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  1. Nintendo of America designers/marketers didn't like the look of the Japanese original, simple as that. Lance Barr, designer at NoA, thought it had a "bag of bread" look. They also wanted to make sure the console would look good with attachments/additions, and thought the blockier design worked better for that. I admit I like the NA version better as well, though at least part of that is probably just familiarity. The SNES feels like the definitive video game console of my childhood; it's the first one that I actually played myself extensively instead of just watching my older sibli
  2. Can't believe it's been 12 years since the original game's release, dang. I'm definitely in for a new TWEWY game though. Kind of makes me want to replay the original too.
  3. Good games, and I'm happy with how I did considering I don't normally use those characters much. I used to favor Sheik back in Melee but then they nerfed Sheik's smash power in favor of combo power and it just wasn't the same groove for me.
  4. Ah, no, just a bit of wonky wrap-around text due to the image. I made the image a little bigger so it should push those first two words down, though I don't know what the ideal image size would be for everyone since everyone's screen is a little bit different in size (also I almost never browse on mobile, so the images are formatted for a desktop view). Maybe there's a way to prevent that kind of thing entirely, but I wouldn't know.
  5. - Carrion (Switch) A devilishly macabre take on the monster movie formula where you play as the monster. It's bloody, gory, and a lot of fun, though I wish it were longer and had a bit more gameplay depth. - Pikmin 3 Deluxe (Switch) As delightful as I remembered it, though it seems shorter—maybe I just rushed through the game too quickly. I'd gladly play a Pikmin game twice or thrice as long, just give me more stuff to collect and more weird creatures to fight. - The Last of Us Part II (PS4) I'd read that this was an emotionally draining game, even
  6. It was a pleasant surprise earlier this year when a brand new Paper Mario game was not only revealed and released within a two month span, but also delivered a charming adventure with a unique battle system. But those of us longing for the more traditional RPG mechanics of the first two Paper Mario games are better off looking to the world of indie games, as Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling draws clear inspiration from the battle mechanics, badge system, and visual design of those classic Mario RPGs. This is far from some cheap impersonation though. Bug Fables is a lovingly crafted homage t
  7. Drawing inspiration from both George Orwell's novel 1984 and the classic 2D Prince of Persia game, Ministry of Broadcast combines a dystopian narrative with a challenging mix of platformer puzzles. It's definitely a unique mixture, though some of the gameplay mechanics could have used some fine-tuning. In a dystopian society run by a totalitarian regime, a massive wall created by the rulers has both literally and figuratively divided the people. In the hopes of seeing his family again, one man (never named, but generally referred to as Orange due to his hair) signs up for a reality T
  8. "Kodiak and the Canadians" sounds like an Alaskan indie rock band.
  9. I don't know what was up with the lag, didn't seem like there was anything different on my end. Hopefully it was just a fluke. It was also jarring when the lag would suddenly stop and it felt like we were moving at 2x speed. And no hate for the Meta Knight spam! It's just that when your attack is so predictable I'm gonna punish you for it.
  10. I'd forgotten that the game really is rather short, I ended up blazing through it pretty quickly. At least there's some new content with the side-stories though!
  11. In the continuing trend of porting every major Wii U game to the Switch, Pikmin 3 Deluxe revamps the 2013 Wii U title with new side-story missions as well as co-op gameplay. Although it's somewhat disappointing to see the Wii U grow more and more pointless, it's great to see its hidden gems find new life on a more popular console, and Pikmin 3 is definitely a gem. Instead of Captain Olimar—protagonist of the first two Pikmin games—Pikmin 3 stars a trio of space explorers from the planet Koppai as they search the galaxy for new sources of food. Alph, Brittany, and Charlie crash land o
  12. Carrion puts you in the role of the monster in a monster movie: an amorphous blob of tendrils and teeth escapes the research facility holding it, and now seeks freedom while devouring every scientist and guard in its path. It's a grisly, visceral game that is utterly satisfying to crawl and slither through, even if the experience is over far too quickly. The game doesn't dwell too much on storytelling or plot, but you can piece together the narrative as the creature initially escapes confinement and explores the facility. There are also some flashbacks that fill in a bit of backstory
  13. Strange that you want to recognize the best village in BotW yet this thread isn't named Tarrey Town.
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