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  1. so what I think is going on here is the HDMI converter I have was modded in order to output the sound through the hdmi cable but it is still analog. It is a bit crazy because I was for certain you had to use the official Nintendo composite cables for the audio. That is what you had to do with the official component cables back in the day is you had to use both because component only did video. They have somehow managed to work around this limitation by combining it all within this mod. I don’t understand everything about it on the technical side, but I do know this, it works lol. It is coming
  2. using Frog tape which is supposedly superior to regular painters tape. Still a bit screwy but I am trying my best with it.
  3. I should have clarified more on this, these are just games that are worth downloading. I know some of them have been rereleased in different forms or been ported, but these are all the “good games” that are currently on the shops.
  4. So I been making lists of games I want to download but I also been looking up rarities, hidden gems, and basically anything that is worth a damn that most people would care about including myself. I am going to be updating this list so y'all can like kind of look through and be like "oh yeah, I definitely need to get that before the shop closes down." So hopefully this is helpful and I hit most of the games that are going to matter to most. Since I don't have a PS3, someone else will have to do that. I am doing PS1, PSP, and PS Vita. PS1 Games: Alundra Arc the
  5. I know I shouldn’t be this excited about what is essentially half ass fake surround sound but I am lol. After having an absolute helluva time getting my GCN to work properly with my Sony 5.2 Receiver, I got it working. So Apparently the big issue I was having is that I am using a GCN Plug & Play HDMI Adapter (Zeldaxpro 3.0 version). I found a YouTube video through MyLifeinGaming that discussed these little adapters. Apparently there is a setting in the adapters, including the one I have that is labeled “DVI In” under “other settings” on the menu that you can access via pretty much any
  6. Just a little update on the table. I went ahead and got rid of the triforce. Had to peel it up with a scrapper and redid the area with black acrylic. I might have to do one or two more coats on that area (I have put down about 5 or 6 by now). It is looking great. I am hoping to be done with the coffee table by the end of next week. I got to give it about a week before I can polyurethane it with a good 5-8 coats (I am planning on using semi-gloss poly acrylic which is water based polyurethane). Thanks for the advice guys.
  7. Looking at going with a Semi-Gloss Polycrylic (water based polyurethane). Going to throw on 5-8 coats of that stuff to protect it and it will have a nice sheen to it. I am going to go back over it and get rid of the Triforce. It seemed like a cool idea at first but I been a bit apprehensive about sticking with it even before you and PB mentioned anything about it. I can easily scrape it off and go back over with some black paint. Thanks for the input.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. It sounded like a really cool idea at first, but now I am kind of regretting it. I think I will just scrape it up and paint it black again. It will take a little bit more time but it will be worth it. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Just wanted to share what I am building in my garage for my Game Room. Figured some of y’all could appreciate this. I needed a coffee table and since I enjoy wood working I decided to build my own. Not much of an artist so the artsy stuff was kind of difficult. Still not completely done with this and I still have to put the lettering on it, but it is almost done. I will post updated photos in here once it is completely done and then in about a week or two, I am going to Polyurethane it real good. I think for my first coffee table this is pretty good.
  10. Cool, I figured that was the case but wasn’t entirely sure. I know I beat a few last year too that way, but they were all games that I had physical copies of or had on either the Wii or Wii U Virtual Console. I am mostly going to be focusing on my backlog of games I actually own. Here is another crazy question that just popped in my head. What about games within games? I discovered the cool Wolfenstein 3D game within Wolfenstein II the other day ago called “Wolfstone” where you are a Nazi trying to take down “terror billy” and thinking about playing through that once I beat the main game.
  11. Does BD2 count if you beat it in March? I know BD2 didn't come out until the end of the month. Was just wondering because I am still working on mine and I got mine in the evening of the 26th. I was also wanting some clarification on how streaming apps work like PS Now, Xbox Game Pass, and the Switch NES and SNES Apps?
  12. Game #5 down with Bioshock Infinite off the Bioshock collection. Was a pretty good shooter and had a great story. Definitely a mind fuck but once you process and understand what happens in the game, it makes a lot of sense and makes the game even better. Starting on Bravely Default II tonight. O:5 C:5
  13. Beat Bioshock 1 off the Bioshock Collection on Switch. Never played any of these games and let me say this, wow that was a total mind fuck of a story lol. I felt like as an FPS it was ok. I have played far better FPS games in my life but it does have a neat art direction and a pretty good story. So that is game #4 down. O: 4 C: 4
  14. Or you can always go the SD2Vita route if you want to hack it. Pretty easy to do and tons of tutorials online. It will allow you to use micro sd cards via an adapter.
  15. Just beat Borderlands 1 from the Borderlands collection on Switch several days ago. I haven't played any of the Borderlands titles, just one of those series similar to Bioshock that I never got around to getting. I liked the first game, the comic aesthetic was great and it performs really good on the Switch. Obviously, that is a game that is meant to be played co-op since the story was pretty lackluster. Would have been more fun to play that one in multiplayer but getting 3 others to do online can be a hassle, especially since Borderlands has been out on PC for many years. I am keeping my
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