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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Wow, props to IS for making the bonus unit a 40%! I've thrown all my orbs at the banner hoping to get either Chrom or Male Morgan but have been unsuccessful. Usually when I see a tempest with the character I failed to pull it's just salt in the wound, but they actually let you earn a 40%. This is a good standard.
  2. Yeah Nintendo's treatment of both M&L and Paper Mario lately have completely turned me off to both series. TTYD and Super Star Saga are pretty much the last fond memories I have of either
  3. Don't hold your breath for anything. It says 5.0.0 but it might as well be 4.5. What I mentioned is basically all there is unless you care about the controller icon or parental controls.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I've spent at least $250 on this game. I discovered a while back that I've got a gambling addiction- most of that was in one go. I've disconnected my payment methods and have been clean for a few months. My luck has been VERY bad and I feel the urge to just butt-heads with RNG every now and then. It's a struggle and I will never play another gacha game after I'm done with this.
  5. So basically the update is friend suggestions will appear from linked Facebook and Twitter, there's some ARMS and Kirby icons, and they fixed the playtime bug. Meh.
  6. I'd like to see a Youtube app. The console has been out for some time now you'd think we'd have it.
  7. Think Pikachu will be voiced by Ryan Reynolds?
  8. Gosh I hope I don't have to see Swole Ridley for a long time Also yknow what would be nice? A Metroid Stage that ISN'T drowning everyone in stage hazards. I mean, I like the Final Destination thing they enabled for all stages but I'm beginning to suspect people who haven't played Metroid are getting the idea that everything everywhere is lava.
  9. One of my hopes for this game are that they get off their rear ends and actually develop SKINS for Samus. As nice as the alt colors are I would really love for them to make the Light Suit, Dark Suit, PED, Fusion Suit, etc. as accurate models. The tech is definitely there and modders have been doing it for ages. I also hope Samus isn't based on the Other M design but the Prime 4 design. I am, of course, banking on at least a trailer or screenshot of Prime 4 at E3 so we should at least know what she'll look like by the time Smash launches. We'll have to see.
  10. Smash 4 definitely had some improvements over Brawl- namely the physics. I feel like they found a pretty decent medium between Melee's speed and Brawl's... whatever happens when you're not tripping. There's definitely some stuff that could use polish and that "magic" as you mention. It's nice that the Gamecube adapter currently works with the Switch. I hear good things about the pro controller but I just love my muscle memory.
  11. I can't wait for Ridley in the Clouds 2.0
  12. I'm excited by the idea of a Smash game NOT being arbitrarily limited by a less powerful handheld. Smash 4 is definitely the least memorable Smash for me (I couldn't tell you half the characters' final Smashes) and I attribute that to it being split in two That said, if this somehow isn't a new iteration I'm not buying it. If it wasn't a memorable experience the first time it won't be the second time. The engine is highly scalable from what I hear so they don't need to build a new one from the ground up- it just needs to feel and look enough like a new game.
  13. I was fairly pessimistic and certain that the Smash announcement was for another blasted "Deluxe Edition" until somebody pointed out that the site credits HAL Laboratories instead of Bamco and the copyright information does not include the Smash 4 window. At this point I'm leaning towards it being a new iteration until confirmed otherwise (and I really hope they don't I'm not buying the same stuff again).
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I wouldn't mind rolling Chrom- a Falchion horse would be nice but I don't know that my luck will allow it
  15. Holy crap was I wrong I expected nothing and there's SMASH signs point to a new iteration right now and I really hope that's the case as I don't plan to buy Smash DE