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  1. Missed two Shinx raids yesterday, but have fully evolved the starters, starly, bidoof and Lopunny.
  2. Art_de_Cat

    Rank the Metroid Games

    1) Super Metroid- Classic, great atmosphere, great music. 2) Metroid Zero Mission- Great remake of original with the extra touches. Stealth mission felt like it fit and not tacked on. 3) Metroid Prime- Transition to 3D worked really well. Loved the visors. - Metroid Prime Pinball- I really liked how they handled this and would have loved a sequel with more boards. 4) Metroid Prime 3- motion controls worked for most part. Just hated the worlds didnt feel like worlds. 5) Metroid Samus Returns- A badly needed remake of the gb original. The final final fight wasnt necessary. -Metroid 2- It was good but the one game I got completely lost in. Everything blended together on the Gameboy. 6) Metroid Hunters- I liked the other hunters, but the wiiu screen setup wasnt meant to copy ds screens. 7) Metroid Prime 2- A lot of cool ideas, but the lack of beams and poorly done light/dark world just kinda hurt it. 8) Metroid Fusion- Nightmare made me stop playing it. 9) Metroid- Its a classic, but that nes difficulty and health farming takes FOREVER. 10) Metroid Other M- Bad control decisions, bad story parts ruin the good parts. It could have been great exploring Samus's past and that scientist...was good seeing the ghost again. Have not played to rank: Metroid federation Hunters AM2R
  3. Art_de_Cat

    Become a Pokemon Master in Pokemon Let's Go!

    I will be Gengar's master. He doesn't have a ghost of a chance!
  4. Lol I was wondering about that too!
  5. Hatched a shiny Togepi today, got up to bronze on Sinnoh dex. Couldnt find my fav starter piplup up gen 4. Turtwig, chimchar, starly, bidoof, carnivine, kriketot,...and someone else. Anyone else annoyed we cant do certain gen 4 evos yet?
  6. First gen 4 pokemon is the hm slave.....
  7. Meteor Mash is the special move for Metagross.
  8. Art_de_Cat

    Video Games Finished in 2018

    Games Beaten: Mega Man 11 Switch Really liked the game, though some areas were for the birds. Level design was simplified compared to other games.
  9. Im suprised at lack of beldum.
  10. Art_de_Cat

    Video Games Finished in 2018

    Games Beaten: Marble It Up- Switch Beat all four worlds, no credit roll. Fun game but over way to soon. Hope the rumors of additional content pan out.
  11. Art_de_Cat

    How are all of your Switches doing a year later?

    No issues with mine so far, though I will be selling it when yhe Smash Switch gets here. No need for two.
  12. You can do that for me too.
  13. The new pikachu can be shiny too!
  14. Must have had some magic pizza tonight, cause this appeared.