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  1. i started playing doctor mario ironically online as a meme because i thought he was terrible and now i'm almost in elite smash with him, whoops this character hits like a fucking freight train, what the fuck is this damage
  2. luca

    Political Containment Thread

    idk why people even think a wall would work most illegal immigrants come to the country in planes or cars on greencards that eventually expire and they stay here lmao motherfucker people are just gonna fly over the wall lol
  3. Her and Falcon are really the only fast rushdown characters I gel with this time around, they substantially buffed heavyweights in this game so I just play most of them. Palutena's crazy good this game mainly because her tilts aren't garbage anymore and her mobility's even better.
  4. luca

    what do you do for a living?

    Retail. I'm a flex where I can basically be put anywhere but I predominantly work early mornings as head managing markdowns/clearance with merchandising, or backroom work like processing and running freight. Mental health problems keep me from working full time because my anxiety/hallucinating becomes awful if I'm out in public too long, which is annoying because otherwise I know how virtually everything in the store is run and I'm effectively a coordinator without the hours or pay. I don't have the hellish experiences most people seem to have in retail. Maybe I'm just thick-skinned or desensitized because I've worked in awful places like the ghetto and doing far worse jobs like Gamestop. Or roofing in July in the bay area.
  5. It's mainly explosions vs electric effects rather than them being actually different. Dark Samus's Usmash is better at trapping and chaining hits together and she's a teeny bit lower to the ground when she uses her charge beam and missiles so some characters can't crouch it, and her rolls are tiny bit faster. Samus has a smaller hurtbox when rolling and her Fsmash because it's an explosion has a bit more range than Dark Samus. There's no actual differences between them as opposed to like Lucina/Chrom/Ken, it's all slight animation differences that seldom amount to nothing.
  6. i stand by my opinion that chrom players are the most braindead troglodytes alive haven't met a single one online that doesn't mindlessly spam shorthop nairs and fairs
  7. ngl without a beard he's pretty hot
  8. this is the best piece of music smash bros has given us and this is not a debate this is just fact
  9. snake takes two tournaments this weekend the king has returned
  10. When you make your passion what you intend on doing for a living, first and foremost it becomes your means of making a living. There's nothing wrong with creating vapid pandering bullshit you don't like because you're still producing a product for somebody else to enjoy. All fine art did not get started as means of self-expression, people did it because they were poor as shit. Get over this notion of "artistic integrity" and don't be so stuffy or look down on products other people can enjoy even if you think it's beneath you. You'll be much happier with what you're doing once you get that superiority complex out of your system.
  11. I'd assume it has to do with licensing bollocks with SE being a bit more complicated and Uematsu having his own record label and other shit, I have no idea. I know DQ has a similar issue with its music getting covers because a lot of it licensed under that rightwing fossilized zealot Koichi Sugiyama.
  12. won't happen either when you start off most of what you'll put out will be garbage until you actually develop talent, and a lot of it will be commission work and literal cash grabs just so you can finance projects you care about you're going to sell out and make garbage a lot, welcome to the arts
  13. I mean it's generally patronizing as Hell to people who are frequently self-conscious speaking a non-native language and subjecting them to infantilization. If I'm struggling to hold a conversation with my garbage Spanish, the last thing I want is some asshole treating me like a child while we're talking going "AWWWW THE WAY YOU BUTCHER OUR LANGUAGE IS SO ENDEARING".
  14. Yes. Did I stutter? I mean I'm glad you focused on this though as opposed to everything else.
  15. If you have to preface your question with this, the answer is almost always yes.