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  1. I was watching a streamer watch the VGAs and one of the people on his stream thought that they already had a sequel to Bravely Default, and I guess they were right. Thought they thought that the existing sequel was Bravely Default II and that this was a Switch port of it, which is wrong since this is new.
  2. Don’t know why they didn’t pair Santa Mario and Reindeer Yoshi for the same tour, but I guess it’s no big deal. I guess MKT like to have one male and one female character for the spotlight characters for the pipes.
  3. The same thing happened to you with a $50 card. Glad you found out the code for that one. I tried guessing the missing digits to mine, but with some of them I can’t tell if it was supposed to be a B or an 8, and some I scratched up to where it’s pretty hard to decipher. Then I kept entering wrong codes too much in a short time and I would get locked out from entering codes for a bit. I might try to enter in the code again since NoA support still hasn’t gotten back yet. Edit: NoA Support replied back and wanted me to give them some info about my Nintendo account and Switch serial number. Gave it to them and today I got a response telling me they gave me 365 days of Nintendo Switch Online membership. So I’ve got online functionality for Switch games again.
  4. Thanks for the support @alienboyva. I went to NoA’s support website and sent them the info they asked for and pictures of the card and the receipt for proof of purchase Saturday. Still haven’t gotten an email response from them yet.
  5. Does anyone who uses the prepaid cards to renew switch online memberships have troubles reading the codes if you scratch the silver area too hard? I guess I scratched the silver area hard enough to where there’s parts of the code I can’t read. Even though I think I can make the scratched parts out, there’s still letters or numbers that I can’t tell are suppose to be a letter or a number. I’ve gotten that error code that tells you you’ve entered a wrong code so many times that you get locked out for a a short time about four times now. This is so stupid.
  6. I am, even though I‘ve slowed down. Sorry I’ve been venting about my problems with this game here. Well there’s only a few hours left of the Winter tour. I’m going to do my best to put an end of my complaints. It isn’t worth it for a mobile game.
  7. Last night I tried soft resetting what Serebii.net showed was Gigantamax Appletun’s raid den. After beating a lot of Pokémon that can appear in that den under the purple light, after changing the date on my Switch’s internal clock to change the weather, I gave up and tried going for the den that houses Gigantamax Gengar. Unsurprisingly I ran into the same problem of not finding Gigantamax Gengar there. At least I did manage to get two Galarian Corsolas from the rare purple light raid battles in that den. I think the one reason I wasn’t getting Gigantamax Appletun or Gengar to appear outside of their low appearance rates is I had a max raid den with a Gigantamax Corviknight still active. I’m just guessing since I have no idea how the raid dens work, but after I caught that Corviknight, other raid dens started showing up earlier this morning. So far that soft resetting method for the Gigantamax Pokémon hasn’t worked so well for me. It makes me wonder if the max raid battle stuff has been completely figured out yet. I’d have to guess it has by now.
  8. I’m guessing if you forgot to take the game, you might have forgotten the receipt for the game as well. That situation sucks. But at least you didn’t technically lose it, since the store still has it.
  9. I’ve slowed down on MKT as well. Ever since I hit tier 20, the game just puts me up against people who get over 30,000 points for the top 3 positions. I think the last cup I had enough to get the last tier prize, then a few hours later when the cup ended I dropped down far enough to lose my rank. I kinda wish that Nintendo would’ve at least made another Mario Kart for the Switch instead of making a deluxe port of 8, or MKT. Even though MKT is the most recent time I’ve had fun with a mobile game, it feels a bit more stressful than other mobile games I’ve played in the past.
  10. Oh yeah, that would help. I forget to turn the Y coms on before I start raid battles sometimes too. Glad you got that figured out. What was the shiny you caught?
  11. Yeah, Linoone evolves at level 35 or up at night. I don’t know where the 50 battles thing came from.
  12. I just encountered and caught my first shiny in Shield. It’s a Spritzee, and I believe it has the new shiny appearance effect. Just 44 hours into the game too. I’m wondering if they made it easier to run into shiny Pokémon in Sword and Shield compared to past entries? I’m only speculating this because I’ve seen articles talk about the new shiny appearance just recently? Edit: Just found another shiny, it’s a Galarian Meowth. It’s got the same shiny effect the Spritzee has when it enters battle. I gonna admit I was seeing if I could shiny chain for the Meowth, and I thought I had messed up. I ran into a few other Pokémon after finding the first few non shiny Meowths. Funny little story, I forgot what game it was but I had found a shiny female Meowth and named it after one of my cats Skippy. So since this shiny Meowth was male, I decided to name it after Skippy’s long lost brother, Yippy. It kinda sucks that the normal color for Galarian Meowth is a closer match for the two cats I named the two shiny Meowths after. Ill have to post pictures of the shinies for proof , as soon as I can find a way to move the pictures from the Switch capture album without using Facebook or Twitter.
  13. Finally caught me a Gigantamaxed Pokémon! It was a Centiskorch, and it’s at level 70. Seems that Pokémon that can Gigantamax get the Dynamax symbol next to their names in the summary. So I guess that answers my own question from earlier.
  14. So one think I’m confused about the Gigantamaxing forms of certain Pokémon. Durning one of the gym battles I had Dynamaxed Drewdnaw, but it didn’t go into its Gigantamax form. Is that because my Drewdnaw was originally caught in the wild as opposed to being caught from a max raid battle in the Wild area? And this might be a stupid question, but say you catch a Butterfree in a max raid battle, but it wasn't in its Gigantamax form in that battle, will it not Gigantamax when you use it in Dynamax or max raid battles?