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  1. I wouldn't characterize people wanting a promised function as "entitled." Tracking was supposed to be in the game, but was disfunctional to start with. Worse, they took it away and haven't reinstated a fixed version of the feature. For some players, it's a feature they used heavily (at least, third-party versions) and they would like for it to come back. There's nothing "entitled" about that. It doesn't make them lazy either. I, for example, have a limited amount of time to devote to something like Pokemon Go in my day, so when I play it I would like to streamline the process of finding Pokemo
  2. I haven't played since August. What killed it for me was the catch rate becoming unfavorable compared to how it was. I found my self going through at least 3 pokeballs per Pokémon. Add in the fact that I don't get the opportunity to pass Pokestops that much in my day, and I'm out of Pokeballs as fast as I can buy more. It kills the fun when you can't play because the odds are stacked against you.
  3. The difficulty with this challenge so far is that I really have no idea where things are going to end up by 50000 words. I may pass the limit, but I might not be done with the story.
  4. Well, unless they patch the problem, I'll keep my Wii version.
  5. I have this on Wii Virtual Console, but I don't remember glaring issues with it.
  6. I only have a passing interest in the FGC scene due to Smash Bros, but I really have no idea what's moving eSports these days. I can't say if Splatoon would be a great game for people to watch and for players to compete with, but I can't see why not, based on my experience with Splatoon. The non Turf War modes (heck, even Turf War) all require some coordination to be effectively won (otherwise, it's just a fustercluck of people smashing against each other until one side pulls through). With more fine tuning and attention from Nintendo (plus a big advertising campaign), I don't see why it would
  7. GX was near-perfect. The only thing that would have made it better was an online component. Silky-smooth framerate, great graphics and art design, intense tracks, hard-hitting music, and a challenging story mode made this game a cut above the rest of the series (and most racing games). The mechanics for racing are surprisingly deep too. When I did my last playthrough of the game a few years ago to complete Diamond Cup, I found myself learning new things about how to race at a top-tier level that I had no idea about when I was a teen with this game.
  8. I'm going to be a few thousand behind by next week. This week has been busier than expected, and the weekend will be no different.
  9. I've never played a proper Dragon Quest game, so I may look into it. I've always liked the music and Toriyama's artwork.
  10. tfw hi-quality graphics and intense speeds at 60fps. I absolutely love F-Zero GX. My generation would be made if a new game co developed by Sega dropped for the Switch.
  11. I think its best uses will be outside of gaming. The device is too expensive for the average person to feel comfortable spending money on, it's not a very social experience (isolating yourself from everyone around you by putting something over your head), and I haven't seen any convincingly useful methods of control that aren't what we've already been doing without VR. Plus, you have to remember that many genres of games will not work well under this format. It will be a short term success because of the novelty, but it has no long term presence in its current state.
  12. I had no idea that this was about writing lol. Chalk that up to me usually ignoring PO threads... I'm writing a Zelda fan fiction right now, so I guess I can lump that in with this little thing. I've also been planning on converting it to an original story, so I might also do that on the side. Very interesting.
  13. I did it with Pokémon Go this summer, since I was running out of Poke Balls a lot. I stopped caring though when the update happened and Pokémon got harder to catch.
  14. I think there's a middle ground that should be reached and I think this place is darn close to it. We don't need to go to extremes in either direction. While I went my whole time on NS2 without ever getting even a warning from a mod, I can understand why some people wouldn't enjoy the heavy-handed nature of the moderation team during Shrimpkid's time. At the same time, I don't think we need to go to the other extreme and be a step short of /v/ (for all the reasons people have already discussed). I think the major takeaway is that people need to remember to be respectful and civil i
  15. Once again, thanks a lot for reading and for your help! I hope to have the next chapter posted no later than next week, but I'm aiming for the weekend.
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