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  1. Felt like this deserved its own thread. Some cool looking stuff shown off in today's presentation. I'm digging Aztech, Skul seems pretty interesting, Never Yield looks cool, I've never actually played Fez so I'll give that a try sometime now, and The Longing sounds like a wild concept—but definitely intriguing. More than anything though I'm excited that Cris Tales has a release date, I've been looking forward to that one for a while now. Full press release:
  2. Happy birthday Steve! Consider this Smash Bros/Among Us mash-up I just saw to be my gift to you (okay I just wanted to share a funny video I watched):
  3. Looking for a simple and quirky game about life lessons for workplace culture? Say no more—this is the perfect game for you. Say No! More from developer Studio Fizbin and publisher Thunderful is a delightfully absurd game about standing up for yourself in a company that expects you to be nothing more than a "yes man." It's a wacky and utterly charming experience though not a gameplay-heavy one. As the story begins your customizable character has just landed a new internship at a major company. Your best friend and roommate sends you off with a homemade lunch in a stylish lunchbox and
  4. This is a pretty slick custom Switch job I just saw on Imgur: Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/wxVoil4
  5. Glad the clip of my Daisy getting rocked by PB's Game & Watch hammer can be immortalized.
  6. I'm just going to get right into it: you'd think a game developed by recognizable names in the industry and published by Square Enix would be better than this. Maybe not a guarantee of top quality, but some guarantee of baseline game development skills. Yet Balan Wonderworld fails at some of the most basic 3D platformer elements to the extent that it's genuinely shocking that it was released at all. As the story begins you choose to play as either Leo or Emma (which basically only changes the intro and outro cutscenes of the game) who are both unhappy children for reasons that aren't
  7. Good games everybody. I don't know if it was just because of the bunny hoods but it felt like a particularly chaotic night of matches, in a good way. Maybe it's also from coming off of the 1v1 matches last week that a 4-for-all felt action-packed. PB, if both of these guys are out next week I'd be up for taking a break too. I should probably take the time to try to clear out some of my backlog.
  8. I'm Monster Hunting, but I've hardly had time to dig into it this week. I'm enjoying it though, and I'm getting used to all the little changes (I skipped World, so Rise is definitely a leap from Generations Ultimate).
  9. Just in time for my Bravely Default II review. Thanks Kodiack!
  10. The third entry in the confusingly named Bravely series, Bravely Default II marks the franchise's leap from the 3DS to the Switch, from handheld to HD console. Even with that technological leap though, BDII retains all of the core elements of its predecessors, including turn-based battles, a job system that allows you to customize your party, and a classic sense of JRPG difficulty that demands that players fully consider how best to assemble their party for any given challenge. This latest entry is once again an absolute delight for JRPG fans, even if the changes and additions feel rather mini
  11. @Kodiack Getting this error now while trying to upload images from a desktop (Mac, error happens on Firefox and Chrome): Biggest image is like 350KB so it seems unlikely to be a size problem.
  12. Good games guys, good tournament. Hopefully if we ever do this again we'll all be on the same page for little details in the rules. Lots of good matches though—I knew I'd end up killing myself using Dark Samus against Wolf's reflect, but that was a really nice close match. Also I guess I hadn't really considered before how often I play characters that charge up and hold projectiles.
  13. Apparently you can't keep a good bandicoot down as Crash returns after a long hiatus—not counting the N. Sane trilogy remastering—and is just as zany as ever. The aptly subtitled Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time brings back most everything that made the original Crash games unique, as well as the aspects that made them frustrating. The story picks up where the N. Sane Trilogy left off as the villainous Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. N. Tropy, and Uka Uka tear a rift in the space-time continuum and begin to open more rifts in the multiverse in order to consolidate evil power. Crash, Coco, and
  14. - Persona 5 Strikers (Switch) Ultimately I would've liked a bit more Musou influence rather than being like 90% Persona, 10% Musou, but it was still fun and a good treat for Persona 5 fans. - Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 (Switch) The mash-up of two puzzle games is still a lot of fun, but I would've liked to see more fresh ideas for this sequel, especially considering the original isn't that old (well, the US release isn't anyway). - Space Otter Charlie (Switch) Cute little game. It'd be better if the gameplay evolved more over the course of the game, but it works for what
  15. Little typo I see: in the DL region 7TKO should be Ike and in the PB region 7Eli should be Robin, you swapped 'em. Is that right that some pairings never happen in the first round? You and I never fight, and TKO and DL never fight? I just want to reiterate that 16 characters each means 32 matches in the first round alone—it is very unlikely that we're getting through this entire tournament bracket in a single night.
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