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  1. my dude stop focusing on getting your dick wet and just make friends lmao, if it heads in that direction it does, but don't make that your mission statement or don't even put your hopes in it happening, don't think about "going out" with people you have the opposite problem i do which is you think too much about going "OH WOMAN WANT FRIENDSHIP MEANS WOMAN WANT DATE WHICH MEANS WOMAN MIGHT WANT DICK" and those intentions can become clear as fuck to people so knock that shit off 0|
  2. The internet isn't dying, communities just migrate to different platforms. Discussion forums as a format see less activity nowadays as opposed to chat clients like Discord or other self-centralized social media platforms like FB/IG/Twitter.
  3. I have a bit of trouble going back to Harvest Moon tbh. Rune Factory tickles all my fantasy world aesthetics and with dungeon-crawling and other crafting systems I felt like there was more to do. I liked that you didn't have to just be a farmer, and I found the world and characters so endearing. I'm bummed that Neverland Co is dead because we'll probably never get another unless Marvelous has the rights to it, but they're making Story of Seasons now.
  4. lmao take that L
  5. i have problems with some of that but i'll keep my mouth shut and realize you're also still learning but you're getting better about how you were at least stop putting sex/relationships on a pedestal and realize people can have social outings with the opposite sex/sex you're attracted to without it meaning anything 0|
  6. I played through Radiant Dawn twice and decided that was enough. Path of Radiance is ridiculously consistent in its pacing out of story arcs and how well it establishes its main characters. Radiant Dawn's pacing was garbage and the game suffered from inconsistent difficulty spikes and never had enough time to really give good characterization for all the new people they introduced. Breaking up the game into four arcs to have them converge seems like a neat idea on paper but it was executed poorly. PoR just feels like the stronger game for it because it never had to divert attention away and kept it rooted in one story perspective.
  7. How the fuck did you forget that he raped 60 people. He's like the Top Gun of drugging rapists. The hell did you think he was going to prison for?
  8. The thing is that they can't, though. We actually get reprimanded if we don't talk about everything. Listening to another human do their mandatory spiel when your only reply has to be two or three words isn't a big deal, they're probably more annoyed by it than you when they have to say it to 50 or 100 other people that day.
  9. Make it life. He's old, I want him to die in prison.
  10. ngl after playing the network test for dks remastered i forgot how fucking slow it is compared to bb and dks3 also despite it being a "remaster" this game has not aged as gracefully and is kind of ugly, but it seems to run fine on the switch so that's good
  11. Animal Crossing is a weird thing for me because on paper it seems like everything I'd love, but when I played it on the GCN and 3DS it was honestly one of the most boring-ass experiences I've ever had in a videogame. I'll probably give this one another shot but I generally lose interest before I even get my house paid off and upgraded.
  13. Breath of the Wild. OoT wasn't my favorite Zelda game at all even before BotW came out and I think while the game is influential, it's been refined and built upon in various ways by its successors. Majora's Mask is such a wholly uncomparable experience to BotW because the game is memorable for its world-building, storyline and emotional weight present throughout the game, something BotW I think is honestly pretty weak in. But BotW is comparable in OoT in the sense that it's clearly laying a foundation for the rest of the series to build on, and it's done so in such a dramatic way that it's staggering that the series can still upend the table and surprise us thirty years later. I think the most important thing BotW did for me was evoke a genuine sense of curiosity and wonder, something a videogame hasn't done in a long time. I have a lot of niggling issues with the game but the rest of it is such a showpiece that I'll put up with them.
  14. luca

    2008 vs. 2018

    2008 - Mom kicked me out of the house to live with my psychotic father because she was too much of a drunk and was tired of trying to support me. I finished High School last year, had a job, lost it, and was faffing about. Life was dark and I hated being alive from the shitty household I lived in. I started actively listening to music as more than just a distraction and more as a serious hobby. A black man was elected president and my father was suitably upset. I had my last Christmas with my mother. I was an anxious wreck who lived in constant fear. I wrote about it a lot. 2018 - Living with a friend I've meet online going on 4 years. Dissolved the relationships with my parents entirely and haven't seen my mother in nearly a decade. Tried the college thing and didn't work out, ran out of money and mental health issues sabotaged my ability to push myself. Went on some roadtrips and met some people I wish I had met sooner. Fell in and out of love. Came out of multiple closets, which in Trump's America is terrifying. I don't live in fear anymore but a lot of those feelings don't ever really leave and I still have a great deal of trouble functioning as a normal adult in society. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm happy but mainly content and indifferent to what life might bring to me since I don't have strong feelings for much of anything anymore. I still write about it a lot.
  15. luca

    Torvus Bog - N4A Chat Thread, August 2018

    as if to imply the show still isn't