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  1. Political Containment Thread

    Thank fucking god. I was sure Moore would win.
  2. Yeah, this looks exactly like a New Super Mario Bros. game, visually. I'm not a fan. The series doesn't have to imitate NES graphics forever, but I'd like to see the personality of the designs come through, whatever style they choose. Besides the graphics, I'm actually fairly interested in this, having played a lot of the classic games lately on emulator. I haven't always considered myself much of a Mega Man fan but that seems to be changing. I'll check this one out if it's well received.
  3. Hope everyone else had a good Thanksgiving. I had an early dinner with my family, went to work, and now I'm back home having more food. Pretty good overall.
  4. Was Charlie Sheen not already done for? If his career isn't considered sunk by now, then he's pretty much unsinkable.
  5. Stranger Things

    I finished season two. It was good and watchable, but it wasn't as good as the first season.
  6. Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    The Castlevania thing is not really an example of this, but that general pandering style of social media presence for corporations is one of my least favorite forms of advertising. Sonic the Hedgehog twitter being "in on the joke" immediately kills the joke for me.
  7. Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    Just got home from my first eight hour shift at the new job. It's been some time since I've felt this drained.
  8. Stranger Things

    I haven't checked out the new season yet. The first one was a fun binge, but the overblown media saturation kind of left a bad taste in my mouth and I haven't been that excited for season 2 as a result. I'll probably get to it by Halloween at least so it's still seasonally appropriate.
  9. What happened to NSider?

    Nazi isn't just a meaningless insult, it's meant to invoke historical context by comparing someone's rhetoric to ideas associated with the actual Nazi movement in Germany. Feminazi is just an anti-feminist pejorative made up by pundits. The "stop calling everyone you disagree with a Nazi" meme seems to presuppose that there couldn't possibly be that many Nazis around, which is silly when you consider that World War 2 happened. With that in mind, a mass confluence of people talking about Nazis again should be taken seriously, even if not absolutely 100% of the accusations are accurate to the person's true beliefs. Everyone's on high alert these days, as they should be. If someone calls you a Nazi and you're not a Nazi, it shouldn't be hard to convince them of that. Remember that you're on the same side.
  10. Contra being made into a movie... AND TV series

    Not exactly the most white-hot of IPs to exploit at this time, and also not the richest story for adaptation purposes. And yeah, the game was basically a riff on Rambo and other action movies from the time. A TV version seems even sillier.
  11. What happened to NSider?

    And not to put too fine a point on it, but... Take away "accusing each other of" and this is a perfect summation of the internet as a whole, and particularly gaming communities. The fact that the accusation is what outrages people is representative of the whole issue. I know this makes me complicit in "partisan bickering" but there are some political opinions that I cannot abide. Sorry.
  12. What happened to NSider?

    "Half the remaining userbase"? Seriously, who are all these people who left over politics?
  13. What happened to NSider?

    How many users actually left over political arguments though? I can't think of many. What I've seen is a gradual decline in activity which has been ongoing since the NS2 days, with the core userbase aging and naturally moving on to other things, like kirbymeister said. Also, from what I've seen, there's been little to no conversation about promoting the site or doing anything that would attract new members, not that I would know the first thing about how to do so.
  14. Animal Crossing Direct - Tuesday Oct 24/17

    It's nice to see more Animal Crossing in any form, but this looks like a watered down experience that will just entice me to play more New Leaf. Not that I was expecting something as robust as a full console game, but Nintendo, if you're listening, I'm ready for a full console game. Animal Crossing for Switch is a slam dunk. Just bring back multi-tiered towns, add in some of the functionality from Happy Home Designer and you're gold.
  15. General movie discussion

    I just got a job at a theater myself, now I can finally start seeing movies when they come out. Hope to have a list like yours pretty soon.