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  1. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Ha, called Kliff and Aversa GHB! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ALxzhV7pHoOr9dV15NiimBAP5qgdzQH274FUBJk5LlQ/edit#gid=0 The fastest methods are typically from Rival Domains, but unfortunately that's not available at the moment.
  2. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Due to forged wolf tomes I couldn't use my usual horse team to clear this, so tried something else.
  3. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    QR is a 100% fine skill on its own lol It should never have been a seal though... and Fighter skills certainly should never ever have existed either, they are absurd.
  4. Ephraim

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Nah, letting my friends do that for me
  5. Ephraim

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    @fuzz Standard looks fun and wide open right now, you giving it a go?
  6. Ephraim

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Oh yeah, it's that time of month again. @fuzz Nope, not a fan of sealed sadly. I do look forward to at least drafting this set a bit though!
  7. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Took a little too long clearing Abyssal Tiki, here's a video that cleanly OHKOs her on a fort:
  8. Hollow one. Started 5-1 then went 5-3. Deck is super strong! Might play it for a little while longer still.
  9. Tried to catch one as well, turned into a Ditto. $10 says it's a new marketing gimmick...
  10. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    you seem pretty salty about the GM challenges or half the other things in this game it's pretty amusing!