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  1. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

    Aw fuck I heard the news last night. Rest in piece you beautiful bastard.
  2. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Castlevania set to hit NetFlix this year.

    Binged the entire second season the other night. The way it was structured made it feel like a movie broken up into 8 parts more than a serialized story. Nothing against that per se, but it sorta affected the pacing the show as a show, as it kinda dragged when the main trio spent multiple episodes meandering about in the Belmont archive without interacting with the outside world. That part also ties into a larger issue, as the show lacked any real interaction between the protagonists and the antagonists until the climax. Like, I liked how both sides each received some kind of development, but these developments were so isolated from one another that may have well been different stories entirely. This lack of interaction also fucked with the world-building. I never really got a feel for the world outside of Dracula, his army, his castle, Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard. So if the show was gonna spend so much time developing Dracula's henchmen, then it should of have been a story about Dracula's henchmen and the infighting that goes on within his ranks. However, that would sort of defeat the purpose of adapting the general Castlevania plotline; it wouldn't be a Castlevania story without Alucard and the Belmonts stopping Dracula. To fix this, I'd make the protagonists escalate their encounters with Dracula's hierarchy of henchmen. You have them start with fighting off the night creature hordes before slowly rising up in Dracula's ranks as they pose a greater and greater threat to the vampire lord. This forces the characters from both sides to clash, creating a more dynamic platform for which to develop your characters with. It's a more conventional way of doing things, but it works for a reason. I'd also keep the mystique of some of Dracula's henchmen (like Isaac and Hector) to allow more focus on the protagonists. You can still hint at their more nuanced relationships and histories, but I'd keep it more restrained for the sake of balance. It kinda felt like the show blew its wad too early for those characters, especially since the end of the series clearly set their character arcs up for some sort of sequel. It would have been better to reveal more about their pasts in this hypothetical sequel series than to just give everything away through flashbacks from the get-go. I can see why the creators blew said wad too early though; they were probably afraid the next season wouldn't be greenlit or something, so they wanted to show off how nuanced the henchmen could be now that they had the chance. Still loved the show though. It's just that its one issue is so glaring that it prevents it from really reaching that tightly structured spice you see with shit like Avatar: the Last Airbender or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 or Breaking Bad.
  3. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Viridian City - N4A Chat Thread, November 2018

  4. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Yeah, I know. And I felt sleazy and gross after I realized my mind kept wandering in that direction. I guess I just get really insecure ya know? Like, I'm ashamed of who I am so I keep lying to myself in the vain hope that I'll be right. That, yeah, I'm desirable on some level. My thought process is kind of a paradox in a way, I guess. I know you need to love yourself before you can even begin to think you can receive that kind of affection from others, but I judge my self worth by whether I can receive that kind of affection from others. So when I don't receive it, I end up hating myself, and people see that, so they don't want to put up with my transparently toxic nature (rightfully so). Thus perpetuates the self-sabotaging cycle of self-loathing and creepiness that has plagued me for years. Luckily I've stopped caring and just left the whole thing alone. It's the only right thing to do at this point. Kinda sucks I did this, but I gotta live with my mistakes now. tldr: I learned to stop caring cuz that's the only way I can break out of my own self-hatred, yeet.
  5. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Yep. Alright. Sorry.
  6. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Yeah honestly that's probably the only thing I can do. Heh, maybe I'm the reason why she had a bad day.
  7. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    That's just more depressing lmao. I let the first date get to my head. Didn't know how to play my cards right for a follow-up. Every time I wanted to see her again she was either busy (rightfully so since she's got a job and classes and stuff) or she'd cancel last minute cuz something else would come up. I was kind of freaking out cuz I thought she'd lose interest in me if nothing happened, so I'd keep pushing for a second date, whether it was in person or through texting. Then last Wednesday we had some back 'n forth over text about her opinion about bass nightclubs. She was going to one on Friday night with her friends before setting off to Montreal for the weekend, and I thought, "Okay well maybe I can see her for a couple of drinks before she goes, eh?" The next day I send a text broken up into three parts explaining how I don't want to insert myself into her personal life and act like I know her friends (cuz I thought she thought that'd I ask to go to the club Friday night with her) but that I still wanted to see her once or some shit before she left. First red flag: don't send overly long texts that try to predict what she's thinking. That's dumb and creepy and awkward. Rightfully so, since she didn't respond to that text, like, at all. I text her the next day, worried that I creeped her out. It's just a simple "Yo." Nothing too bad. Still though; nothing. I wait the entire weekend until yesterday when I saw her after film class. Tried talking to her but she seemed a bit more apprehensive around me. We split up to go to our next classes. Then later that night I realized that I forgot to ask her on how well she did on one of her film assignments and asked through a text, hoping to get some dialogue going or some shit. She texts me back finally, but it's not the kind of text I wanted to see. "Sorry but can you please stop messaging me, thanks." That sentence ripped through my guts like a saw blade. It would mean one thing if she simply told me she wasn't interested in me or something. But to know that I made someone uncomfortable like that just stings. Like, it's a sign that I never really improved, that I still have that ghoulish effect on people. It hurts to know that you creep people out, that you scare them not because you're intimidating, but because you seem unpredictable and weird and awkward. But I get it. If I do anything else, I'll make things worse. Plus I don't want to make her more scared than she already is. That's just fucked up.
  8. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Welp @luca: looks like you were right about that chick I "went out" with. Oof, damn, the truth really does hurt sometimes.
  9. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Guys I tried playing vidya again yesterday and it turns out I don't even have the attention span for shit like Fallout: New Vegas anymore. And that's basically one of my favorite games of all time. What's wrong with me?
  10. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Toys R Us Hints At Returning; Fired Employees Upset

    Huh. Not sure how to feel about this.
  11. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    Yeah I was kinda thinking the same thing.
  12. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

    I mean, I really liked the Stain Arc for adding a layer of depth to a world any lesser shonen would fail to even attempt to expand upon. I also like how the main protagonist grows as a fighter by learning new strategies and ways to harness his power as opposed to resorting to a basic boost at the last second. So there's, like, some nutritional value in this supposed comfort food of an anime.
  13. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

    The Internet's Corrupted Peach Crown
  14. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

    Nah it ain't like that chief. I'm not rushing into this thing expecting some lovey-dovey relationship or anything. I'm more or less just glad that I was able to put my troubled past to rest and actually interact with someone who may actually be interested in me that way. If it doesn't work out: fine, whatever. I can still put this experience in my back pocket as a tangible sign that I've moved on.
  15. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

    The legal age of drinking in Ontario is 19, and I turned 19 earlier this month.