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  1. Just updating this again. Games #16 and #17 have been knocked out in Battle Unit Zeoth and Mega Man V (GameBoy). Battle Unit Zeoth is a really fun Shmup where you control a mech/gundam dude. It is short with only 5 stages but it is impressive for a GameBoy game. I also beat the GameBoy version of Mega Man V on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. I have beaten just about every single Mega Man game out there except for the handheld versions. MMV for GB was unique in the sense that it is it’s own thing and not a .5 edition like 1-4 were. I thought it was pretty awesome. I really liked the whole spacey theme and how you battle the Star Droids. Some of the stages were a little repetitive like in most Mega Man titles, but I felt like like they did a good job with it. Working on Solar Striker for the GameBoy. I will probably be streaming that one at some point once I familiarize myself with it. I am also putting Breath of Fire on the back burner for right now (the game is just so fucking...generic feeling) and doing Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology. I had it for DS back in the day but it somehow got lost in the shuffle of moving around. I really love the enhancements they made to it and it has been on my backlog for awhile.
  2. After many years of trying, finally beat a Road Rash game. Beat Road Rash II on the Genesis. Big fan of the series and own all the ones on the Genesis and the Sega CD version. Easily one of the most challenging motorcycle games out there. Ending was nothing to write home about though like most of those early 90s games even if the cutscenes are funny.
  3. I been updating the front page post of mine. Most of them were on Switch. Steel Empire was on the 3DS of course. Still haven’t beaten anything new yet. Been turning Amish the last several days and working on my Game Room (building shelves and doing wood projects).
  4. If you pre-ordered it, the Turbografx-16 has been delayed indefinitely. I was pretty bummed out about this to be honest. They must be coming from China or something.
  5. I always really enjoyed the 2K series of NFL games. NFL 2K5 was the shit. That was back when they decided to make all of their games $20 and they were killing EA. That was when EA decided to buy up the license so 2K couldn’t compete.
  6. Been on a Shmup kick for some odd reason lately. Never been a huge fan of the genre but for some reason I just got into wanting to play some of them. Just beat over a half dozen of them in the last several days. Star Blazer (awesome Neo-Geo game that you can download on Switch), Gradius, Popn’ Twinbee, Earth Defense Force, Life Force, and R Type I & II off the R Type EX collection. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with these. I am working on Steel Empire (one of my all time favorites and the first Shmup I ever beat as a kid), Kokuga, and Nano Assault EX. I have a ton of Shmups to play through and the good thing about COVID-19 is I have plenty of time to game.
  7. I am glad they went ahead and cancelled it. This pandemic is nothing to be joking about. You got Italy so overwhelmed that they have their entire country on lockdown and they are having to make crucial decisions on who is going to live and who is going to die right now. If the U.S. and Europe don't get this under control, in the next 2 weeks we could be in the exact same predicament with not enough hospital beds or ICUs to treat everyone. That is the real scary part is just not having the space or staff to treat people. That being said I am sure they will do Directs or online stuff. CDC is saying it could last for around 60 days is what they are expecting but nobody really knows since we are sort of in unprecedented territory with nothing like this happening in over a Century. That being said, I will be in my Game Room gaming while the rest of people punch each other out over hand sanitizer and TP. I am good to go for at least 2 months in food, and a month with everything else. University is closed until at least March 29th, so it is game time. This Game Room is my sanctuary. It is kind of messed up how a Pandemic frees you from things like school and work (I work at the school). Just stay at home unless you absolutely have to go somewhere. I am going to be relaxing :).
  8. Wanted to do a little update about this. I got some of the games I mentioned and the controller in the mail. It works perfectly fine. There are no disc read issues or anything bad about it. It works flawlessly. That makes me very very happy :).
  9. Didn't come with any but still for $6, I can't really beat that. I was able to get a white Japanese 3D controller for $10 and a white Japanese regular one for $10 as well. They are both in really good condition. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of game time and been tethered to handhelds to get in my fix lol. I am pulling insane hours at school right now. I was seriously sick with staph infection for over a month and missed a lot of school. This is Grad School btw and I have a Teacher's Assistant position here as well. So I been really behind. I am trying to get everything caught up by Spring Break (starts on the 16th) so I don't have to be dealing with all this crap. I am about to be pulling an all nighter at my office at the school tonight. I have a midterm tomorrow afternoon and a bunch of stuff due. So basically, there isn't much gaming going on in my life at this moment which is starting to make me very miserable. So I can't wait to get it all done so I can kick back and play some retro stuff. Like I said, I have never owned or even played on a Sega Saturn before, so this is a very exciting time for me. I feel like when I was a kid and I first played an N64 or PS1. I feel that way right now because the Saturn was always one that has eluded me for years and been very intimidating to get into with the prices being so absurd. I have come to the conclusion as well that I am going to have to settle for Japanese imports on a lot of stuff to keep costs within reason (since many Japanese imports of the games are usually much cheaper then their US Counterparts) and going after loose discs. I have done custom casing before, so I am probably going to get some bit boxes or cheap DVD cases and just do the custom covers on coverproject since finding stuff in box is usually prohibitively expensive. Hopefully next month I will have some extra money (that is as long as nothing else breaks in our house, Septic Tank and plumbing issues had me come out of pocket over $2000 this month). I will make sure to share my work on here since I know you and Art definitely appreciate that kind of stuff. Right now, it is just a grind.
  10. I wanted to share this amazing and exciting news. I finally after 20 years of collecting video games have a Sega Saturn. I have never come across one in my entire life that was operable and I have never actually played on one ever. I came across this in my local Goodwill of all places. It was just sitting there on a shelf and summoning me to buy it and give it a nice home. For $7 (actually $6.00 after the military discount) I couldn't pass that up. I could have gotten one at anytime by shelling out $50-$100 for a used one within the last 20 years but ever since I had any real interest in getting into it, it has always been notorious for being the MOST EXPENSIVE console to collect games for. I think the average price is around $25 for a game and a lot of the popular ones run into the hundreds of dollars. It is kind of a rich man's hobby if you are trying to complete an entire Sega Saturn collection (or even just getting all of the best titles ever made for it) I am just doing what I always do, trying to eventually get at least the top 25 games for it. I am already on my way. A friend of mine just gave me a Strategy RPG for it called Mystaria: The Realms of Lore, I was able to get Fighting Vipers, Daytona USA, Virtua Cop, Nights into Dreams and Virtua Fighter for relatively cheap as well. Now all I am trying to secure is a Light Gun and 3D Controller. At some point when I have more money to play with, I will be getting an Action Replay as well so I can get into some of the importing scene. Now the only Sega Console I do not have is the Master System, at some point in the future I will be getting one of those too.
  11. Beat shitty ass Zelda 2 lol. Wow that was easily the worst Zelda I ever played. I guess as a NES game it is ok but how the fuck anyone beat this on the original NES back in the day is beyond me. I have it on the NES but there was no fucking way that was ever happening on the original console without being able to save wherever. Still had fun with it but even on the Switch app, it was pretty ridiculous.
  12. Beat my first game. That is Link's Awakening on the Nintendo Switch. I beat it twice actually. Regular Mode the first time and Hero Mode the second time. 100% on Hero Mode. It is a great remake to one of my favorite Zelda titles (still not as good as A Link to the Past but it is close). I am working on several games right now. I am playing Zelda II on the Switch NES app (never beaten it) and having a difficult time with it to say the least. I have tried to play it on the original cart (which I do own) but could never get anywhere with it. I need the save states to have any chance in hell of beating this game. This is one of those games that if you used a Game Genie back in the day, I really couldn't have knocked you for it. Over on the 3DS I am doing Oracle of Seasons (another one I never beat, never got to play either Ages or Seasons back in the day). I really am going to be focusing mostly on my backlog this year. Obviously, there will be some replays of some favorite games of mine like every year but I am really trying to knock this backlog down. Back in school and going for my Master's Degree on top of having a Graduate Assistantship Position as a TA, so I am going to be busy with that, but I will make time. If you haven't added me to backloggery yet the link to it is below.
  13. Games Beaten 2020 1. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch) 1/8/2020 2. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Switch) 3. NiGHTS into Dreams (Saturn) 3/17/2020 4. Blazing Star (Switch Download) (3/18/2020) 5. Life Force (3DS Virtual Console) 3/18/2020 6. R Type (Nintendo Switch) 3/19/2020 7. R Type 2 (Nintendo Switch) 3/19/2020 8. Earth Defense Force (Switch SNES App) 3/20/2020 9. Gradius (Switch SNES App) 3/20/2020 10. Popn’ Twinbee (Switch SNES App) 3/20/2020 11. Steel Empire (3DS) 3/23/2020 12. Super Street Fighter II (Switch) 3/29/2020 13. Street Fighter Alpha (Switch) 3/29/2020 14. Street Fighter Alpha II (Switch) 3/29/2020 15. Road Rash II (Genesis) 4/3/2020 16. Battle Unit Zeoth (GameBoy) 4/11/2020 17. Mega Man V GameBoy (3DS Virtual Console) (4/12/2020)) C: 13 H: 4 O: 17
  14. Finally finished FFXII for the first time. Had it way back on the PS2 but could never get into it and now I see why. It is not a bad game but it isn't my favorite either. It is ok, storyline is just basically star wars and game of thrones thrown together and is easily the most lackluster part of the game. Gameplay makes up for it though. Still like X and even X-2 better. Which is what I am going onto next on the Switch since I picked that up on the sale they recently had. C: 15 H: 3 PC: M: O: 17-1  Challenges: 1 http://www.twitch.tv/PixelatedMetalHead Bronze #3: Castlevania Bloodlines Games Beaten: 1. Shining Force: Sword of Hayja (3DS VC) 1/6/2019 2. Shining Force (Switch) 1/13/2019 3. Torna The Golden Country (Switch) 1/31/2019 4. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Switch) 2/16/2019 5. Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee (Switch) 2/26/2019 6. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD (Switch) 3/15/2019 7. Final Fantasy IX (Switch) 3/18/2019 8. Castlevania Bloodlines (Genesis) 4/4/2019 9. Mortal Kombat (Genesis) 4/4/2029 10. Beavis & Butthead (Genesis) 4/5/2019 11. Final Fight II (3DS VC) 4/8/2019 12. The Messenger (Switch) 6/24/2019 13. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Switch) 7/12/2019 14. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Wii U VC) 7/23/2019 15. WWF No Mercy (N64) 8/26/2019 16. Star Fox (SNES) 9/11/2019 17. Friday the 13th (SNES) 9/13/2019 18. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (Switch) 10/21/2019
  15. Just got back from 3 From Hell tonight and wanted to write a review on here about my thoughts and opinions on the entire trilogy of films. This is going to be long and I am very sorry for that, but there is no way you can deconstruct and break these films down the way I am doing without it being very long. So please bear with me. So here is my spoiler free opinion on the movie and it's predecessors as a whole since The Devil's Rejects is my favorite movie of all time (which this specific viewing included a double feature that involved that movie before the new movie). Zombie is a Directorial & Visionary Genius for those who actually get it. He is like Alice Cooper when it comes to genius level with horror, theatrics, and his music (which has inspired many of his films). The movies he creates (outside of Lords of Salem which was legitimate garbage and you can't count Halloween 1 or 2 since he had almost no creative control or freedom with those, he was literally just a straight up director to sell tickets) are as violent, vile, and disgusting as possible with characters who represent the absolute worst in society. His movies push the MPAA (movie ratings board) to it's literal breaking point of what is allowed to be seen in a theater. However, in some sick sadistic way he makes the Firefly family of sick sadistic psychopathic murderers beloved caricatures that you love to hate, by the end of The Devil's Rejects and 3 From Hell, you are legitimately cheering them on to get away with these disgusting and vile acts. It is admittedly a guilty pleasure of a joy ride (and you need a good sense of twisted and dark humor or you will not understand or get it). Everything that made The Devil's Rejects (and to a lesser degree House of 1000 Corpses) great movies and made the Firefly Family into this beloved cult counter-culture following is on display in 3 From Hell which is to be expected. It is a movie that is not for the faint of heart, those who get easily offended, who consider themselves a Social Justice Warrior, or who can't stand political incorrectness should stay FAR AWAY from this. These movies are EXTREMELY (and I can't emphasize that enough) violent, misogynistic, satanic, gory, racist, homophobic, and just purely as vile as you can really get. You will completely miss the point if you try to analyze these films like you would analyze your typical film because this is far from that. Now I have seen some reviews by critics who just don't get it or they have evolved far from being the Zombie fans they once were (the movie has a 25% Rotten Tomatoes score which is to be expected, Zombie's movies are extremely divisive), they believe 3 From Hell has absolutely no place in modern 2019 society. That this is a movie that would have been fine to release in lets say 2006 or 2007, but is just disgusting filth that needs to be banned. What they fail to see that these (nor the other 2) are movies you go to see where you absolutely cannot analyze them based on contemporary times, politics, or even current societal norms. These are movies that take place in the 70s and 80s, that are legitimate throwbacks that channel real life nutso serial killers. Inspiration for these vile characters can be seen from historical murderers (so there is a point to it). It has everything from Jeffrey Dommer, Charles Manson (and his followers), Jack the Ripper, Albert Fish, Ed Gein, and Ted Bundy. It's like if you took a "worst killers of all time" list and threw it in a blender and sprinkled in some Rob Zombie "Carnie Madness" on top (Rob Zombie actually grew up with Carnie parents for a good chunk of his childhood and so much of his movies contain a psychedelic gritty carnival vibe). What I personally like about these films isn't so much that they are just gratuitously violent because there are hundreds of films out there that do that, and I personally don't enjoy a lot of movies that don't have a point or some message to cling upon. I used to be a huge fan of that stuff when I was a young teenager and suffering through Troma films and Slashers with my dearly departed friend Adam Sentell, who absolutely loved Rob Zombie movies for the same reason I do, because they are thoughtful. However, I like stories, I like characters that are likable, and have personality (even if in this case they are vile and absolutely on the unhinged fringe of society). I like that Rob in his movies is trying to speak on a much more philosophical level. He isn't trying to make us feel sympathetic or to love these characters for no good reason; the only reason most of us can feel sympathetic for the Firefly Family is because the people that surround them are messed up and just as bad as they are (and I have to take House of 1000 Corpses out of this because it is more of a straight up horror film that doesn't have these parallels or dichotomy). Rob makes you think on a deeper level about, "wow, these people who are trying to bring the Firefly Family to justice are just as vile and disgusting as they are, and in some cases might even be worse?" It speaks to this very carnal and primal nature within human beings. How our own political and criminal justice system is broken and completely incapable of rehabilitating anybody. Why do people murder senselessly? Is it really that senseless what they are doing? Is there a reason why they are on the fringe and are they just trying to get back at society or the wickedness within our culture through their violent ways? Furthermore, why does our society idolize people like Charles Manson? Why is there this pure morbid fascination with those like Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dommer, and Albert Fish who were obviously vile monsters that the media made them out to be (and probably rightfully so). However, it goes further. Is it because of the primal and carnal nature of society that made them this way? Were they just born freaking nutso? Is it what I personally believe which is in the theory of Socialization that you are taught to hate or mame. These are questions that are constantly brought up throughout the Firefly trilogy of movies and they are philosophical questions open to one's own interpretation. However, people fail to ask these questions when they go to see a film like this just because of how extremely violent and disgusting it is. Obviously, Rob does a lot of that for pure shock value, but there is more going on below the surface. I personally am judged by many people for loving his films, which I don't care about but it can be difficult to break it down to those who don't get it as to why I like these films (outside of Lords of Salem which was truly terrible, but everyone has a flop or two in their directorial career). People will ask, "how can you sympathize with such monsters?" I have gotten that since 2005 when Rejects came out. Kind of like, "what is wrong with you, are you mentally deranged like they are? How could you ever cheer them on to get away with all of this?" No, it is simply that I totally get what he is trying to say. I see him as a visionary film director and I would love to see him do something outside of the Horror genre like that "Broadstreet Bullies" film about the Philadelphia Flyers team of the 1970s (licensing issues got in the way of him getting it off the ground). Rob's not just creating some monster movie where everyone senselessly dies, nothing is ever explained, there is no social commentary on anything, and it is just blood, chaos, and senseless violence. Now 31 (which was a crowdfunded Rob Zombie film) had more of that just senseless and gratuitous violence to it and it was good, but not great. Although 31 was different in the sense it was paying homage and was a throwback to The Running Man (with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it). It was a Rob Zombie version of it as far as I am concerned that wasn't as cornie lol. His Firefly movies have messages, they have meanings, they have interpretations but it cannot be as simple as, "this is racist!" or, "this is just completely senseless and nothing makes any sense!" No it all makes sense, but you have to think on a much deeper level and not in the same way you would in the typical horror convention. It is too simplistic to flat out state, "3 From Hell is nothing more than complete garbage that is obviously made by someone who loves glorifying misogyny, racism, and the worst aspects of our society." No he is asking the viewer to think about society as a whole. If you pay close attention to Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding (and in this new film Richard Brake of The Night King GoT fame, as Foxy), they are outcasts that do not fit within society and hate "the system." They hate the man and they want to stick it to the man, quite literally with a nice sharp blade bludgeoning someone's heart out. Why is that? that is open to people's own interpretations. Sorry, to get so philosophical on everyone but I feel like these movies get too much criticism for the wrong reasons because people view them through such a simple-minded lens. Critics and movie goers alike focus on the wrong things and fail to see what Rob is trying to accomplish. They are not peeling back the layers of each and every character. They are not understanding why anyone would care about such vile people. To some extent it is morbid curiosity. Why do we like films that involve serial killers? A lot of people watched the Ted Bundy film that was released recently, a lot of people love to watch documentaries and films about Charles Manson, and the same goes with all sorts of deviant behavior and acts within society. As someone who has a Bachelor's degree in studying societal behavior and human interaction, deviance is one of the most interesting and philosophical social theories out there and these are movies that involve extremely deviant and vile acts. Everything from Necrophilia to straight up Murder Rape is on full display here. I believe that deviance is such an interesting topic because of my interest and background in Sociology, that is why I am able to explain and to largely defend what he is doing with these films and characters. So that is my opinion on this trilogy of films. Once again, I am not recommending anyone who is not a fan of horror, who is easily offended, or even has a weak stomach or tolerance for this kind of movie to buy it when it comes out on video in the middle of October. Just that after 14 years of trying to explain why I like these movies, this is my answer. I think most of the Rob Zombie fans and people who like the Firefly Trilogy of movies will completely understand this. As far as 3 From Hell goes, is it a good movie? Yeah it was a really good movie. Did it need to be made? Everyone will have their own opinion on that but I would say my opinion is no, it did not need to be made, but I am glad it was anyways. The way The Devil's Rejects ended was PERFECT in the same manner as Terminator 2 had the perfect ending, but it is still fun to hang with Arnie isn't it? That is the way I see it, plus you get deeper into societal norms, the criminal justice system, the cronyism of the system itself, and I feel you get deeper into the psyche of these people. Maybe it did not need to be made but that doesn't mean I am not happy it was. It was a fun and funny movie. It was extremely violent and everything I said before, and if you liked the other Rob Zombie films, you should definitely like this movie unless you are going into it expecting it to be "better" than Rejects. If your own views have evolved since 05 to make these movies sort of "obsolete" to you, I wouldn't see it, nobody is forcing anyone to see it. If you didn't get a chance to see it and you are interested and can stomach the experience, It gets released on October 15th on Blu Ray and I will definitely be getting it. As far as Rob's other movies. This is his 2nd best movie with only Rejects beating it out.