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  1. FYI- Going on a stroll with Rellor to evolve it was WAY more amusing than it should have been. Just watching it try to keep up while rolling it's "mud" ball.....the memories will last a lifetime.
  2. What did you use against it? Do pokemon need to be lvl 100 to fight it? Fire starter around low 80s.
  3. The credits rolled on my adventure, still a lot to do. Still formulating my thoughts on the three path approach. I think there are some things they could do better next time around. Level scrolling is a must.
  4. Um the path of becoming champion hince why I was on the way to elite four. :p. Im in post game now. The elite four.....was so bland. Like they had good teams, but all suits and only one room to fight in? Couldnt even decorate it to match who you were up against? And unless i missed it, no hall of records to record your final team?
  5. Two paths complete, now to take on Elite Four. 212ish in pokedex right now.
  6. Arwen handed me my first defeat in the game, need to lvl up more mons for him. Just one gym and one team star base left. Trying not to think about all the pokemon i need to evolve still!
  7. Looks like ghost gym will be my #5. Need to find where the sinisteas are hiding at.
  8. You forgot professors but anyway.... got 2nd badge last night and hoping gyms will get better but doesnt sound like it. Probably tackle starting the other two paths tonight after doing some exploring.
  9. Ive caught a lot of different pokemon, liking the storybook style of the dex. Wondered around first gym's town a bit exploring. I chose the fire starter, and did low level terasa raids. I guess Im level locked from higher level raids, as it would say there is a problem with pokemon in my team.
  10. I think I will go with fire starter to start with, after seeing proposed leaks.
  11. Completed first catalog last night, time to work on second.
  12. Team Water crushed every category........ so why didnt I see them more often?
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