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  1. Irondog666

    Video Games Finished in 2018

    Finished both Bloodstained Curse of the Moon on Switch and Final Fantasy VII at 100% with all 36 steam achievements as of yesterday. Its been taking me a long time get through games this year with our recent move but I did just blast damn near 300 hours or so into FFVII. Progress is progress. Points: C-2 H-2 PC-1 M O: 5 2018 games beaten: 1. Tales of the Abyss (3DS) (2/6/2018) 2. Bravely Default (3DS) (3/12/2018) 3. Donkey Kong Country (SNES Mini) (5/8/2018) 4. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (Switch) (6/20/2018) 5. Final Fantasy VII (PC/Steam) (6/20/2018)
  2. Irondog666

    Best Buy Ending Its Gamers Club Unlocked Program

    mine expires on February 29th of next year. So I will be pre-ordering all of the shit that I want prior to that date lol. I am going to take advantage of it while I still got it. I think this is really stupid that Best Buy is getting rid of this program. I would have been willing to have paid $50 a year easily for a membership if not more. I have easily saved hundreds off this program and I have sent a lot of friends over to Best Buy because of it. I guess it was just too good to be true with and I did kind of see this coming. Regardless it kind of sucks and that means I will be going elsewhere for deals.,
  3. I am surprised this didn't happen sooner. I guess Sony was just really milking every cent they could out of the Vita. I have a PSTV and quite a few physical Vita cartridges that are compatible. I love the PSTV for the fact I can access all my old PS1 classic downloads from my old PS3 and I have the ability to play some of the best games from the Vita on the PSTV. Maybe I can start finding the shits in bargain bins soon which is always good for my wallet.
  4. Irondog666

    Are you more of a collector or a gamer?

    I am both, I am a gamer first and a collector second. I have my own game room now since I bought a house and have the room that used to be a garage before the previous owners converted it into a room. I have been collecting video games since early 2000s and have somewhere in the ballpark of 600 games so far. Might be a far cry away from what other collectors have but I am not made of money. Then the thrill of the hunt is a big thing for me. I love hunting for deals on used games, especially rare games if I can find them for a decent price. Unlike other collectors, I actually play the games, they aren't just sitting in fucking pristine boxes never being used. All these games get some action but I am also all about maintenance and preservation of my games. All my games are in Bit Boxes that I buy in bulk, they all have printed covers for them, I keep them clean and in top working condition. Lately I have been upgrading to HDMI systems so my older systems don't get fucked up (Super NT, AVS, etc. hopefully Analogue comes out with a fucking HDMI sega genesis with an FPGA chip soon). I also have knowledge on how to fix systems that want to break down on you. More often than not a lot of the repairs that have to be done to older systems are stupid simple (broken belt drives, busted 72 pin connectors, replacing CD lasers, etc.). The only problem nowaydays with collecting games is the stupid cost of it. When I first started collecting games, I started out by getting an NES for $10 and a couple of games like Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, and the Super Mario games all for 99 cents a pop. You cannot do that anymore, those games will cost you easily between $10-$30 on the used game market if not more. I got lucky because I did start doing this in 2000/2001 and the deals were still there. If you try to get into it now, it can put you in the poor house easily. That is why "the hunt" is so important. I waited on Conker's Bad Fur Day for literally 5 years before I found it for $50 in good condition. That game regularly goes for $85-$100 for a decent copy that hasn't been slammed into the ground. Often you have to wait. Right now I specifically collect for Dreamcast and Sega CD but I might not buy a game for either system for months because it takes time to get that deal that you can be ok with. Sega Saturn is going to be the next mother fucker that I get and that system is a mother fucker to collect for. When I go after shit like Sega CD or Saturn people will tell me "don't do it, you will go broke" and it's like "you don't know me, I will sit on a game for a long time before I snag it." You just gotta know how to hunt and you can't limit yourself. I have found awesome stuff in the weirdest places, flea markets, garage sales, goodwill, thrift stores, friends throwing shit out, ebay, you name it. I am always keeping my eyes open and because people know I collect, they will sometimes just give me shit they don't anymore. I am getting an Xbox 360 soon because a friend has had it for years and it has been taking up space. She bought it and only really played Vesparia on it and now she is sick of it being a paperweight. Gotta keep those eyes open.
  5. Irondog666

    So streaming games is where it will be at?

    I think there will always be a place for physical gaming. The fact is Vinyl was supposed to die fucking decades ago and it has been having this Resurgence and even if it only accounts for 5-10% of all music sold, it still has its place. Physical gaming isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I think streaming will become more prevalent for those who want it but it also depends on how many people migrate to it. I mean, if only 10% of all gamers go the pure streaming route that is not going to be enough to justify doing away with the non-streaming formats. I foresee digital gaming becoming more of a force to be reckoned with in the next 5 years which will definitely put a huge dent in physical media just like streaming and iTunes did to the CD (which CDs are still being sold, just not as much as they used to). CEO's don't know shit anyways, people love to quote CEOs as if they know what the future holds and they are as clueless as we are. Yeah, maybe they have easier access to things such as market trends, sales, statistics, etc. but that doesn't tell the whole story. Especially if only a small population of the overall gaming community migrates to that. I think it will be a great option since I am all about options, but this idea that it will entirely replace physical and digital media in the way that we know it is pretty absurd.
  6. I will be getting it on Switch as long as their are no technical issues between that one and the other versions just because of the portability of it. I rather prefer games on Switch unless its something drastic (like the FFXV Windows Edition vs. the PS4 version). I have never been a massive fan of the Tales series, I did beat Tales of the Abyss earlier this year and I did not think it was as great as everyone made it out to be. That being said, I have heard Vesparia is the best in the entire series and was always an Xbox 360 exclusive. So I think I will probably give this one a good shot.
  7. Irondog666

    LUMINES REMASTERED | *Available 6/26*

    I have the PS Vita version and it is enjoyable. I have played the ones on the PSP and loved them. So I will be getting this for Nintendo Switch due tot he portability of it. Right now money is tight so it might have to wait until I can get it on a sale or something along those lines.
  8. I personally think people are just overreacting to the violence. The fact is we have had horror/slasher films out for decades. Some of those are so disgusting and realistic looking that they have to be investigated as to if they are actual "snuff films." The Last of Us Part 2 is getting that reaction because of how mainstream that game is and it shouldn't really matter. Gaming is no different than any other form of media/entertainment. Yeah, it is more interactive but there have been studies done for decades that have shown no true correlation between violent video games and actual crimes comitted. Even if there was a direct correlation I would not be for the censoring of such content. We have a ratings system just like the MPAA does for movies. The fact is if it is M Rated you need to be an adult to play that shit. This is where parenting comes in, this is where enforcement of the ratings system comes in, and I really think this is just overblown to fuck. I thought The Last of Us Part 2 was amazing looking. I mean yeah, there is a lot of violence but we are talking about a series that has no shied away from violence. The First game had its fair share of violent scenes but they are obviously going much "darker" with this sequel. I sort of always felt they would take it to the next level if they did make a sequel just based on the sobering reality of the world that The Last of Us takes place in. People are going to get butt hurt and make a big deal out of it because it is a "story" and people want their story. If you don't like the game or you find the brutality/gore to be too much, just don't buy the game. It is that simple.
  9. Irondog666

    Doom series thread

    I am really excited for Doom Eternal. It looks really good and the Doom Engine is just a stellar game engine to begin with. It does not surprise me they are getting out so fast considering how well received the last game was. I am all about getting some new Doom and by the time this does get released hopefully I can do a new computer build. I am just waiting for them fucking 4K graphics cards to come down in price a bit. Currently running a Nvidia 970 GTX and its doing fine enough but it would be nice to be able to run games at 4K at 60fps but I ain't paying a grand for a card that can do it.
  10. Irondog666

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    That is true but with Amazon it is easy to return stuff. That being said I have had a ton of luck on ebay over the years. I know that they are usually a crap shoot for many but if you know what to look for and you know what you are doing on ebay, you can find amazing deals. I use them a lot for the retro stuff I have, I have found amazing deals where people were offing shit that they obviously didn't know what it was worth. You have to be careful with any of it and it can be a hassle to many, but I personally enjoy the hunt of game collecting.
  11. Irondog666

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    It is all dependent on location of course but 9x out of 10 I have had very bad experiences with GS. To the point where I haven't bought a single game from them in over a year. I tend to frequent this little place in Savannah called Planet Fun in downtown Savannah. Its a great little shop, dude who owns it is really nice, and it is very popular with the SCAD students down there. They sell quite literally everything from video games from the Odyssey up to Switch, Manga, toys, you name it. It is a huge nerd store. I would much rather give my money to them since they are a local store, their prices are competitive, and they don't treat their customers and employees like shit.
  12. Irondog666

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    I saw this shit coming about 10 years ago and it has just finally come to fruition to where GS will probably be no more. At this point, I see no way they are going to survive. The company has a lot of internal problems and have for years. The entire gaming industry is largely against their pre-owned selling practices due to the fact they sell their used games at a premium more often than not, they take 100% of the profits, they pay no royalties, and they penalize gamers for buying new. It is so bad that more and more developers want to go purely digital just so they don't have to deal with the used game market which is hurting their sales. Then on top of that, GS employees are treated like utter shit, they don't like their job, they don't like most of their customers, they outright lie to their customers and it is encouraged by the company, they are not helpful, and more often than not are total douche bags. The entire fucking company has created a toxic culture that in return has created sub-standard business practices. Not to mention, they have refused to adapt, and people can bitch and whine about the death of "brick and mortar" stores due to e-commerce such as Amazon, but you either adapt or you fucking die. That is just the way it has always been in business. If you look at the companies that failed it is largely due to their resistance in changing or adapting to current market trends. Sol lets take Circuit City, they went under due to a lot of internal problems and their business became irrelevant long before it should have. Radio Shack was stuck back in the 1990s and never really changed, they were always just hanging on by a thread in the 2000s and their own President flat out stated that he believed the only reason they managed to stay relevant going into the 2000s were all of their specialty adapters and electronics they sold that could not easily be gotten elsewhere. Toys R Us never truly changed their business practices from the 90s and only regressed. Some say Amazon is this evil corporation intentionally destroying local stores, the truth is they are just competing like hell with virtually everyone. You have to compete and GS has been stubborn as fuck in that department. Very few gamers give a fuck about pre-owned anymore because places like Amazon have been competing very hard. That is not to include Best Buy (although they kind of shot themselves in the foot with gamers by axing the game membership program, and once mine expires I am largely done with them) and Walmart who have been doing sales, trying to make the deals sweeter with gaming to the point where most gamers would rather just get the shit from them anyways. GS likes to sell everything at fucking MSRP, they have those bloated ass Collector's Editions that cost $100 and are exclusive to their stores and then were supposed to feel as if this is a bad thing? HAHAHAHAHA (Cue Evil laugh) I am fucking happy that GS is going under and I hope in their place other companies see that "This is how you lose your business" and try to do much better. GS totally deserves what the fuck they are getting and some might be sad for their employees losing their jobs, most of those employees are going to feel relieved to be out of that fucking place and hopefully can go somewhere better.
  13. I don't really do them just to get views or whatever, I am really just about having fun with it and having a good laugh with some friends who have the same fucked up sense of humor that I do. If other people really enjoy them, that is great but it is not necessarily what I am aiming for.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. Yes I do curse a ton, even in normal conversation. I get it honestly though, was an Army Cook for years so it kind of never left me and it never will at this point. I kind of do it for the hell of it, I do find the shit funny even if it is very juvenile and stupid in a lot of ways, I find stupid funny shit great (my favorite movie or one of them is Freddy Got Fingered for Christ Sake lol). Guess the whole not putting a lot of heart into it is largely due to the fact I am incredibly monotone and I tend to do this shit at weird times of the night (like 3am). Thanks for the feedback though. I don't do a ton of these kinds of videos where I edit videos and do commentary over them. I fixed the link btw, idk how I linked to that SNES Classic one (that one I truly was bored with and I really didn't know what the hell to say and was getting aggravated with it).
  15. This is my new youtube video (couldn't figure out how to embed the fucking shit in here) but it is essentially me breaking down FFVII in five minutes while totally being ridiculous. Have fun watching for those who care. Five Minutes For Fucking Final Fantasy VII (Steam Version)