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  1. I personally never had a problem with the original Doom in that regard, but also I feel like a lot of people are coddled by maps or extremely linear level design because I'm a boomer.
  2. got day drunk, dissociated and imagined a 3d kirby game, an actraiser remake and charlie day as luigi in some surrealist fever nightmare i'm glad none of that actually happened because it would signify the simulation falling apart
  3. i could never stop finding videos and clips that make me lose my shit at them
  4. absolutely heartbroken over norm macdonald's passing legit one of the funniest people in existence
  5. the word "like" is doing a lot of heavy lifting i hate both of them but at least jesus is king doesn't waste my time for 108 minutes, and it's made from the remnants of yandhi so there's some flashes of good production or beats in there, it's at least bad in an interesting and corny way whereas with donda i'm bored for most of it it is one of the best things both cudi and kanye have put out in the past decade, which is wild considering i think both of them have been in slumps up until that point it almost feels wild that it even exists, it just shows up and torches the fields for 24 minutes and then is gone
  6. i relistened to some stuff from donda and i still think it's bar none his worst album but there are few songs on it i'm okay with it mostly made me just revisit everything else kids see ghosts sure ripped ass
  7. i absolutely see it happening, especially since they've been so good at patching their 3D sonic games in the past
  8. it was a flaccid dumpster fire that was completely forgettable and uninteresting i think the worst part was that it isn't even offensively bad, it's just so long and so fucking boring
  9. i'm going to listen to donda later and fully prepared for this album to be some the big day-tier shit for being long and terrible
  10. Complaining about it reeks of videogame boomers going "THOSE KIDS AND THEIR CRINGY FORCED EDUCATION IN GAMES" while they probably grew up playing fucking Mario Teaches Typing
  11. Who the fuck cares. There are states where civil rights discussions are being purged from curricula and videogames have consistently been used as educational tools and is one of the few mediums that the government can't fuck with. Epic is working with the MLK estate and the AAHM and this just feels like dissonant awkward growing pains going in an otherwise positive direction.
  12. eyyyyyyyyyyy my rev2 main is back in even though she looks like she plays different
  13. was it me because i did that recently to our tank to intentionally stress them and the healer out
  14. healers who keep their party topped off are bad healers who waste MP and healing real estate, and i will let that tank ride 20-30% before i decide to stop DPSing i'm weathered and tired and have very much become the architypical healer that will corral these children because i will not let those idiots stand between me and success, i don't tell the BLM to stop using ley lines when the boss enters an untargetable phase, do not tell me how to do my job because it's not my fault if you somehow manage to die through crit adlo, crit excog, sacred soil and aetherpact
  15. i got called a bad healer by an undergeared tank who figured that pulling a dungeon to the boss gate without using any cooldowns was somehow my fault i told him to use cooldowns or i'm letting him die and then he afk'd and we vote-kicked him potato
  16. going between league's community and FFXIV's is surreal because they're on literal opposite sides of the spectrum i don't think i've had a really terrible experience in the 2k+ hours i've put into FFXIV, the most i get is like everybody headpatting my character which is RACISM
  17. upset that i don't get to see the cool second phases of the omegascape raids in FFXIV unless i'm running savage GIVE ME NEO EXDEATH
  18. I'm mostly doing my dailies but otherwise I'm a bit too frustrated with the pacing of the regular game to want to play it a lot. Zapdos and lategame scoring mechanics are bad and almost effectively invalidate most of the game that came before it. Also maybe I'm just spoiled by League of Legends or actual Pokemon games, but the lack of clarity and information about how items or stat systems work in this game has been a massive sore point for me, I have to use serebii datamines to dig up information I want. play some league of legends or dota where supports can kill carries and piss people off
  19. Pokemon Unite is fine but the two problems it has for me is that it's inevitably going to draw comparisons to League which is a game that's obviously more fleshed out than a mobile/console MOBA, and also being a recently launched MOBA it's just not very good or balanced at the moment either. Quick battles are what I enjoy in it because standard/ranked games honestly kinda suck because the first 8 minutes of the game matter so little lol.
  20. I honestly attribute this to the fixed camera. If I play with one in Dota or League, everything seems a lot slower too lol. Good game so far. I can see maybe leveling up held items being a bit egregious later on, but overall the game seems pretty generous with how often new players get some new content.
  21. absolutely on board and in line with how stupid guilty gear characters are
  22. Kinda sums up Yoko Taro's games in general. Often very fascinating with really good stories, but are on the foundations of some questionable or dated game design principles. I'm probably one of the only weirdos alive who sort of liked the original Nier more than Automata, but that probably wasn't helped by a really poor PC port of Automata I gave up on lol.
  23. everybody should watch i think you should leave
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