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  1. I don't think anyone really can!
  2. I will most likely be there just in case.
  3. The Smashdown was epic! You guys need to do that again! Yeah!
  4. I'm going to visit my mother in the hospital and will most likely not make it to this week's tourney. Have fun being green; I know it won't be easy!
  5. Man, that match against Zelda on Big Blue was brutal. I kept misinputing PK Freeze instead of Thunder and Fire, had 2 close calls with falling off the stage, and made a new enemy for life with that random flying black droid... It was a miracle that I even managed to win that. Methinks I need more practice with side/up-B inputs.
  6. Hmm, so we are going have new Pokémon game on our hands. Makes me wonder what new gimmick they're planning on adding this time around. As far as starters are concerned, I like the designs of all three but especially the itty bitty Bubble Bobble-looking fire type! Yeah! New fren!
  7. I bet you're all relieved excited to have a nice, relaxing, Hyena-bomb-free tournament!
  8. I most likely won't be racing on the 17th. I have a dentist appointment. Although it will in the morning, I am going to be having mouth surgery that day and won't be able to talk as a result. I won't be joining you guys because I'm scared I'll get too happy and end up hurting myself. ^^;
  9. Dang, I am so happy about this! I can't wait for Sky Garden. Super Circuit was my first MK game, and I am excited to see if they'll pull anything else out of there!
  10. Tonight's theme was fun. I was so lost with all the characters' moves (no surprise there). Maybe I should take notes when you guys play as them and surprise you guys by picking 'em next time!
  11. It looks like I will be on for tonight. My dental appointment was postponed for next Tuesday.
  12. I might not be here on the 13th. I have to see the dentist and will probably pick up a prescription later that night. Good luck with the races!
  13. As far as I'm aware, I should be available for this Saturday. I'll be here on standby if you need me.
  14. I'll most likely get the Expansion Pack, mainly for the nostalgia I have for Dr. Mario 64. MK64 could be fun. I'd be fine with giving it a try with you guys! Though, I expect to do significantly worse due to the difference in kart handling.
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