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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I don't know why she's wielding Gleipnir, but BRACELET HORSE EIRIKA.
  2. Less than double the height, maybe, but it's definitely a lot more if you take all three dimensions into account. If we take the same height ratio (source) and apply it to length and width, as well, we end up with a mass over 7x greater than the SSB Pikachu amiibo. I feel like the extra cost is justified. But yeah, it'd be better if Detective Pikachu had more detail. Like, shit, couldn't they give him a vest or a notepad or something?
  3. The Old Tower - N4A Chat Thread, January 2018

    But why does she own that many otamatones and how does she get them to actually sound good?
  4. First Look at Nintendo Labo

    Worst case scenario, unfold and break them down when you're not using them. Outside the one kit that is just the robot, these don't look terribly complex. I know Surge said earlier that these kits can take between 15 minutes and two hours to build, but I don't see any of these (again, except the robot) taking more than ten minutes for initial setup.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Huh, strange. I didn't notice anything in any announcements regarding HM. I only noticed the cap increase when I noticed that some units of mine with previously-maxed-out HM started earning HM again. Yeah, it's like starting a mini-board, but I doubt it'd see much activity. At the very least, though, I'd like to have some dedicated space where we can share friend IDs and stuff.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes

    So, did anyone else notice that they boosted the Hero Merit cap recently?
  7. First Look at Nintendo Labo

    So, basically, we get to build our own peripherals out of cardboard?
  8. Back when the Switch was about to be released, MatPat from Game Theory predicted that Switch might eventually explore AR, somehow utilizing the IR motion camera in the right JoyCon, or perhaps releasing a camera peripheral. Does this sound like a possibility?
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I don't see promoting with half your merges happening, considering the cost of promoting six units to merge into a 5* +5 being 120,000 feathers, compared to just 20,000 to merge ten 4*s and promote them to a 5* +5. Best I see happening is promoting to 5* and keeping merges at a cost, maybe a bit less than promoting all the merges individually, but still way up there. I'd say about +15,000 feathers per merge sounds fair.
  10. Pikachurlock Holmes Wattson Magnum P.I.K.A. Ace Thundura: Pokémon Detective Inspector Shock Clouseau Batman
  11. SacAnime Winter 2018

    Stay small enough where it wouldn't be worth it for them to sue you, I guess. How much do you think it would cost to hire a legal team to sue one random-ass fan artist, and for how much could Nintendo and IS realistically sue said random-ass fan artist?
  12. Okay, I brought this up in the "What are you listening to?" thread, but I figured more discussion might happen here and I feel inclined to go more in-depth about my thoughts here, as opposed to a thread where most people just post a YouTube link and move on. Holy shit, that Final Trial music gave me the chills. Particularly, the variations at 4:08 and 8:51. I can't say I've been much of a fan of the soundtrack of this game. The only tunes I really found memorable were the Hyrule Castle and Cave themes, with the rest of the soundtrack being fitting-for-background-but-not-really-special or basically non-existent. I recall being really disappointed when the E3(?) video came out where they talked about how the developers wanted the players to hear the sounds of nature, so they were doing without an overworld theme. I mean, I get it and it worked, but I've always loved Zelda's music—I can trace the beginnings of my music training to Ocarina of Time's soundtrack—and Zelda's overworld themes are always among my favorites. In terms of what is there, the cave theme is beautiful; I liked Hyrule Castle's music enough to do a cover of it for my YouTube channel (check out my music thread, link in my signature); and I can recall the Zora's Domain, Rito Village, and stable themes because they were remixes of songs from past games; but otherwise, I can't say any other themes stuck out to me. But this track really moved me during that final trial. I had to think about some of the puzzles and really look at some of the environments a bit to figure things out, but the feeling of being stuck didn't bother me because this music was so good. This is probably the first BotW track that I actively sought out to listen to after I heard it in-game. I'm tempted to cover it for my next video, but I also don't want to do two tracks from the same game in a row. Anyone else have any thoughts about this track?
  13. What are you listening to?

    Okay, I finally got a chance to play through the Champion's Ballad DLC pack for BotW and the Final Trial music gave me chills, particularly the third (4:08) and final (8:51) variations. I'm tempted to do a cover of this, but I also don't want to do two BotW tracks in a row.
  14. The Old Tower - N4A Chat Thread, January 2018

    Nah, looks like we've gotten through the worst of the cold wave. New York, at least, is expected to go up to 50ºF by Friday.