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  1. If you want a semi-reputable brand, Best Buy has a store branded one that's supposed to be decent. While I'm sure you can get some random Chinese brand cheaper online, it might be worth using a brand with a proper return policy...
  2. Chances are, it's a matter of cost. To create the game to run on both systems, they either have to hold back on the newer system, not fully utilizing its power, in order to keep it functional on the older system, or they need to build two completely separate versions of the game that's optimized for each system. So it's either deliver a sub-par game on the Switch so it could also work on the Wii U, or spend a ton of extra money building two versions of the game. Most developers would just drop the old system and go all out for the new one, especially if funds are too limited to support both systems.
  3. At the very least they need to update the Pokéball and Master Ball items with some Gen 7 stuff. I could imagine the Tapu Guardians from the Master Ball. Many of the others would be fun to see from a Pokéball, rather than playable characters.
  4. I think it's long overdue to add Blaziken to Smash. Also, replace Greninja's Final Smash with Ash-Greninja and handle it like the others with Mega Evolution, with its moves powered up and Water Shuriken automatically at full charge during the Final Smash.
  5. What I find odd is that they censored swords, but not the guns in the game.
  6. Transform always leaves the learned moves with 5PP each, no matter what the cap was. (At least, I think that's how it works...)
  7. I had Rare Replay, but only for Banjo-Kazooie...but then I decided I didn't like it and sold it... I'll stick with my N64 emulators...
  8. In other words, they want to be able to monitor the game to detect hackers and people using root, same as Pokémon Go. Aside from the "network saves" bit, the only reason they could ask for an internet connection is to validate the game and make sure you're not editing your saves or otherwise cheating...
  9. Such a practical use of your color! So useful!
  10. At this point, you can basically choose any color. You just need the hex color code for it. There's lots of sites for figuring out the hex code of a color. Also, if you know an example of the color you want, just let us know and we can figure out the hex for you.
  11. A lot of devices don't play well with HDMI switches because they try to talk to the switch to see what format and resolution the TV supports. If the console has a setting to manually set the format, do that, and the switch might behave better.
  12. I think the idea of camping out at a store is one of the most absurd things I've ever seen... Nothing is so important to me that I'd get there any sooner than right as the store opens, and anyone saying that they should get priority because they got there hours before is just insane. As far as I'm concerned, as long as you were here when the store opened, or when the item became available for sale, then you should have equal chance to get the item.
  13. I don't really remember how I found the original NSider, but I remember following almost exclusively the Pokémon board while I was there. I mostly followed the sprite contests and galleries, until the staff shut them down. Then I started bugging the staff about making one big sprite contest, rather than outright banning sprite threads, and then the OPSC was created. I pretty much only stuck with NS1 for the OPSC and even hosted the contest for about a month and a half. Eventually when NS1 closed, I was so desperate to cling to the OPSC that I made my own forum on a private host to become one of the many NSider refuge forums, primarily focused on Pokémon and the OPSC, but including many of the elements from NSider. Unfortunately, only like 20 people came over to my forum, and most of them had other sites they preferred over mine and only visited mine specifically to follow certain friends or keep up with my version of the OPSC. A number of members on my forum were also active on NS2 and kept suggesting I move my OPSC to NS2 and abandon my dying forum. At first I was resistant. I didn't think a forum with such an uncreative name as NSider2 could be worth my time. Back on NS1, I had also made up a selection of sprite based eggs for people to keep in their signatures. Each egg would periodically change colors and patterns to reflect the Pokémon inside, before finally hatching into an animated sprite of the baby Pokémon, then eventually grow and evolve on its own. Even though these eggs were relatively simple to make, they became very popular on NSider and they too were carried over to my personal forum. One day, a friend from my forum told me that someone on NS2 was trying to find the guy that made those eggs, prompting me to join NS2 (mostly to try to direct people to my own forum), but after periodically lurking on the NS2 Pokémon board, I eventually decided to move over (didn't help that the subscription for my web host was about to expire and I didn't want to renew my dying site) Much of NS2 is a blur to me, especially early on. My "fame" for the Sig Eggs didn't last long and the OPSC didn't really go anywhere, so I didn't have much to talk about on NS2, but finding that it was exceptionally active and felt a lot like the original NSider, I stuck with it, eventually to the point of contributing to the site itself by designing new icons for the forums (I wasn't on staff at this point) and after working with some other graphics related stuff, I was offered to join Shulk on the graphics team for the site. While my main focus was supposed to be graphics, the staff was very open to letting me discuss other plans on the site, which ended up with the big rank system overhaul where we reordered the ranks and I drew up new icons for all of them. Since I had been very active alongside the admins in discussing plans for NS2, when the decision was made to move to N4A, Kodiack and Chrom decided that there wasn't much point in making up another graphics position for just one person and instead made me an admin as well. (I'm still focusing mostly on graphics, but at least my position with other aspects of the site planning is shown in my rank) Not really sure what's to come for N4A, as we're still trying to figure out what the site's niche is going to be. What is N4A's purpose beyond just a refuge for NS2 members? Hopefully you guys can help us figure that out. What will set N4A apart from NS2 and other video game discussion sites? What will we have that no one else has?
  14. Is there a deadline for this? I'm working right now and won't be free until later tonight...
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