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  1. The last thing I purchased was two servings of beef and broccoli from Panda Express. No sides. While I was there, I witnessed a new employee attempt to put uncooked white rice into the rice warmer (the pot used to serve rice out of). He was yelled at by all the staff, poor fellow. The staff offered no instructional fix, but rather, berated him until he left out the back. A true crisis of leadership, much like what I witnessed in the Phippines Campaign.
  2. Mad Max: Furry Road is a cinematic tour-de-force whose cinematic majesty and narrative perfection will never be surpassed.
  3. Then turn off the media and go outside. You need vitamin D. Honestly, good sir, if this is the best criticism of Pence during the debate, he did well. When Sen. Harris' debate prep consisted of "make faces at Pence", her campaign managers failed her. Should be fired immediately. Pray tell, friend; what from the 2016 election leads you to believe he responds to polls? There is MUCH more to life than one single man occupying the oval office, friend. "B-b-but his actions affect millions!" No. Go outside. Lift weights. Eat cl
  4. Goodness gracious, I suppose my re-introduction should have gone here. I have returned from a four year hiatus. My loyal followers will remember me fondly. To all the new faces, I look forward to making your acquaintance. Cheers, Winston
  5. Good morrow, gamers. I've returned. Please direct all salutations and self-made nude imagery to my inbox. Regards, Winston
  6. Do you generalize democrats the same way? By releasing DNC and Clinton campaign emails? How is that "giving the election to Trump"? It's simply transparency.
  7. >Getting panties in a wad over an unsubstantiated rumor from an anonymous source C'mon guys.
  8. Figure-8 Circuit. All others are garbage and have excessive pomp and frills.
  9. I was disappointed you all thought the innuendo was unintentional. #dense
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