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  1. Nintendo Switch... warping issues?

    Jet fuel can't melt steel consoles
  2. This bundle does not save anyone any money as everything in there is pretty much retail. It's nice, however, if you want to show off your love for Splatoon. Both the grey and neon Switches were available at retail value on Amazon earlier today. I found my cursor hovering over the "buy now" button when I realized that I'd be sitting on nothing to play for at least a month until Mario Odyssey came out, then who-knows-how-long until FEW and XC2. Rather than give into temptation "because is teh rares" I now see Nintendo is willing to start creating bundles, renewing my motivation to wait for a bundle I actually give a toss about. Maybe a Fire Emblem themed Switch or something.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I forgot how painful rolling green is... I'll get you armor girl! hopefully she enters the 4* pool, but given her popularity they'll probably force her 5* like everyone else
  4. Site News, Feedback, and Help

    Ah, I was wondering where the Like button went
  5. Introductions thread.

    Wow, EJRaven is back! Yeah, CG was rummaging through our private messages and banning users left and right.
  6. DuckTales (2017) Ep. 1 available on YouTube

    I am legit shocked at how GOOD this is. Launchpad is adorable and the writing is just fantastic. Donald and McStabberson ship'd. I haven't been this into a show since Gravity Falls. Can't wait for more!
  7. Should Phazon get one-upped?

    Personally, I don't think there should be a Newzon substance as that'd just be repetitive. Between Phazon and the X we don't need more threatening-alien-goo-taking-over-your-body. I do believe, however, that the use of Phazon should be FAR from over. Let's be real here: the ending to the Phazon story was pants. You got this planet that reproduces every 100 years. In the MILLIONS of years that the planet has existed has there really been no other Phaazes established? Moreover, what kind of survival mechanism causes all colonies to collapse by destroying the first one? If I kill the queen ant, sure, THAT colony dies, but the entire planet isn't instantly purged of ants. It was a real cop-out. Now let's say Phaaze being destroyed ended the threat of Phazon as a sentient biological mass that controls or corrupts other beings, but left it as an inert, non-sentient radioactive substance. That would definitely still cause Dark Samus to poot out as well as the stuff to stop taking over Samus. Phazon still has SO much potential though even as a tertiary plot element. Think about it- this stuff is not only a source of energy but can be used to instantly cause larval Metroids to mature to adult Metroids. They don't have to have it as an in-your-face plot element where entire planets are being taken over and the like, but I can totally see the Federation using inert Phazon goo in their illegal Metroid experiments or as a way to power their ships. I would tend to think that Sylux's technology was at least remotely based on Phazon given how the shock coil functions similarly to the Hyper Grapple or Dark Samus draining energy from Phazon, but who knows.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I've been wanting Elise since day 1 but rolling colorless for a 5* only unit seems like a nightmare. She's already had so many banners too...
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Wow- so despite giving up hope and having my % reset I actually DID manage to get a Celica! You are now spared of my complaining. In hindsight I should have used her for bonus points in the Tempest before feeding Xander, but whatever. I win. Now to roll for armor girl!
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Rolling for Celica three red orbs 4% pity bonus Hinata, Fir, then SUDDENLY SMOKE AAAAAAH!!! ...Ryoma- the king of lobsters and NOT BEING CELICA +atk -hp ... maybe he'll replace Lucina on my infantry team or something T_T there goes any chance of Celica
  11. Yeah looks like I missed the 1 key
  12. I'm not sure what the price of the New 2DS XL is, but if it's cheaper get it. The 3DS 3D is a total gimmick and I don't know anyone who still avidly uses 3D in their games. Heck- a ton of games don't even bother working in 3D anymore.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'll be completely honest: the only reason I want Celica is to give Xander Distant Defense 3. If some other unit can do that she can go bite the bath bubbles.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Wow I pulled 5* Genny with my free summon! That's a free Wrathful Staff if a healer ever becomes truly fearsome meanwhile I'm going to hoard as many orbs as I can to keep trying for Celica. Considering that the Summon Simulator keeps giving me Celica after 4+ Gray or about $600 worth of orbs, I'm about out of hope. I sincerely hope they just add another unit with Distant Def 3