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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Everything about this banner was made for whales. Armor units have the highest BST, and so they give the highest arena scores. Whales use all-armor teams. So now we have a seasonal banner with four new armor units who come with multiple absurdly, blatantly overpowered skills for whales to put on their arena teams--and they better not hesitate, because these units won't be summonable again for a very long time. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Gee, if this isn't some of the most BRAZEN powercreep yet. We've now crept at once two Defiant skills, two Blow skills, two stance skills, and four stat pluses, all in one skill. Oh, and with Vengeful Fighter, armored units can now activate Aether on counterattack, even with Distant Counter. As if we weren't already reaching a point where many units can ONLY be defeated by Firesweep/Dazzling weapons. And Tharja, wearing nothing but her underwear and a cape in the winter, is classified as an armored unit? Give me a fucking break.
  3. Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    I tried to emphasize that Skyward Sword's linearity isn't what got to me--it was the linearity plus unplayable mechanics. I didn't mind having to take specific actions, but when those actions are so often motion controls that so often don't work for me, I'm not even playing the game anymore. I'm just fighting the controller. And even when the controls do work, these tasks are still stretched to absurd lengths when dowsing quests leave me aimlessly circling an area for an hour, or when something as simple as selling one item turns into a sprawling and blind dialogue tree with massive, unskippable paragraphs. Every game is going to involve parts where the player is at least briefly doing something they don't really want to do. But those can still be enjoyable if they pass quickly, or have responsive and satisfying controls, or give an enjoyable audiovisual presentation--Skyward Sword does the exact opposite of all three of those things, while BOTW nails them. That's where I make the comparison. I do get the story-related gripes. But even there Skyward Sword doesn't win out, because in hindsight the whole story is just Zelda playing tag while Link runs errands for stubborn people. It's been deeply frustrating to replay when so few of the roadblocks are tasks are justified by anything more than video game logic. (Like the tiny trees in Pokemon you have to cut down, or small ledges you can't climb up.)
  4. Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    I was comparing SS and BOTW on the basis of positivity, which I'm defining here as, basically, the player having a good time and not being forced into things they don't like or don't feel like doing. As for the graphics, I don't think processing power was the issue. Nintendo's great at producing visuals that age well--look at Wind Waker, for example. Even the more realistic style of Twilight Princess has aged well, since it retains flavorful art direction and coloring. Skyward Sword is so blurry it hurts my eyes to look around. It only works in constant motion. I think it would have worked better if Nintendo ditched the blurriness and tried to show off the watercolor style through textures. At least some sharp lines would've helped. There are times in Skyward Sword where it's started to look like shovelware to me, with the oversized HUD elements and flat terrains.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes

    It gets worse when you realize that every unit who isn't in the 3* pool can be pulled at 5*. And not one unit has ever been added to the 3* pool.
  6. DLC Pack 2 Champions Ballad goes live tonight and...

    Confirmed! Goodbye forever(ish), Tingle Tights! Thanks for alleviating most of my doubts. Now I've got all the treasure hunts for my main file and I'll check out this new DLC on my old easy file.
  7. DLC Pack 2 Champions Ballad goes live tonight and...

    Yo, I've got some questions. Don't know what's in the new DLC so minimal spoilers, please. I just saw that I can't access the story additions without beating all 4 Divine Beasts, which I haven't done because the lights in the sky ruin the landscape and I hate how Nabooris's quest makes Yiga enemies spawn at random. It ruins the way I like to play the game.
  8. Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    But if you don't talk to Fi, her flashing icon and sound effect will never go away. It ends up being even more maddening than her low batteries monologue. The problem with Skyward Sword's biggest tampering is that it's padding. Stuff like its convoluted overworlds and constant fetch quest roadblocks. People invested in the story and scenarios were right to be infuriated by those objectives. They would have made excellent sidequests, but instead they were forced and botched the flow of the game.
  9. Detective Pikachu has a voice!

  10. Fire Emblem Heroes

    War story time? I FINALLY beat the 10-11 Chain Challenge! After having Ike and Veronica stare at me for months, It's over--and I cleared all 10 stages with a single team! All units I've discussed before--Elise with Wrathful Dazzling Gravity+, Performing Azura, LnD Celica with Reposition, and Cordelia with LnD, Hit and Run, Guidance 3, Draw Back and Gale Force (the most mobility you can achieve with any unit, and boy did I need it!). If anyone's got a Cordelia in the barracks, upgrade her and your Guidance seal ASAP, and feed her Hit and Run. edit: SERIOUSLY. I just took this same team through my final Chain Challenge, and the most difficult one--we cleared The Mountain of Mages, The Mountain of Splitting Your Team in Half, AND Delthea's Fortress. Although this one team "only" cleared eight of the ten stages before succumbing to Leon and Sonya's Dungeon of Death. Though to be fair, nothing in the entire series canon is capable of clearing that stage. The next two teams just had to clean up that and two other stages, so the rest was easy. I'd been ramming my head against the SoV Chain Challenge more times than I can count, but these unending movement shenanigans shredded it. Imagine Celica moving three spaces to throw another unit two spaces onto a cliff, then that unit moving two spaces, one-rounding an enemy, moving one space, Galeforcing to another ORKO, and moving one MORE space with another battle. That's 11 spaces covered with just two units, and you haven't even touched your Dancer or your mounted mage who will take four more spaces out of the opposing team's movement.
  11. Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    Oh, fuck those. A disgusting blemish on an otherwise fantastic game. "Irritating" ain't the half of it. Eventually I got so angry I just said fuck it and figured out how to cheat by using Cryonis. Maybe it's my controllers aging terribly. I couldn't even swing a few times without the remote (the one that came with the game) crapped out and started reading backwards. Then the nunchuk decided it can't center anymore, which got in the way of picking up the bomb flowers which require you to stand perfectly still directly in front of them. It was a really bad idea for Nintendo to require such precise controls with no correction if the hardware operates anywhere under peak performance. My biggest consistent issue, even when my controllers never hiccuped, was the recentering. When I played Twilight Princess I knew I could press my item button and, in the time it took for Link to draw his bow, I'd be pointing at the target. Skyward Sword is constantly recentering my aim, so if I try to aim in advance I just screw myself over. BOTW does the same with Magnesis once you connect with an object, but it's not nearly as bad because the controllers are easier to move and I can adjust with control sticks. BOTW's issue with motion controls is that they move in a 1:1 ratio (whereas OoT 3D was 2:1 so you could turn around in-game without turning around IRL), and the game will not register horizontal movements at slow speeds. So if you look to your left, then try turning back to face front, it's very unlikely that you'll actually end up in the same place as when you started. This is especially noticeable and jittery when you're scoping out far-away targets.
  12. Capcom announces Mega Man 11 - Coming to Switch 2018

    Oh, those 3D models are so unappealing. Not as bad as the other ten thousand sidescrollers with bland 3D graphics released last year, but still... Sprites would have looked so much better than this slice of white bread sandwiched between two more slices of white bread.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes

    You must be confusing that for something else--nothing in the game stops Raven tomes, except for Cancel Affinity, but only if the Raven user also has Triangle Adept, in which case the weapon triangle advantage becomes reversed. Mulagir does negate Hone buffs, though. Source: I've been using Gronnraven Inigo to counter Bow Lyn since October (and now Spring Camilla).
  14. Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    Yeah, the style won't suit everyone. For me, I was more immersed in BOTW than any game I've ever played, and even hundreds of hours later I still have my own quest to complete. But not everyone is going to immerse themselves in the game world, and immersion is probably the single most crucial element to an open world game's success. If someone doesn't care too much about Hyrule, the characters, or the adventure, I can see why the experience would feel empty. But then again, if someone lacks both the interest and the imagination, they probably wouldn't enjoy any type of story or adventure-based game. For your last comment, my main comparison of the two games is positive experience. Skyward Sword too frequently gives the player only one thing to do, but constantly gets in the way of them doing that one thing. It's a unique experience where I had a blast playing through it the first time, but after that, any level reflection or the slightest replaying was excruciating. Linear games can still be great and stay great if they control well.
  15. Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    Were those two hours out of the beginning? The beginning of Skyward Sword is so bizarre. It's basically an hours-long visual novel--even longer if you consider the time it takes to reach the first dungeon. You have to trek all around that forest so many times, especially if you slip and fall down to the lower levels and have to climb you way back around. As for Odyssey, I haven't played very much of it. But I'd assume it's a less positive/free experience because obtaining the power moons requires more specific puzzle solving, without as many different solutions to try, so it can become more frustrating. And for the breakable weapons issue, it's a very Japanese way of designing the game. If you embrace it (by not obsessively hoarding weapons) the game is way more fun, but most people will want to resist it as much as possible. Though I agree that a method of repairing damaged weapons would greatly improve the experience. It's such a fresh experience, but I have a feeling that once its design catches on, BOTW will feel so bare and outdated.