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  1. Someone correct me if I’m wrong about this, but with Bowser’s appearance in Wreck-it Ralph, would that mean Bowser appears in more movies than Mario?
  2. What one Pokémon needs to be dex’d for you to complete the Pokédex?
  3. Got my first shiny in Violet last week. Found it in a Tera raid den. I didn’t even notice until I saw the shiny icon while browsing through my boxes. I evolved it too.
  4. Not really. The router and modem aren’t really much farther away from where they used to be.
  5. So I don’t remember if I said it here or in another topic, but I finally decided to get NSO Expansion to get N64 games and MK8 DLX tracks. However I don’t think I’ll have as much of a stable connection on my Switch since I moved my router and modem closer to my PC in the other room; my Switch is no longer hard wired. Plus judging from how MK8 nights are EST and I’m on PST, Im thinking that wouldn’t be ideal for connections.
  6. @DLurksterYeah I really should have pumped the breaks on this game. I haven’t done too much end game things as far as I’m aware, but now I feel a bit burned out completing the main story. I should have known this would happen.
  7. So I no-life beat the story and got to the credits and I’m in post game. I won’t post any spoilers since the games not even a week old yet. I know the internet is in an uproar about the game’s graphics and performance, but it didn’t heavily impact my gameplay or really upset me enough to make me stop playing. There was only one area I could recall where the game slowed down really bad. However the game never crashed. I have no idea how playing with others locally or online will affect the game’s performance since I haven’t tried connecting to any friends yet. For reference I have played this in docked mode on a Switch that I’ve had since Mario Kart 8 Deluxe came out. I could try and go on about more of the graphical issues, but its most likely already covered better in other sources.
  8. Even though I’m not getting it yet, probably Sonic Frontiers. Though God of War Ragnarok is looking pretty hype, and I’ve never been big on GoW or have a PS5. Also back to Pokémon S/V… the starter evolutions have been leaked along with some other Pokémon. That’s all I’m going to say on that here.
  9. Not yet from what I’m aware of. One of the starter’s middle evos did get leaked though. Also seems the there’ll be a new Scarlet and Violet trailer tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if they at least showed all the starters middle evos at least.
  10. Just a heads up, there are gameplay pictures of Pokémon S/V already leaked on the internet. The game got into people’s hands early somehow. I’m just letting people here know.
  11. I remember hearing about that post from a friend. Also there was another GameXplain video that repoted on a “rumor” of movie Mario’s face reveal leaked from a McDonald’s Happy Meal ad. Not sure if the video is still up.
  12. I know the 3D/Switch mainline Pokémon titles aren’t technical feats, but man were there some choppy frame rate issues in that video. I get Wiglett is supposed to be a worm or eel, but Game Freak or the Pokémon Company knew that the internet is going to make duck jokes out of this. I hope the shiny colors for Wiglett isn’t just the normal Diglett colors for the sake of avoiding more controversy.
  13. Crap, I had a feeling I should have kept an eye here. Sorry I missed another night. Then again I still don’t have my Switch dock hardwired to the internet. So I might have saved you guys from some bad connection problems.
  14. Well I realized I might not be able to make it to this Saturday night Smash, unless I play using WiFi. I was trying to move my internet set up to where I have my pc to see if plugging an ethernet cable into the pc would help with game download speeds, which it doesn’t for some reason? That’s a different problem though. So I think I’ll skip out to prevent having even worse match connections for Smash. Sorry about that.
  15. Okay thanks for the heads up @purple_beardand @DLurkster.
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