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  1. If you can't wait, you can always try an iphone emulator. Plus, it's easier to stream it on your computer.
  2. I got a $10 gift code from Amazon only valid if I get something for over $40. What should I get?
  3. It's cheaper to buy King's Quest with that bundle than the game by itself. Oh and Geometry Wars 3 is in there too? I didn't want to buy any Steam game, damn it.
  4. You got your driver's license in like a month? Damn, it took me like 2 years to get mine and I didn't even fail anything, I wish I would have gotten this fast seeing how old I was. Congratulations though.
  5. Oh yeah, Monster Hunter would be nice. It's been a while since the last console one. I was kind of expecting Capcom to port XX to the Switch.
  6. I've sent my first package last week. Too bad that it has to be a return/refund.
  7. Can't wait to play Gears of War and Infamous on the Switch.
  8. Sucks being the guy ordering the food for all his friends/co-workers.
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