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  1. Carl321

    What's with all the Disney hate

    People always hate the guy on top. I'm sure everyone has one reason or another, but the people who love things are typically not the ones you hear from. Disney has been killing it with Marvel and Star Wars is still making bank. The old farts might be cranky but the kids love it. People seem to forget that they've always been the target audience. Back then everyone was crapping on Jar-Jar, but nowadays I find people that grew up watching those prequels talk about how they loved Jar-Jar. One thing I always say: nobody hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans. They're NEVER HAPPY. EVER. That said, I do work for Disney. That does not influence what I'm saying here, though. There's plenty of things I hate about the company but the quality of what they've been putting out is definitely not it.
  2. I'm actually really impressed by the stage builder! The multiple layers and motion will make for some amazing levels. I'm glad they're letting us share them online.
  3. Carl321

    Disney+ streaming service coming to Switch

    The amount of pies Disney has their fingers in is insane: History, A&E, Lifetime, ESPN, Touchstone, ABC, 20th Century Fox... Netflix has been bleeding titles for ages. The only reason I have a subscription is that it's free with my phone plan. I hope Disney lights a fire under some of their competition. I also hope Cast Members get a free or discounted subscription
  4. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Wow yeah ok this sucks monthly orbs cut, tap battle cut. Inb4 Arena
  5. This looks good! I'm excited to see what they have for the UK theme. Soccer bunny better not be fire/fighting, so help me.
  6. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Finally managed to get a second Elise but the roll was the same. Oh well, I just merged out the flaw. I really don't have any interest in the furry banner. I guess I can finally start trying to pile orbs again before spring ruins everything!
  7. I was looking forward to a new console Fire Emblem but gosh that school premise is a huge turn off. Spare me your "you can't judge after only 5 minutes and not buying the full game first." That's the tag for this game they decided to go with and I haven't any interest. I'm sure there's gonna be some big bad army we gotta rise against to save the world, but they only showed us some ritzy school for rich kids thing. I feel like it's a trailer for Captain America but only showing the parts where he's asking a girl out to coffee, hitting a punching bag, then going to a ball. Just doesn't do anything for me, but I hope the other fans of the series enjoy it. I wish I liked platformers because I'd probably have enjoyed this Direct more. Without any sign of Animal Crossing or something else new I'd want to play I'm just left somewhat underwhelmed. Guess we'll try again in a few months for the next Direct. I hope that Marvel game isn't terrible. I like the idea behind it but those have a nasty habit of being short and shallow.
  8. gim dat Animal crossing
  9. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I was one perfect battle short of reaching tier 20 this week. The shortness didn't help. I guess I should build a dark blessing team for next week. I doubt I'll ever reach tier 21+ so I might as well just get comfortable maintaining 20 so I shouldn't have to put too much effort in. Gotta spend those 300k+ feathers on something!
  10. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Got Halloween Mia but was hoping for Roy. Oh well! Still rolling for a second Bath Elise to cancel out the negative and hopefully get one that's +atk or +spd. Not holding my breath wading through red hell
  11. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Nino refine before Freddy? T_T
  12. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Got pity broken by a second Bucket Hinoka, which could be worse. I really would prefer Elise though. Eh, I got 20 days. Oh and congrats to Soren for making top 9! Hopefully he gets some kind of alt now that they know he's loved.
  13. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    According to some lines in the code it looks like we're going to be getting visual indicators of flaws/assets soon! Took them long enough.
  14. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I managed to roll Hinoka for her Bucket! Now that I have the anti-dragon/anti-staff dagger the initial plan was to try rolling for Hotsprings Elise, but I'm wondering if maybe Summer Linde would be a better idea.
  15. Carl321

    Metroid Prime 4 Development update

    I'm really impressed they were this transparent with us. As they say: a delayed game is good eventually, but a rushed game is bad forever. I'm willing to wait some extra time for a title that lives up to the hype. Could they please give us Metroid Prime Trilogy HD or something in the meantime?