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  1. Fairies can sometimes come out of cut grass. It's possible you cut a bush or something that contained a fairy and spooked it off. You can only have a maximum number of fairies at any time so if you ran into one that means you can still carry a few more. It's a lot easier just to visit one of the Great Fairy Fountains and stock up.
  2. well after a quick Google search I gathered that Konami has gotten one of their directors who also works at an insurance company to screw over Kojima by denying his company and employees health insurance.
  3. Anyone got a summary that doesn't involve me watching two videos?
  4. I wanted an Elisse but there's no way I'm going to roll on a banner with four units of the same color which also happens to be colorless.
  5. From the sounds of things it's not that hard to hack your 3DS and download a custom firmware to disable region lock. Not worth the effort for something we should have gotten, though.
  6. I stopped after getting Quickened Pulse at 50k. Heck- even GETTING there was an absolute chore. Very repetitive. I think it actually killed my interest in the game for a while as I can't even muster up the desire to train up Alfonse to get another Michalis. Also rolling a ton of red and still can't seem to get any 5*. I think I'm close to 4% pity bonus.
  7. It's definitely not coming in 2018. Reggie said there's still a lot of work to do on Metroid. There was a Nintendo rep that immediately cleared up the confusion (I can get a source if you need it but I'm lazy right now) stating that there's no change; Metroid and Pokemon still have no release window/year. Honestly I'd be pretty horrified if they were trying to get Prime 4 out next year. There's no way you can go from a simple logo with 'a long way to go' to AAA game in that short of time. That'd be a horrible rush job. I'm really glad Nintendo told us of these games so long in advance because now I know I can have faith that the games I want actually ARE being developed and not getting Fzero'd. I sincerely hope they put all the time they need into making Prime 4 an awesome revival.
  8. I don't know about elsewhere but there's one on the loading screen
  9. Snowling is, without a doubt, the fastest way to rake in cash. However, it is an active method meaning you actually have to sit there *doing* it. Selling items is passive because you collect it while running around doing things. Try to fight Tallus when you find them as they drop a lot of valuable ore as well.
  10. Electric enemies are probably the most OP given the horrible stun and dropping of weapons- plus the fact that, unlike ice and flame, they have no elemental weakness. Once you get the full set of rubber armor they're a lot less annoying at least. I usually just chuck bombs at them while running away.
  11. Think we'll get this one or they going to continue to bat away the filthy westerners?
  12. Oh no I wanted Pokemon Federation Force
  13. I was going to suggest Tempest myself. It is temporary, but for the cost of two Training Tower lunatic levels you get seven. Insane Hero Merit as well. Best part is that if your unit/team dies somewhere down the road you keep everything you gained up until the start of that battle.
  14. Ugh... Dark Pit was a total kick to the manberries. I forgot about that. I've definitely seen some awesome mods out there. It's convinced me that if some armchair fans can do this kind of stuff for free the dev team just couldn't be bothered. Considering how many entries were to franchises Sakurai owned it also convinced me that it might be time for another to head the next game.