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  1. i'm glad that riot has found a way to make p/b in league even worse by having another yasuo in champ select that i have to ban
  2. While I mostly agree with this, my scorching hot take is that as adventure games, Color Splash and in some respects even Sticker are better than the first two games. Hell, if Color Splash had a battle system that didn't actively work against the player having fun or didn't even have a battle system at all, I'd go so far as to say that it's better than TTYD in a lot of respects. But Color Splash's battle system is so actively terrible that it actively permeates and affects everything else about the game as a result. My love for TOK is that it basically manages to be an extremely fun and charming adventure game, the battle system never feels intrusive and while lacking any growth or variance is actually a ton a fun especially if you fuck with puzzle games. And the coins go the Souls/Tingle's Rupeeland route in being used for EVERYTHING so there feels like there's a purpose to hoarding ridiculous amounts of money in it.
  3. People always lamented the loss of the old battle system and partners in the later games (and Sticker Star/Color Splash's are hot trash in that aspect to be fair) but I'm not going to pretend that the first two games weren't extremely simple entry-level RPGs. They were functional and unintrusive but they weren't what I played the games for. The original PM felt very simple for what it was, and while TTYD built on it, the game was uhhhh 'economic' in its use of its small environments (IT HAD A LOT OF TEDIOUS RETREADING AND BACKTRACKING). Color Splash was so close to being a really good game otherwise if the combat system didn't somehow manage to make itself even worse than Sticker Star.
  4. I think the best part of Origami King actually being a really good game is how it's also forcing people to be retrospective on the first two games and realizing that those games had a handful of problems and made people think a bit more about what they were playing these games for. Color Splash for its massive problems was still a mostly good videogame. Sticker Star is still complete garbage though
  5. here's a video of a loud asshole yelling at me https://streamable.com/lh9r65
  6. bi-annual post to say the origami king is good and thank god it is after how bad the past two paper mario games have been
  7. the only reviews i care about are whatever disastrous games alex navarro gets stuck reviewing https://www.giantbomb.com/reviews/blackwater-review/1900-455/
  8. after i mildly upgraded my PC i realized that after 4 years i can run doom 2016 now holy fucking hell what a game
  9. I don't think it could work because I think heavily restructuring an entire game that dips into so many genres and make them all not be bland or sub-standard would take work that suggests going beyond what this "remake" entails. If you wanted my hot take I don't even think Automata succeeded entirely in this either and the gameplay was still probably the weakest part about the game despite being significantly tighter than Nier. Nier was made on a shoe-string budget and it shows in how terrible the graphics are and how stiff and padded out much of the game feels. While I expect the game to look gorgeous now, I don't see barring a few QoL interface changes them dramatically changing the game itself.
  10. As one of the 6 people more versed in the original Nier than Automata, I think it's going to be a bit of a wake-up call to a lot of people looking to play this after Automata to realize how terrible of a game it is. It nails everything aesthetically and presentation-wise but boy howdy it's not a very good actual videogame.
  11. ffxiv is a better game than ffvii, come at me ignoring ARR
  12. As somebody who works in retail (or worked before my store closed yesterday), remember that there are people who work in the store that are there hours before it opens and hours after it closes to prepare and we're likely understaffed for safety sake so we have less people to operate the store. Stores likely want to conserve payroll and operating hours because we simply do not have enough people working and not enough people shopping to justify it. The amount of freight that the store gets has not increased or decreased and in a lot of cases will sell through regardless of how long it's open, and it's likely getting delayed so early morning crews have to wait until later hours to push it.
  13. My work closed for the next two weeks. My lifestyle has not changed at all because I'm a recluse who only leaves the house to work and shop. I think on an individual level I'm going to manage this just fine if it doesn't go longer than a few months.
  14. Granblue Fantasy Versus is cool, but I'm also annoyed at how on-brand it is for me to gravitate towards Charlotta the most so far.