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  1. I honestly attribute this to the fixed camera. If I play with one in Dota or League, everything seems a lot slower too lol. Good game so far. I can see maybe leveling up held items being a bit egregious later on, but overall the game seems pretty generous with how often new players get some new content.
  2. absolutely on board and in line with how stupid guilty gear characters are
  3. Kinda sums up Yoko Taro's games in general. Often very fascinating with really good stories, but are on the foundations of some questionable or dated game design principles. I'm probably one of the only weirdos alive who sort of liked the original Nier more than Automata, but that probably wasn't helped by a really poor PC port of Automata I gave up on lol.
  4. everybody should watch i think you should leave
  5. guilty gear strive zato/faust/potemkin/nago
  6. spending most of my time in practice tool because i have too much anxiety to play ladder games
  7. Doom Eternal is fine but I feel like it's taken a lot of the only problems I've had with Doom 2016 and literally put them at the forefront of the game.
  8. Pretty much my thoughts. I actually enjoyed a lot of the motion control implementations and thought as far as a story it's probably the most endearing to me outside of TWW. Most of my problems with the game come from the structure and pacing. It's lethargically slow especially in the beginning, there are too many boring lulls in the story, it's incredibly linear and there are some painful segments in the game I did not enjoy at all. A Zelda game that's linear with almost no sidequests or discoverable content feels wack af.
  9. Skyward Sword is a game that gets way more shit than it deserves and also gets exactly the shit it deserves at the same time. What a weird game that's good in interesting ways but also complete shit in ways I didn't expect, either.
  10. it was so hot this weekend that the roads and sidewalks were buckling
  11. this is my favorite thing i have ever done in this stupid fighting game guilty gear strive is some buckwild shit
  12. 30 hours into PSO2:NG and i'm starting to hit the wall, which is good because i've put 30 hours into this nightmare timesink need to play more strive get my teeth kicked in
  13. pokemon moba out in july can't wait to be a crustle main until gardevoir is in
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