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  1. Aye, I haven't seen the movie, but I'm just hoping she doesn't swoop in and snuff out Thanos in a couple of milliseconds cuz she's ultra powerful and stuff, in turn making the other heroes kinda irrelevant in the end. Cuz that's basically the gist of that mediocre Justice League movie that came out awhile back.
  2. I kinda thought the vampire politics were interesting, but they just focused on it too much at the expense of Trevor Belmont's story. In all honesty I think the flashbacks about Isaac and Hector were the main sources behind the problematic pacing. I also kinda wish there were more encounters between Trevor's crew and the Vampires prior to the big battle. Ya know, get some proper build-up going or something.
  3. Aye, I will. Also, @Isotope, ye I finally managed to finish it last night. Now I'm working on another essay due next week. This time I'm gonna actually finish it on time...hopefully...
  4. Nah man that don't work in University, even in a throwaway class.
  5. Aye, it's a WWI History Essay discussing the nature of that Christmas Truce that happened early on in the war. I got frustrated because it was supposed to be a simple essay with, like, two resources, but I kept feeling like I was stretching myself too thin and I was just sorta talking out of my ass the whole way through. It sucks because I'm normally never this bad at thinking of shit to say, but this topic felt so limiting. Like, yeah, it was a symbol of humanity in such a brutal period of history and shit. We already heard that shit. I tried to be contrarian by talking about how the truce was still kinda shitty, but I had to cherry pick my citations just to piece my loose interpretation of the events together. I felt like a scumbag the whole way through because of disingenuous it all was. Then I went to visit my friend down in Boston for my week-long break, and I couldn't find time to just finish the essay until I came back. But honestly whatever excuse I make doesn't change the fact that I really just need to get my shit together and work on my timing and scheduling. Shit's wack man. Edit: Oh shit forgot to respond to your stuff. Aye, shite, which Gameboy games you got working again?
  6. Oof. I feel awfully close to it already, and I'm not even 20. Aye, been doing better. Trying to finish up this dumb paper that's been overdue for a week and a half now, though. I really gotta brush up on my study and work habits. You?
  7. Finally managed to beat a game in over a year and a half. Fallout New Vegas: I didn't complete the game or anything, but I finally finished the NCR campaign after a couple of years of restarting whenever I got bored. Shit was lit man.
  8. I'm just looking forward to Doom Eternal, even though I still don't have an 8th Gen console.
  9. Haven't been addressed that way in ages. What's up my dude?
  10. Seemed kinda hokey with all those trailers. If I may be so bold, you mind elaborating on this opinion?
  11. Nah fam he's gotta be trying out for Olympic Diving in North Korea or somewhere else that's oppressive.
  12. Shiet, well, I guess I better make those cash grabs fucking spicy. Edit: I actually have sort of this backup plan where if I end up having to direct one of those dumb and shallow Hallmark movies, I would crank up the shallowness factor up to 11 and make it just creepy enough for the producers to not notice what exactly it is that I'm doing until it's too late.