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  1. I have also been using orange and purple. There are different apps and sites that report different things- I've spoken with people who have claimed to have gotten their blues from purp-orange breeding. It's such a pain getting blues T_T
  2. I had assumed Sticker Star was going to be more of the franchise I loved from the RPG elements. I was wrong. Very wrong. I got burned pretty bad. This? This looks better. I'm optimistic but not at all going to trust it until enough reviews and information comes out. I refuse to get burned again. Even if this has basic RPG elements the recent entries have been pretty soulless using generic... everything. Here's hoping this entry puts the franchise back on track. I'm most excited for that Samus thing at the end! Don't... don't give me hope...
  3. Just got error coded and can't seem to reopen the island for some reason! You might need Art after all
  4. have every kind of fruit- pears being native. Dodo code is LK2KK if you're in a hurry as it's already open! If you want to wait for Art that's fine too!
  5. Turnip "big spike" is on the lower end at 337 but that's still triple profit! If you all need to sell still dodo code is LK2KK
  6. Yeah first thing I thought when I read that is that emulation should benefit hugely. I'm glad.
  7. Is that true? I was trying to go from 4* to 5* and had to LITTER my entire island with sporadically placed fencing and furniture items- Isabelle would constantly tell me "YOU NEED APPEALING SCENERY GET MORE FENCES AND CRAFTED ITEMS." It was awful and took ages to clean up after I unlocked it. I plummeted right back to 4* after. A bit later I added about 6 pool chairs and a harp that cost me 130k and suddenly I got it again and I've been at 5* ever since.
  8. One GLORIOUS DEUS VULT CRUSADE CHICKEN seeking new home! I don't charge or anything he's here if you want him
  9. Nope! With an amiibo you can ask them to move in and they'll be like "Hey I've got this "friend" who is really good at making people disappear. Who would you not miss?" then you just choose the character who goes byebye.
  10. I know it's a bit of an unpopular opinion in the fanbase but I actually really like the new RPG style games. I really look forward to playing this one! I'm glad they let you choose a female protag again- though I'll still be playing a male. Also DUAL SHIELDS YES PLEASE
  11. I honestly can't tell what I had when I left so I'm gonna drop another 99 bag to be safe. Least I can do after finally having more than 200k!
  12. Actually I think I did lose progress. I found it a bit odd it let me leave immediately after the last person. I might have all the money I made but I don't think it saved me giving you a tip? If you open again for the flowers I'll try giving you the tip again. Either that or I had about 200k in the bank when I left? oh nvm then
  13. The game saved for me after Matt left and when I left so you should at least have that much progress. I believe there was one other person after me? Never let the timer run out folks!
  14. remember to bank your cash after today because tomorrow's the last day of the month so you can get some (reduced) interest
  15. Have any flowers you're trying to reproduce? The chance of reproducing goes from 5% to 25% when watered by a visitor
  16. Yeah you gotta be careful to only let a few folks in at a time. Aside from the potential stampede you'll also be bombarded with "SOMEONE IS ARRIVING" "SOMEONE IS LEAVING" and nobody will be able to move for ages. My friend made the mistake of posting the code to Twitter and it was a nightmare. Also if anyone doesn't close the "trying to leave" and the timer runs out yeah, they go home, but it doesn't save and everyone's progress on your island resets to when they arrived (turnips get unsold). Basically if you get a mob it becomes a hot mess real quick. I know we're a small community but watch out with Twitter
  17. Yeah I'm predicted to be another small spike so I'd love it if yall could hit a big spike
  18. they need one space open in any direction. No rocks, river, cliff, bamboo, etc. OOO OTO OOO Also, make sure it's not on sand or some inappropriate base. A good test is to eat a fruit and try to bury a full-grown tree in that spot. Chances are it'll say "there's no space to grow here!" due to a nearby building or something