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  1. Maybe a real Dr Mario game is coming.....just seems weird they would end it.
  2. Made it to lvl 10, and figured out how to upgrade items. Running into players who must be career players who are spending moolah to flesh their stuff out.
  3. Got a shiny baltoy and bunnelby today, hoping for fossils...
  4. Enjoying venusuar and ninetales long range attacks. Trainer name: TeddyP
  5. My top three look to be most usefull, espeon, umbreon, and sylveon.
  6. Maybe I can get better iv ones.....wonder what unique moves their getting.
  7. Enjoyed a bit of it, but characters seem a little sluggish but maybe just cause its beginner levels?
  8. My highlight for the weekend was shiny Deino for sure. Sadly work was right in the middle of each day, so nothing great for 2nd day, and due to musunderstanding, went with Pop Pikachu to get* Gardevoir........
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