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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'd definitely recommend throwing a green in there. Definitely a tossup between Frederick and Cecilia. You already have two physical attackers on your team but Sigurd isn't exactly a nuke nor quite as tanky as Xander. Cecilia is a fairly beefy horse mage who can dish out quite a bit of damage with buffs, but really *does* require those buffs to shine. If your buffers die she's easy pickin. Also Lyn and Sigurd are built to eat magic attacks but Sigurd won't be counter attacking any time soon; mages will be two spaces away and he might have taken the space Cecilia or BowLyn might need. This is why I recommend Frederick. I'm jealous you've already hit +4 on your Freddy- if I had more Freds I'd gladly toss my 80k feathers at them. My Fred is built to tank physical blows while nuking on offense.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I haven't gotten a unit I've wanted in months- after repeatedly hitting 4-5% on some of these banners and am sitting on about 80k feathers just waiting for something to beef up. Considering the fact that some people have even worse luck than I have had recently I can't imagine how they motivate themselves to keep playing when it won't throw them a bone. Some sort of overarching pity rate that factored in how long since your last 5*/focus unit would probably help against hitting that "why bother" phase. I guess it doesn't help that so many units are flooding the 5* pool making the 4* and 3* selections so very repetitive. I really hope they restructure that with the new year and demote/promote certain units.
  3. Soul Calibur 6

    IT'S REAAAAAL!!!!!
  4. YAY BEST CHARACTER KASS IS THERE! I bought the expansion pass but haven't played since launch so might as well get that expanded Master Sword thing done and then this.
  5. Oh good! I wanted to try these games but the Wii U versions were REALLY expensive and I just wasn't feeling it. I wouldn't mind getting these on the Switch.
  6. This is why I always order my electronics and live wasps at the same time
  7. WOAH I did not see that coming- looks pretty good!
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes

    that makes sense
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes

    So every time my BowLyn goes to kill a Robin I noticed he does normal damage- no green advantage numbers or red ( ! ). I didn't realize her bow negated the Raven skill! Useful
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I've been wanting an Elise since she was released T_T
  11. Cotton is a pain in the butt but once you realize each animal is predisposed to give a certain type of reward you can farm it a bit easier. I know Bud the lion, Rex the lion, Tex the penguin, and Maggie the pig give cotton as their primary reward most often. I also used all my Club Nintendo points buying cotton because I realized it'd be a pain. Don't get me started on cute essence...
  12. I set small goals for myself- right now working to build the tree swing. After that I'll try to build the tree house. After that... well.. I'll probably hit a brick wall.
  13. If they had all furniture up front it might have given people something to work towards but when you're level 15 and can only choose between ranch, green, and modern there's not much incentive.
  14. There's almost no motivation to play this game. You can't tell what you can unlock until you're the level right before, there's no customization, I can't place fish or bugs... definitely not a long-term investment
  15. Was looking at Stardew Valley but it's on sale for $10 on Steam but not on Switch, so eh...