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  1. i wasn't even big on 90s hip-hop and even i felt this reference was super obvious
  2. It's complicated. The senators have been sworn in but the Democratic Caucus can't assert control of the Senate until January 20th. A lot of sources report that McConnell actually supports the impeachment as a means of purging Trump from the party and to disbar him from running in 2024, but doesn't want to make a clear commitment until he has the whip count for the votes he needs, and likely does not want to actually remove Trump while he's still in office on the off-chance that Pence pardons him in his last week. On top of that, an impeachment trial will function as a good obstruction for B
  3. Honestly don't agree with this take at all. Coordinated coups by insurgents groups could've easily pulled apart the government yesterday.. Saying it was a coordinated effort by multiple parties is a narrative that benefits international groups because it makes America look weak in the context of being able to be infiltrated. A coordinated effort would've amounted to hostages taken, far more confidential information being stolen, there were computers with emails still open in the building, and would still probably be occupied at this moment. It amounted to some shit being looted, selfies
  4. it joins the prestigious ranks of +6-hour albums i've listened to in one sitting next to the disintegration loops but unlike the disintegration loops this was actually good
  5. @devilsKnife i listened to everywhere at the end of time in one sitting why did i do this to myself
  6. starting 2021 off the best way i know how to reinstalling doom 2016 to do a nightmare run
  7. I think of the Deep City from Etrian Odyssey 3 because it's after the absolute hell of a second stratum and fighting one of the most notorious "gatekeeper" bosses in the series, and it's also the only game in the series with a second hub city. also my name may or may not be a reference to the EO3 shopkeeper
  8. People can disapprove of an author being a garbage person and still engage in their body of work while remaining cognizant of its problematic foundation or elements. I'm not going to begrudge anybody who still likes Harry Potter or Kanye's music because creators don't live in a vacuum of time and art can still mean something to you at a given point in time when the context surrounding it wasn't awful. I've been having to parse these sorts of thoughts a lot because while I believe that, simultaneously it's been hard not to side-eye people playing shit like Cyberpunk that's been surrounded
  9. MAGfest shit sounds terrible, but generally if there is a want for that kind of event, something else will inevitably show up to take its place. At least it isn't like the gaming community you've been attached to and loved for more than the past decade got outed this year for having a massive problem with child predators and pedophiles. Speaking of having problems with child predators and pedophiles though, somebody ban that new account
  10. that sure as hell is an effective way to keep people from doing that, yep
  11. The shit going on with Harry Potter has been fascinating to watch unfold because it's like a younger generation having its first experience feeling conflicted over an artist and their work, and it does prompt a lot of interesting discussions surrounding how much of an artist's self is in their work to question if it feels morally right to still enjoy it. Kanye and Morrissey fans are laughing while Lovecraft fans are awkwardly shuffling in their seats
  12. The only good thing to happen for me on Christmas was I got probably my last penta of the year in League on a champion that's utter bullshit and probably half of my pentas this year alone lol also i installed apex, bought world of horror and got divinity original sin 2
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