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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

    *sigh* another Tempest where I don't have a focus unit come oooooon Sigurd
  2. Oh good! They've included a button to directly summon Nintendo lawyers! Guess that's why there's no Youtube upload option.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes

    At the time of checking this morning Ninian vs. Corrinchick is 3.9 million vs 900k you wanna talk about a slaughter?
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes

    This is not going to be particularly common because it involves sacrificing either Celica or limited edition Olivia [unless they're the ones using it]. I already fed Celica to Xander and was going to run DD6, but then I realized he'd be better off using his bulky HP to run Panic Ploy. DD2 seal is just kinda sitting there for now.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes

    The Sacred Seal forge is definitely live. You have to go into the story and turn it to Normal difficulty to choose the new Intermission chapter. Unfortunately, I don't see anything there indicating that you can upgrade your seals yet. The new seals you can forge basically make your character Bike for one weapon type: any consecutive hit and onward from melee weapons, bows, magic (each a different seal) is reduced by 30%. This is gonna hard counter Reinhardt and Bowlyn and damper people with Desperation.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes

    ^ That's why I've given up on the dancer banner. I wanted Azura but knowing my luck there's no way I'm getting any 5* units from this banner other than the Inigo I've already gotten. I'm just going to save the orbs for Halloween and curb my losses... unless the Hween units really suck.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I don't even bother bouncing between 19 and 20- I tend to just get lazy after 20 and let it drop all the way down to 18 before working my way back up. As long as I'm getting my 4 orbs a week I'm good.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes

    October Quests are live! Get em while they're hot~
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I totally forgot about the Warriors maps and Burger King with Renewal 3 manages to solo the thing man that's fast SP
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes

    on that note: a sock full of legos to whoever thought putting Hone Fliers on a 5*-only was a good idea
  11. I have no idea what they are saying or what is happening there's some incredibly weird stuff that just gets weirder up to the end Japan/10
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm going to kick myself later for saying this but I'm actually looking forward to a reason to roll green again. I never got Bike so it'll be nice [yet futile] to have an infinitesimal chance at rolling him. I could also use a Nino with a better IV, so no complaints if that works out. Right now I just want Olivia and Azura from that new banner. Gimme dat Dancing Kagero and +3 buff to all stats Azura.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Green Dancer Azura Ninja Dancer Olivia Green Mage Dancer Blue Mage Dancer A SKILL THAT GRANTS DEF/RES +4 TO DANCED TARGET Brace yourselves for the Poison Dagger+ Dancers
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Wanted to get the two orbs from beating Lunatic Clarisse battle so I just sent Sharena, Clarisse, bowlyn, and Xander. Xander almost entirely solo'd the whole map with the exception of the blue mage whom bowlyn killed. I do not regret putting Distant Def 3 on him.