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  1. Considering how things turned out, that sounds like fun!
  2. @Surge135 For the record, hyenas are not tasty and should not be considered a suitable source of nutrition for piranha plants!
  3. I won't be here for Mario Kart this week. I'm going to be attending an event at my mother's local church. They are short-staffed and I'm going to be serving homemade flan to the attendees. Maybe I'll save a piece for anyone who's interested.
  4. I usually enjoy watching you guys during the Smashdown, but sure, I can hop in if you guys want me to.
  5. I wasn’t expecting to finish up my celebrations so quickly, but I’m glad I was able to join you guys. Fun times! Some of those matches had interesting endings...to say the least. I’ll treasure my one win and look forward to seeing who wins the Iron Man Smashdown Challenge next week!
  6. I just checked. The tournament has been changed back to 150cc.
  7. I could play. We're having a class tourney, over the next few weeks, and I could use all the practice I can get!
  8. Hoo boy, was that a night! Hanging out with you guys was just a chaotic as I thought it would be! After watching you guys for about a year, I was a bit hesitant about joining, but I'm glad I did! It was fun! I was pretty Darn Lucky to have gotten a few wins under my belt. Of course, That Kamikaze On the 2nd to last match was probably the highlight of my night. @purple_beard And to answer your question.... Probably Banzai!
  9. Momo was just really good at taking shortcuts. Krazy and I saw one of the replays, and Momo took an insane shortcut on Big Blue! I've seen videos of other players taking that shortcut on 200cc, so I know it's legit.
  10. I have nothing scheduled for today, so I'll be there. Looks like it might be just a few of us.
  11. Just finished our holiday dinner. Looks like I'll be free for the rest of the night and probably next week as well. I don't mind WWs or teams, so it's fine with me.
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