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  1. @fuzz I'm playing in GP Bilbao! (refuse to call them Magicfests) Hoping I can make day 2, anything else would be a bonus. Will probably play Hollow One again, I think too many people are thinking about UR Phoenix at the moment. Attending any GPs yourself in the future?
  2. yes! just once though, i got a playset but haven't been able to play much lately due to university stuff. going to go in more come NY though
  3. @EH_STEVE Looks like we're nearly best friends. Feel free to pop my gift whenever, I don't care about XP
  4. Ephraim

    Viridian City - N4A Chat Thread, November 2018

    @fuzz I went 6-2 with Hollow One in a 150+ player open tournament today and got prize tix Deck's so strong~
  5. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Flying Olivia is bae.
  6. Just got to stage 2 myself. I certainly don't mind, more excuses for dust are always welcome Also 3/3 Giratina.
  7. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Ha, called Kliff and Aversa GHB! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ALxzhV7pHoOr9dV15NiimBAP5qgdzQH274FUBJk5LlQ/edit#gid=0 The fastest methods are typically from Rival Domains, but unfortunately that's not available at the moment.
  8. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Due to forged wolf tomes I couldn't use my usual horse team to clear this, so tried something else.
  9. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    QR is a 100% fine skill on its own lol It should never have been a seal though... and Fighter skills certainly should never ever have existed either, they are absurd.
  10. Ephraim

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Nah, letting my friends do that for me
  11. Ephraim

    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    @fuzz Standard looks fun and wide open right now, you giving it a go?