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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

    It's a dick move, yeah, but the playerbase's response could not be more disproportional, especially considering how generous IS has been aside from this incident. This has to be the single most playable major gacha game ever made.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Just checked the Reddit's FEH forum and yeah, I get why people would be upset, but this is ridiculous. IS didn't make anyone spend all of their orbs on Sigurd before waiting to see the next offer--and if anyone did, they probably already got their new overpowered sword unit. Neither did IS make anyone spend literal thousands of dollars on a fucking mobile game--but shame on me for expecting those whales to behave logically. From everyone's reactions, you'd think WW3 just broke out with a rain of nukes. By all means, complain about Ayra's blatant powercreep. But don't throw a fit because your impulsive ass's predictions didn't come true. You'll get 40 orbs back from the Tempest Trial. And even if you don't summon Ayra from them, I guarantee you've got at least five other OP red units to put on your team anyway.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Are people angry because Sigurd was a trap and they blew all their orbs on day 1? Because they really shouldn't be surprised. Almost every focus for the past four months has been a trap. It's become a way of life(/powercreep).
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Ah, lovely. The gross troll is the free unit and Princess Powercreep is Eldigan bait. Guess it'll save you a Hinata, who you can now give a free Brave Sword+. Also, whose idea was it to release four new red units, three of whom are named Arden, Arvis, and Ayra?
  5. Am I crazy, or did this update also lower the minimum brightness? I have special eyes and even the lowest setting had often been too bright before.
  6. EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW. ... But this leads to another problem I didn't think I'd be running into so soon: Is there really no way to save software to the system memory? Everything is going directly onto my SD card and filling it up. In Data Management, there's no option to move software from the SD card to system memory.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I beat all three Arvis stages on my first try! First time I've been able to beat a new Infernal challenge. I used TA Inigo, LnD/Moonbow Celica, Hit and Run/LnD Cordelia, and Bow Lyn to take out all the reinforcements. For these challenges it's crucial to min/max your units, score ORKOs without getting counterattacked, and kite around the arena. Notably I did this without Breaker or teleporting skills, a defensive unit, or a healer. I was also able to beat the Maria & Minerva battle with Cordelia and a dancer, plus Lyn and Xander.
  8. I read that interview too, and it's a really good point. However, Nintendo's response to the shortage is what set the tone for this discussion: remember when Reggie also acknowledged the shortage, apologized for it, and then immediately stated there would be no more production? That was a PR disaster, directly disrespecting the fans and making a habit of the Smash amiibo shortages. Nintendo's response came off as, "We know you all want this, but we don't feel like making more. We need to continue our history of catering to scalpers." The NES Mini is back in production now, but the fans will never let go of this. Nintendo's not an American monopoly--they can't get away with doubling down against their consumers. I'd guess a good number of people like me are burnt out and have stopped wanting the product after all the animosity we've associated with it.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Oh. Well. Never mind, then. That's weird. We've never gotten this many units in one update. IS is on track to burn this game out real fast now that they're all also trying to match CYL's strength. Everyone thought CYL would be a one-time powercreep for fan favorites, but they were just the beginning of a new metagame that phases out the vast majority of previously released units. I'm trying to stay positive because the new meta looks to be a more defensive game, and may be balanced overall in the long run, but it sucks for a game built on character, and it sucks big time when the summon pool balance continues to worsen exponentially. The new FE Heroes just won't be very fun when it's starring a C-cast you'll almost never summon off-focus.
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Has anyone else noticed there's a new spot in the compendium after Shigure? If this is intentional and keeping with the order, this should mean we're about to get a one-off child unit from Fates somehow. The only other game they could be from is Warriors, and the only Warriors addition I know of would be Naruto and Girl.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Valid point. But I'd still say Arvis vastly outranks any mage killer on a team that already has a Reinhardt check. As someone with a 5* Niles, I can tell you a thing or two about lousy mage counters. (but seriously if anyone's figured out how to make niles decent hmu)
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes

    https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/hero/ayra https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/hero/arvis Holy power creep. In addition to Sigurd's inflated BST, unique skills and legendary weapon with multiple 3rd-tier effects, this upcoming GHB unit also has inflated stats, a unique special, Swift Sparrow and a unique weapon with both Speed +3 and unique Heavy Blade. Another upcoming GHB has regular stats, but Renewal 4 and a legendary weapon with Atk/Res Ploy 3 (a 4th-tier effect). This is getting really stupid now. The GHB bosses render obsolete all sword infantries and cavalries but Ike, Ryoma, Xander and Brave Roy, any Ploy debuffers, and nearly all mage killers. At least the dancers had reduced BST and didn't replace anyone.
  13. Political Containment Thread

    The difference is that you could tell Jon said what he said because he cared about his country. Every time he berated a politician, it hurt him too. Trevor comes off as some distant foreigner making fun of America after just waking up from a nap. His messages will never reach Fox News viewers who have been trained to think Europe (which is the only non-America country but China and Russia) is one giant, failing, post-apocalyptic hellscape that doesn't even have corn dogs. Because that's what it's about--crossing through echo chambers. You can throw an encyclopedia's worth of logic at a Trump supporter, but you can't make him listen.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes

    IS's entire marketing strategy would implode. Strange tempests would open up all over the world, spawning limitless hordes of legendary heroes from other realms.
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I was going for Corrin just for the feathers, because I couldn't give less of a damn when it comes to who wins the next round of Softcore Hentai Waifu Emblem. But like every time, I dozed off with 1400 flags left. I'm real bad at this.