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  1. Controversial opinion: The Bowser puns aren't funny or clever, were never funny or clever, and will never be funny or clever. I'm reminded of when Avengers and Jurassic Park were the new big things, and people still spam "memes" from those movies with no wit or substance to them other than "Look! I made My First Reference!"
  2. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    My only unit with Vengeful Fighter remains Grima, and he's so overrated. He usually dies before his second attack. Because of FEH's perpetual ORKO meta, Vengeful is only good on ultra-bulky armors. So... yeah, Lukas might work. Something I've been thinking about: HP should NOT be calculated the same as other stats. From the very beginning the devs have known that HP is the most worthless stat, and thus we have a game where almost no unit can survive taking a second hit. Every round of combat is another kill, a problem which has only ever been getting worse as the game evolves. All stats keep increasing except for HP, and skills like Bonfire and Iceberg have become absurdly powerful.
  3. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Love the outfits but I am SO. FUCKING. DONE. WITH. "ARMORED". UNITS. So done. Dislike, don't pull, move on.
  4. 75 caught, 2 shinies (100 & 200 CP). No joke, 90% of my catches were ranked in the bottom two of the four IV appraisal categories.
  5. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Yep. Tiers 22 - 27 are the bonus "see how high you can go" tiers. Each tier is only 400 lift, but you'll always go back to 21. They were added so people in the top tier would still have a reason to compete. Also, everything you see in Tier 21 is pure cancer. It's the most toxic game mode imaginable and I can't describe how much I hate it without saying some really concerning things. I have to keep reminding myself that the reward scaling is very minimal and not worth getting upset over.
  6. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    The waves of seasonals are tiring, I agree. I think this game puts out too many new units in general--the rate has increased now that all New Heroes are sets of 4, plus monthly Legendary, Tempest, and GHB units. Anyway, time to get thinking about all the possibilities of a premium Haar build. He'll never have a good answer to magic damage, and I always feel like walls are useless if they can't handle magic. Has anyone had success with a purely physical wall?
  7. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm extra angry after realizing that Roy, who is our introduction to the Pair Up mechanic, in addition to being a "Legend" who can't give blessings, is very bad with the Pair Up mechanic. Human Virtue won't be able to power up his ally, and if Roy hides behind his ally for the opponent's turn, again, Human Virtue won't activate at all, nor will he get any other start-of-turn buffs. And Roy without buffs is pointless. We know that character assets are produced months in advance, but aside from that, there really are not any signs that the developers plan ahead. Roy was not designed to work with Pair Up. Anyway... Niles will love Distant Defense 4. But does anyone know if the Null Ranged effect ("neutralizes foe's bonuses") erases buffs that have been turned into debuffs by Panic? Because then it would actually be making the opponent stronger... PS: I just realized that the transform effects for laguz are the same for all units of a movement type. All fliers get movement1. All infantries get crits. All cavalries get reverse Sturdy Blow 2.5. And all armors will be getting Distant Counter.
  8. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Is there some point to this new style of Legendary Heroes that I'm not getting? The Pair Up ability might make Allegiance Battles easier when they release in three weeks--but that's just a theory at this point. It brings nothing to the other modes it's usable in. And the "Legendary Effect" for blessed allies is still just HP+3, with no increase in arena scoring. Why bother? What's the point of his Legend status if he has no meaningful interaction with blessings?
  9. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    One of the most unanimously beloved characters in Fire Emblem history... and he's worse than a 3* launch unit., with no desirable skills to inherit, and a near-exact statline to another free unit who's so unused that I don't think I've ever fought against him. I repeat: the developers want this game to die. Well, considering recent trends... Also: Base kit Lethe has 53 speed. Caineghis at long-range is 60/27/49/42.
  10. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Four more furries. Soft-spoken Ranulf has been recast as deep and husky. Caineghis mispronounces his name despite it being spoken in-game. The cats' transforming animation is just plain nasty. Par for the course with Gen 3 units.
  11. I agree with everyone else on the first-person thing. Instead it just puts some motion controls on the camera? When we hear "BOTW with VR" we're immediately thinking of seeing that vast world through Link's eyes, but instead... I don't get this new VR craze. Isn't this basically just shoving your phone/tablet directly into your face?
  12. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Wow, so Gen 1's 5* exclusives will no longer appear in summoning events featuring new or seasonal units. That's... not the greatest way to handle this. None of them are being demoted, and many of them are still really valuable (Hector, Takumi, Braves, Nephenee, Saber, etc). Then the Gen 2 4*s get knocked down to the 3-4* level, so they're no longer pitybreakers. I'm already sick of the new Allegiance Battle mode. Pairing up is a great mechanic, but... fuck bonus kills. Are you reading this, IS? FUCK BONUS KILLS. That change single-handedly killed Arena mode. And now it's back for Allegiance Battle. All of your kills must be on color advantage, and two of them must come from your paired units. Not as brutal as Arena requiring 4 kills with the bonus unit, but still. This mode is already no fun. If I'm hearing this right, Allegiance Mode gives you a wildcard pair-up with someone on your friends list. But you can get an additional pair by using Legendary Roy, who will also let you use this mechanic in story chapters (but NOT in Chain Challenges, etc). But again, this means all of your Allegiance Battle kills need to come from Roy's pair and your wildcard pair, and you need to hope that your random friend unit for that second pair doesn't overlap with the three colors you already have down, or you can't get max points. Ugh... If "Intelligent" Systems had a skill, it would be Sabotage Self 4, because that's all they've been doing lately. Anyway, if anyone needs a good friend unit, my Niles is only +8 so he won't be getting you the highest of scores, but he's the reason why I'm in the top 500 for Aether Raids: 9654016547
  13. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    If you get Yune, you're basically guaranteed. Build a team out of dark blessings and on-season Legends and you save 25 lift on each loss. The maximum (2 Yunes, 4 allies) is -40 lift. Or you can get both of those Yunes to +10 and never lose more than 20 lift per loss.
  14. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Challenge mode: how do you make Aether Raids even less fun than this? The cavs have Firesweep and Lunge and will pull you into a lightning trap. The dancers have Wings of Mercy. Lyn has double Poison Strike. Cherche has Galeforce.
  15. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    As a testament to how lazy and negligent FEH's voice director(s) is/are, Yune's VA mispronounces both Yune and Ashera's names. And keep in mind that Yune's name is literally shouted in the opening scene of Radiant Dawn. Add that to Sharena's name being mispronounced, and the fact that nearly every VA mispronounces every Japanese-inspired name (Ho-SHE-do, Be-RUK-a, Sa-KUR-a). Even the experienced VAs like Matt Mercer, who should know better.