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  1. Yeah, I usually Stream Monday through Friday. I stream on Saturdays sometimes. I will be doing a Talking Station today where I talk about a bunch of different stuff. I will be streaming Mega Man 10 Proto Man Mode today as well too. I usually do 1 or 2 Streams a day depending upon the games I stream too. Here are the channels where I usually stream: https://www.youtube.com/c/zelda101/live https://www.twitch.tv/ezlo21 https://www.mixer.com/EZLO21 https://twitter.com/EZLO21 I am sorry if this is self Promotion guys, but
  2. As long as I can get the People to come and support me through Streamlabs very soon, All will be very great. I plan to be my own boss with that stuff and do giveaways and buy new games and stuff with all of that too.
  3. They are good, I am just about to start trying my hardest at earning some extra Money through what I love to do on my Streaming stuff as well. I am going to do it through Streamlabs tho too.
  4. I don't know where to post this, but I am back. Sorry for the very long disappearance. I just needed a break from the Forum Scene. I did notice where you all at Ninfora have me as hosted on your Twitch Streaming Service and I want to thank you all for that too. But I am back now as well too.
  5. I knew that they would exclude Atlanta Georgia and or anywhere close to me as well, but what else is new with that? I can wait on experiencing the Nintendo Switch until I buy one with a Pro Controller and Breath of the Wild too.
  6. If this is true, then maybe we can see Imported Virtual Console games and maybe get Satellaview Satellite Modem VC Games from Nintendo and finally see the original Tetris Attack in the form of BS Yoshi Panepon or other Imported games for that matter.
  7. Anyone in their right mind will pass on this game and give Nintendo the No Data Plan Sign will change their mind on this. Most people who play mobile games play them by downloading them to their cell phones expecting not to have to be online 24/7 to play them and I do that myself.
  8. It might have been how the lighting was, or the fact that they did not capture the Switch Gameplay of Botw how they would during an actual Event, but the graphics didn't show off to well from what I noticed or it was the color or something on their HDTV.
  9. In that case also known as not that important lol. Wake me up when he shows off the Switch on a Jimmy Fallon Show or even Breath of the Wild for that matter.
  10. If they do GCN Games on the VC, They would need to re release games like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, They would have to either forgo ever re releasing the original Wind Waker on there due to the Game Boy Advance and they'd have to re release Four Swords Adventures in place of the original Wind Waker too. I can see them re releasing Mario Kart Double Dash without any issues. Also the Sonic Mega Collection could see a re release too. There are so many possible GCN Games that they could re release too. I do hope we see other games that they didn't re release already too. Such as the NES
  11. Yeah, I know but that don't make SMBTLL any easier lol. I still take my deaths as anyone would, but I beat the game show off 1 world that can't be gotten unless you do the Warp Pipeless run, and even do the hint hint missing levels too lol.
  12. Well Page 5 means dead thread basically lol. But I will PM you the Video when I upload it. Bare in mind that Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels is much harder than the original SMB too. But That Elgato Game Capture HD will be my last Purchase for the year of 2016 too.
  13. Well it does lol, but I didn't want to revive that thread as it seems to be dead.
  14. For me my latest purchase was the Elgato Game Capture HD on November 2nd. I am enjoying being able to use it. Oh and PB I have 2 Feats on Super Mario All Stars - Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels to show you once I upload the Videos. I will say that it will be on Level 8-4 when you see it too.
  15. Also don't forget that as much as it is either loved or hated by people who own the Wii U, anyone in their correct state of mind will know that selling a game that is as highly regarded as Botw is becoming onto a dead and out of production system is asking for trouble. With the Nintendo Switch just around the Seasonal Corner in 3 to 4 month's time, if your Nintendo, you'd want to make the Switch version of Botw the important version since you want to make the Nintendo Switch sell like Hot Cakes and come out swinging for the Home Run if you want to be all Baseball Speak about it too.
  16. Well yeah of course PB. When I was talking about VC if you'll recall my saying the following: I still stick by that point too. The reason I didn't add in the GCN or Wii is because they said or it was rumored one that the Wii U's VC was going to include the GCN system of games, but they either had a problem emulating the games, or got caught up in trying to make the Wii U Successful despite the fact that it ended up not ever getting done. I see the eShop continuing and the VC going on too, because you can still get emulation of games to work if you take the tim
  17. Getting back to the Topic at hand, I just want to see the Virtual Console Service continue and with any VC Games we already own to transfer over free of charge or to be shared through our Nintendo Network ID/Nintendo Accounts so that we don't have to continue to re buy them. If we have to re buy them, they should be no more than a dollar per NES, 5 Dollars SNES, and 10 Dollars on the N64 if you don't own the games on the Wii or Wii U systems. If you own them then they should just transfer over for free or for less then the new chargeable prices like they did for the Wii to Wii U price discount
  18. You don't mine if I quote you in a Facebook post on that do you EH_Steve? In my actual reply to this now, I knew this would be a hot ticket Item and told a friend on Facebook so and he didn't go to his Best Buy until 10 AM his time. I told him he should have went earlier then that too but he didn't. I am holding off on the NES Mini until after the major rush passes and will instead get the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild First.
  19. You mean for the Wii. They did not make one for the Wii U. But yeah I understand what you meant.
  20. Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition is a Wii Game and can't played with the Wii U Gamepad PB. It can be played with the Wii Classic Controller, Wiimote, and Everyone's favorite Nintendo Controllers The GameCube Controller and if you own one the Game Cube WaveBird Controller too. I found myself using the Classic Controller more. Had to correct your oversight on that matter PB. Now if you are playing the Wii U VC port of these Games then yes I can see where you got that from.
  21. Nice, If I fire up the ole Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition for the Wii through my Wii U, I will be sure to try both of those and record it as well too. Any way Nice job again PB.
  22. The Wii U is dead for those who don't believe it. The reason I believe it is, because the Nintendo Switch is the new talk of the Town so to speak and it will be the hybrid to kick the hybrid Gaming Market off and I won't say that it will be a major success until we know everything we can about it. But I will say that I am more hyped then I was before. The Wii U will still get played by those of us who own one, but it was by no means the major success that Iwata thought it would be.
  23. In other news people who didn't vote won't get to complain and guess what? They will complain no matter who's in the Oval Office. I don't care who is in it, seeing as neither Hillary nor Trump one deserves it. If I was forced to vote, I would have voted for a 3rd party choice.
  24. Any way the NES Mini is getting closer to release and the Market for it will be much bigger than most expect it to be. There are more collectors and overall NES Fans then you'd expect as well. I am sure that the NES Mini will sell like hotcakes for a while.
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