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  1. that's awesome! Spreading from Virginia all over the world (hehe I missed these emojis) It's pretty cool! My girlfriend and I actually moved January 2020 to Utrecht (really cute smaller city in NL) and so we had a couple months to figure out all the immigration stuff and get settled in before everything went to shit. Then in February of this year we moved to Amsterdam since there's a lot more going on and more of an expat community. It's a really cool and beautiful city, and things are finally starting to get fun now that they've figured out the vaccine situation here and are relaxin
  2. e: double post, site was being wonky
  3. A bit quiet, but glad to see y’all are still around and have some activity! Was a little sad to see ns2 in its current state. It’s crazy how many fragments of nsider are still around in some form. Glad you’re doing well! I’m doing alright! Been a bit of a rough year, which I’m sure is true for most people. I’m actually living in Amsterdam these days which is really fun and different, but I wouldn’t recommend moving to a new country during a pandemic makes it a little harder to meet people and enjoy the experience haha.
  4. Howdy pardner. That's the one! Was reminiscing about the old Nsider days this morning and came upon this place somehow haha. Is that Rose?! Long time no see, how's life?
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