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  1. Video Games Finished in 2018

    Bravely Default beaten. Level 99 with everyone and managed to master all 24 jobs. Shit still handed me my ass at the end even with maxed out freelancers all equipped with Dark Knight and 1 spiritmaster. Took a whole day but finally achieved the true ending. One of the harder RPGs I have played. Awesome game, if you haven't played it yet and like old school type JRPGs or Final Fantasy games. You are doing yourself a great disservice.
  2. Bravely Default-could use more friends :)

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the help. I will be uploading attacks soon for people to use. Probably easily deal a ton of damage with the levels I am at.
  3. Bravely Default-could use more friends :)

    Thanks. My friend code is: 1633-4189-7143
  4. About 3 quarters or so through with Norende. Could use more friends who have the game. It will probably benefit you as well since I am at level 99 with everyone and maxed out on 98% of the jobs. I am not even off Chapter 4 yet (went on a grinding marathon outside of Eternia)
  5. I have never had any issues in all the years I have owned Nintendo systems with Nintendo's customer service. It's unparalleled in the gaming industry and I feel it is far better than other companies. If only the cable companies could take note.
  6. Didn't see another thread about this but it might have been talked about in another Bayonetta thread, not sure. I am not sure if anyone has learned about this through the media or not but the Bayonetta 1 codes are not working for many people. If you just so happen to get a code that isn't working you can call Nintendo at 1800-255-3700 and they will help you. I was only on hold for 15 minutes, can't promise the same for anyone else but hold times yesterday were over 3 hours long. So if you bought the game, I would highly suggest you download the first title just to make sure you can download it. All they need when you call them is your serial number for the switch handy and the game code printed inside the game case.
  7. Video Games Finished in 2018

    First game beaten of the year, Tales of the Abyss. It was a decent game, not the best RPG but it wasn't bad either. First Tales game I have ever beaten as well. Heard Vesperia is better but don't have an Xbox 360 to play it although a friend has said she would lend me hers.
  8. Games you remember playing but can't remember the title of

    A couple of the ones that took me forever to hunt down that I couldn't for the life of me remember were Thunder & Lightning for NES and Adventure Island. I know that Adventure Island should have been common sense but for years I couldn't remember the shit. Another game that I remember but don't remember was some kind of game that dealt with the NES or SNES (it was definitely one of those 2) that was a puzzle game of some sort. For years I wanted to say it was an Adventures of Lolo title and I thought it was the third one but I don't think so. All I remember was that it had an overworld map of some sort and it had rainbows on the map or "rainbow bridges" of some sort that you would go over to a new area. It was colorful like Lolo but idk outside of that. That is one that has eluded me for years.
  9. M$ looking into buying EA?

    I am really against conglomerates/mergers so I am really not for this. Now let me set this straight, I FUCKING HATE EA. The only EA games I have bought in recent years are the Mass Effect games and I tend to boycott them, but that has more to do with Bioware than EA. EA has fucking destroyed Bioware and they are just a shadow of what they used to be. That being said, anyone who thinks M$ buying out EA is a great thing is delusional. If M$ buys EA there are a few things you can bet on. The first thing is that M$will have the power to dictate what games get released for PC/Xbox One (translation, if they want to make Mass Effect or Battlefront a M$ Xbox exclusive, they can). The second problem is gobbling up a huge company like EA makes it where you are limiting competition even further. I think these sort of mergers need to be made illegal due to the harm it does on industry. They can say it will help industry, but there are tons of studies that show it does the exact opposite. It especially harms the consumer who is now limited to certain platforms, certain pricing models, and more often than not, the consumer gets the shit end of the stick. It becomes all about that might fucking $. I already hate EA enough, M$ buys EA it just becomes a bigger nasty monster than it already is.
  10. Rent or buy

    I used too rent all the time when I was a kid. Growing up, we would only get games for Birthdays and Christmas, so in the interim, everytime my mom would go to the store to rent a movie for my Dad (which was weekly, Dad is a huge TV/movie person to this day and I never really have been) she would rent me a game. I want to say back when I was a kid it was $3.99 to rent a game (it later went up to $4.99) and you would get it for 3 days. This was back in 1990-1995, so basically before everyone had internet. So the only way you would know if a game was worth a fuck is if you had a Nintendo Power Subscription (we were too poor for that), word of mouth from other kids, or to rent games and find out for yourself. It is sad to see a lot of these local rental companies going out of business with the death of Blockbuster being the cataclysmic event that pretty much sealed the deal. I understand that there is Gamefly and shit like that, that is all good and everything, but it is not the same as walking into a store and browsing the game section. I would spend entirely too much time trying to figure out what game to rent and my mom would get annoyed with me. Luckily, she was pretty good at picking out games and pretty helpful with that. Like I keep saying though, you adapt or you fucking die. People are blaming Amazon for the death of retail stores across the country, digital downloading/streaming for the death of the recording industry, and Netflix/Hulu for the death of cable (which the cable thing can't come soon enough). Nobody is to blame other than outdated business models/practices that refused to change (radio shack anyone?). It's sad for a lot of us who grew up with rental stores, but at the same time, it is necessary for progress to be made.
  11. Miitomo shutting down on May 9th

    Just when I was about to get back into that one too. I had a lot of fun asking people questions regarding sexual fetishes and just bizarre and disturbingly weird shit lol. Good memories and quite amusing too.
  12. RGB and Ultra HDMI for N64

    I been looking into this quite seriously. The only thing keeping me from doing it right now is the availability of the kits and having enough confidence in my soldering skills do so (I wouldn't pay the labor to do it). Idk if anyone on here has done the mods or has had someone do the mods for them but I been looking into and it seems that those 2 options are the only real options of getting the 64 not to look like fucking shit on modern TVs. I have tried several different upscalers by Kanex and returned them, none of them make it look much better at all on my TV. Seems this is probably the only real solution as of right now. I wanted to know what some of you think of this Ultra HDMI mod specifically. I have heard about RGB but it seems to be largely the same sort of thing but just going about it differently.
  13. Video Games Finished in 2018

    I would be willing to just throw in $20 towards the challenges. Obviously, same rules would apply, photo evidence and all. That would be fine by me.
  14. 3DS Activity Log 2017

    Wow that is really surpring, didn't realize how much I actually play my 3DS. It does make sense because it is one of my favorite things. Just because Switch came out doesn't mean 3DS doesn't get a ton of love. I play my 3DS more than anything else and it will probably be that way for sometime. There are just so many amazing games for the system that I still haven't played. Most Played Games of 2017 (10-25 titles) 1. Pokemon Silver 60:03 2. Pokemon Moon 52:57 3. Mario Kart 7 52:19 4. Pokemon Red 51:02 5. Chrono Trigger DS 45:35 6. Fire Emblem Awakening 36:14 7. Ocarina of Time 3D 34:50 8. Zelda: Link's Awakening DX 28:33 9. Mega Man Legacy Collection 28:07 10. NSMB2 26:47 Most Played Games as of now (10-20 titles) 1. Tales of the Abyss 35:03 (this is all I been playing since the new year started) Total Hours for 2017: 364:52 Total Steps for 2017: 57,492 Month with the Most Time: January, 64:35 Month with the Least Time: May, 6 seconds Month with the Most Steps: October, 18,174 steps Month with the Least Steps: May, 10 Steps Total Lifetime Hours up to 2018: 2607:08 Total Lifetime Steps up to 2018: 671,551
  15. Video Games Finished in 2018

    I would love to throw something in. Figured backloggery would keep people honest as far as games being beaten that haven't been beaten type of thing. However, if we want to do just the whole "whoever beats x amount of games win" I am cool with that too. I was just thinking of something different when it comes to beating games. I personally have around 50% or more of games that I have yet to beat. Just let me know what your cool with and I will throw in a prize somewhere.