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  1. Well seems that there’s two more missions added to the Super Mario 35th Anniversary My Nintendo missions page. One requires finding hidden stickers on the SM3DW+BF website, while the other other requires you to find the Super Mario 35th Anniversary article on the Switch news feed and scan the QR code near the end. So so now I’m on track to having a chance to get the wave 2 collectible pin set, as soon as SM3DW+BF comes out.
  2. @DLurksterI pretty much have the same problem. I didn’t do most of the in game events that expired, so I think I’m going to miss out of the 2nd pin set. I’m pretty mad at Nintendo for having a requirement of 15/20 missions to be completed to unlock the 2nd pin set, while having some missions expired already. But I’m more mad at myself for not thinking the in game event missions wouldn’t matter so much and skipping them. I kinda miss the old Club Nintendo system where all you really needed to do was register games then redeem the rewards. But then again I don’t miss the buggy site
  3. The whole direct seemed pretty short, at least to me. The areas look really cool though. The amount of moving animatronic characters is pretty impressive, even though most of them have limited movements. Interesting to see that they’ve got a lot of them outside, which makes sense because they’re to populate the area of the park. Something that I don’t see a lot of at Disneyland. Toad’s Cafe looks pretty neat, with the virtual Toads as kitchen staff. I doubt the menu at Toad’s Cafe in Super Nintendo World at Universal Japan will be the same at the SNWs for Universal Studios Orlando
  4. There would have been a lot of failures if this challenge had launched last month.
  5. After spending over an hour fighting Sephiroth on V. Hard and getting pretty close with some characters, I end up unintentionally cheesing the fight as Dedede with a should be failed recovery. I forgot Dedede’s up special on the way down is a meteor smash. I’ll go attempt a legit victory before the special fight goes away, but I doubt I’ll get a better time than what I posted. Also I don’t know if I posted the picture right, I just used the add file option.
  6. Hope there’s more than two songs from FF(VII) added, hopefully spirits from FFVII too.
  7. I’m gonna make a reminder to join in on some MK8DLX tonight. I just renewed my NSO subscription today, and haven’t been on lately. I might miss some of the beginning races since I’m going to be doing something the hour before the races start, and it’s usually a hour long. Hope to make it.
  8. I watched a video of Charlie “Moist Critical” calling Nintendo the worst video game company last night since I couldn’t sleep. Most of the stuff he covered I already knew thanks to other videos from other YouTube channels. He did bring up how Nintendo shutting down the Etika “charity” joy cons was terrible, but he most likely didn’t know that only a small portion of the sales went to charity that was already mentioned in this topic earlier. I don’t know peoples opinions here about internet Keanu here, but I’m aware he is a pretty known YouTuber. So he’s spreading the word. I won’t post t
  9. Okay I’m gonna straight out ask, why does everyone on the internet call him Minecraft Steve over Steve or Steve from Minecraft? I don’t get why it’s bothering me so much, but it’s getting annoying hearing all the YouTubers call him Minecraft Steve. I mean would you call Mario “Super Mario Mario”, or Samus ”Metroid Samus” or something dumb like that? I guess I can get that he keeps gettting called Minecraft Steve because most people who played Minecraft wouldn’t have known Steve and Alex were the default names of the male and female skins in Minecraft. But saying Minecraft before t
  10. If there’s one good thing to take from Steve being revealed, it’s that 3rd party characters are still on the table. I’m not trying to say that more Nintendo characters for dlc would be bad, but I kinda feel cheated to have a Nintendo character take up a dlc spot when they could have been in the base roster or something, (unless that character was introduced after Smash Ultimate launched I guess). Guess it doesn’t help that most of Smash Bros dlc fighters were 3rd party so far. Steve I doesn’t but me, and from the trailer he doesn’t look too interesting gameplay wise, but at least m
  11. Yeah I should have actually kept a better eye on their fine print. I was late by over a week so no codes. I’m gonna follow this topic to get a heads up for information about the other pins for the Mario 35th.
  12. Wait so the pins have been sold out for how long now? I would have guessed that the credit for participating in the MKT event didn’t show up until the 29th, that the pins would be able to be redeemed until then? Leave it to me to assume that Nintendo would have handled this well.
  13. So I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but if I have here I’ll just say it again. So outside the micro transactions and the fact this mobile game has more content than Mario Kart 8 DLX, Is have to say my biggest problem with this “game” is it not letting me play the damn thing. This problem is most likely because I’m still on an iPhone 6+ that’s not at the latest(or final) update because I usually hear that most updates for the iPhones apple puts up screw things up somehow. So maybe that’s the reason why my game crashes so damn often. But when I do get lucky enough to have the
  14. I hope whenever they release a GotY or Complete edition of Doom Eternal, that they end up putting the cosmetic collection sets that are/were available only through a Twitch Prime membership. I’ve linked up my Twitch Prime with Doom Eternal, but I just think the cosmetics should have been available outside the Twitch Prime subscription.
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