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  1. Ephraim

    Lost Mangroves - N4A Chat Thread, May 2018

    Ouch >.< That's gotta sting, but hopefully you can pick it back up again quickly. I'll be playing in a major open a bit under two weeks from now. Unfortunately counterspells are really not that great right now, so I switched back to TiTi/Kiln Fiend especially for it... being linear is the hot new thing right now, apparently. Plus I know it best. Really do want to switch to something else though but not sure what, maybe the next set will bring something heh Try https://www.mafiauniverse.com/ this is a few years old and the big new thing iirc, i haven't played mafia in years though so don't know for myself exactly however
  2. Ephraim

    Lost Mangroves - N4A Chat Thread, May 2018

    @fuzz I tried playing GDS last night. It feels like asuch a weird deck to play...
  3. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Got F!Grima on my free pull. I'm out!
  4. why are ex-raids back to monday/tuesday again i don't think i'll bother showing up for my next ones, nobody's going to come on a workday...
  5. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    If you're looking for a specific 3-4* just wait until they rotate into the 4* banner, that's the best opportunity for merges.
  6. Ephraim

    The Garage - N4A Chat Thread, April 2018

    How many chapters per day have you been doing up to this point?