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  1. I don't necessarily like what this says about me, but lately whenever I feel like playing a PS4 game, my first thought is "...but then I'd have to go sit in front of the TV and move away from my computer." and I end up playing something on Switch or my phone or PC instead. It's a sad state of affairs when I'm so addicted to staring at one screen that I won't even leave to go stare at a different screen.
  2. Yeah he's very much still making videos, on a 3 per day schedule at the moment. Weird, obscure catplanet type stuff is more of a rarity now because he's subsidized by Patreon and gives his backers a lot of control over what he plays, but it's still largely Mario rom hacks and retro platformers.
  3. My non-problematic fav is raocow, who is way too small and niche to ever be properly recognized, but is the purest and most dedicated of them all. Came from the same early, SA based lets play scene as ProtonJon, but polar opposite of Jon in that he's consistently uploaded at least one video per day almost without exception for the decade-plus since he started.
  4. AVGN should have known better than to contribute to the maelstrom around that movie at that moment in time. This isn't a math problem though, we're dealing with human beings. True, we objectively don't have the answers. But when this situation comes up, try considering it from other angles, such as: what does this accuser stand to gain from accusing this person, versus just keeping quiet? Why would they take the risk of kicking that hornets nest? Nine times out of ten, there is no material gain to be had. She chose to speak up despite having every reason not to, including the inevitability of having his substantial fanbase try to harass her off the internet, as well as alienating people in her personal life. His sainthood is not at stake, and that use of language is part of the gambit. There's no point in debating the character of someone we don't know. This issue is about his actions and nothing more.
  5. Well having not watched the video, and having no intention of watching it, I'm willing to believe that his defense maybe merits consideration, at least in a legal context. But I don't think that matters too much because this is more about being a martyr and trying to rebuild his image. So in a court-of-public-opinion context, what I'm seeing from that summary is a scummy person trying to leverage half-truths and kernels of doubt to manipulate his audience to defend him. It's not hard to see why considering how many times this tactic has succeeded for successful men who fell victim to "cancel culture." I've already seen his fans on twitter imploring dissenters to "just watch the video," another way of casting doubt by putting the idea out there that anyone who's not willing to engage with his arguments, specifically by watching this long-ass tirade that any non-fan is unlikely to sit through, is not allowed to criticize him.
  6. Can someone summarize what he says in that video so I don't have to watch it
  7. Finally living my high school self's wildest dreams by playing Minecraft on a good PC with shaders and max settings w/ no lag. First time playing it on not a shitty laptop, and first time playing it in general in like three years I think. I guess now begins the search for a fun mod pack.
  8. I don't know anything about the economics of either of these industries so I can only guess. But from this consumer's pov, there's a clear trend over the last several years of major studios giving bloated budgets to a handful of increasingly bloated products each year, with indies delivering small, low budget affairs, and little middle ground between the two extremes. The mid-budget movie/game seems more and more like a thing of the past (though I feel like Nintendo with the Switch has done an admirable job of boosting the low- and mid- tier game to being a cornerstone of what the system offers, while PS4 and Xbox tend to tout themselves as the way to play the new triple A releases above all else) and I'm not really sure how it gets fixed unless the blockbuster releases start failing financially. Hopefully it won't be as drastic as an industry-wide crash, but sooner or later they have to realize that they need those mid-budget offerings to insulate the blow they take when a major release flops hard. Then again, if it's Disney, they might just absorb the loss and make sure the next one is a surefire hit, ie fewer artistic risks. You can almost always count on media execs learning the wrong lessons.
  9. Fun level, one could easily flesh out this concept of scaling the timed beat blocks with the cat suit. Incidentally I thought the description said "take a big dump in the cat suit" for a brief instant. --- I have a short one called "bicycles" I made in an hour or two earlier today.. 3NG-M5T-1FF
  10. I'm not sure exactly what kind of hopping technique you're referring to as I haven't played the SNES Mario Kart that much. But you don't need to do any hopping to make turns, you just hold down the R button for the whole turn and press L at the right moments to get your boosts. The R button itself does make you hop initially, but you just press and hold it to drift like you'd expect.
  11. Is A always the accelerate button in Mario Kart? I can't remember, but I'm a veteran of CTR so driving with the bottom button feels perfectly natural to me. Also, once you understand how it works, the drift mechanic is very satisfying and intuitive imo. I enjoy having to work a little bit for those boosts, trying to time out the button presses perfectly. I played for a bit yesterday, did a couple online races but mostly adventure mode. Got to the point where I've just unlocked the final area, but I haven't gone back to any races to get relics or tokens yet. The unlock thresholds for certain skins seems a bit high to me, like winning 10 races to get a simple palette swap, but it's better than not having that extra stuff at all I suppose.
  12. I just started watching it too, only one episode down myself. I've heard that the new netflix translation is inferior, losing some of the depth of the original. I've never seen the series anyway so I won't know the difference but it does give me pause. That said, the first ep is a good one. I know this series gets pretty avant garde later on and I can already see hints of it coming through.
  13. Oof. Pretty bad hangover today. I threw up earlier and nothing really came out; one plate of pancakes later I feel like I might go try again. I called in sick and as if the anxiety of talking on the phone wasn't bad enough, my manager's tone of voice suggested she either didn't really believe I was sick, or she was just in a hurry to get off the phone with me. Either way it put me in a worse mood. On the bright side, I think that Crash Team Racing remake is out today? I'll probably log some hours on that once my headache goes away.