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  1. I know I played a few matches of the Event, but not many due to work.
  2. I like most of what they showed, but at this point a little too late to care? And not feeling price of dlc AND nso expansion.
  3. There had better be more than n64, genesis, and AC dlc for Fing $30 more.
  4. Hint hint wink wink.... That being said, Im surprised that the avatars are seperated the way they are. Did get a cool sun one, and a bird.
  5. I want to play more of Connected Online, but its like you cant find enough players to play it. Which seems odd for how many should be playing.
  6. Guess I can say I did my first sequence break in a Metroid game, and now moving on. Surprised it did not involve a glitch to do.
  7. I like the idea of the EMMIs, but Im more annoyed than feeling dread from them. Getting multiple game overs just from looking at it wrong.....eh. I have managed to counter them at times so there is that. Having it chase you at low health almost preffered to insta death.
  8. Dled game this afternoon to ease frustration with Kraid...... nice music and visuals so far, havent completed beginner yet due to time.
  9. Havent beaten Kraid yet, but if you go to top, you can get the chance to counter attack after shooting enough. I swear I need another energy tank.....but Im getting close.
  10. Im having oppisite issue. Im targeting whrn I want to slide. Up to the third EMMI area.
  11. Im interested, but may have to wait after double whammy of Monkey Ball and Metroid Dread.
  12. Tonights the night for dl at midnught! Hell yes
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