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  1. Does anyone want to team up for going through raids? Npcs havent been as stupid in reg raids but still not having the best of luck with them either. 2nd file is about to get their horse.
  2. Finally hit 150,000 for the HHA score! Gold house acheived, now I can clear the house out of stuff.
  3. I was able to get it appear and catch. Now off to regis*. May take awhile since I want to shiny hunt them and have to start 2nd file for ice horse, alt regi, and the alt cubfoo.
  4. Does Articuno not appear in blizzard conditions, I hear the screams, but dont see it to follow.
  5. Just move whole boxes to home, I caught most of new* ones and evolved them lickity split. I have 9 left to complete dex, but want to shiny hunt three of the regis. Birds will be next, already scattered them. Im hoping Peony gets better, cause right now he just seems to be a waste of a character.
  6. You can shiny hunt the legends in dynamax adventures. Dont keep the legend if isnt shiny to try again. According to adrive a youtuber, you have to capture a pokemon to see if shiny...... Calyrex is a more interesting pokemon than I originally thought he would be. I wouldnt mind trading to get dex entry for a certain pokemon. Got most of the warp points last night.