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  1. FYI I think I'll take a pass on this week as well since Kazuya isn't out yet and I bought a few games in E3 sales that I should devote some time toward.
  2. Yeah I don't know why mascots aren't more common, you'd think they'd also be a good way of promoting an indie studio, having a clear figure to point to and say "this is us." Then again maybe that's also what makes it hard—mascots are typically recognizable and widespread, so maybe it's hard for indies to build up to that level.
  3. Kaze and the Wild Masks takes such direct inspiration from 90s platformers that if I didn't know better I would have thought this was a rerelease of a forgotten 15+ year old game. Kaze wears its love for the genre on its sleeve, hitting all of the familiar beats of a 2D side-scrolling platformer and recreating that vibe perfectly. Throughout all of that though, the game could have taken a bit more time to come up with some new ideas as well. You play as Kaze, an anthropomorphic rabbit who, after finding a mysterious ring, must rescue her friend Hogo's trapped spirit and stop the chao
  4. I'd definitely pre-order the collector's edition if it were actually AVAILABLE anywhere, but whatever, one way or another I'm gonna get the game anyway and I am psyched to have a brand new 2D Metroid game. It is weird to hear that this will be the end of the Samus/Metroid story, though there's nothing stopping the developers from continuing to make games that take place before Dread—heck we've had four or five Metroid games since Fusion and all of them are chronologically prior to Fusion's events.
  5. I mean, I'd love it if they had even more Zelda content this year—mostly I just wanted BotW2 to come out this year, though a bundled remaster of OoT/MM would be cool—but the idea that Nintendo needs to do something for the anniversary just seems silly. 35th isn't even a particularly special number, and as was already said there is a bunch of Zelda content coming out this year anyway. I don't know, it feels like there's a constant cycle of fans hyping themselves up for something Nintendo never even announced and then getting disappointed when it doesn't happen, like the "Switch Pro"
  6. I'm watching the No More Heroes III Treehouse segment right now, and early one when the guy playing has to recharge the katana he like, pauses and looks off camera as if "am I allowed to do this motion on camera?" Hahaha XD
  7. The colors do look nice together, and I like the striations on some of the blue parts that almost feel like exposed musculature to give it that alien/X parasite vibe. What was wrong with the Fusion Suit though, I liked that one too! It is weirdly smooth but that seems appropriate for the X parasite influence.
  8. Stoked to see more footage of Breath of the Wild 2! Really wish it were coming this year but oh well. And it is a bit of a shame that it looks like it's a solo Link adventure, not a co-op or Zelda-controlled one as many people theorized, but I'm also not surprised if they're just reusing the formula of the first game here. Just having more places to explore and new weapons (and maybe new Sheikah Slate abilities?) has me hyped. Metroid Dread, hell yes! Couldn't be more excited to see the story of Fusion continued—and apparently concluded—and the game looks great so far. It makes sen
  9. - The Mummy Demastered (Switch) Not a bad Metroidvania game, but not a fantastic one either. Solidly in the middle, I'd say. - Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World (Switch) Another solid but not particularly special retro revival. Fun, but I wouldn't rush out to recommend it. - Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4) So first of all, I played this on PS4 so obviously the graphics were rough and there were a lot of bugs, though mostly small graphical ones and only a few crashes. That said, I still enjoyed the game. It's definitely unpolished and there are plenty of little elements tha
  10. Good games guys. Lots of fun matches, though I'm a little disappointed by how much my Marth play has fallen off lately considering he used to be one of my mains. Maybe I should practice with him more.
  11. Nintendo site Stoked to see Mario + Rabbids is getting a sequel! The first game remains one of the best surprises on the Switch and probably one of the best third-party games, and it totally deserves a sequel.
  12. The Wonder Boy/Monster World franchise continues to see some love after the remake of The Dragon's Trap as well as the brand new entry Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom released in the past few years. Somewhat confusingly, those two games were handled by different developers, and now this remake comes from yet another. Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is a remake of Monster World IV, originally released on the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis) in Japan. It was a Japanese exclusive for several years before getting a port in 2012, and now gamers can experience a remastered version with updated grap
  13. I don't have any real suggestions for how to pick highlights but it looks like you included a couple of small snippets that were just one big hit/KO and I like that, it's a good way of representing more matches without devoting the whole 3–7 minutes of time to it. Also glad that you included both the Venusaur finisher clip and the match where DL kept getting bodied by Pokémon on Saffron City.
  14. I'm fine with turning items on. I was actually going to mention that it's been a while since we did anything like items or Final Smashes. The best way to ring in a new fighter might be items on with just normal rules, 'cause if we do Smashdown there'll only be one match all night that features the new character. If it's a normal free-for-all we could all try out the new character all night.
  15. Should we postpone Smashdown until next week if PB can't make it tomorrow?
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