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  1. I have so much stuff to cram down Blathers throat when the museum opens. First bridge, three new houses, plus second tier house as well. Ran into Wisp as well. Tarantula Island was a hoot.... I thought one tarantula was bad. But four at once? And had two combined before jumping apart was freaky. Hopefully quick vid captured it.
  2. The snes DKC trilogy remastered with the rerendered original cgi and atmosphere animations. Kick ass soundtrack too!
  3. So how do you ho to random islands? Need one more donation for Blathers to start prepping for museum. Is there not art work? He left that out of donation items.
  4. I got my house, Blathrrs is here, almost got him set up for the mueseum. Gulliver is here, and his comp parts are a mess to find. Airport is open today to.
  5. Caught Genesect from the research! Not sure if it was worth early access, cause it seemed like tasks were watered down for the virus.
  6. I hope so, bivillion is still being glitchy.
  7. Caught a shiny Salazzle in a raid! Makes up for the other missed ones lately. One ball throws can suck.
  8. Did you have all of Vivillions forms to get it?