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  1. I'm not seeing anyone on the Discord.
  2. The target challenge took me nearly 20 tries. Max Brass with Hedlok was using a bomb ARM whose rush attack I could dodge at long range, so from there I'd take my usual strategy of charge, paralyze, grab. Trying to fight anywhere closer got me clobbered, as did attacking when he still had one side ready. I can't find success with Ribbon Girl at anywhere but long range. I'm struggling to beat anyone in Versus at level 5. About a 25% win rate, so maybe I am just plain bad after all. This AI is much more threatening than Smash's.
  3. You gotta go 8 Player Smash or go home.
  4. I've been meaning to give these Smash Nights a try. Any room for one more? Do I need Discord / voice chat / etc? I was a feared Villager main back in the day.
  5. Level 5, motion controls with a custom button for blocking, and I was winning most of my matches in the Test Punch demos. But no matter what, challenges like Hedlok aren't made to be fun at all. The only way to play against that boss is long-range defensive stall, which also means he gets the full +200 HP every time a power-up drops and I have to stall even longer. It was miserable. I'm looking into highly competitive stuff now and seeing how unbalanced the roster is, too. I just jump around as my bottom bitch Ribbon Bitch, but top tier Springtron's traits will paralyze me from anywhere and deflect my punches without having to commit to anything. Bleh. If only I'd put my focus into a character with more potential, like Thicc Bih 4 Smash.
  6. The top 30 on Wikipedia shows that the only big Nintendo games which didn't outsell it have been Mario & Rabbids, Captain Toad, and Yoshi's Crafted World, despite it being one of the earliest releases with a hefty marketing campaign. I also say this because it fizzled quickly and didn't offer much lasting appeal. Becoming the first free trial game outside of Japan is probably due to the Smash announcement and exercise for quarantine. But its sales must've been so stale that Nintendo didn't think they'd be worth waiting even a day to let everyone play it for free.
  7. I really appreciate getting 10 days with ARMS after enjoying the demo events. But playing through the Grand Prix, now I see why nobody bought this game. It truly feels like it was made to be as unfair and infuriating as possible. Even "easier" challenges like breaking targets against Byte and Barq feel like I'm playing against That Kid on the playground who has every superpower, including immunity to all other superpowers.
  8. I got the duo +def/-res while picking up Narcian. Both defenses are superboons, like Nagi. And weirdly her stats are actually... not better than Nagi's. Nearly identical but Idunn has 26 speed rather than 19--though her Zephyr Breath is much better with +6 to her defenses and negating debuffs. Does anyone have a full team of duos? As for Spring Narcian, he's a better Haar with a +def superboon. Though Haar's been the most disappointing unit I've ever built, since so few challenges have choke points without magic damage.
  9. Just like the previous set, the random little girls get full premium kits and the lone male is a crappy demote. The kind whose entire kit has less text than a girl's weapon skill alone. I keep playing because there are a few units who I really like. Even as my graveyard of Lv1 golds I'll never touch grows exponentially, there are still new units who are enjoyable without being pandering. Though most of those, like Alfonse & Sharena and Legendary Chrom, are so overpowered compared to older units that I feel guilty for using them. Even my best Gen 1/2 units just sit around while the Gen 4 tanks every enemy. After dropping off for a while, I'm getting back in while building up high-scoring units for the first time. It's fun and refreshing, as if I really needed the 5000 grails and million feathers for something else. I had Soren and Klein fully merged, but I needed higher BST from newer, melee units to score well.
  10. The 3-13 Archer is a legend of legends. In my last playthrough I focused on taking the Dawn Brigade through the endgame and the 3-13 Archer still slapped. Misfortune upon all those who allow him to fall.
  11. The comments on this article are a bunch of adults complaining because a kids' toy doesn't appeal to them... This makes me feel an emotion, but I don't want to think about it long enough to figure out which it is.
  12. Don't leave. Don't you ever leave me.
  13. Oof, not being able to finish the set must sting. After spending a lot on Chrom, I'm back to hoarding because something tells me a Radiant Dawn set is coming. If it's the Dawn Brigade I'll need them all.
  14. Legendary Chrom is finally here, and he is STACKED. Lull Atk/Def and Def/Res Oath are two of the best skills for a defensive unit, and Chrom even adds Close Counter! 18 BST more than Brave Lucina, with Reposition instead of Swap. So he's more defensive, but he also has Pair Up. Which also means he's giving that skill to anyone you're pairing him with. His base kit negates his penalties and the opponent's buffs, while giving himself +6 buffs in Atk/Def/Res and -9 Atk/Def to the opponent. Effectively that's 74 Atk with 49/40 defenses. Unfortunately that probably falls a bit short of many OHKOs and tanking potential, but good team support and positioning could help. All that with a 180 BST Duel effect will make him the best Allegiance Battles unit ever. I was lucky enough to pull 4 in 180 orbs, despite only getting 3 NY Alfonses with 400+. I might be using at least one as fodder for another wall. ... Nice to see it only took a year for IS to introduce a Pair Up unit from a game that actually features pairing up...