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  1. The End of the Wii Shop Channel - All WiiWare/VC titles to disappear

    My life as a vc/wiiware whore...... the affordability of most titles kept me coming back for more, or would be cheap enough to give new things a try. The vc side of things gave me a chance to play games from other systems that I missed. Landstalker, columns, Paper Mario for a few. Wiiware had some fun offerings, despite the memory limit. World of Goo- addictive puzzle game, I initially balked at its high price but everything went well together. Cue Sports- fun pool game with online. Worth the price. Art Style games- most of these were great, I am surprised art style series has not made a return to a system yet. Orbient and Cubello were my faves, Rotohex.....not so much. The small playing field for later stages..... Dr Mario was fun for matches, Nurse SafariSuz was a sadistic opponent with that smile on the mii's face while whooping butt and taking names. Alien Crush Returns- the visuals for online matches.....
  2. Video Games Finished in 2018

    Beaten: Mega Man 2- 3ds VC One of my fav mms, playing through some before the collections come. Toki Tori 2+ - Switch dl Some of the add ons were nice from the original version, but couldnt get into frogs talking in this version.
  3. Toys R US shutting down

    http://money.cnn.com/2018/03/14/news/companies/toys-r-us-closing-stores/index.html?sr=fbCNN031418companies0635PMStory It looks like Toys R Us is closing down. Even though we didnt have one in my earliest years, still have memories when it finally did arrive during the snes years. Sad to see it go, suprised it is happening in a way. What are your thoughts? Will you be a TrU kid for life? Favorite memory? Share and discuss
  4. It also shows pro and joycon colors in controller settings.
  5. You can add friends via twitter! If you used twitter...... More player icons...
  6. Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    Race as inklings?
  7. Fools....they will announce a Mega Man X amiibo for the X collections.
  8. Reached lvl 34 this week, caught my first beldum and bagon to boot! Restocking for friend day coming up.
  9. Switch's 1st anniversary

    The Switch's one year anniversary is upon us. How have you been enjoying the ride? Were you a launch owner or a waiter? This thread will be a look back on Nintendo's latest system first year. I got my black Switch on day 1 at GS. Zelda took up most of my time during those early days. Got it decked out in a Zelda skin, though wish it looked like an actual chest from the game. Missed opportunity on that one. Got the splatoon pro controller and joy cons to add some flavor to my options. I would still like to see some non neon colors being available. Gold ones would be sweet. Most of the games have been physical, but Skyrim was a dl definetly. Sonic Mania box set was great! Mk8 collector tin was a nice touch. What are your memories of the past year, and hopes going forward?
  10. Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    In wake of the Pokemon Go friend day shiny dratini......do I reset for one in Crystal? Going for Celebi in due time but I need a dragon for elite 4.....though might go back for the lapras since it was so useful on Lance in Yellow.
  11. Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    Sadly LoR.....I have a better one in main games so may just keep it here.
  12. Can we get a different pokemon wearing a hat please? Or a different box to dump them in.......
  13. Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    Shiny Gyrados caught in Crystal. On my way to 7th gym.
  14. Games You're Looking Forward to in 2018

    Mega Man 11 MM Legacy Collections 1 + 2 Switch Smash Brothers Metroid Prime 4
  15. Whose the baddest dragon sending sparkles and falling stars wherever he goes? That guy!! Also caught two new pokemon of the pelipper line to boot!