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  1. I know I made the topic, but I’m not really feeling the game either. I mostly posted this to see how people here would react to this. I’m gonna guess it’s a “who cares?” majority opinion.
  2. So it seems Warner Brothers is hopping on the mascot platform fighting game train with Multiversus. I normally don’t make topics, but I thought I’d at least share this news here. Oddly enough, Multiversus doesn’t seem to be coming to the Nintendo Switch at this time? I’m sorry for overdoing it with the topic tags. I got carried away.
  3. I think the only games I beat that came out this year so far were Metroid Dread and Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy. Dread is definitely Switch GotY IMO. GotG was surprisingly great in my book. It’s not perfect and there were some issues I ran into, but I had fun playing it. I originally wasn’t going to pick it up because of how disappointing Avengers was, but I’m glad I listened to some people’s opinions of GotG. It’s easily one of my favorite games that came out this year, not that there’s many games I picked up this year.
  4. Okay thank you for letting me know that @DLurkster. If I make it to this Smash Saturday, which I don’t think I have anything interfering, I’m probably going to have to use the text chat in the discord. The room where I have my Switch set up is also the room where there’s family watching tv. I would move it, but then I can’t hook my Switch up with an Ethernet cable to the router/modem to try and have a more stable connection. I think I can just keep myself muted in the discord and speak when I need to though.
  5. Alright, thanks guys. I almost forgot you guys do an online Smashdown for the first Smash night of the month. For some reason I thought that would have happened on Tuesday.
  6. Hi, sorry I haven’t been participating in any game nights. I feel bad that I haven’t joined in so long. I want to try and join in tomorrow. I’m going to guess you guys still keep the lobbies password protected?
  7. Ah okay. Hopefully the online will be good. I have a feeling that there will be a share of rage quitters though. I hope if that happens, the online game won’t get interrupted or end the game. I forgot what game did that, I think it was Fortune Street back on the Wii maybe? I’d have to imagine the developers would have found a way to keep the game going in case people disconnected, like add in bots.
  8. So it didn’t occur to me until recently, but I wonder if the modding community for Smash Ultimate already has some of Sora’s alt costumes from certain Disney worlds like Nightmare Before Christmas or Toy Story ect.?
  9. I didn’t think Mario Party Superstars was out already. I thought it was coming out Friday?
  10. I wonder what the demand for Dreamcast games would be on Switch? I’m going to guess not real high since there’s quite a bit of the games are ported to other platforms like Steam.
  11. Wow, the fact that there is no monthly options either is pretty bad. I find it funny since there’s prepaid cards for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that only go up to 3 months for $45. But with that, it covers Xbox Live membership, and Xbox Gamepass for Xbox consoles and PC and I think the ability to play certain games through the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. I don’t really have too much details for that, I just remembered trying to play Banjo-Tooie through my phone on it. It didn’t really go smooth since I was riding passenger on a car ride in an area with bad cell service. They also recommended a controller with Bluetooth for most of the games on the Xbox Cloud Gaming, but Banjo-Tooie had options for touch screen controls if you didn’t have a compatible controller. But still it’s $15 a month for all that. I don’t know the prices for Xbox Gamepass for console or pc separately. Point is I got out of hand with the Xbox info.
  12. I wonder if there’ll be an option for the NSO expansion without the ACNH dlc attached to it down the line? Probably not since there was the $49.99 single plan and $79.99 family plan.
  13. It’s great to see a lot of the characters that were left out of the initial New Horizons release make it to the game in this update. Happy Home Designer coming as a dlc is cool, thought $30 of a dlc to most people would seem high. But it looks like it brings a lot of extras. Interesting to see the Happy Home Designer dlc is bundled with the upgraded NSO plan. Not sure if I’ll do the HHD dlc if I get the upgraded NSO plan. I still feel burnt out on New Horizons and I haven’t played it in quite a while.
  14. I really regret not looking into Metroid Dread more to realize there was a special edition of the game. Then again, that’s what I deserve for being a casual when it comes to Metroid. I even forgot to get the GameStop exclusive pins when I picked up my pre-order. Though they could have just ran out of the pins too.
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