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  1. Looks nice and sounds nice and what sparse writing there is can have its moments occasionally. Puzzles can be clever but a lot of them border or cross over into being obtuse, and having to get more thing stickers if you fuck up is infuriating. All in all I wouldn't just call it a bad Paper Mario game, I just think it's not a great game in general. It's a bunch of terrible ideas and what good is in there is often tripping over itself. Like I'm not even a "PLEASE GIVE US THE FIRST TWO GAMES FOREVER AND EVER" purist like some of the babies out there and I fucking adored Super Paper Mario. I'm fine if a franchise diverges or experiments, I just want the game to be good and Sticker Star just has a bunch of minor shit that adds up to just getting in the way of itself.
  2. no you don't sticker star is trash and mostly devoid of a lot of the charming writing, story beats and characters i sort of stan color splash for being a legitimately fantastic game shackled to sticker star's shitty battle system that in some ways manages to be even worse
  3. I can't even disagree with this take because as a straight adventure game TOK is just better than TTYD in a lot of ways. But TTYD is also a game that's up against the fact that I've played through it multiple times, and frankly I think the game's flaws become a lot more apparent on subsequent playthroughs and maybe that'll be the case with TOK. TTYD has better story beats in general and the overarching plot feels like it matters more just because it feels more multifaceted in that regard, but you can tell that the game was made with limited time or space on the minidiscs because comparatively to 64 and subsequent games the areas are very linear and padded with a ton of backtracking that becomes way more noticeable the more you play through the game.
  4. Finished TOK. I'm making a terrible pun but it describes my feelings perfectly in saying that the last chapter honestly fell a bit flat. Felt a lot weaker and abrupt than a lot of the final chapters in other Paper Mario games and while the ending is good, the last few hours suddenly into the ending felt rushed enough to sour my experience a bit. TTYD is still probably king for me but TOK is definitely as good as or better than any of the first three games.
  5. Nintendo is one of the most baffling companies imaginable to me lol. They still make great games and have so many cool ideas for products but simultaneously make the most nonsensical business decisions that almost seem antithetical to what would otherwise be a profitable decision or being stuck in ridiculously archaic design practices. There are days where I'm going "THAT'S SUCH A GREAT IDEA" and "WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING" at the same time.
  6. i mostly dislike this fire emblem release because next to super mario 3d all-stars i'm tired of this "GET IT FOR A LIMITED TIME" bullshit on digital games FOMO is such exploitative bullshit
  7. well this is convenient for me considering i just started this game after so many years lol
  8. I played through it on Ultra-Violence, I'm no bitch. I'm kind of annoyed that I have to beat the game to unlock Nightmare though. I wouldn't say that UV was easy because it wasn't, but these are the sorts of shooters I'm actually good at so I would've played that from the start.
  9. After procrastinating it for four years, I started and finally beat Doom 2016. Holy shit.
  10. And I apologize if I appear hostile, OW is a sore spot for me because I wanted to love the game so much but MAN it's just done so many things to push me away from it.
  11. There are few games that cumulatively have so many things on paper that I fuck with but the product catastrophically fucks up as much as OW to me. It is the most "blizzard" ass game I can think of where the game itself feels good to play but virtually everything else from its balance to its map design to its microtransaction philosophy to its competitive community to its terrible writing and cheap tokenism/virtue signalling represents the very worst of the genre it tries to function in. I'd honestly rather reinstall TF2 again at this point than to ever touch that game again. It's the straw that broke the camel's back of me being a longtime Blizzard game player lmao
  12. ame's a fucking gremlin and agent of chaos and i love her and i simultaneously love and find it horribly fucked up that the explanation for her slight lisp is that she literally almost bit her tongue off as a child
  13. i've fallen down the vtuber hole, somebody please get me out of here
  14. and that there are distinctly parts of the game that the x-ray visor doesn't work on when in several cases it would be impossible to know something is there without it
  15. SotN by all accounts is a fantastic game in what it brought to the genre, but it also to me suffers the same problem maybe games like HL2 or Shenmue have in the sense that it was such a blueprint for an entire genre that it feels like so many games have iterated on it and improved what it did in some way, shape or form and the game feels very aged or basic as a result. I think of it as a fascinating progenitor of sorts to the genre, but I will take almost any Castlevania game that came after it or any game inspired by it over SotN nowadays, warts and all they might have.