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  1. play her mid like a fucking man
  2. i am not allowed to have a good game on garen tonight those shoulders are broad, but not broad enough to carry these fucking teams
  3. Even with the bizarre events about Mother 1, expecting a localization of an 11-year old GBA game seems absolutely ridiculous when a lot of people who want it have already played the translation at this point.
  4. when i went to spokane i listened to an album on loop for 7 hours because i'm insane
  5. You think that because you're a pessimist and see people in the most scrutinizing way possible.
  6. You can only be a pessimist constantly if you have a sense of humor to take the piss out of it.
  7. The Ninfora Member's Gallery

    much better
  8. Political Containment Thread

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/retropolis/wp/2017/08/16/politicians-blamed-both-sides-during-the-civil-rights-movement-kkk-and-the-naacp/ Good article.
  9. i couldn't respond to this sooner, i had to go put it back in its original box and the safe we keep it in i don't know why we keep some garbage nes game in a safe lmao
  10. oh that nah that isn't worth shit
  11. guys after rummaging through all these games, i've finally come across the best and most valuable one MOTHERFUCKING WARIO'S WOODS
  12. I doubled his CS and solo killed him, but got ganked by the enemy mid who wasn't pinged mia and then their jungler and the game snowballed from there after they took my tower and every other lane was losing then next game i got camped by a j4 for a lv 2 gank that my jungler didn't even take advantage of and then after i lost my tower i got a triple kill and smashed the shit out of the team hard enough to make them surrender, so it was gucci in the end
  13. mordekaiser into a teemo ignite toplane kill me pls
  14. >somebody was murdered at a neo-nazi rally in 2017 america >"guys somebody got their head ripped off in the tilt-o-whirl at the fair, we need to talk about this" good thing to come back to, everybody ignore the dumbass and look at me for a moment me and my colleagues were conducting business this weekend, and apparently one of them has had virtually every game console known to man still at his parents house, so we made the trek to idaho this weekend to retrieve them there's a sega cd, 32x, intellivision, even some weird fucking console that texas instruments made
  15. i get to relax for a few days, it gonna be good