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  1. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

    College courses are gonna be fun but also hella fucked if I procrastinate Gotta approach this with a level of grit and determination the likes of which I could never hope to even approach had I tried this a year ago.
  2. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    The Velvet Room - N4A Chat Thread, September 2018

    This week on Totally Obsessed... Wow the more I think about it the less this joke works cuz the collection ain't that dangerously big in all honesty. Unless of course your place is packed to the brim with Dragon Quest merchandise. TUMF on the other hand...
  3. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    2008 vs. 2018

    2008: -Was a little awkward third/fourth grader who really only enjoyed playing with Bionicles, Transformers, Yugioh, and video games and not sports or anything physically demanding like all the other kids -Parents had been divorced for three years at this point but I wasn't really bothered by that for some reason -Internet experience mainly consisted of watching anime AMVs and custom Bionicle tutorials synced to Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, and basically any edgy song from the early 2000s. Oh and also Crazy Frog music videos, fake trailers for Jurassic Park 4, and Addictinggames.com -Dad lived in a nice house and we had a half husky/half wolf breed who was just, like, the best fucking thing ever -Kinda had a weird social dynamic with my other elementary school peers wherein I somehow managed to make friends with the popular kids despite my awkward and moody personality, though in hindsight I probably weirded them out a lot and the only reason why they were friends with me was because they were constantly told by adult authority figures to not be mean to kids like me. -Didn't know how to ride a bike or a scooter or a skateboard or skates or anything really -Cried in school a lot when things didn't go my way -Prided myself in being seen as the "smart kid" simply because I memorized the useless schlock my teachers threw at me and followed directions well enough, which was a ticking time bomb of an identity crisis waiting to blow up in my face. -Had a helicopter mom that coddled the fuck out of me and did shit behind my dad's back, especially after the divorce, like placing me in an after school day care for autistic children despite the fact that I wasn't actually autistic. That kind of shit really stunted my social development and really fucked with me until I realized what I was becoming during my first year of college. -Wanted to become a paleontologist when I grew up because I liked dinosaurs and memorized a lot dinosaur facts -Thought that White and Nerdy and Riding Dirty were the same song because I sucked at listening to song lyrics -Holding a phone for a couple of seconds felt like holding forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eve -Had little to no coordination in my body -Easily scared of, well, anything really, especially horror movies. 2018: -Awkward first/second-year college student who is slightly more outgoing than before but suffers greatly from social anxiety and ADD -Only recently completely recovered from a burned bridge with a former high school crush and even managed to rebuild the friendship entirely over the course of this recent summer vacation -Also only recently recovered from an identity crisis wherein I realized I had no applicable skills or any real talents in anything because of how I grew up as a mindless pseudo-intellectual sheep that followed directions well. But now I'm taking measures to correct my life so it's been improving -Only recently realized the extent to which my neurotic, overbearing, manipulative, and coddling mom was willing to diminish my dignity as a child because of easy access to certain school and government-related resources, her own insecurities, and a warped sense of pride -Dad lost a lot in his life and now lives in a guest house. Our husky/wolf hybrid is probably either dead or about to die, but we haven't seen him since 2011 when we had to leave him on a dog ranch during a major move. -Learned how to ride a bike, a scooter, and a skateboard during my senior year in high school -Phones don't feel that special anymore which makes me sad for some reason -Grew a bit of a backbone though I'm still limited by my fear of getting on people's bad sides -Have become more physically active in recent years, even going so far as to develop some definition in my abdomen -Realized that I want to write, possibly even direct, stories (still refining the pilot script of a Yugioh spin-off story which can hopefully transcend fan fic status) and dabble with acting, though I'm majoring in Journalism because I still want to be useful to society in some capacity rather than end up as a failing artist -I've lost my passion for anything related to Lego, and my passion for Transformers has progressively dwindled to a mere appreciation of a couple of shows and the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into making some of the figures -Still have an interest in Yugioh though it's become too expensive and complicated for me to really commit to it -Experienced what it's like to chug vodka and take acid (not at the same time though) so that's pretty fucking neat. -Still have no real coordination, though I've forced myself to loosen up my previously tight and rigid body a bit so now I look more natural. -Am also basically a stoner
  4. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    Aye, yeah, sorry. I took that too far. Don't listen to me.
  5. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    Aye, that's good, but I ain't talking about just making a couple of friends. I'm talking about not letting your hormones consume you whenever a hot girl so much as looks at you for more than a couple of seconds. I'm talking about not being a buzzkill in any social circle just because you happen to feel down that day. I'm talking about not lashing out whenever things don't go your way. High school can be kinda messed up if you don't mature fast enough. I know I took awhile to, and I suffered a lot as a result.
  6. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    Good luck, kid. It's going to be a social hell if you don't handle yourself properly.
  7. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Isle of Café Seiren - N4A Chat Thread, July 2018

    You guys ever sometimes feel your past coming back to bite you in the ass when you're just tryna chill?
  8. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Isle of Café Seiren - N4A Chat Thread, July 2018

    Yo honestly I'm not too bothered by the She-Ra reboot right now. It doesn't look like it's trying to bastardize the source material into some slice-of-life comedy like all the other reboots we've been getting lately.
  9. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    General movie discussion

    It was just so tightly structured and paced. I'm impressed with how Vincenzo Natali pulled the whole thing off with such a mediocre budget.
  10. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    General movie discussion

    Saw the original Cube (1997) last night. Shit's intense af
  11. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Isle of Café Seiren - N4A Chat Thread, July 2018

    I mean, perhaps he feels that if he has more control over the research he'd be more efficient or something. Could he possibly enable the experts by hiring or contracting them through his company?
  12. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Isle of Café Seiren - N4A Chat Thread, July 2018

    Aye, don't mean to butt in but how is it possible to discern whether or not he's being a good person when it's convenient?
  13. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Castlevania set to hit NetFlix this year.

    Hell yes babeeeeeee
  14. Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    Isle of Café Seiren - N4A Chat Thread, July 2018

    Haha I love the benis