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  1. Actually I need to thank you. I was going to get one but now I see exactly what you are talking about. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before. The buttons are far too close together and I have big hands. Yeah that is sort of a deal breaker. So I think I will save my money. It is not going to work out with that thing. Thanks for bringing that up. I already have the stuff to mod an original GBA, I just have to actually do it.
  2. From what I understand is that it is modeled after the original. The button layout is similar to it. It should be fine. From the reviews I have read about it, it is not a huge problem.
  3. I am a pretty big supporter of Analogue. I have everything outside of their NT (which was just prohibitively expensive for most people at $500) and opted for the cheaper but still really good FPGA NES, the AVS by RetroUSB. They make amazing game systems that operate off FPGA chips to simulate the original hardware versus emulating. This means your games (whether it is an old cruddy Game Boy game or some obscure GBA game) will work with 100% compatibility. They aren’t region locked either. You can get one for the steep price of $200. I know a lot of people will balk at that proposition but this is Analogue and if their previous systems are any indication, they will be high quality as can be. The games look stunning on this and it has some pretty cool features built into it. It is pretty much a must for any diehard GameBoy fan who has a nice collection of GB, GBC, and GBA titles. They will also be selling Game Gear Adapters that same day from the looks of it. They will be making an Atari Lynx and Neo Geo Pocket Adapter as well in the future. You can also buy a dock for $100. I personally am not getting the dock even if it would be very nice to have. I have a GameBoy Player on my GameCube and can play it in Progressive scan,, so I will be forgoing that. I have no idea how many people in here are that diehard for the GameBoy (I am pretty diehard in general with most of this stuff). Just figured to let people know about it if they got $200 sitting somewhere and really want this GameBoy that looks like something Apple would have made. P.S. Almost forgot to mention, these will not be shipping until May 21st at this point due to COVID since they source their parts overseas. They do charge up front, this isn’t something that you can just pre-order now and they will charge you before it ships. That really does suck but I can sort of understand why, Analogue is a pretty small company and needs your money to do what they do. It is a lot of money to lend someone for a year, but hell, at this point it can’t be helped. https://www.nintendojo.com/news/analogue-pocket-preorders-begin-next-month
  4. Grandma be killing it lol. I love it when you got elderly people who are into the same stuff that the younger generations are into. I just got my copy. Our friend in Norway got me the European Collector’s Set that has the soundtrack vinyl. Had to wait almost 2 months to get it but it was well worth it. Been playing the hell out of it.
  5. Updated my list on the front page. I now have 23 games beaten this year. Dragon Warrior I (Game Boy Color): what is their to say about this one? It is a run of the mill pioneering RPG. Not much to it but it was fun to finally get this off my backloggery. Guess third time is a charm since the save battery died in my NES cart 3/4th of the way through and the save battery died again on my 2nd run on the Game Boy Color version right at the end. This was more of a personal goal just to beat the game out of pure spite. That being said, it is a fun little romp as long as you keep your expectations in check. Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4): What can I really say about this that hasn’t already been said? It is absolutely amazing game and does the original justice. Only quip that I have is it was a bit long in the tooth for only encompassing nothing but Midgar, but it was an awesome ride. Almost perfect if some of the chapters didn’t carry on for too long, can’t wait for part II. The Last of Us Part II (PS4) This one was very controversial for most people. However, for me, I loved every bit of it. I even enjoyed playing as the new character Abby and really liked her. I don’t believe that every prominent female lead needs to look sexy and have nice tits and ass on her. Most of the criticism on her is because of her characterization (which make perfect sense) and sexist gamers having a conniption over her lack of sex appeal. Regardless, I think it is one of the best PS4 games to come out in a very long time and it lives up to to the high bar of it’s predecessor even if it is far more controversial than the first game. I really loved it. Demon’s Crest (SNES App) I haven’t played much of this even though I own it on the 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console as well. A lot of it was because I didn’t understand it at first. That being said, this is one of those games that is Better if you use a guide to nowhere you need to go. You have some really cool transformations with Firebrand, and there is a lot of hidden secrets. It is honestly one of the better games on the SNES and it is one of those “hidden gems” most people didn’t know about during it’s release back in 94. If you haven’t played it, it is one of the best games on the SNES App for the Switch and would probably be up there with the best SNES games had it gotten more exposure back in the day. It was a really good time. Yoshi’s Island (SNES App): This one has eluded me for years. I have played the ever living fuck out of this game, but never saw it all the way through for whatever reason. Most of that can be blamed on baby Mario and his annoying cry that makes me want to go get a vasectomy every single time I play this game lol. I played the GBA version a ton and even have the ambassador version of it on my 3DS. It is one of those games that I kept getting lost in trying 100% all the stages. I only ever got up to world 4 and would always quit. This time, I saw it through and I am glad I did. It really is one of the best SNES titles out there and has aged extremely well thanks to it’s unique art style. C: 18 H: 5 O: 23
  6. Game #18 beaten with Resident Evil Revelations 2 for the Switch. This is only my 3rd Resident Evil game I have ever beaten. The first one was RE4 for GameCube way back when it launched exclusively for it. Then Resident Evil Revelations for the 3DS when it launched. I could never get into 5 since it felt like a huge departure from RE5 with the partner system and then I just never really played any of them. I am starting on Resident Evil 2 Remake right now for the PS4. I am going to try to beat the entire series by the end of the year, so it will be taking up much of my time. That being said, I really enjoyed RE Revelations 2 even more than the 1st one. I downloaded all the remaining ones I didn’t have (4, 5, and 6) for Switch on the sale that is currently going on the eshop. I will eventually get to doing those ones.
  7. Just updating this again. Games #16 and #17 have been knocked out in Battle Unit Zeoth and Mega Man V (GameBoy). Battle Unit Zeoth is a really fun Shmup where you control a mech/gundam dude. It is short with only 5 stages but it is impressive for a GameBoy game. I also beat the GameBoy version of Mega Man V on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. I have beaten just about every single Mega Man game out there except for the handheld versions. MMV for GB was unique in the sense that it is it’s own thing and not a .5 edition like 1-4 were. I thought it was pretty awesome. I really liked the whole spacey theme and how you battle the Star Droids. Some of the stages were a little repetitive like in most Mega Man titles, but I felt like like they did a good job with it. Working on Solar Striker for the GameBoy. I will probably be streaming that one at some point once I familiarize myself with it. I am also putting Breath of Fire on the back burner for right now (the game is just so fucking...generic feeling) and doing Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology. I had it for DS back in the day but it somehow got lost in the shuffle of moving around. I really love the enhancements they made to it and it has been on my backlog for awhile.
  8. After many years of trying, finally beat a Road Rash game. Beat Road Rash II on the Genesis. Big fan of the series and own all the ones on the Genesis and the Sega CD version. Easily one of the most challenging motorcycle games out there. Ending was nothing to write home about though like most of those early 90s games even if the cutscenes are funny.
  9. I been updating the front page post of mine. Most of them were on Switch. Steel Empire was on the 3DS of course. Still haven’t beaten anything new yet. Been turning Amish the last several days and working on my Game Room (building shelves and doing wood projects).
  10. If you pre-ordered it, the Turbografx-16 has been delayed indefinitely. I was pretty bummed out about this to be honest. They must be coming from China or something.
  11. I always really enjoyed the 2K series of NFL games. NFL 2K5 was the shit. That was back when they decided to make all of their games $20 and they were killing EA. That was when EA decided to buy up the license so 2K couldn’t compete.
  12. Been on a Shmup kick for some odd reason lately. Never been a huge fan of the genre but for some reason I just got into wanting to play some of them. Just beat over a half dozen of them in the last several days. Star Blazer (awesome Neo-Geo game that you can download on Switch), Gradius, Popn’ Twinbee, Earth Defense Force, Life Force, and R Type I & II off the R Type EX collection. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with these. I am working on Steel Empire (one of my all time favorites and the first Shmup I ever beat as a kid), Kokuga, and Nano Assault EX. I have a ton of Shmups to play through and the good thing about COVID-19 is I have plenty of time to game.
  13. I am glad they went ahead and cancelled it. This pandemic is nothing to be joking about. You got Italy so overwhelmed that they have their entire country on lockdown and they are having to make crucial decisions on who is going to live and who is going to die right now. If the U.S. and Europe don't get this under control, in the next 2 weeks we could be in the exact same predicament with not enough hospital beds or ICUs to treat everyone. That is the real scary part is just not having the space or staff to treat people. That being said I am sure they will do Directs or online stuff. CDC is saying it could last for around 60 days is what they are expecting but nobody really knows since we are sort of in unprecedented territory with nothing like this happening in over a Century. That being said, I will be in my Game Room gaming while the rest of people punch each other out over hand sanitizer and TP. I am good to go for at least 2 months in food, and a month with everything else. University is closed until at least March 29th, so it is game time. This Game Room is my sanctuary. It is kind of messed up how a Pandemic frees you from things like school and work (I work at the school). Just stay at home unless you absolutely have to go somewhere. I am going to be relaxing :).
  14. Wanted to do a little update about this. I got some of the games I mentioned and the controller in the mail. It works perfectly fine. There are no disc read issues or anything bad about it. It works flawlessly. That makes me very very happy :).
  15. Didn't come with any but still for $6, I can't really beat that. I was able to get a white Japanese 3D controller for $10 and a white Japanese regular one for $10 as well. They are both in really good condition. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of game time and been tethered to handhelds to get in my fix lol. I am pulling insane hours at school right now. I was seriously sick with staph infection for over a month and missed a lot of school. This is Grad School btw and I have a Teacher's Assistant position here as well. So I been really behind. I am trying to get everything caught up by Spring Break (starts on the 16th) so I don't have to be dealing with all this crap. I am about to be pulling an all nighter at my office at the school tonight. I have a midterm tomorrow afternoon and a bunch of stuff due. So basically, there isn't much gaming going on in my life at this moment which is starting to make me very miserable. So I can't wait to get it all done so I can kick back and play some retro stuff. Like I said, I have never owned or even played on a Sega Saturn before, so this is a very exciting time for me. I feel like when I was a kid and I first played an N64 or PS1. I feel that way right now because the Saturn was always one that has eluded me for years and been very intimidating to get into with the prices being so absurd. I have come to the conclusion as well that I am going to have to settle for Japanese imports on a lot of stuff to keep costs within reason (since many Japanese imports of the games are usually much cheaper then their US Counterparts) and going after loose discs. I have done custom casing before, so I am probably going to get some bit boxes or cheap DVD cases and just do the custom covers on coverproject since finding stuff in box is usually prohibitively expensive. Hopefully next month I will have some extra money (that is as long as nothing else breaks in our house, Septic Tank and plumbing issues had me come out of pocket over $2000 this month). I will make sure to share my work on here since I know you and Art definitely appreciate that kind of stuff. Right now, it is just a grind.