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  1. Our tits will not be tamed! May the beads fall like rupees!
  2. Hatched a shiny rockruff for friday the 13th, guess I will make him the werewolf.
  3. The crab game looked interesting, and Gunbrella. Elechead looked good for a puzzler.
  4. Beat the game last night, now to finish pokedex. Post game content on the way.
  5. Made it to nine stars, and doing space rift dustirtions for rare ones. Finally got magnemite, still looking out for the remaining starters.
  6. Landstalker was fun, but one area was awful due to isometric madness. Nothing you cant get through.
  7. Caught a shiny geodude yesterday while knocking out tasks. 5th lord battle awaits me at some point but keep getting distracted. Unowns are an interesting challenge, they stick out but also blend in.
  8. Nm, for some reason it didnt register for the walls, weird cause i knew i had thrown pokemon at them brfore...
  9. Approaching getting transport pokemon in ice area, but shouldnt I have gotten a way to smash breakable walls by now? Kinda curious, and anyway to get people to return my lost satchels as opposed to me getting theirs? Merit points sheesh...
  10. Got my third transport and going back to explore other areas to fill in the dex, got a few more alphas on my payroll, Magikarp/Gyrados and Infernape before going on. A little surprised a 2nd camp hasnt activated in the 3rd area despite helping the guy..... 6th star rank now. I did pick up code for arcanine from GS. They actually ran out of promo cards so had to get code print outs. Not sure if I will finish every dex page 100%.
  11. I think Im going grass starter this time around. The water one looks too.....derpy. And also who is complaining about grass of all things? Like how much more do you want? You know bug pokemon are going to be too large to crawl on it anyway, thats why yheir usually on trees!
  12. Im meddeling in 2nd area, up to four star rank, caught a shiny psyduck, and then a shiny ponyta for an event. Taught some new moves to a couple pokemon, but then they didnt have them when I went back to area 2. A little confused on why wisps are not appearing, i got all of the ones from village, but dont see them at night in 1st or 2nd areas.
  13. Silly question: How long does it take for materials to respawn in a given section for future reference?
  14. Should be starting game tonight, prob going water starter after I get off work
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