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  1. Odd question about meltan and mystery box, do people connecting to your system to transfer mons need to have completed that task in Go to get box or did they get box at the beginning? I have a friend wanting to connect to my lets go to get box activated for meltans.
  2. On the way to second gym, main characters......are too nice so far. Team Yell is no Team Skull.
  3. Tried to chain zizagoons, did get far enough to see one with a yellow glow that gave watts when beat.
  4. Working through the overgrown floor. I like using the buzz cutter, but need it in the next room.
  5. If Prof Egad tells me to hurry up one more time....
  6. What are your thoughts and feelings on Luigi's Mansion 3? I can't wait to play once I am off work. I enjoyed Dark Moon, but the first game was probably the fastest returned game ever.
  7. Do you have the patience to work with any game?
  8. Dont forget the shiny events with the app and gamestop,. https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/get-shiny-lunala-or-shiny-solgaleo-at-gamestop-via-pokemon-pass/