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  1. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is done. Managed to hit 100% completion rate on both the Map and with the Souls. I have beaten the game at 100% in the past but never had the patience to grind for every soul in the game so I feel like that is an achievement in itself. This was done on the Castlevania Advance Collection that was recently released for the Switch. It is worth your $20 but you got to keep your expectations in check on what you are getting. Initial Review: The Bad: I have only beaten Aria of Sorrow so it is not fair to give a full review on this, but I am going to give my initial review based off beating AoS. I have mixed feelings on this collection so far because I feel like M2 got a tad lazy in some areas. I don't know if they were just trying to push it out or what the case was, but there are some glaring flaws on this. My biggest gripe is the display settings. Usually M2 is really good at giving you a decent selection of display settings, but it is pretty bare bones this time around. You get Full Screen, Normal, and Pixel Perfect and that is it. There are no optional screen filters or scanline settings (I haven't checked out Dracula X yet, but I heard there are scanline filters in that one), and AoS look like total pixelated ass on a 4K TV. It lags like hell on one and just no. Do yourself a favor and play it in handheld mode only. My second big gripe is they didn't add any contrast or color settings to dial the brightness back and I can only imagine that Harmony is going to look even worse when I get to that due to how bright the graphics were made to rectify the OG GBA's dark screen. The Good: M2 did throw in some nice additional features for this collection although it is nothing to get overly excited about. you got your usual emulation settings like rewind, save states, an Encyclopedia, an art gallery, and a Gadget setting that allows you to identify which enemy souls you have when you strike them. The most useful outside of the typical save states would be the feature that allows you to see if you have a soul of an enemy you come up on. The rewind feature makes it easier to get the souls instead of having to travel in and out of rooms constantly to grind for them. They also cleaned up some of the sound problems/static that was in the original games, so that is nice. Then of course the Advance Games are all really good with AoS being one of the best in the series. It is worth getting this collection just for the three games but you got to realize it is not perfect because of the display problems The Fugly: The last thing I want to mention is Dracula X. WTF Konami? Really? They could have easily thrown either Symphony of the Night or the real Dracula X Rondo of Blood on this collection but they gave us one of the most mediocre Castlevania games out there. Don't get me wrong, Dracula X for SNES is a decent game but it is kind of odd to throw it in this collection. One it has nothing to do with the Metroidvania style games like the Advance games are and secondly it has been released countless times across Virtual Console (I think it has been released on every incarnation of it). Rondo of Blood has only been re-released one time on a Nintendo system and that was on the original Wii Virtual Console. I know a lot of people who would have loved to have had that one in the palm of their hands. Same goes with Symphony of the Night, which I am thinking is some weird Sony exclusive or that Konami just prefers to release SotN on Sony platforms. Still, it just comes off as not giving a fuck. I guess they could have given us only the 3 Advance titles for $20 but I wonder if anyone would have even cared if Dracula X was left off this lol. O: 19 H: 2 C: 14 PC: 3
  2. Saw this on Kotaku and I will link the article below. Basically what is going down is Sony is taking away PayPal and Credit Card Support for both the PS3 and Vita stores. This is going to make it far more difficult to buy games off the PS3 and Vita store fronts. I don't exactly know why Sony is doing this but my best guess is they are slowly killing it off instead of just killing it off entirely. I have been trying to get everything that matters to me on my PSTV. So if you have a PS3, PS Vita, or PSTV, I would start trying to get what you want off there. Now you can still purchase Sony PSN Gift Cards and redeem them on there going forward. I actually prefer to do that because it is even more secure than PayPal. There is no way for anyone to hack your shit. The weird wallet system that you can use to put money into your wallet from Sony's website will still be available. So the only thing that goes is PayPal and Credit Card support but that is a big blow to the store fronts. Now I understand that the stores have been out for awhile and unfortunately, Sony will move on. That being said, it is really shitty anytime this happens. I was upset when the Wii Store went down years ago because I was so worried about losing my downloads. I still have them, they are backed up on my PC and I have them on my SD card in my Wii U. Of course those are only tied to the physical system, so when Wii U goes bye we are all fucked or you better hope it can be repaired somehow. https://kotaku.com/sony-planning-to-make-ps3-vita-stores-nearly-unusable-1847801952
  3. Beat Phantasy Star IV on the Sega Genesis Classics Collection for the Switch. One of my favorite RPGs of the 16 bit era. Easily in the top 10 of all time for me. 100% completion rate. Thinking about doing Phantasy Star II next. Maybe I will finally beat that damn game (very Grindy but the fast forward function may help). O: 18 H: 2 C: 13 PC: 3
  4. Streets of Rage 4 on Switch and the 3D Classics version of Streets of Rage on 3DS beaten. That puts me at 16 so far. Been in a beat em up mood so I am probably going to have a lot of those kinds of games showing up. O: 16 H: 1 C: 12 PC: 3
  5. Just beat Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. I really loved this game. Although hack and slash titles like this can be repetitive, I had a lot of fun with it. Still not done with it completely. Going for 100% and I already have the expansion pass. So there is more to come in November which will be fun. Not certain what I will play next but 14 games in half a year isn’t a lot. Then to be real about it, I been playing a lot of RPGs and long ass games. So I guess it comes with the territory. O: 14 C: 11 PC: 3
  6. Lucky number 13 is Mass Effect 3 and that is the entirety of the Legendary Edition done in less than a month from release. Been meaning to get through these games since 3 released back in the day and could never stick with them. Glad that I did since the story is awesome. O: 13 C: 10 PC: 3
  7. Just a small update. Beat Mass Effect 1 and 2 on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition for PC. I am on Mass Effect 3 right now and probably going to be done with that in a week or two. O: 12 C: 10 PC: 2
  8. Small update. Beat Super Mario Bros. On Mario All Stars+SuperMario World SNES cartridge. Also beat Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge on the Castlevania Collection for Switch. Currently working on Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES), Castlevania Dracula X (Wii U VC) and Dracula X Rondo of Blood (Turbografx Mini). C: 10 O: 10
  9. Mortal Kombat XL beaten on PS4. O: 8 C: 8
  10. Twisted Metal 2 down on PSTV (still going for 100% on my Twitch channel) and Donkey Kong Country on Switch beaten. O: 7 C: 7
  11. Looked into it some more and I think I sort of figured it out. There is a mod that has been done to a GCN that allows for digital audio. This allows for the Audio signal to be carried digitally. That is what Enhanced DVI mode does is it allows for your audio signal to be carried over. So basically it is converting the analog audio to digital audio somehow. Now I don’t believe that changes anything really with the games that support DPLII because that is as good as it gets with GCN. It is possible to also use the composite video port on he GCN to do the old L/R on the back of an AV Receiver but it is not necessary unless you want to do it that way for a specific purpose or reason (maybe you have an old receiver that doesn’t even take HDMI for example). So what they did was take and include that mod in the hdmi adapter. Pretty neat if you ask me. Now you do have to have the receiver put on DPLII Movie mode for it to output correctly. I have a Sony STR-590 which I bought to replace my old Denon that kicked the bucket about a year ago. It has both DPLII Movie and Music modes as well as the typical multichannel options for 5.1 LPCM and Dolby MA and the like.
  12. i was trying to find more info on these adapters. It is an open source type of thing they are using that somebody created, but I haven’t been able to find a lot of info on the specs. So basically from what I can gather is that whoever it was that created these open source kits reverse engineered the component and composite cables. That is really the gist of it. When you enable DVI output in the adapter menu, it transfers the sound digitally somehow. Outside of that, still trying to find info on it but not having a ton of luck since most the info out there is about the video and not the sound. I will keep looking. Here is a link to the GCN Hd MKII adapters if you are interested in checking this stuff out. They are slightly different than mine in the fact they use both AV and Digital outs simultaneously for those who want to be able to switch functionality on the fly or get around splitting the signals for streaming purposes. Since it is all he same open source stuff, all of the adapters work identical with video and sound. This one has a few different options like mini toslink and 3.5 mm jacks, but the internals are identical to the one I have outside of the added features. https://stoneagegamer.com/gchd-mk-ii-plug-n-play-gamecube-480p-hd-compatible-adapter.html
  13. so what I think is going on here is the HDMI converter I have was modded in order to output the sound through the hdmi cable but it is still analog. It is a bit crazy because I was for certain you had to use the official Nintendo composite cables for the audio. That is what you had to do with the official component cables back in the day is you had to use both because component only did video. They have somehow managed to work around this limitation by combining it all within this mod. I don’t understand everything about it on the technical side, but I do know this, it works lol. It is coming out of all my speakers. I used the sound test mode in rogue squadron II to test to make sure it was working properly and it works great. Obviously it is not 5.1 LPCM like on a Switch or Wii U which is true 5.1, but this is as good as it gets for GCN.
  14. using Frog tape which is supposedly superior to regular painters tape. Still a bit screwy but I am trying my best with it.
  15. I should have clarified more on this, these are just games that are worth downloading. I know some of them have been rereleased in different forms or been ported, but these are all the “good games” that are currently on the shops.
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