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  1. Found me a pot of gold on St Patty Day!
  2. Art_de_Cat

    Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    My room closed cause no one showed up.
  3. Art_de_Cat

    Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    Arena open
  4. Art_de_Cat

    Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    I am heading on.
  5. Art_de_Cat

    Super Smash Bros Game Night (Tuesdays, 9PM EST)

    I can be on.
  6. Caught the cat's meow today.
  7. Art_de_Cat

    Video Games Finished in 2019

    Games Beaten: Okami HD for Switch Its a great game still. I swear I had a easier time with brush techniques than on Wii version.
  8. New event for fighting types. I want that machop!
  9. I would like the art style games to return. And new art style games to be made. Orbient and Cubello......
  10. Art_de_Cat

    Smash Saturdays Returns! See Updated OP

    Be close to 11pm,
  11. I caught eevee with flowers in the wild. Using it for smeargle pics later. I heard his moves are based on who you use in pics.
  12. Its a party at work, but Smeargle didnt show up. Oh well.
  13. A three hour event to get at least two, not to mention needing more to evolve.
  14. Time to kick off shiny hunting for Gen VII. This will be for the new games. To start off with, here is my first shiny in the games. Snorunt named StoneCold!
  15. A lot of people could have targeted you at the start.
  16. It helped this time. But man every three days going through this....he isnt that shiny.
  17. Silly question, how do you reboot the Switch? I see reformatting and reset cache.....
  18. Got 4 out of 5 shinies today. Game glitched on one. Nothing remarkable out of any of them.
  19. Was able to get one stone out of it. Maybe have to face different trainers for rest? May try to face gym leaders.
  20. Im around if you are, tried sending requests.
  21. Art_de_Cat

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Picked up Ice Climbers at BB, pirahna and K rool in transit somewhere.
  22. I may take you up on that after work today.