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  1. Not sure. I feel like I've seen some glowing brighter than others, but I've tried to stay away from seeing the new Pokemon, which means I don't know the mechanics in depth.
  2. It's still not perfect, necessarily, just 3/6 perfect IVs. Like Friend Safari from X/Y.
  3. I haven't chained at all and have seen ~6 about 6 gyms in.
  4. those apparently have min 3 max IVs and an egg move! i havent seen many, though
  5. No, I missed a rare one earlier b/c I threw a Premier Ball. I'm still mad.
  6. I think most of the ns2 mafia community never made the leap to Ninfora, but do any of yall know anywhere good to play nowadays? all i know of off the top of my head is MafiaScum and it's the worrrrrst
  7. so i haven't been here in a few months, i was wondering how things were going, and this is the first thing I see are y'all alright? lmao
  9. It will, I'll be waiting at least that long to give people time to /in.
  10. I wouldn't worry too much, it's probably going to be a really casual game with long (week-ish) phases. As long as you can post once/day on average and aren't gone for more than 72 hours at a time you'll probably be fine.
  11. but for some reason the heavy spinning around like a merry-go-round never gets kicked good old tf2. I sold my unusual flamethrower a few days ago that I had on the market forever but I still dont want to part with any of my other good stuff, even though I dont play tf2 much anymore
  12. well I beat the end of Champion's Road finally after 2 hours thanks to whoever put the hard laser section at the VERY END OF THE LEVEL ;_;
  13. I'm nostalgic as fuck, I miss Floating Darkness Island and shit, so I figure what better way to get over it than to host Mafia for old time's sake? I'm looking for at least 9 people to play, but I'll take as many as want to join and make a set-up for it. It'll be a simple, basic, (i.e. non-bastard) game, so if you're new, or just rusty, it'll be perfect for you. Full rules will be posted if we get enough to run a game, but they'll be pretty much what you're used to. If you're new to Mafia and have no idea what the hell this is, here's an explanation: I've also played over 1
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