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  1. Hopefully I’m free as well, but I’ll let you guys know ahead of time if I’m not.
  2. That’s a bummer, but it’s probably for the best. I doubt I’ll have anything happening on the 15th, but if I do I’ll let you guys know.
  3. I’m ok with still playing today, or the 15th if we don’t have enough people.
  4. I’m still not 100% sure what time I’m going to have to pick my mom up from the hospital tomorrow, but I doubt it’ll be during that 8-10 pm Eastern time window. I’m only guessing it won’t be between 8-10 pm Eastern because I have to drop her off at the hospital before 5 am Eastern.
  5. I know that I have to pick up a family member from a surgery on April 1st. They go in early in the morning, but I don’t know when they’ll get out of surgery. I think it’s safe to say they’ll be out way before the game starts. So unless something comes up, I’d like to join in. To be clear is it 8-10 pm est?
  6. The one big thing I’m surprised about for SV is the fact that it’s coming this year when we just had Legends Arceus. Weird how we’re getting another cat, crocodile, and bird (even though it’s the first duck starter) for starter Pokémon.
  7. I think I’ll still pay for the pass, even with the news that only one person needs them for hosting multiplayer matches. Even though I haven’t played MK8DLX in a while, it would still be nice to play the new tracks offline or on the go. I have no idea what incentive there will be to trying to get 3 star ranks in all the new cups, other than wanting to keep the game at a 100% complete status.
  8. As much as I was trying to explain why people were upset that the Booster pass tracks look like they were just up-resed tracks from MKT, that doesn’t really bother me. I guess a big way we can tell if these are straight from MKT will be the lack of the anti-gravity sections. Unless they add anti-gravity sections specifically for this booster pass tracks, or if they added anti-gravity sections into MKT. But either way, that’s not a huge deal breaker for me either.
  9. I’m pretty sure the reason we didn’t get a reveal for Mario Kart 9 is that it was recently announced that MK9 started development. That’s most likely why we’re getting the Booster track pass, to have something to hold us over till Mario Kart 9 probably comes out on Nintendo’s next system.
  10. After seeing a complaint from a YouTube channel’s comment over the lack of details the Booster pack tracks have compared to what’s already in Mario Kart 8- along with the addition of tracks from Mario Kart Tour- I’m pretty convinced that tracks being added are tracks that are in Mario Kart Tour. This isn’t terrible since there’s quite a collection of memorable tracks that are in MKT.
  11. I can afford the expansion for the NSO, but I’m going to wait until they add more N64 games- which I don’t know how many more the can add that aren’t licensed or need permission from Microsoft/Rare to bring out Rate made N64 games (outside DK64 I’d presume). Plus adding $30 to the NSO subscription when it doesn’t fix the online connections to existing games like Smash Ultimate is still pretty steep to me. Though technically all the offerings in the NSO expansion pass subscription now already adds up to around $50 or more under the single user subscription plan. But that’s if you’re big on both Animal Crossing NH, Mario Kart 8 Dlx, and N64 and Genesis games. Edit: Well to make this Mario Kart related instead of me rambling on about NSO expansion, I’m going to share what someone I forgotten I had subscribed to on YouTube had to say about the dlc tracks. Their take isn’t positive, but sorta confirms what I suspected from the returning tracks-that they’re just pulled straight from Mario Kart Tour. They did bring up a point with their post, that art style and detail of the two tracks in the screen cap are sort of noticeable. But it most likely won’t matter during actual races since you’ll be racing. Even though I cropped out the YouTube Channel’s name to avoid people going after them just in case, I’m curious to know if anyone here knows which YouTube channel posted this.
  12. I think I’d just buy the pass for $25, rather than adding $30 a year for my NSO subscription. But I will admit I’ll probably have to get the NSO expansion pass subscription later down the line eventually. I wasn’t really expecting to see more tracks added to MK8 Dlx, but it’s better than having nothing while waiting for 9 or whatever they call the next Mario Kart. It’s a shame there’s no word on new characters, kart parts, or the character costumes that are in Mario Kart Tour. But doubling the track list is definitely more than enough to me. Even though they are pre-existing tracks. I think the Choco Mountain in this booster pack is how it looks in Mario Kart Tour, which makes me think most of the remastered tracks are straight out of Mario Kart Tour. Also when I checked the site to see make sure it was $25 for the whole pass or if it was $25 for each wave, I saw that the site mislabeled Mushroom Ridge as a 3DS track when it’s from Mario Kart DS. I hope we see more tracks that haven’t appeared in a retro cup in past Mario Kart titles that had retro cups. Then again I wouldn’t mind seeing Waluigi Pinball in HD.
  13. I haven’t played for a few days, but I think I’ve started the story mission that opens the 4th biome/area. Without spoiling too much, you can get yourself in a pretty bad spot during the 3rd noble Pokémon battle. I was unlucky enough to actually get knocked out for the first time in the game during the first run of this Noble Pokémon battle. I’ll put what happened in a spoiler section. So with that out of the way, I’ll give a bit of advice that will probably be too late to people who already evolved their starters. If you’re trying to completely fill out all the objectives on your starter Pokémon’s Pokédex entry, try to complete as much tasks as you can all the way before evolving your starter. I know there’s tasks you won’t be able to complete all the way through before you can evolve your starter, specifically the catch and evolve the Pokémon multiple times tasks.
  14. @DLurksterYes, I redeemed a Switch Online subscription card so I have a year of the basic membership. So it sounds like the target time is 9:30 or 9:50 pm Eastern? So that would be 6:30-50 Pacific time? Also I’m going to have to use my phone for discord, which means I’ll have to use my AirPods for a headset and microphone for Discord.
  15. It’s a shame the game got leaked, though oddly enough I kinda want to get the game after seeing some of the stuff that was leaked. I was just going to skip Legends of Arceus like I did with the Diamond and Pearl remakes, which I oddly enough wanted to replay Diamond or Pearl.
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