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  1. I think Im missing 5 fish and 4 insects, and art museum........is half way? Doesnt help when Redd slows down to once every three weeks.......
  2. Weird slowpoke has 2020, but evolving it to slowbro it gets 2021....but cant evolve it to slowking......
  3. I have the cone New Years Hat in Red, Orange, Purple, and Blue. Anyone have the silk hat versions? Would like the green one
  4. That is BS, not our fault you screwed up the password.....
  5. Has anyone recieved their email for the Zarude in Pokemon Sword/Shield yet? I have been getting their emails, but none of the multiple emails have any mention of Zarude. I feel they should have gone out by now.
  6. I may get it tonight or tomorrow, got called in to help close tonight.
  7. Not sure when it starts tommorrow, but you have till 5am the next morning when the day officially updates. You can get everything done in less than 10 mins if you can find everyone. Abdallah Smash has video on it, but you dont really need to watch a guide as its pretty straight forward.
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