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  1. Vector

    What happened to Jontron?

    It has almost been a full year since the legendary Jontron had uploaded anything onto his Youtube channel. He hasn't even given us an update on the hiatus at all in 2018. What's going on with him. My only guess is that based on previously update videos, he seemed to have lost motivation in creating content.
  2. When a rumor is this ridiculous, it probably is. (See Mario and Rabbids)
  3. I just got Fire Emblen Awakening as my first game in the Fire Emblem series, but I'm not sure if I should play Casual Mode. I'm not that big a fan of difficulty, especially being one new to JRPGs in general, but I heard Casual Mode gets berated a lot in the FE community. As a complete newcomer to the franchise, what mode should I play?
  4. Doom on the Switch. I'm happy now
  5. Vector

    Wow, Konami. Just, wow.

    Just when you thought Konami could not get any shittier, This happens Is there no liit to Konami's dickery? How can they get away with this scott-free? #Fuckonami
  6. For some reason I've noticed a massive difficulty spike in the Grand Prix when going from level 2 to 3. Is it just that I suck at this game, or are others here also having their ass whooped at this game? discuss the game's difficulty here
  7. Vector

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Even though critics are giving this game perfect scores, and sometimes calling it the best game ever, there are some people who are calling this bullshit. Though I believe most of these complaints are comin from ps4 fanboys who never played the game, is this game really the best of all time. I'm really more of a casual nintendo gamer, so I can't really say for sure. what do you guys think?
  8. Vector

    "You Laugh You Lose" Thread

    To celebrate the release of Doctor Strange on DVD
  9. Vector

    You Laugh You Lose Thread

    Here's this to start
  10. Vector

    You laugh you lose thread

    just puttin this here, since i don't see anything else like this yet
  11. It seems that its gonna be a massive failure or a massive success. Being able to play console games on the go is a very ambitious idea that can pay off big......if it works. If Nintendo can do this right, we may have an excellent console on our hands. However, considering obstacles like battery consumption, greatly reduced performance, etc., this awesome concept may turn out to be a disaster. To me, Nintendo is taking a huge gamble that may end up ruining them. Despite these fears, though, I remain hopeful. If Nintendo is really taking a risk like this, I am confident that they know what they're doing.
  12. Seriously, with the release of Paper Mario Color Splash, Nintendo has virtually run out of Wii U games (and console games in general) to promote, with the exception of Zelda BotW, which will also be on the NX anyway. Shouldn't they be announcing it by now?