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  1. Maybe if you people stopped flooding the forums with FE shit it could attract newcomers? Dunno, just a hunch.
  2. Why do you come to this forum?
  3. Modern feminism gave me Brave so I'd say my opinion has lowered significantly.
  4. My pipe dream for Capcom characters include Edward Falcon from Power Stone and the return of Amingo from Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.
  5. I wonder if this game did alright sales-wise on the Wii. Monster Games being relegated to 3DS porting duties leaves me to believe it didn't.
  6. Decidedly Mull Retrospect Incubating Vitriol Indignant Vociferous Perogative Taiga Ricin
  7. I would love for this to be the case. No ridiculous filler either.
  8. I hope they showcase more mini-bosses in the screenshots like the Steppe Talis from E3 2016.
  9. I'm not really a stickler for Christmas (or any holiday for that matter), but if I had to watch some holiday related media for the occasion, it'd be Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.
  10. That sounds awful. And I'm pretty sure Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire had several routes with Pelipper holding Lucky Eggs via DexNav. I suppose this is nothing new though. Game Freak loves taking one step forward and two steps back, as always.
  11. They don't even mention what game(s) you'll be playing on the Switch at the events. I mean, I personally wouldn't go to just fumble around with the darn thing on the HOME Menu screen. Remember what Hiroshi Yamauchi once said: "The hardware is just a box you buy only because you want to play Mario games.". Speaking of, I hope they let that teased 3D Mario be the game to demo, and announce it officially simultaneously, but I just know the most likely (and boring) scenario is that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild will be what's on display instead.
  12. I wonder if they will use Metroid at all in this endeavour? I can see a Federation Force themed laser tag attraction being very fun. Or how about Advance Wars? I'm imagining something along the lines of the Battle Action Tanks attraction from Action Park, but with cartoony Orange Star and Blue Moon tanks.
  13. Hmph. What games do I hope show up? A 3D Mario platformer. An actual, 3D Mario platformer. Not another "3D" Land/World. An entry with expansive levels to explore like 64 and Sunshine. That Mario tease back in October is not substantial enough for proof of what we're getting. I want to see it be publicly announced and described as such. The standard Nintendo Direct history retrospective with misplaced pride will only have to mull over 2 entries, 4 if they count the Galaxy games for whatever reason. It won't take too long. Pikmin 4 (Or the Pikmin reboot as it's now being peddled as by the rumor mill). Hopefully that one will not take 9 years to be made? And have actual content? I would like to believe Miyamoto wants to be serious with that IP as of late, but his past efforts have been lackluster, so I'm not holding my breath. I don't mind if it's a reboot, I just hope that it can surpass Pikmin and Pikmin 2. In fact, I definitely can see it being a reboot, as Miyamoto, once again, searches for vain new ways to make the series finally relevant. A Pushmo sequel with something new to play around with. Or heck, a trilogy retail release (like BoxBoy!) of Pushmo, Crashmo and Stretchmo packed together, all revamped in HD like Pushmo World on Wii U. Imagine toting around that sucker, aww yeah... If it's a sequel though, I hope that it builds upon what was introduced in Stretchmo and not something completely asinine and unnecessarily complicated like Crashmo. Surely Unintelligent Systems isn't that busy to not do something like this? And lastly, I would very much love a new entry in the wonderful Steel Diver franchise.
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