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  1. Caught some Snivies today, but most were.....awful except two. So glad they finally got to these.
  2. Dark types finally back, but mostly their dittos! Just need more ice and dragons.....
  3. Well its been 30 days......Tornado Castform was helping with ice types......
  4. Standees might be a cool thing to make, converting my mermaid one into a standee and other themed characters.....what will you use your extra slots for? I wouldnt mind a second path set, but not sure I want to commit that many stamps to the cause.
  5. Snes version.......and yes it and a new version of it should come. I like puyo puyo, but really not good at it. I can think ahead, but often in the heat of the moment, not far enough.
  6. When starting up, you choose your account profile with online, then once in, youll change to whose save data.
  7. You can move extras to your main account from a second.
  8. Caught a lot of fletchings but only two were good. Now to pick a name.
  9. Got a few noteworthy shinies tonight, and the quest for Mew begins.....gotta love bottleneck requirements to slow things down....
  10. Got another green one Id been looking for FOREVER. Kabuto and Kabutops!
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