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  1. super annoyed that i finally got a PC that could run MHW just in time for a switch game to come out
  2. I find it hilarious that arguably one of the most awkward and innocent vtubers is the one that does literal porn
  3. It's weird owning a modern PC again because I can see games I want to play and be able to buy them and run them. Relatedly, I bought Control for like 17 bucks so that's exciting.
  4. WIld Rift looks neat but my hideously bloated LoL account doesn't transfer anything over, and none of my mains except Jhin and Tristana are in the game yet.
  5. I have no idea what the fuck is happening in Death Stranding, but 6 hours in and I'm enjoying it a lot. It's the kind of meticulous tedium and unsettling ambiance I've been enjoying in games lately.
  6. my HDD at this point i'm happy to migrate over since it was 11 years old ignoring that half of it was games because games are too fucking big nowadays 50% anime 35% music 15% uhhhhh shhhhhhhh which still amounts to about 70 gigs of porn which is a lot, but it's actually very little of my total harddrive space :V i'm actually incredibly tilted that after purging a lot of it before the migration it's at 69.9GB
  7. white people be like that i mean just drop the word and say you're canadian or you're from canada, that's basically what it's supposed to mean anyway lol
  8. Pretty much, it's mostly semantics but ethnicity at least generally refers to your location or cultural origin. Like I'm Native American, but just stating that is too broad and ignores a lot of the subsects of Indigenous culture. Like my race would be Indigenous, my ethnicity is specifically Lakota.
  9. Race generally refers to your genetic origin, ethnicity generally refers to your specific cultural or geographical background. Like somebody can be white, but their ethnicity could be Irish. Or somebody can be black but their ethnicity could be French.
  10. Teardown is such an incredibly fun and stupid game.
  11. Playing all the Dark Souls games back to back has been a trip. Being my first full playthrough of DkS2, I can say with confidence at this point that it's easily the the worst of the three but probably has the best DLC. It's actually kind of staggering how much better the DLC is than the base game, which I never felt went above feeling pretty mediocre. Dark Souls 2 is such a weird game where it has a bunch of interesting ideas on paper that are either executed on poorly (soul memory) or just terrible ideas in general (attunement), and the moment-to-moment gameplay feels like it took the wron
  12. I should clarify that for using "Nazi" as an insult, I mostly mean by people on the left. People on the right are fucking idiots so I know they use most words incorrectly.
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