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  1. I only have the basic plan for Home, but that might change in the future. Here’s my code from the mobile app. LXQFDTDNKZWF
  2. I know these bots aren’t from Nintendo games, but I like Metal Sonic, E-102 “Gamma” and Omega from the Sonic games. I find it pretty bad that outside of R.O.B. and R.O.B. 64 from StarFox, I can’t really remember too many robots in Nintendo games. I guess there’s Ray MK. II and/or III from Custom Robo that I just remembered as of now.
  3. @Art_de_Cat Thanks for offering to help. I’ll PM you the list when I get home to double check the ones I’m missing. I have the Shield legendary so I can definitely help you with getting it in your Home dex. I think out of the ones I know I’ll need help with are some the trade evolutions like Karrablast and Shelmet, etc.
  4. I booted up Pokémon Sun since I for some reason thought Pokémon Home would let me transfer Pokémon from the 3DS games with the basic plan for a limited time (must have misread an article). Anyways point being there’s quite a bit of shiny Pokémon I had in Sun alone, and even then there’s more I remember having that I probably didn’t transfer into Sun or Moon. I know this sounds like it belongs in the Gen 7 shiny thread because it does, but I guess I’m just really here asking if I could have some help getting the Pokédex filled in Shield? I was hoping of using Pokémon Bank and Transporter to bring some Pokémon missing in my Shield ‘dex to inch closer into completing my ‘dex in Shield, but you know...
  5. As would I, but then I would want to collect those. And I need to stop collecting stuff in general.
  6. I really wish I hadn’t gotten into buying Pops, but I’m a sucker for collectibles and the minimalistic art style. It’s a good thing there’s no Nintendo ones, besides the Pokémon ones. The Shantae, Pichu, and Vulpix ones look good for Pops. But I really have to stop collecting these damn things, running out of room to actually display them.
  7. Gosh darn, I didn’t realize there was another page with the non-transferable save problem already being discussed... I hope by the time the Switch Pro comes, they will figure some way to make saves transferable.
  8. Nintendo announced a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch. It’s got pastel green and blue joy cons, and the dock has Tom Nook, Timmy, and Tommy on an island out at sea. I believe the back panel even has some special details on it. Ill just link this GameXplain video since there’s probably details they caught that I missed.
  9. I’d guess that Scorpion’s final smash would be a “fatality” animation (obviously toned down) but KOs if the opponent caught in the final smash gets up to 100% damage by the time the “fatality” animation is done. Pretty much how Ridley’s final smash works.
  10. Well I got my first spotlight driver, the Penguin “who death stares back” Luigi. I think after finally getting a featured spotlight driver from spending so many rubies in past tours, I think I’ll play this game a lot less seriously now, or at least stop grinding to chase after spotlight items.
  11. Would the Metroid (Zero Mission) remake be called “Metroid: Samus Begins”?
  12. A friend shared this, I thought I would too. Mainly because of the fact Cuphead is in it. Sorry in advance to those who are still upset over Byleth’s inclusion into Smash Ultimate.
  13. Finally got to taking photos of my shinies in Shield. I took them with my phone.
  14. Being honest, I’d play as Sir Fetch’d over most of the FE cast. Mostly because I prefer Pokémon over FE.
  15. This exactly. Im going to call it, the fact that there’s a sixth character in fighter pass 2 probably means ones going to be a Pokémon Sword and Shield rep.