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  1. (Sorry for off topic comment) I promise I never forget all of you even if I'm away. I see all the weekly tournament results on Twitter and posts from several members. I chat with ArmoredFrog every week I think. Gotta keep NSider alive. I guess it's about 15 years now since I first "met" you, Kezay. Anyway, more on-topic, I'm glad for your recent good fortune. Good luck!
  2. I work in the sign/printing industry. According to my job title, I manage the printers and a small group of graphic designers. What I actually do is all of that and manage a few client accounts, handle a lot of paperwork, and act as "on-site IT" to fix small problems without needing to call someone for help, among other things. I've been there for almost 13 years now, and I am quite happy with it. It provides what I need and enough flexibility to do some extra things with my time off (usually attending PAX/E3). Graphic design and the print industry has certainly grown into a passion of mine over the years, but my original passions were always web design and video games. I still get to scratch that itch as a volunteer director of Zelda Universe. It doesn't pay any money, but the happiness it brings me just playing a part is more than worth the time, effort, and money I put into it.
  3. To elaborate on my HDMI request: I move my Switch around frequently, but I only have 1 dock. I move the entire unit between my bedroom and my living room on a near daily basis. Yesterday, I had it in my bedroom from the night before, moved it to my living room for the evening, and then moved it back to play in bed for a while before sleeping. The same routine repeats frequently. I also take it to friends house, parents house, etc. and have to carry the dock with me. Just being able to use an HDMI cable to quickly plug the unit in to a TV would save me a lot of hassle.
  4. If the Pro Switch only improves the screen, like the article suggests, then I will not be interested. There's a list of other seemingly simple improvements that would make me interested: - Better Bluetooth support - More memory / better CPU/GPU - More durable Joycons - Add an Ethernet port to the dock (or better yet, the portable) - Add an HDMI to the portable that allows "docking" without the official dock - More internal storage - Built-in streaming capabilities / easier methods of transferring screenshot/video files off console (this is a software feature that should be feasible on the original model but you could position it as a feature that only the "pros" need)
  5. *wave* I promise I've never forgotten all of you. I follow several of you on Twitter. I just don't spend a lot of time on forums anymore. I'll stick around for a bit though.
  6. I think it's quite sad that The Wind Waker has only ever been released on unpopular platforms. So, it get my #1 vote. Of course, being Zelda, I also want Twilight Princess again. I too could get behind a Tokyo Mirage Sessions port. I own it but never finished it. And I still want a lot of virtual console ports. Ogre Battle 64, please.
  7. Hopefully, they have years of planning for this project and it will turn out good. Miyamoto is usually against adding story in games, and that makes me wonder what his involvement will really bring to the table.
  8. I got Doom as a Christmas gift. It was the first FPS I have played since the original Halo (which I did not play until around 2009). I absolutely love it. Doom is incredible. It was the first game I finished this year. My biggest complaint is that there aren't more shooters like it (ok...and the sound glitch).
  9. I think building and decorating the toys is an integral part of the experience. Kids already work on home projects that can't always be completed in minutes (anyone ever build a birdhouse?). I don't think time is an enemy here. Sure, the goal is to get to the game, but building a toy is a different kind of game on its own.
  10. This is impressive technology. I had no idea that the Joy Con are capable of this. As others have pointed out, this is clearly targeted primarily at young children, and I think Nintendo will be successful in reaching that demographic. Nintendo is a toy company and it shows. Nintendo Labo is clearly not intended for me, but 20 years ago I would have begged for it. This is a good announcement. EDIT: I will add: I hope Nintendo has a plan for helping replace the cardboard components. That could mean including multiple sheets of the cardboard pieces in the box, or selling replacements cheap as a separate unit. It is cardboard after all. It's likely to break after heavy use.
  11. I was really happy with this Direct. I am very excited for the new Kirby game and TWEWY. I am also excited that NIS America/Falcom are finally bringing Ys to a modern Nintendo platform. Hyrule Warriors is a maybe for me. I love the game, but triple dipping will be a little difficult. I never played DK Tropical Freeze, so I'll consider that one too.
  12. I generally don't have "mains" in fighting games. I try to dabble in everyone to keep the experience fresh. But Mitsurugi is my favorite.
  13. It's a convincing video, but even without the tweet, it just seems too good to be true. Still...this is a whole lot of things that I want, so I'd love to be wrong.
  14. Here's my space! I'll add more detail later about goals and such. I already finished one game this year. - Doom (Switch)
  15. I also delirious, but I still want an HD remake of Chrono Trigger. I also want the Ogre Battle series revived...or just HD remakes of the existing games.