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  1. Ephraim

    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    @fuzz Nice one! Sadly, school hasn't been super great this semester, though my first semester (late last year) went super great. Just 2 more months though and I'm done!
  2. Ephraim

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    I am! ... but leaning towards no atm, i'm feeling pretty burnt out You?
  3. Ephraim

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Thanks! I played in the MCQ qualifier side event the next day... started off 4-0(!) but ended up 4-2. Enjoying bo1?
  4. @fuzzPlayed in my first GP last weekend! Started off 0-2 sadly and ended up 5-3, barely missing day 2. Still played Hollow One as I feel Phoenix has too big a target on its head atm...
  5. @fuzz I'm playing in GP Bilbao! (refuse to call them Magicfests) Hoping I can make day 2, anything else would be a bonus. Will probably play Hollow One again, I think too many people are thinking about UR Phoenix at the moment. Attending any GPs yourself in the future?
  6. yes! just once though, i got a playset but haven't been able to play much lately due to university stuff. going to go in more come NY though
  7. @EH_STEVE Looks like we're nearly best friends. Feel free to pop my gift whenever, I don't care about XP
  8. Ephraim

    Viridian City - N4A Chat Thread, November 2018

    @fuzz I went 6-2 with Hollow One in a 150+ player open tournament today and got prize tix Deck's so strong~
  9. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Flying Olivia is bae.
  10. Just got to stage 2 myself. I certainly don't mind, more excuses for dust are always welcome Also 3/3 Giratina.
  11. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Ha, called Kliff and Aversa GHB! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ALxzhV7pHoOr9dV15NiimBAP5qgdzQH274FUBJk5LlQ/edit#gid=0 The fastest methods are typically from Rival Domains, but unfortunately that's not available at the moment.
  12. Starting to get there...
  13. Ephraim

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Due to forged wolf tomes I couldn't use my usual horse team to clear this, so tried something else.