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  1. With movies these days, It seems the majority of high-profile blockbuster franchise movies like Jurassic World TFK and Fantastic Beast TCOG, seem to either fall flat or at best seen as average, only gaining money because of franchise recognition with the exception of many Disney movies, and even then they have their vocal haters. However, things seem to be different with the game industry, with franchises like God of War, Mario and Zelda, both finding much more success with both critics and fans alike, with some even praising the latest entries as the best in their respective series, instead of complaining that the old ones were better. While there are a handful of nasty companies right now like EA and Activision, the good companies seems to do real well in understanding how to make quality and please fans, at least much better than the movie industry. Why does it appear that there is such a stark contrast of quality between the two entertainment industries?
  2. Nintendo lately has been lax on releasing past generation games besides those on the NES. In fact, the only recent release besides NES was the SNES classic, with no plans of an N64 classic or anything past the NES on the online service. What's going on here?
  3. Vector

    What's with all the Disney hate

    I know I've kind of touched upon this on my Captain Marvel thread, but I feel this should be its own topic. In recent years, Disney has gotten this reputation of being an "evil corporation" who "ruins" franchises like Star Wars and Marvel and pays the critics to give their movie good reviews. I can kind of see where this is coming from, with Disney being one of the biggest companies in the world. I can also get how Disney probably influences the critics a little bit, but I feel the same can be said with any other major studio like Universal. Besides, I just can't see movies like The Last Jedi and The Incredibles 2 getting over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes through corporate influence alone. I know RT can be unreliable at times, but a movie pleasing that high of a percentage of critics has to be at least genuinely good. Still, I always see a lot of channels (Geeks + Gamers and TheQuartering in particular) criticizing even the most critically acclaimed Disney movies more heavily than good movies from other studios like MI: Fallout, It, Shazam, and others. I really seems that there is some sort of bias against anything related to Disney, especially Star Wars. Is there something more to it than Disney just being a big company? Speaking of Star Wars, I am perplexed by the state of this franchise. It seems that no matter what it does, the fandom will always seem to bash it in the end, and there is seemingly no way to please the fans universally. Even the TLJ which had been lauded by so many critics, still seemingly failed to convince the fans that Star Wars is ruined. I heard that this could be because of George Lucas's previous tinkerings created a lore so disparate in taste that appeals to no one person. I also feel that it has something to do with the franchise's legendary status as a household name in pop culture. However is there anything more to it? And is there anyway the franchise can truly be "fixed"?
  4. Vector

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    Still, the problem is not as extreme as them just straight up bribing critics and buying seats from hundreds of theaters, right?
  5. Vector

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    Still, Is it enough of a problem for all these haters to endlessly complain about, or is it just something we should accept?
  6. Vector

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    Urg... I'm seeing articles now that say that Disney has confirmed that they manipulated perception of the film. Are these reports reallt true, or are they blown way out of context? Also, regarding Disney in general, they seemed to have garnered a lot of hate recently despite their recent successes. All around I still see more videos criticizing even its highest-rated films like The Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet than praising them, saying they are just rehashing other films and the like. And then there's the fact that people think that Disney is bribing critics to give them favorable reviews. What exactly is making people so distrustful of Disney. Is there really any truth to their claims, with all the influence Disney has? I just really can't stand all this negativity.
  7. Vector

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    It's good to know that you guys aren't giving in to the controversy, but my problem is that I see few people defending the film in any way. What's going on here? Should I just let time pass until the hate blows over and more honest opinions are shared?
  8. Vector

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    So I saw the movie. It's not amazing, but still pretty decent, and it definitely doesn't deserve all the hate it gets. However, I'm still seeing channels on Youtube like The Quartering mercilessly hating on it despite its box office success showing that general audiences like it. What's more, I'm hardly seeing other videos that defend the film. Shouldn't there be people ready to call out the haters, or at least present a more honest and impartial view at the film?
  9. I have been hearing from all over the internet about the controversy that Captain Marvel is stirring up. Its marketing seems to be pandering towards SJW's, and so is drawing mass ire from fans. This backdraft seems so big that the box office predictions are getting lower and lower as time goes on, and it feels like the Ghostbusters 2016 debacle all over again. While I do object to some of this marketing, including Brie Larson's insult toward white males, do you think this time the hate is a bit.....overblown? For one, I haven't seen anything real wrong with the movie judging from the trailers, while the Ghostbusters trailers were infamous for dividing audiences on the special effects. It seems that much of the controversy stems from the marketing than the actual film. Secondly, it's important to remember that while Ghostbusters came from a company who were already making some reputation-damaging mistakes before the movie was released, Captain Marvel is coming from a Marvel Studios that has been building up goodwill in its community with a hot streak of great films, especially in recent years. They seem to have proven to learn from its own mistakes and really care about each and every one of its properties. And while Captain is an obscure property and hasn't rubbed right with comic book fans in recent years, it's important to remember that Guardians Of the Galaxy was even more obscure than that, and in recent years before the release of the first Iron Man movie, the title character has had his reputation tarnished thanks to his portrayal in the Civil War event. So do you think that fans should give Marvel the benefit of the doubt after all the studio has done for them, or is this anger completely justified? If the movie is actually pretty good in line with other Marvel movie, should it still deserve to bomb because of its disastrous marketing moves?
  10. Vector

    What happened to Jontron?

    It has almost been a full year since the legendary Jontron had uploaded anything onto his Youtube channel. He hasn't even given us an update on the hiatus at all in 2018. What's going on with him. My only guess is that based on previously update videos, he seemed to have lost motivation in creating content.
  11. When a rumor is this ridiculous, it probably is. (See Mario and Rabbids)
  12. I just got Fire Emblen Awakening as my first game in the Fire Emblem series, but I'm not sure if I should play Casual Mode. I'm not that big a fan of difficulty, especially being one new to JRPGs in general, but I heard Casual Mode gets berated a lot in the FE community. As a complete newcomer to the franchise, what mode should I play?
  13. Doom on the Switch. I'm happy now
  14. Vector

    Wow, Konami. Just, wow.

    Just when you thought Konami could not get any shittier, This happens Is there no liit to Konami's dickery? How can they get away with this scott-free? #Fuckonami
  15. For some reason I've noticed a massive difficulty spike in the Grand Prix when going from level 2 to 3. Is it just that I suck at this game, or are others here also having their ass whooped at this game? discuss the game's difficulty here