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  1. Forgot community day was today, was thinking it was Sunday. Got a shiny slaking with special move.
  2. I must have a Corviknight and name it Nevermore.
  3. Pokemon Stadium 3 or Pokemon Picross 2 please
  4. Im glad they do more than evolve....but being stuck to a spin disc seems a little backward.
  5. You could do it with less, we had a fair amount of time left. But there is safety with numbers.
  6. We had 7ish and didnt do too bad. Trying to catch....not hard....but he isnt close to screen so my curve balls wouldnt connect like they should. So just did straight throws.
  7. The color picross puzzles are an interesting new addition to Picross proper. More enjoyable than the Mega puzzles.
  8. Uploaded first stage into the Smash Ultimate. For a big stage was expecting to do more... but let me know what you think.
  9. Its too late tonight to get into the stage maker fully, but I have saved my experiment to work on. Looking forward to animations for backgrounds.