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  1. I've awoken in the middle of the past three nights from Ace Attorney-induced stress dreams. This time it was because I'm going into the last day of Case #3 with zero idea of how my client could be anything but completely guilty. But hey, as of 2 AM I think I've actually unraveled every beat of this entire incident. edit: Actually, I'm ragequitting this game for a while. The linearity is killing me. I just got two Game Overs because there was some point where you have to press one specific statement, and then press another which seems to have nothing in common with it, in that order. No indication of what Phoenix might be pressing about, or where statements like "X was the victim" will go. Every time, I have one argument in mind, but choosing that option results in Phoenix making a totally different argument. There's a HUGE disconnect between the player's options and Phoenix's line of thought. I don't actually know what argument "I'm" about to make.
  2. why would nintendo confuse my life like this and why would you help them succeed
  3. Sakurai: I chose Robin because the FE reps have too many sword lords! Also Sakurai: Corrin and Byleth join the battle! That said, I'm so relieved that the final character is someone I actually recognize and don't hate. And Sakurai was so happy. Counting on his fingers in binary!? He is too adorable. If only Smash 4 had recruited Azura instead of Corrin, people wouldn't have been mad about that DLC character nor about this one. Corrin really screwed FE's chance at balanced representation here.
  4. Yeah, I looked that up--there's a scene with lots of blood. Come to think of it, I've also never played a game with more blood than Ocarina of Time. I'm one wholesome little gumdrop. Despite the memes, humor, and broad general appeal, this game has been upsettingly dark and bleak. But I guess that just means the writers have done a great job of getting me to despise the antagonists and want to destroy them with every fiber of my being, especially if doing so requires purchasing the next installment.
  5. Despite the graphic novel genre being famously slow, I feel like I've just been thrown into the third dungeon of a Zelda game--with the seventh boss at the end. Immediately followed by the secret postgame DLC boss. It's the most urgent, dire, nerve-wracking video game I've played in a long, long time. I'm only about three hours into the first game, yet already I can't imagine how the plot could possibly escalate further from here. Whelp, time to buy the rest of the series anyway! (... Wow, Dual Destinies is the first M-rated game I've ever bought. Maya better drop some f-bombs to help me celebrate.)
  6. The rumor is that it's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series, which... I mean, maybe this is just me being a Nintendo fanboy and having no interest in that series, but I don't have the slightest idea of what that series or character is aside from that meme--or if it's ever appeared anywhere near a Nintendo system before. These DLC fighters have been one dud after another for me. So many unaffiliated randos from old games with narrow appeal. As opposed to characters who are more recent, or relevant to Nintendo history, or more beloved in general.
  7. I do see these on sale often, but I think this 3DS sale is more drastic than those. For example, Ace Attorney Trilogy's Switch sale is $20, but on 3DS it's $12 along with Spirit of Justice. For whatever reason Apollo is $10 and Dual Destinies is $9. Makes sense when the 3DS eShop is falling into obscurity. But now Aviary Attorney enters the ring on the 30th! I've also been looking at some games people say are similar to Phoenix Wright: Ghost Trick, Hotel Dusk, and Jake Hunter. But those are detective games, while what draws me here is specifically the courtroom setting. Anyway, I think I'm going for Apollo. Reviews say the main issue is that often multiple pieces of evidence are applicable but only one will be accepted, and you can figure out the mysteries early. But I still see a good and fair challenge in determining which evidence is most applicable, while leading others through the case-solving logic step-by-step.
  8. Because I stopped watching the trailer when I realized it was going to spoil literally everything, I didn't know that the second expansion would be bringing back every legendary in the series. Goodbye, balance. It's been so refreshing to play in a meta where every Pokemon has potential, even if their BST is well under 500. But in less than a year that collapses back into everything revolving around the same few 600 BST legendaries. At least dragons have been kept in check by undesirable typing.
  9. So Trilogy of course, and Dual Destinies. I played the demo for Spirit of Justice and actually really enjoyed it--the foreign trial still progressed the same, and the supernatural gimmick is basically just a glorified security camera. I liked it much better than Athena's emotion-vision, which felt like a Tell-Don't-Show cop-out Maybe I'll flip a coin for Apollo--I'll already have 5 other Phoenix Wright games to play through! The Layton crossover isn't on sale, so it wasn't on my list. Investigations (the DS game which has never been ported), I now realize, is the one for which I played a demo ages ago. That's the one that's more about point-and-click CSI, which didn't interest me as much.
  10. Whoops. I meant Dexit. My mind is in a hundred places right now and Galar's clearly not one of them.
  11. The Ace Attorney games on 3DS are all on sale for 60-70% off for another week. This seems to be by far the cheapest opportunity to get into the series. Ace Attorney Trilogy Apollo Justice Dual Destinies Spirit of Justice But are they all worth playing? And in what order? I know they're inaccurate to actual legal proceedings, but I'm very interested in the logical processes (like in Layton puzzles). I know there's a supernatural element involved, and I'll lose interest if/as it becomes increasingly influential. I also wouldn't be interested in games which focus more heavily on crime scene investigation. These will be the entirety of my studying for the LSAT.
  12. All these Dexit Brigaders forget that competitive Pokemon had become an absolute hellscape. The Sword/Shield meta is by far the healthiest competitive scene this game's ever had. But now we're getting Chansey in June. So like... life is fleeting. Don't wait until it's gone to miss what you had.
  13. Fuckin' sweet! Because paying $80 for an undercooked Pokemon game wasn't enough, now we get to pay even more! They also spoiled every last new Pokemon and Gigantamax form they possibly could, just to ensure that we don't accidentally have some kind of new experience or something. I looked away, but I still saw a ton because I couldn't believe just how many continued to be spoiled. Every time the presenters were like, "There's so much to do in Galar!" No there isn't. "So many new discoveries!" That you obsessively spoil in the least exciting ways possible. "Fierce battles!" that you can win with your eyes closed.