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  1. Try Crazy Eight and Green Shells. Earlier, I did a combo of Crazy Eight and Stars only, and my Crazy Eight came with 8 Stars instead of the 8 standard items! It was amazing!
  2. Probably won't be here this Thursday. My cousin called and invited me and my parents to Thanksgiving din din. I'm not sure how long we're going to be there.
  3. Yeah! GG!! Sorry if I scared you by suddenly appearing! I was doin' a sneaky!
  4. I just finished everything I needed to do today. I can get on soon enough.
  5. That staredown in the top-right picture is intense! Isabelle has a look of murder in her eyes...
  6. I said this during Mario Kart, but I'll say it here anyway. Due to slicing my thumb while cooking, I'll most likely be sitting out this session.
  7. Internet seems to have fixed itself. Not sure what the issue was. I'm just happy it's working properly. I might be able to swing by Smash tonight after all!
  8. I probably won't be on tonight either. I'm having strange internet connection issues. After a 2-second blackout, my Switch and 3DS cannot connect to my internet anymore, but my phone and PC can. What's strange is I cannot connect using my apps (Telegram, Discord, etc.), but I'm able to access my browser and certain websites. YouTube, Google, and Ninfora seem to work just fine. I've reset the router and restarted my PC, but it didn't help. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for now, but I'll figure something out later! Good luck with tonight!
  9. That was a fun game! I'm glad to see the connection test was a huge success-no lag at all! I guess I'll be playing Mario Party Superstars a little more from now on! Also, I'm so happy I got to keep @TKrazyO's star! Man, did that thing get passed around!
  10. I'm up for the Smashdown this Saturday. I was able to upgrade my internet earlier this week, and my connection seems to be doing big zoomies now! As far as tags go, the only thing I can think of is BETRAYAL!! I mean, we're buddies and are fighting each other—that's almost like betrayal!
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