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  1. Young P

    Isle of Café Seiren - N4A Chat Thread, July 2018

    Those look really fucking delicious. I'm almost glad the name "Bone Daddys" is there to curb my appetite.
  2. Young P

    Lost Mangroves - N4A Chat Thread, May 2018

    The pro controller is also very good. The buttons aren't tiny and it has a good d-pad, which makes a big difference for some games (like Celeste).
  3. Young P

    What are you listening to?

    This album did not disappoint. "Dive," "Woo," and "Last Ride" are doing it for me atm.
  4. Young P

    Lost Mangroves - N4A Chat Thread, May 2018

    Today's pretty nice. Had a brief, very chill shift at work where I mostly just chatted with my work friends, then came home to barbecued ribs. Weather's been really pleasant too. I hope everyone else is doing well!
  5. Young P


    We do know the characters quite well, so they've earned the ability to use shorthand at this point. But the fun of seeing these same characters in multiple movies is seeing them change and evolve each time, and if there's not enough space for them to meaningfully change in this movie, I just don't feel that satisfied with the experience overall. The first Avengers movie obviously didn't have nearly as many characters to juggle, but it delivered character development for each of the individual heroes as well as for the team collectively as they learn to work together, which was the dramatic through-line of the movie. Infinity War instead has like six loosely connected teams, all off on separate quests that branch off and merge with each other, and it feels like a hodgepodge. It doesn't even feel like an Avengers movie, because there isn't really an Avengers. I know the idea is that this is the dark penultimate chapter where the team is scattered and they're likely going to unify in the next one and it'll feel like a proper Avengers movie, but as an individual movie, this one suffers from that lack of unity. If there's no time for everyone to have a meaningful arc, I wish there was at least a sense of the Avengers as a group having an arc like they did in the first one. In this one, they're connected by the vague theme of sacrifice, which again, only works because of Thanos, the closest thing to a main character. And I'm not really sure how to feel about that yet because this is part 1 of a 2 part story.
  6. Young P


    I wrote about it on letterboxd. Basically it was a mixed bag for me. The way I see it, there are two main issues. The first is that there are too many characters with too little time to spend on fleshing out their individual arcs. With screentime spread so thin, each character gets more or less a single sitcom episode length's worth of development over the course of the movie. Some characters are in it so little that it's kinda baffling, like Captain America, who has a huge status quo change between the last movie and this one, and we learn nothing substantial about his situation that we didn't know already. He's just a chess piece in this movie. The second issue is that it still feels relatively free of consequences, because we know all the character deaths in the finale are going to be reversed, because there's a stone that does just that, as well as the obvious fact of needing to make more Spider-Man movies. And because of the first issue I mentioned, there's not much of dramatic throughline for most characters, including most of the ones that die in the finale, which makes it lose dramatic weight. So it mostly feels like it just happens to shock the audience and not much else. But it does stuff well that Marvel movies usually do. The characters are fun and stuff. Thanos is a good villain and basically saves the movie.
  7. Young P

    Political Containment Thread

    Don't look for logic in his tweets. His train of thought follows the most direct path to pumping up his ego, relationships with other countries/common sense/human decency/etc. be damned. He's just flaunting his e-dick and nothing more.
  8. Young P

    General movie discussion

    I guess I might as well plug my letterboxd account here. I've been using it to log my efforts to catch up on some semi-recent movies I'd missed; I've written some short reviews for Your Name, Disaster Artist, some others. Not a lot there yet but there'll be more. Re: Solo trailer, it's the first piece of marketing for that movie that has actually kinda sold me. I really like the look and tone that I'm seeing. I'd be pretty excited at this point if not for the fact that the movie is still a prequel about Han Solo. No matter what Alden Ehrenreich does, for reasons beyond his control, he will always be a distracting presence at the center of the movie. I wish we could have gotten the same movie but without that baggage, and just make a movie about the Star Wars criminal underworld with the same great cast they've assembled.
  9. Only played Spyro 2 of the original three, and as 90s 3D platformers go, it holds up pretty darn well. Honestly, I think the PS1 versions still look pretty good. There's a distinct aesthetic with the low-poly models, the specific color palettes they used, the draw distance effect, etc. that you lose with the transition to modern graphics. But I'm still interested to see how they reimagine these games. The core gameplay is still fun so it should be worth a look.
  10. Young P

    The Garage - N4A Chat Thread, April 2018

    My only real "objection" with Odyssey is that it resists my desire to just pick it up and play for a few minutes at a time, because the levels are so expansive and involved and whenever I start one, I feel compelled to spend a sitting exploring the whole level and finding as many moons as possible, then taking a break before I start the next one. I basically play one level per night - getting like half the moons therein if I'm lucky - and even if I might feel like playing some more, I don't want to commit to a whole other level, because then it'll be about another hour of playtime before I feel okay to stop playing. This is more a problem with me than with the game, because it's not like the game forces you to explore each level in one sitting. I just feel like I have to for some reason. And it makes playing Odyssey more of an undertaking than just playing a few minutes of some other game. I'm sure this problem will solve itself once I've completed the main quest and I can go back and find the rest of the moons at my own pace, all the levels having already been explored.
  11. Young P

    The Garage - N4A Chat Thread, April 2018

    Here's another word cloud of the old chat thread. Spoilers: still no penis.
  12. Young P

    Dungeons & Dragons

    I started listening to TAZ last summer and I think I stopped either during or after the Petals to the Metal arc. It's a great podcast, I need to get back to it at some point. I've heard there are some truly great story turns later in the series. I was a casual McElroy fan before listening, but post-TAZ, I just wish Clint was part of everything they did. He might be even funnier than the boys.
  13. Young P

    Dungeons & Dragons

    Yeah, with the absence of Erin/Kumail/Curtis/guest of the week in DnD, there's definitely a lack of energy compared to before. I haven't seen Harmonquest aside from one or two episodes but that probably feels closer to the original campaign in that sense.
  14. Young P

    Dungeons & Dragons

    I played a brief campaign with a couple friends in high school. It was pretty fun, though I barely knew what I was doing, and we had a pretty loose, casual playstyle. Mostly it was a pretense to go to a friend's house and hang out. Best part was coming up with our characters in the beginning, which was actually a fun creative challenge. Someday I want to play again; the problem is the time commitment, as well as finding the right people to play with, of course. Do you still listen to Harmontown? Their original campaign could be surprisingly compelling when the story had a chance to play out. The current iteration suffers a bit from only continuing like every third episode, and the dynamic between the cast doesn't work as well for me. (The trade-off being that Spencer is a bigger part of the show proper now, so I can't complain too much about DnD)
  15. Young P

    Sonic Mania General Discussion

    I played and beat this game last week after finally getting a Switch. It gets pretty much everything right about classic Sonic; they achieved that goal as well as anyone could have hoped. The only disappointment, and one that I knew about going in, is that so many of the levels are remixes. Sonic Mania 2 should strive to be a full-length Sonic game with all new level concepts, in my opinion. They should even go as far as to not have a Green Hill Zone or an obvious analogue, as so many recent Sonic games feel compelled to include. Sonic 3 started with Angel Island, & Knuckles started with Mushroom Hill. Both pleasantly distinct from the standard Sonic intro level, and two of my favorite levels from the series. I'd like to see them take that approach instead of Green/Emerald/Splash/etc. Hill Zone, and carry that originality through the rest of the game. Playing as Mighty is gonna be dope. Can't wait.