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  1. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    Thanks! Got in with... UR Delver! Let's see... Round 1 - 2-1 Jund Game 1 - Opponent swats away everything I do, sticks a Bob Lili Goyf and cascades a BBE into more value and I die. Game 2 - Slowly grind my opponent away with the help of a topdeck Blood Moon, I don't remember this game well tbh. Game 3 - I get an absolutely ridiculous opener - stuck a Delver turn 1 and flip it immediately, bolt his turn 2 and 3 bobs, Dispel his push, and draw about three more pieces of countermagic that deny him from doing anything. I thought I'd used up all my luck for the rest of the day tbh! Round 2 - 2-1 Bant Spirits Game 1 - I know my opponent well, he didn't think I was on Delver and kept a suboptimal hand against me. Flooded him out with Pyromancer tokens. Game 2 - I have no idea what I kept but I didn't have any answer to his fliers and died in the air quickly. Proceeded to board out all my Delvers after this game for more interaction/removal. Game 3 - An early Coco into Geist was quickly responded to with an Anger, clearing both boards. Stuck a Blood Moon and won. Round 3 - 0-2 Abzan CoCo Kinda salty at this matchup, I mulled to five game one and he combo'd to infinite life + scry turn 3, kept a questionable 6 game 2 and didn't draw any of my maindeck/sideboard removal. And it's a pretty good matchup for me %-wise I think! Round 4 - 2-0 RG Eldrazi ...but where the RNG takes away, the RNG also gives. Game 1 I Shoal an early Obligator, bolt his bird and he gets stuck on 3 lands and dies. Game 2 I bolt both his dorks again and he never gets above 2 lands. Yay? Round 5 - 2-1 Storm I learned later this game was against a guy who made it into Day 2 of a Pro Tour, so even more stoked I won! Game 1 I killed his mana dorks, countered a search and a ritual and killed him quickly. Game 2 I keep a cute hand featuring a Nimble Obstructionist and nothing else, but he gets off three(!) Grapeshots anyway on turn 5 or so. I had a feeling he fake boarded so put in more hate afterwards (and asking him after the match, my suspicions were correct). Game 3 I kill two mana dorks, counter another ritual and he fails to get the nut draw needed to stay in the game. Round 6 - I.D. into top 8 After some paranoid double and triple checking I accept my opponent's draw offer. yaay top 8 Quarterfinals - 1-2 Abzan CoCo Same opponent as from round 3. Game 1 I remove and counter everything he has and flip a Thing and kill him with it. Game 2 I get too cute, wait too long to flip my thing and forget Chord has the convoke mechanic... then I brick hard on game 3 and he combos to infinite life again. Oh well. Totally feel like a better player than me would have made it into the finals too
  2. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    @fuzz got into a top 8 at a qualifiers tournament today
  3. Lugia incoming for the next month! Got 9/13 Rayqs plus a 95%+ one, I'll definitely take it.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Spent uhh ~$10 USD on this I think, mostly Google Play survey money. Still feels like a waste...
  5. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    I don't use twitter at all! Best solution imo.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes

    So uhhhh this happened yesterday evening.
  7. Yeah gonna be blunt, I saw that and my first reaction was 'huh, that's pretty average for a large city'
  8. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    Her face looks super weird
  9. oh hey i haven't posted in here in awhile 4/4 Rayq, got 2 shiny dratinis, hit level 35 this afternoon
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes

    IS: 'What's a spoiler? Can you sell that for marketing purposes?'
  11. I've caught a single Chansey so far, and it had to be pointed out to me in Whatsapp. Also 2/2 Rayq atm, just doing them with my daily free raid pass now for the rewards from now on.
  12. Ice Dragon Temple - N4A Chat Thread, Feb. 2018

    I was expecting BBE and SFM. Next few months will be interesting...