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  1. Last month on the 16th my father passed away in the hospital. I've been going through a great deal of depression. Two weeks beforehand, he suffered a stroke. I called 911 after seeing him suddenly not responding and reaching out to feel something or understand what was happening to him. Blood clot in the brain. He had to be positioned with the hope that the blood would leave the brain on its own allowing him to come back to some sort of consciousness. His chances were slim, so the hospital prepared us for the worst. A week later his vitals stabilized and we were able to Facetime wi
  2. Kind of nervous. I'm on the guest list to go to some wine tasting event at a country club. I got the invitation after a charity organization reached out to me after seeing my work and asked me to donate a few pieces to their silent auction. I'm still debating whether or not I should bother showing up. Being an ok fan artist seems kind of embarrassing in that type of setting.
  3. I used to be a regular here. I started to frequent these boards less and less because I started to feel unwelcome. There was a number of users who were getting kicks out of putting me down. It's one thing when people critique your work and let you know how you can improve and encourage you to keep moving forward, it's another when they basically tell you you're a hopeless case and should just give up. Even though those users have up and gone, I always have an apprehension of ever adding anything new to my gallery thread.
  4. Midna was just finished in the early morning hours of Monday. It was going to be finished earlier, but my father had a stroke and work had to be put off for a week. The two Gokus are rush jobs with the intention of having canvas prints made for them. As I'm expanding my print inventories, I've branched out more from video games into anime and manga since they're easy sales. On top of that though, I'm starting to get more people asking if I do any Disney, Marvel or DC. So I'll be exploring more of those areas to prepare prints.
  5. Repainted King Candy. I sold the original a few years back. I didn't have a chance to snap a better pic of it back then and because of that I didn't have the option to make prints of it. Older version. Newer version.
  6. Been awhile since I bothered updating here. Been avoiding it due to some hassles. Figured I might as well give it a try again. Lately, been actually going into having prints made and they're actually selling. So I get to make a bit of money with less of the work. Better part yet, I get to keep most of my originals (perfect for when I'm in the mood to revise things or touch up). Painted this as a commission for a friend on a 16"x20". I experimented with background a bit. I was afraid people would complain that you can't really see stars and such that close to a planet and sunlight,
  7. These are incredibly well done. As EH_STEVE said, they look legit, and I did have a chance to play the original SNES games.
  8. We thought she was improving, then things turned for the worse. The doctor gave us the ultimatum last night.
  9. It seems she caught the flu and they waited before actually taking her to a hospital. My mom urged her kids to do it sooner, but they didn't do anything until she fell out of bed. She been in a medically induced coma for 72 hours now. In those small instances when she seems awake, it doesn't seem like she recognizes me. She just seems confused about everything around her.
  10. Ill be seeing my nanny (essentially my third grandma) in the ICU after work again. She seems a bit more comfortable now, but yesterday and the day before had me crying for the first time in 20 years.
  11. God I'm old. My childhood still involved Toonami being operated and hosted by Moltar from Space Ghost.
  12. I'm going to do another Final Fantasy XV piece, but this time it'll feature all four Chocobros. After that hat piece however, I'd like to hear ideas for other paintings. I have a couple of smaller canvases in stock that I need to use. More Pokemon? Other fantasy characters? Since they are smaller, they can't be too complicated and really need to focus on the subject, which means one character and nothing to make it noisy in the background. Like the perspective my Isaac icon has.
  13. With a great deal,of anxiety. I keep thinking about how much time I have left to do certain things and how time seems to start taking leaps and bounds. Collecting antique pocket watches made the feeling worse.
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