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  1. Caught enough shuppets and duskulls to evolve. But may wait for good ones. Gotta get that gold ghost badge. Side note: hit the 10k walked badge
  2. Would anyone be interested in doing a Halloween themed MK8 Deluxe Night Racers- Boo or any costumed Mii or Raccoon Mario/Cat peach- anyone who is scary/ wearing a costume
  3. Well it was a magikarp raid..........but a raid that got me a 3 perfect iv magikarp!!
  4. My gamestop isnt, may have to look at bestbuy......
  5. Shiny Sivally Event-GS

    Starting Oct 23, Gamstop will have cards to get you a Shiny Silvally for Sun/Moon!
  6. Gen 3 should have more than pidgeys around.
  7. Video Games Finished in 2017

    Splatoon 2 for switch beaten, cool final boss. Now Im ready for an Odyssey.
  8. Gamestop also has ghost plushies for pokemon.
  9. Could a Game Boy Classic Edition be on the way?

    Make it a super gameboy classic with the colors and borders for tv.
  10. Need some balls to play with Pokemon?

    Must get the beast ball!
  11. Video Games Finished in 2017

    Picross S for Switch Beaten Love the game but wish the boxes werent such a pale blue.... Really wish they would have more larger puzzles and not use mega picross to extend gameplay.
  12. I got a lot of oddishes and togepis.....a few larvitars......but the one i wanted most i only got one or two mareeps. Sigh was hoping for a nice one to full evolve, but just have enoigh to do a previous flaafy.
  13. Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    Red Rum, Red Rum!
  14. Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    What are the shiny chances in GS? Doing a nuzlocke of gold.