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  1. - Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) Great sandbox adventure, though I can't say the story ever really gripped me. I was just never that invested in the characters. The presentation is fantastic though and the gameplay is well designed. - The Beginner's Guide (PC) Can't say I enjoyed this as much as The Stanley Parable. The premise isn't bad but the way it's presented is a bit too on the nose, and somehow this 90 minute game ends up feeling like it drags. - Concrete Genie (PS4) Cute concept but ultimately the gameplay is a little too basic. I think I wanted/expected somet
  2. Arachnophobes rejoice: here's a game that lets you take out all of your aggression on eight-legged creatures in increasingly ridiculous ways. From swatting them with a clipboard to wielding a rocket launcher, Kill It With Fire from developer Casey Donnellan and publisher tinyBuild Games takes the common fear of spiders to absurd extremes with simple physics mechanics and destructible environments. But while the premise is funny, it might not have much staying power. There's no plot in Kill It With Fire, you're simply taken from one location to the next, starting in a humble little ho
  3. Pretty sure there's still a box of Pokémon toys tucked away in my parents' house somewhere! Must've been easy to buy gifts for kids back then, just get something Pokémon related and they'll love it. In fact I remember all of the good behavior rewards in school were Pokémon themed for a while—stuff like pencils, erasers, folders, etc.
  4. I think I'll take a pass tonight, fellas. I just picked up Bravely Default II and I'm in the middle of Persona 5 Strikers which seems like a much longer game than I expected. I'll be there for Smashdown next week though.
  5. Part point-and-click adventure, part platformer, and all irreverent humor, Lair of the Clockwork God is a satirical, self-aware blend of video game genres that delights in breaking the fourth wall just about anywhere it can. By switching between the two protagonists, you'll tackle either classic adventure game puzzles—find items and combine them to progress—or traditional 2D platforming with all of the spikes and hazards that entails. Although the experience gets undeniable points for originality, the execution of this premise leaves something to be desired. You play as Ben and Dan—c
  6. Cute announcement video for the No Way Home title:
  7. That sounds dumb on paper but if it were basically Takeshi's Castle/Most Extreme Elimination Challenge it could at least be funny.
  8. I saw Daft Punk at the Berkeley Greek back in 2007. Probably my favorite concert I've ever been to.
  9. Good games last night guys. Good to learn the ropes with the fighters pass 2 characters—I should go through their story modes and spirit boards to practice more. Nice that we had mostly good random players join too. Still funny that that one guy joined just to spectate for like half an hour before actually playing though.
  10. I had my share of deaths due to misleading camera perspectives as well, but overall I think the game makes its depth perspectives work. It'd obviously be better not to have any cheap deaths due to this issue, but I don't think it really weighs down the experience too much.
  11. Even as someone that owns a Wii U and played all of these games on it, it's nice to see so many of the Wii U's gems get a second chance in the spotlight with Switch ports. The hardware may have failed to find broad reach, but the games themselves provided fantastic experiences, and in the case of this game, a chaotic and wonderful multiplayer experience. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury offers Switch owners a chance at playing possibly the best multiplayer Mario platformer out there, as well as a sizable bonus mode that provides a more sandbox Mario experience that is no less compelling.
  12. - Spider-Man: The City that Never Sleeps (PS4) This is the DLC for 2018's Spider-Man; I'm counting it for now but if there's any issue I can just as easily remove it. I was on a Spider-Man kick after Miles Morales and this DLC was on sale, so why not. The side content was a bit bland but I liked the story missions, and just having more Spidey to play was good enough for me. - Lair of the Clockwork God (Switch) Wanted to like this more than I did. The humor is mostly on point but the gameplay was a bit rough at times, especially the platforming. - Mad Rat Dead (Swit
  13. Skyward Sword really made the most out of the limitations of the Wii, to the point where it really felt like the whole art direction of the game was built around making a unique and striking looking SD game. Seeing the graphics so clear and crisp now definitely feels weird, though hopefully the difference won't be so stark in the final game. If nothing else, we can at least look forward to seeing Groose's glorious pompadour in HD.
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