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  1. I was doing some fishing on the dock tonight and noticed a balloon present going by in the distance. I went and popped the balloon and opened up the present, it was a brown DJ’s turntable. It is customizable, but all that will change is a poster on the front-center that has plenty of different logos along with options to put a custom design or the patterns you can obtain from Sable. I’m kinda surprised it’s only 9,300 bells through the Nook Shopping app on the Nook Stop. In short I can get people DJ turntables in brown.
  2. I’ll have to come back again and bring over the DIYs. I’m going to put these bells back first. Edit: Nevermind, I got a communication error right when I was about to land on your island @avalonknight. Also happened the other times when visiting, except the one time I came over, sold the turnips, gave you the tip and just left through the airport. I guess I should try to drop off those DIYs another time. Thank you for letting me sell on your island though.
  3. Yeah I’m coming back if the game lets me. I’ll just sell the turnips give you a tip and then give you the diys I gave you earlier
  4. I’ve been storing turnips in my basement. The DIYs I’ve just been putting on tables and stands outside, mainly because I have so many that I was told by Isabelle that there was too many items laying around the floor of my islands when I was checking island evaluations at the time.
  5. Okay cool. Also so here’s a list of my current extra DIYs Pear dress Rose Bed Manga-library wall bamboo wall decoration cabin wall deer decoration jail bars honeycomb flooring bamboo partition bonsai shelf log decorative shelves log garden lounge paw-print doorplate music stand iron hanger stand bamboo doll bunny day fence bamboo noodle slide bunny day vanity bamboo-shoot lamp matryoshka bunny day festive balloons tiki torch wooden bookshelf
  6. @avalonknight If your island is still open along with your store, would you mind if I came to sell turnips?
  7. Kinda late into the week, but my PM turnip price for today is 359 per turnip. edit: Should have said anyone’s welcome to come sell on my island if you want to. Just let me know.
  8. Well unlike Color Splash, I might give this one a try. I miss playing Paper Mario, even if this is more of the likes of Sticker Star and Color Splash over the original and TTYD.
  9. I forgot that the Switch version of Doom Eternal isn’t out yet. I finished the campaign on Ultra-Violence on my Xbone X, it was real good. It’s a shame to hear the Mick Gordon probably won’t be returning to do the next Doom’s soundtrack after something got messed up with the release of Doom Eternal’s soundtrack.
  10. I can later. Gotta get something to eat for dinner. I’ll let you know when I open the gate to come visit.
  11. And the gate is closed for now. Like I said today, I can open it again. But Nook’s Cranny closes in less than 7 hours from this post.
  12. Ok, so I think I might close my island for a bit, after everyone currently on my island is done. But I can open it later. Just PM me or post here if you need to sell again.
  13. I forgot to mention Leif was here too. I have still never gotten roses to plant because I’ve never seen them on sale.