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  1. That staredown in the top-right picture is intense! Isabelle has a look of murder in her eyes...
  2. I said this during Mario Kart, but I'll say it here anyway. Due to slicing my thumb while cooking, I'll most likely be sitting out this session.
  3. Internet seems to have fixed itself. Not sure what the issue was. I'm just happy it's working properly. I might be able to swing by Smash tonight after all!
  4. I probably won't be on tonight either. I'm having strange internet connection issues. After a 2-second blackout, my Switch and 3DS cannot connect to my internet anymore, but my phone and PC can. What's strange is I cannot connect using my apps (Telegram, Discord, etc.), but I'm able to access my browser and certain websites. YouTube, Google, and Ninfora seem to work just fine. I've reset the router and restarted my PC, but it didn't help. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for now, but I'll figure something out later! Good luck with tonight!
  5. That was a fun game! I'm glad to see the connection test was a huge success-no lag at all! I guess I'll be playing Mario Party Superstars a little more from now on! Also, I'm so happy I got to keep @TKrazyO's star! Man, did that thing get passed around!
  6. I'm up for the Smashdown this Saturday. I was able to upgrade my internet earlier this week, and my connection seems to be doing big zoomies now! As far as tags go, the only thing I can think of is BETRAYAL!! I mean, we're buddies and are fighting each other—that's almost like betrayal!
  7. I probably won't be hopping on anytime soon. I'm still downloading an update for it, sorry!
  8. That date works for me. I'll be watching the Stream until you need me! Of course if @Ithrak Utopia wants to join instead, that's fine by me as well!
  9. I'm curious to how the multiplayer will work, hoping it will be a lot easier to connect with friends compared to Sword and Shield. It's interesting they brought Raid Battles back with a few minor adjustments. Raid Battles definitely needed a touch up and I'm glad they're doing something about it.
  10. Next Thursday is Bowser Day! How about we do a Bowser theme where we race as Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser, or a Mii in the Bowser racing suit?
  11. So much excite!! Hyena no words describe! Happy screaming noises! AAAAHH!
  12. I'm going to be watching Krazy's stream while working on some art stuff, so I won't be around for Smash this Saturday.
  13. That circle of disconnects we had tonight was amazing.
  14. Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys! It was fun pretending to be a jellybean-shaped rag doll!
  15. I didn't mind the random guy joining as I join these things for fun too. Of course, I too once joined as the random guy. Haha, reminds me of the time I joined the tournament for the second time. I can still recall DL going "Oh-no. That Hyena guy is back!" Is it really de-stressing if I'm there hunting everyone with my portable Bob-omb factory?
  16. Man, that Smash night was wild. Krazy and I got frustrated by a random Sora player who kept winning and going to Final Destination. We eventually overcame the odds and KO'd them out of the arena! While things started out a little slow, we got a few wins here and there! Overall, it was pretty fun. Yeah!
  17. I don't think anyone really can!
  18. I will most likely be there just in case.
  19. The Smashdown was epic! You guys need to do that again! Yeah!
  20. I'm going to visit my mother in the hospital and will most likely not make it to this week's tourney. Have fun being green; I know it won't be easy!
  21. Man, that match against Zelda on Big Blue was brutal. I kept misinputing PK Freeze instead of Thunder and Fire, had 2 close calls with falling off the stage, and made a new enemy for life with that random flying black droid... It was a miracle that I even managed to win that. Methinks I need more practice with side/up-B inputs.
  22. Hmm, so we are going have new Pokémon game on our hands. Makes me wonder what new gimmick they're planning on adding this time around. As far as starters are concerned, I like the designs of all three but especially the itty bitty Bubble Bobble-looking fire type! Yeah! New fren!
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