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  1. The Diamond and Pearl Switch remakes look better than when I last saw it. Well maybe not the chibi characters in the overworld, they still look cursed. It’s cool that the underground is being expanded. I forgot the contest was a thing in the original Diamond and Pearl. I don’t know how I feel that it’s turned more into a rhythm type mini game, unless it was like that in the DS versions? It’s also nice to see your lead Pokémon follow you in the overworld too. Legends of Arceus looks more polished that when they first showed it off too. Kinda weird that the region had a different name in the past than it does now. The new forms and evolutions seem pretty cool. Basculegion already has a dark description for how it evolves. Wyrdeer is pretty solid evolution design for Stantler, something standard but over the top like some existing Pokémon that for some reasons got evolutions in gen 4. Hisuian Growlithe looks cute, but it’s supposedly Fire/Rock presuming it’s still retains its fire typing. Not a fan of Hisuian Braviary’s design, even thought it mostly still looks like Braviary. It getting psychic typing sounds cool though. I’m pretty sure there’s already been theories about this, but I have a feeling that this might not be the original past of the DS D/P/Plt Shinoh. With all the different games’ timelines and multiverses, I wouldn’t be surprised if this past was created from a “bad end” of Pokémon D/P/Plt where Team Galactic wasn’t stopped, but unintentionally created an alternate past of Shinoh. But that’s just me trying to big brain theory craft to make the story more interesting.
  2. I got the Terry and Banjo-Kazooie amiibo yesterday. Also a detail I noticed on the Banjo-Kazooie amiibo is the jigsaw piece they use to rest Banjo’s lifted foot on isn’t the square sided jiggy that you collect in the Banjo-Kazooie games. The sides of the jiggy on the amiibo curve in. Not a huge mistake, just find it funny. Another detail about the Banjo-Kazooie amiibo is the Rare logo shows up on the backpack.
  3. I remember hearing from a video that the Super Nintendo World for the Hollywood park might finish construction before the Orlando park, but probably wouldn’t have enough space to put in the DKC expansion that the Orlando and Japan parks will get later since SNW for Hollywood is going to be in the lower lot where Jurassic World, Transformers, and the Mummy rides are. The guy in the video also says that the Hollywood park already has the Mario Kart ride built, but the outside of SNW still has to be worked on.
  4. Well I found out Lucky (the dog with the bandages around his face) is camping on my island. Unfortunately I have a full island so I can’t really convince him to move to my island. And i think if I had probably logged onto my Switch earlier today I could have informed people here if they wanted to have him move to their island if that’s a thing. If anyone here is still up I can open my island to see if he can move. Though I can only stay up for around another hour and a half. edit: Okay sorry I guess I’ll just quit waiting since I guess nobody here’s awake. Just ignore what i said earlier.
  5. At least it’s not a Fortnite character like some people joke about being added. Never really played a Xenoblade game, but it’s good to see that they represented Xenoblade Chronicles 2 properly. I have a feeling one of the last two fighters is going to be a Sword/Shield Pokémon, that’s a safe guess though.
  6. I guess I got lucky since I was able to redeem the code and go to checkout. I have to pay for shipping and state tax I guess, but whatever.
  7. Ok so it’s probably everyone trying to get their codes the redeem the pins are trying to do it all at once, thus causing the site to screw up. Reminds me back in the days of Club Nintendo where their reward site screwed up when they would launch rewards that were actually good.
  8. Man I’m having problems with their website. Ever since I refreshed it a 12, the site won’t load the 15/15 that I had earlier. I’m gonna be mad if the one thing preventing me from getting these pins is something with their website or my internet.
  9. So I ended up seeing a Lego Super Mario starter set at Target last weekend and bit the bullet and bought it. But didn’t bother looking at the little part on the packaging to check the device compatibility, and found out that the free companion app with the instructions and stuff won’t run on my phone since it’s so old. So instead of blaming myself, I’m going to blame Apple because.... Anyways, is there stuff I can do without the need for the instructions on the app?
  10. Well seems that there’s two more missions added to the Super Mario 35th Anniversary My Nintendo missions page. One requires finding hidden stickers on the SM3DW+BF website, while the other other requires you to find the Super Mario 35th Anniversary article on the Switch news feed and scan the QR code near the end. So so now I’m on track to having a chance to get the wave 2 collectible pin set, as soon as SM3DW+BF comes out.
  11. @DLurksterI pretty much have the same problem. I didn’t do most of the in game events that expired, so I think I’m going to miss out of the 2nd pin set. I’m pretty mad at Nintendo for having a requirement of 15/20 missions to be completed to unlock the 2nd pin set, while having some missions expired already. But I’m more mad at myself for not thinking the in game event missions wouldn’t matter so much and skipping them. I kinda miss the old Club Nintendo system where all you really needed to do was register games then redeem the rewards. But then again I don’t miss the buggy site when everyone tried to redeem the good prizes, and the lack of prizes worth getting from Club Nintendo.
  12. The whole direct seemed pretty short, at least to me. The areas look really cool though. The amount of moving animatronic characters is pretty impressive, even though most of them have limited movements. Interesting to see that they’ve got a lot of them outside, which makes sense because they’re to populate the area of the park. Something that I don’t see a lot of at Disneyland. Toad’s Cafe looks pretty neat, with the virtual Toads as kitchen staff. I doubt the menu at Toad’s Cafe in Super Nintendo World at Universal Japan will be the same at the SNWs for Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood. I had had a feeling we wouldn’t get to see the Mario Kart ride in action since most of the flair of the ride probably requires the AR goggles/glasses to see the characters and environments. I really want to see how the Super Nintendo Worlds in Hollywood and Orlando come out. Because it’s going to be a while before there’s even estimated dates for them being worked on.
  13. There would have been a lot of failures if this challenge had launched last month.
  14. After spending over an hour fighting Sephiroth on V. Hard and getting pretty close with some characters, I end up unintentionally cheesing the fight as Dedede with a should be failed recovery. I forgot Dedede’s up special on the way down is a meteor smash. I’ll go attempt a legit victory before the special fight goes away, but I doubt I’ll get a better time than what I posted. Also I don’t know if I posted the picture right, I just used the add file option.
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