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  1. I'm honestly still pretty skeptical of Ultimate. It worries me when the main selling point of a game is "hey guys we decided not to cut existing content this time." I'll still get Smash since, from what I can tell so far, it seems to have enough new stuff and changes to feel fresh enough for my tastes. Mario Kart already seems to have a tough time making each iteration feel "new" to me so I don't think I'd be spending any money on that- especially if it's just an add-on to MK8.
  2. Carl321

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    After seeing so many characters getting alt costumes I REALLY hope they finally took the effort to give Samus different suit models instead of recolors. I've got a feeling they couldn't be bothered, though.
  3. Carl321

    Nintendo E3 2018 Summary

    This presentation was actually really underwhelming. I'm surprised at how little they've announced. It was a bit odd to see them focus so much on indies and third-party ports then go and spend most of the time trying to show that Smash is *super duper different guys.* They spent so much time telling us about who came back that they spent zero time talking about what we can do. I fear that it's going to be just like Smash 4 Wii U in terms of nothing really standing out for single player. Really hoping there's an adventure mode in there of some sort. I guess if there's an Animal Crossing it'll get its own Direct and they mentioned in an interview afterwards that Metroid Prime 4 isn't ready to be shown off yet, so I can give those a pass.
  4. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    after hitting close to 13% pity rate I managed to get Sigurd! +spd -hp Finally- been WAY too many failed banners. Too bad I'll probably never get merges but he can stay on my secondary team
  5. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    If I don't get Sigurd on this banner I'll have lost count of how many banners I've thrown gobs of orbs at for him. STOP HIDING FROM ME :U
  6. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    10% pity rate and counting why am I bad at legendary banners :U
  7. Carl321

    CONFIRMED Pokemon Switch coming soon

    Unfortunately I'm certain if they had announced Prime 4 along side of Fed Force people would have been way more receptive (personally I didn't care for it). Disappointment seems to be very good at overshadowing things. I shared the trailer for Pokemon with a few friends and they immediately started taking dumps on it until I told them the mainline was still coming, then noticed a total tone shift. Seems things haven't changed too much.
  8. Carl321

    CONFIRMED Pokemon Switch coming soon

    I'm so glad Nintendo learned from the Federation Force fiasco and announced that the mainline game is still coming alongside the oddity. I do think I'll give this game a go but I can imagine there'd have been a lot of backlash if we thought this was the only "Pokemon Switch" coming
  9. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Oooh flier formation seal not bad
  10. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Decided to dump all my orbs chasing Ninian but got pity broke by Snackbar. I think she's -atk +spd but hey, she's basically a straight upgrade to Spring Camilla.
  11. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Blue mage flier dancer with Chill Attack? Yes please.
  12. Carl321

    CONFIRMED Pokemon Switch coming soon

    I think it was already confirmed Pokemon Switch is the next generation (don't ask for a source too lazy to find it) so I'm really not believing this unless there's an additional spinoff
  13. Has there ever been a video game movie that wasn't a total bomb? Maybe Angry Birds? I feel like they'd have learned by now.
  14. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    At first I wasn't going to roll on the Legendary banner because I didn't want anyone then Chrom had to go and mention that Micaiah has DD3 and I can never have enough of that Managed to get one and another 3* Reinhardt! Now to figure out who actually NEEDS Distant Defense 3.
  15. Carl321

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Got +atk -res McFlier; not bad! Still pumping all my orbs into the Reinhardt banner and haven't even gotten a 3* or 4* yet