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  1. Got shiny gabite in Brilliant Diamond while grinding for Cynthia.
  2. Is there a better place to grind than the underground? Keep getting distracted for mining. Almost had Cynthia beat before Garchomp went on murdet frenzy. And what sort of statue set up for best exp earning? Base is max expanded.
  3. Is there anyway to remove poketech screen off the main screen? That takes a lot of room....
  4. Finally got the cauldron recipe! Made three for the color dungeon area. Hoping apple pie is a thing for my applin pie stand, but seems like Ive picked every other pie recipe so far.
  5. Thank you, Koholint needs its wrecked ship from the intro, and Yanma desert is coming along, clock tower is being.....worked on for a mm reference...
  6. Ugh I just got new phone a few years ago (2?), so not wanting to do any upgrades of any kind for one app....
  7. Does anyone have a Yacht, or if there are other large boats I could catalog? Could pay full amount in cash if needed to order.
  8. Does anyone need a truck or throne? Expensive but the the throne has cool customizations to it!
  9. Whoever was looking for construction equipment, I will have an excavator arrive in the mail tommorrow. PS: Loving all the things Cyrus can customize....
  10. I have tomatoes to give out, already planted and cooked with a few. Later tonight if anyone wants to grab any.
  11. Oh no not taking villagers right now. I was refering to my extra three characters who I was using for Redd's art thing.
  12. Odd, im pretty sure i bought that....anywho Saharah joins the collective tomorrow as my last member.
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