancelled if it doesn't look likely to succeed--and even when doing this, he gets the temporary invincibility (a Springtron player can literally just sit in place spamming that move and never get hit). Not that it's necessary, because he has a large window of invincibility before the shockwave even goes out. And if Springtron's rush attack is charged, it will cancel all of his vulnerability. Plus all of that aside, he doesn't even need the shockwave to hit--for 9 seconds, his speed increases and his arms stay permanently charged. Maybe Springtron can be countered at the highest-level play. But until that point, this is game-breaking BS and I won't miss it when the free trial expires.
  12. It was when I checked about two or three months ago. However, now the only relevant info on Nintendo's website is that their repair service has shut down due to the pandemic. In the meantime, here's a temporary solution I've used: Put rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip, and slide it around under the "skirt" of the analog stick (start at the base and push up--there's a thin plastic meant to keep dust out). Once it's saturated, rotate the stick several times so the liquid gets around inside. This kept my controllers from drifting for a few weeks, but now I really need to do it again.
  13. Yeah, that night I was getting worse lag than in ranked battles. Though it was still just enough for that Bowser Jr spammer to get on my list... If you guys want fun stages, you cannot do better than Paper Mario. Each substage is full of unique interactions that don't break the game.
  14. I'm not seeing anyone on the Discord.
  15. The target challenge took me nearly 20 tries. Max Brass with Hedlok was using a bomb ARM whose rush attack I could dodge at long range, so from there I'd take my usual strategy of charge, paralyze, grab. Trying to fight anywhere closer got me clobbered, as did attacking when he still had one side ready. I can't find success with Ribbon Girl at anywhere but long range. I'm struggling to beat anyone in Versus at level 5. About a 25% win rate, so maybe I am just plain bad after all. This AI is much more threatening than Smash's.