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  1. Its doubly depressing to see rain in the sky and the game. The whirlpool effect on boosted pokemon is nice. Wurmples are in full force.
  2. Skyrim Question- main quest's quest help

    Thanks, now this lady is my best bud. Go figure. .....Though I miss the exp gains for swatting her down like a cat toy.
  3. Video Games Finished in 2017

    Beaten Pokemon Ultra Sun: Dissapointed how non different this game was to the prior game. Good game by itself. But seems like a 1.2 addition instead of a 2.
  4. Playing Skyrim for first time on Switch, and for the main storyline made it up to the quest of The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller but seem to be stuck. I raided the Ustengrav, got word power, and the note telling me to go to Riverwood and it's inn. Ran into cultists, fought them and went to inn only to run into a delphina who constantly fights me. Kill her and she gets back up later to resume killing me. I read a guide that says she should offer me a room to move on in quest. Did i miss something inbetween?
  5. Why didnt you get rid of reg balls?
  6. Hit lvl 33 on last day of double exp. Almost have a second gym at gold.
  7. It was farfetched to see the shadow to catch a farfetched. Then my leader told me it was farfetched to to think it would be usable in battle.
  8. Maybe because they didnt change game for sequel...........
  9. A lot of good deals, but most I already have. SF64 3d has my interest,...... but kinda surprised not more Switch games being discounted.
  10. So can we make it to the final goal before it ends?
  11. So is Skyrim worth it? Kinda curious.
  12. Midnight release, so yeah I am ready!
  13. Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    I will name him Voodoo if I open him.
  14. If I win, Id pick pokemon or monopoly one. The other ones have too much of what I already have......though the splatoon switch with the colored joycons.....