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  1. Yeah, I usually Stream Monday through Friday. I stream on Saturdays sometimes. I will be doing a Talking Station today where I talk about a bunch of different stuff. I will be streaming Mega Man 10 Proto Man Mode today as well too. I usually do 1 or 2 Streams a day depending upon the games I stream too. Here are the channels where I usually stream: https://www.youtube.com/c/zelda101/live https://www.twitch.tv/ezlo21 https://www.mixer.com/EZLO21 https://twitter.com/EZLO21 I am sorry if this is self Promotion guys, but Pichi asked about my channels.
  2. As long as I can get the People to come and support me through Streamlabs very soon, All will be very great. I plan to be my own boss with that stuff and do giveaways and buy new games and stuff with all of that too.
  3. They are good, I am just about to start trying my hardest at earning some extra Money through what I love to do on my Streaming stuff as well. I am going to do it through Streamlabs tho too.
  4. I don't know where to post this, but I am back. Sorry for the very long disappearance. I just needed a break from the Forum Scene. I did notice where you all at Ninfora have me as hosted on your Twitch Streaming Service and I want to thank you all for that too. But I am back now as well too.
  5. I knew that they would exclude Atlanta Georgia and or anywhere close to me as well, but what else is new with that? I can wait on experiencing the Nintendo Switch until I buy one with a Pro Controller and Breath of the Wild too.
  6. If this is true, then maybe we can see Imported Virtual Console games and maybe get Satellaview Satellite Modem VC Games from Nintendo and finally see the original Tetris Attack in the form of BS Yoshi Panepon or other Imported games for that matter.
  7. Anyone in their right mind will pass on this game and give Nintendo the No Data Plan Sign will change their mind on this. Most people who play mobile games play them by downloading them to their cell phones expecting not to have to be online 24/7 to play them and I do that myself.
  8. It might have been how the lighting was, or the fact that they did not capture the Switch Gameplay of Botw how they would during an actual Event, but the graphics didn't show off to well from what I noticed or it was the color or something on their HDTV.
  9. In that case also known as not that important lol. Wake me up when he shows off the Switch on a Jimmy Fallon Show or even Breath of the Wild for that matter.
  10. If they do GCN Games on the VC, They would need to re release games like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, They would have to either forgo ever re releasing the original Wind Waker on there due to the Game Boy Advance and they'd have to re release Four Swords Adventures in place of the original Wind Waker too. I can see them re releasing Mario Kart Double Dash without any issues. Also the Sonic Mega Collection could see a re release too. There are so many possible GCN Games that they could re release too. I do hope we see other games that they didn't re release already too. Such as the NES Batman, Tetris Attack for the SNES even if it were the SNES Satellaview Satellite Modem version called BS Yoshi's Panepon if they had to change the name. So many possible games that the VC could still see if they tried their best to do so.
  11. Yeah, I know but that don't make SMBTLL any easier lol. I still take my deaths as anyone would, but I beat the game show off 1 world that can't be gotten unless you do the Warp Pipeless run, and even do the hint hint missing levels too lol.
  12. Well Page 5 means dead thread basically lol. But I will PM you the Video when I upload it. Bare in mind that Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels is much harder than the original SMB too. But That Elgato Game Capture HD will be my last Purchase for the year of 2016 too.
  13. Well it does lol, but I didn't want to revive that thread as it seems to be dead.
  14. For me my latest purchase was the Elgato Game Capture HD on November 2nd. I am enjoying being able to use it. Oh and PB I have 2 Feats on Super Mario All Stars - Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels to show you once I upload the Videos. I will say that it will be on Level 8-4 when you see it too.