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  1. I built a grid, and pretty much filled open space with flowers and weeds. I saw a video you can do it with mannequins as the rocks cant appear but so close to things. First rock appeared in the garden today* so hopefully the rest appear with no problems. Dont want to think about removing weeds.......
  2. Please tell me the rocks appear in the right spots TOMORROW..... if I plant anymore flowers or weeds so help me....
  3. Meteor shower tonight for Marins bday. After real world bday celebrating for my mom, i can have people visit.
  4. Over planted flowers so that rock garden can blossom. Find out how I did tomorrow.....
  5. Oh i bought all four, you can stop by tonight after 7-8pm, have a few errands to do before getting home. Sadly Flowery was the only real one, but finally noticed whats haunted about the solemn.