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  1. The only thing that could match my excitement for the first three characters was my disappointment after realizing that the obvious crappy demote is a guy, and the best unit by far is the girl with the biggest boobs. It's a shame that she falls into such an overused character archetype, because her weapon is one of the most creative and potentially game-breaking yet.
  2. Reflecting on armored units... the speedy ones like V-Ike and L-Tiki sure aged like milk. New armored units pack impenetrable defenses, and the SPD stats of fast units have exploded along with +6 buffs in their base kits. But I'm more worried about Feh. 20 Mjollnir Gems for anniversary quests, 1 orb for beating 1000 enemies... she's partying too hard! These bonuses are almost as good as Yugioh Duel Links, where you can get the equivalent of maybe 2 orbs for your 500th day of playing.
  3. Does it? Ridley's side special swings his arm forward, which could have moved it past Zelda and in front of her, into the hitbox. These things get weird when a character is grabbed during an attack.
  4. My gay eyes have been staring at this Zelda thing for a solid two minutes and I cannot for my life find whatever we're talking about.
  5. The worst part is that I think a lot of us WOULD subscribe if the price wasn't 3x what we expected. With no reasonable offers, it's like they don't even want money from non-whales.
  6. Counter-argument: If old units stayed top-tier forever, or could be un-crept for free, then there would be very little reason for players to pursue new content. You want the developer to keep giving you free stuff, but if they did, the game would stop being profitable. New content would slow to a drip and you wouldn't have a game to play at all. Isn't that far worse than Feh Pass? CYL plays out basically the same way every time: People vote for characters who don't have enough alts yet, even though they're prime candidates for alts... and it turns out they had alts on the way regardless. But the general lack of 3H units so far is easily explained by IS just not having a well-planned timeline for FEH. There's such a mountain of evidence that they aren't properly lining up content releases for whatever reason.
  7. These games SHOULD be P2W. People who pay more deserve to win more, because without them, this game wouldn't exist. The rest of us are just complaining about the results of labor we're not paying for anyway. Even if you don't buy the Feh Pass, your units aren't going anywhere. They aren't impossibly outmatched either, with the stat boosts going to units who are already in the dust. As if there's even a big difference between 62 ATK and 64, 35 RES and 37. Complain about the price and the whale bait--not the premium content which doesn't subtract from what you already have.
  8. I have never witnessed someone spoil so much, so casually. I hope that's why this FEH Direct has a 67% dislike ratio. And that Feh pass is a joke. I was expecting $5, like Mario Kart Tour's first-ever reasonably-priced gacha purchase, but DOUBLE that? Lyn and Cordelia say this is a clear whale grab.
  9. No surprise there. The newest game gets the most hype. More surprising is that apparently your tier level in Mjolnir's Strike has a big impact on your score. After going up two tiers last week, the score levels for my teams are now around 30 points higher. Mythics get score boosts equal to +5 or +10 merges, but blessings won't affect scoring. Only the highest-scoring unit in a pair is counted (even if it's the rear ally). And like Arena, your maximum score is actually that of your opponents, while your own actual score is just used for matchmaking. Higher Strike tiers make stronger foes appear, thus there's some kind of curve we'll be fluctuating on as we move through the tiers.
  10. So, let me get this straight. Byleth's weakness is when his attacks whiff. But he has the best range in the game and multiple moves which break shields in one hit. And he has Villager's slingshot, except the pellets are smash attacks. And Fox's laser, except that's also a smash attack. And Corrin's forward smash, except bigger, stronger, and able to hit under the ledge. Oh, and a giant meteor smash with enough horizontal range to be spammed above the ledge. Along with a lethal jab infinite, and a tether recovery that connects from offscreen. Why is literally every DLC character designed by the first kid Sakurai can pull off a playground?
  11. Pokemon would still be the most profitable even without these stunts. They enrage Pokemon's most loyal customers, for what's honestly a very minimal potential revenue source. The annual $16 per successfully-swayed Home customer does not look likely to make up for the rest of the fanbase buying fewer games, plushes, and other products due to lessened enthusiasm and trust. $5 for a year of Bank was too expensive--don't lose sight of that. It's still an extremely basic service on top of what is already one of the world's most profitable products. And I'm not convinced that Home's free option will soften the blow at all. You still need a premium subscription to transfer from Bank., even if Bank itself is getting another free trial.
  12. YIKES. That's a good point. $16 a year!? Seriously!? When even $5 for Bank was excessive!? A Pokemon is only about 136 bytes, apparently. So even if you max out your storage of 6000, your $16 is not buying even A SINGLE MEGABYTE of storage. Compare that to Google Drive, which will give me 100 GB for a similar price. Game Freak's storage is over 100,000 times more expensive than Google's worst deal. Game Freak continues to charge absurdly premium prices for features which should be free, for games which are severely underdeveloped as it is. You would THINK that, with Pokemon being the single most profitable IP in the world, they could afford to give consumers a quality experience. Their business tactics just get progressively filthier.
  13. Do their light blessings not increase score in this mode? And this still doesn't explain why the Prf, skill, and three dual rallies didn't increase my team's score at all.
  14. My top row is Peony, Eir, +8 Niles, and +6 Astram. I've also skipped two Strikes, so my tier can't be very competitive... yet I'm nearly dead last in the tier rankings. And again, the 740 didn't change despite those upgrades to the team.
  15. Okay, I'm losing it. My Mjoillnir's Strike team was scoring at 740. So I added a merge, a unique weapon, a better skill, and three dual rallies.... and STILL scored at 740. And also in the demotion bracket. Is the game glitched or something?