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  1. Critic reviews have always been scrutinized for a while. However, it seems that their unreliability have been much more apparent, in recent years, as shown recently with the new Mulan movie. Why is that? What exactly is appealing to critics that's not appealing to general audiences?
  2. Lately in the news I heard something about Q-Anon, and many mainstream news outlets seem to outright condemning is as a bunch of conspiracy theories. When I look at the comments at those videos as well as more niche videos though, I see near unanimous outrage towards the news outlets. However, I am aware that the internet can get carried away with pro-right attitudes, So I can't trust opinions from either side. Can you help understand the truth of this controversy vs the possible falsities both sides may spout so that I can make my own judgements?
  3. With Detective Pikachu being the first real good video game movie, and with Miyamoto heavily involved in the production of the upcoming Mario movie, it seems that Nintendo is really serious about the quality of their ventures into Hollywood. With such major oversight over the films they're making. I feel that it would be natural for them to take a page from Marvel for them to create their own studio, instead of trusting another to handle their franchises. This is assuming, of course, that they plan to make further film adaptions of their IP's. If that's the case, do you think that this is a route that they should/would do?
  4. It's March, and we still haven't gotten any direct yet. New Horizons is just around the corner, and after that, we have no new things to look forward to the rest of 2020 besides a xenoblade remaster. What's going on here?
  5. As of today, The record of the largest gap between Nintendo directs has been broken again, as Nintendo has not released a general Direct since last September. This perplexes me, as the last direct didn't have a lot going for it, as its biggest announcements were basically a port and a remaster. I know January had two livestreams for Pokemon and Smash respectively, but they were both divisive, the former because of the state the Pokemon franchise is in, and the latter because of the character choice. I feel that because of this Nintendo should have released a direct sooner because fans don't really have anything to be to be hyped about besides Animal Crossing. What do you think of this drought of news?
  6. Everyone seemed to have some big expectations for the Game Awards, especially for a rumored batman game, and the 5th Smash DLC fighter. However, all we got was a quick reveal of the next Xbox, a Fast and Furious game, and some other stuff nobody really cares about. There really wasn't anything of substance in terms of announcements. Why do you think that is?
  7. Over the past few weeks, I've heard many people speculating that Lloyd Irving from the Tales series will be the next DLC fighter, and that he is actually popular pick as a fighter. Except that up until recently I've never really heard of the Tales series, and seeing that it features yet another JRPG swordsman, I'm puzzled on why people want this guy in. At least with Dragon Quest, I've constantly heard about the series and its impact way before the Hero got into Smash, and while I heard Tales is also popular in Japan, it doesn't seem nowhere near as popular as FF or DQ. What is the Tales series all about, and why does it deserve a fighter representative in Smash?
  8. Over the past few days, I have been hearing things about a government act called COPPA, which seems to be going through some changes unfavorable to creators whose content is directed at children. The internet as such has reacted badly to this, even going to say that this is the end of Youtube. However, when I talked to some IRL friends about it, they said that the effects won't be as bad as everyone thinks, and that it will hurt large corporations more than individual creators, and that it is at least a necessary evil. Is COPPA really that big of the deal as the internet makes it out to be? Or is it just a case of overreaction on the internet? Also, if it will really have that disastrous of an effect on youtube, will the newly revised act really last that long? Youtubers are already struggling to make their content child-friendly to avoid demonetization from Youtube, and so the act will create a no-win situation for them. With such ridiculously bad implications I heard COPPA will bring, how long would the people actually tolerate such an act before it is forced to change?
  9. I recently heard of a credible leak that points to a character from a game company called SNK being the next Smash DLC. I really am not familiar with SNK, other than hearing of a small subset of fans wanting such a representative in. Who exactly is SNK, and why do they deserve a fighter in Smash? Can you fill me in on this?
  10. Since Astral Chain is a new IP first published by Nintendo, does that make it a 1st-party IP in the same vein as the Xenoblade series? If so, given all of rave reviews it's been getting and the social media focus Nintendo has been giving it, it's almost certain then that it will get a fighter representation in the next Smash bros game.
  11. Just....damn. This is just plain incompetency. With the government already getting involved after ESA's failure to regulate microtransactions, what do you think of the fate of the ESA, along with the gaming industry overall, will be?
  12. The gaming and film industries seem to be suffering from a common problem: a lack of care for quality in favor of easy ways to make money. On Hollywood's side. We have studios constantly rehashing existing franchises to pander to brand recognition and recently been failing miserably, as evidenced by the last few summer box offices being held up solely by Disney-related movies, and the fact that one major studio, FOX, had decided to Disney as well. On the gaming side, we have scummy companies practicing morally wrong business practices to steal money from gullible consumers, and these actions, too, seem to be failing now in the long-term, with sales not meeting expectations and their stock falling. With all these wrongs going on, it feels that a crash in both industries is inevitable. Do you think one will happen in the near future? Furthermore, do you think these industries need a crash as the ultimate wake-up call to tell companies that their lazy and dirty practices will hurt them in the end?
  13. Do you think mediocre reviews would affect the sales of SwSh? I feel that it may get judged more harshly now that it is on a home console.
  14. Recently the UK has made the unpopular declaration that lootboxes are not gambling. This makes me incredibly frustrated, as I really thought that the days of lootboxes were coming to an end. I just can't see these malicious practices staying around for much longer. I feel there HAS to be a point (like a market crash, etc.) where everyone decides they have had enough and force companies like EA to change their ways for good. What do you think that point would be, and do you think it will be coming anytime soon?
  15. I just learned after coming home from a vacation that major channels like CBS is getting blacked out as part of some disputes between companies that create the shows and the companies that broadcast them. What's going on here, and does this have anything to do with the so-called "death" of television to streaming services?