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    Au revoir, Nsiders. It was a fun ride for a while, but there's nothing of value left here for me. I'm off too better, more productive things now. I made friends in my time in this community, though not as many as I thought I did, that I will still think fondly off long after the dredges of time have taken it's toll. Though the Nsider that I and many others loved is now gone, that's okay! Nothing was ever meant to last forever, but it's memory will press on, in the good times we had with our friends. As the sours spots fade away into our memories, let's try to hold on to what brought us here in the first place. Remember Nsider as it was and celebrate it! A once active and welcoming community filled with characters of all sorts to hang out and have fun with, all to the tune of the Nintendo games that have helped us become who we are today. No matter what, this is how I choose to remember Nsider, that once meant so much to me. Smash matches with @Chrom as we talked about it in the Town Square, discussing obscure Fire Emblem with @Iridium after reading his LPs, and Tiki posting with @Tyranogre , among many other such things, will stick with me as to why I came here and why I stayed her. With luck you'll be able to do so to. However, now, it's so long, good-bye, sayonara, farewell, adios. I pray the best for everyone, stay golden my friends and don't forget to consider Chloe von Einzbern.
  2. And that's the end of it.
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