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  1. Phoenixes I more or less put in the same category as dragons myself, and Fire Emblem Fates seemed to do so as well when concerning certain Dragon Veins.
  2. Well, that's the good thing about a dragon like Bahamut from Final Fantasy, because as The Green Scorpion, he's pretty much filled every possible role one can. For me, I like the kind of stories where dragons are seen as gods, like in Fire Emblem. Hell, in Shadowrun, dragons literally are gods.
  3. Yeah, dragons are awesome as well, especially since I watched Green Scorpion's Top 10 Video Game Dragons. But for my tastes, vampires just seem to have the overall dominating factor when it comes to them being greater than other monsters, or maybe that's just because of the kind of status that Dracula holds in the Castlevania games.
  4. Well, probably Saitama from One Punch Man. And Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo.
  5. After watching Strike the Blood, thanks to a WatchMojo I watched about the Top 10 Insanely Powerful Anime Vampires that got me to hear about the show, my interest in vampires has really grown, thinking of them in different ways when it comes to abilities and such. This DOESN'T mean I'm going to decide to watch the Twilight movies, because fuck those abominations, but at the same time, I've recently decided to redo a fanfic of mine that has an OC now being a vampire. Not to mention--and this is going to sound REALLY juvenile--I've thought about existing in an alternate universe where I become a vampire in the same type as Kojou Akatsuki from Strike the Blood (though more recently, that OC I mentioned for my fanfic I'm redoing) where I not only have all the usual traits of a vampire like enhanced strength, durability, agility, stamina, senses, as well as being immortal, but I also have access to the awesome familiars I can summon that I feel I could really do good with when it comes to stopping those who would destroy us through capitalism, and kill politicians that are ruining this country, all while just trying to live a quiet life like I am currently now (I've recently moved back to Pleasant Grove, and have got my own trailer I'm currently living in, settling in quite nicely). What about the rest of you? What supernatural creatures do you have a big interest in?
  6. Fitting my username, I got Guilty Gear XX. Been having fun with it; recently got the good endings with Dizzy, Sol and Ky (got Sol's bad ending the first time through Story mode), thus got their EX modes unlocked. For the most part, I think EX Dizzy is better than Normal Dizzy. @blcdude1: And the girl is at least dressed more like a treasure hunter as opposed to the thong bikini from X-Blades. BTW, Chrom, you forgot a game, the original Guilty Gear. That also came to eShop.
  7. Join the club. And a lot of those kind of guys think they're smarter than you. But I have a perfect meme for such people:
  8. Well, I've started the oil again, but this time, I'm also taking my regular medicine, and so far, the results seem to be positive where I feel more clear-headed, alert, calm and just overall balanced. For example, in the past, smoke detectors would drive me batshit insane when they would go off for stupid reasons. However, the last time mine went off as I was grilling burgers... I couldn't get angry, and I didn't want to. I was annoyed by the sound, but I was like, "I don't have time to waste energy to get angry over stuff like this."
  9. Something we all need after all of the toxicity in some of these places. Kind of the reason I've mostly taken to having personal conversations with fewer people over something like Discord, because I think that helps me connect better with people than some forum does.
  10. Yeah, I need to talk to you more often. I might need to get your Discord tag again, because I'm more active there.
  11. True, and maybe Kezay still comes to visit now and then. I mostly spend time on Discord these days.
  12. I can understand that, and I've been enjoying my own life with gaming, writing and YouTube (and recent panic attacks also complicated things). Naturally, with autism, I don't work, but then again, with how much I make from disability, I don't need to. Anyway, I guess this was all bound to happen. Oh and reading your sig, sorry about your uncle and cat.
  13. From the few times I've been here since my long absence, activity seems to be way down. There's so few people on to the point it's like a ghost town. I wonder what happened.
  14. I'm sure nobody has missed me, but... Let's just say things got eventful pretty recently, and by that, I mean that kind where I was afraid I was going to die. For the most part, I've been building up my Switch library a good bit, as well as getting a few PS4 games here and there, and even the occasional 3DS game (if anyone still cares about that particular system). I'll mention the games I got in the future. Also been doing a lot of writing with a friend of mine, but just for fun, though even parts of it are starting to become formulaic, if I have to confess. However, at the beginning of this year, things kind of got dire as one of those friends I have in real life and his mom have been pressuring me to get Cannabis Oil in hopes it could help someone of my mental state. And after hearing a store close by me sells it, he wanted me to save my money for some. So... One day, I did just that due to reasons I won't explain, and for a while when I did the stuff, I was actually starting to feel better for a while. However, over time - and because I was taking this in place of my medicine - I started having these unexplained pains that made me think I was having a heart attack, but thankfully, the pains were surface level. And with that knowledge, I started to feel better. But then... Things started getting worse as my heart started racing for some reason, making me worry about having a heart attack again. Not only that, but my appetite was feeling suppressed, or more like I could take the big bites of food I usually would when eating. Eventually, I talked to one of my aunts who also happens to be a nurse, and she told me about the time she smoked marijuana, in how it made her heart race instead of calming her down. I even told my friend of those same problems, and even he said I shouldn't have quit my normal medicine in favor of the oil - that I should have taken the oil as a supplement. So yeah, thankfully for me quitting the oil, going back to my normal medicine and seeing my family doctor recently about those pains, I've been feeling a lot better. And how has life been treating the rest of you?
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