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  1. Uploaded first stage into the Smash Ultimate. For a big stage was expecting to do more... but let me know what you think.
  2. Its too late tonight to get into the stage maker fully, but I have saved my experiment to work on. Looking forward to animations for backgrounds.
  3. Caught a Latios today! He was a bastard to catch though.
  4. Art_de_Cat

    Smash Saturdays Returns! Joker theme 4/20

    10:30pm we should be home.
  5. Art_de_Cat

    Smash Saturdays Returns! Joker theme 4/20

    Still waiting on food, might be closer to 11pm.
  6. My only Shiny Bagon is cp 42 on catch.
  7. A chocolate bunny for Easter? Im there!
  8. Latios is coming back next week!
  9. Caught a shiny Lugia from research!
  10. Today was pretty good, got shiny Treekos, shiny nidoran female, and even got to trade for a Heracross!