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  1. These are the three ultra beasts that I need to trade into Home to see for dex entries. Blacephalon stakataka poipole,
  2. It and Shiny Lunala were from the event a few months ago. It let them into Sword, but if he is in party, I get message that something in my party isnt right. He doesnt have bad moves.... I find it interesting when I saw a shiny mew, shiny celebi fighting in raids so why would he be bad?
  3. Apparently my Shiny Solgaleo isnt allowed in raids, but other legendaries are........wth?
  4. Come on and release mobile Android version already. Might need help with some UltraSunUltraMoon ultra beasts. The baby poison one, brick tower one, and the jester light ball one.
  5. They are announcing the return of a proper internet service and proper messaging features. And folders
  6. Where do you go to get mobile version? I dont see it any app store or on eshop?
  7. Make a list of what you need, I can help with most of them. I do need to borrow someone's Shield legendary to put into Home for its dex entry and knock off that task. I would give it back after that.
  8. It wasnt my shiny Celebi, still reseting in Crystal for that...... I only did free version for now and played around with that. Surprised to see the meltan line be classified as unknown.
  9. Just had a raid with a shiny Celebi? Ok just saw Home being available now?
  10. I really like how Troxicity's g-max form combines the colors of its forms.
  11. Ultron the Vikavolt captured from a raid battle
  12. He has to add boo functionality for you, once he upgrades you, theres one per floor at least.