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  1. Political Containment Thread

    I can't help but think of the circumstances that would lead to someone taking that stance. That person must have some serious issues.
  2. That's weird, I just beat that game for the first time today as well (emulated; I don't have SNES Classic). Also my first Castlevania game beaten. I had a great time with it.
  3. Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    Got an interview.
  4. Nintendo axes live streams

    He's the most popular youtuber in the world with a legion of impressionable fans and said it during a stream. It made headlines. Not quite the same as randos cursing on Xbox Live.
  5. General movie discussion

    I'm due for a rewatch of the original. My main takeaway at the time was that it looked and sounded beautiful and atmospheric, but it was so slow that I had trouble staying focused. I wonder if 2049 will be similar in that regard.
  6. Political Containment Thread

    The point is that this isn't the standard used when the culprit is dark skinned or foreign-looking. In those cases, it's always assumed to be a political/ideological crime, as opposed to white shooters who are always psychos/lone wolves/mentally ill/whatever excuse the media can find to avoid mentioning terrorism. If you ask me, there is no scenario where shooting into a crowd of people isn't an act of intimidation. Yet this guy gets the benefit of the doubt; he's just "a psycho with a gun." Side note, it seems worth mentioning that once the usual anti-Islam fearmongering was off the table after the shooter was identified to be white, 4channers falsely pinned it on a vaguely similar-looking white guy whose social media showed that he was a Trump-hating, BLM-supporting, Rachel Maddow-watching liberal. They spread photos of this guy and his family around the internet, accusing him of being a mass shooter. This is what the horrifying evolution of the Boston bombing reddit witch hunt looks like. This, plus all the fake pics on social media of loved ones supposedly missing in Las Vegas after the shooting, is what it looks like when they harness the power of "fake news." At this point it's so second nature to them that in the case of those hoaxes, they literally do it for no apparent reason beyond heightening the fear and confusion. And in the case of the falsely accused culprit, they've demonstrated they will use that power indiscriminately, even against a completely innocent, middle-aged white man, purely on the basis of not supporting Trump. That is how bad it's gotten.
  7. Political Containment Thread

    Already seeing the requisite anti-Islam rhetoric on social media. Slowly growing numb to this horrible cycle. I wonder what 45's tasteful, carefully worded message will be.
  8. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Did you play the Wii U editions of those games?
  9. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    I think I use a different grip at any given time, depending on what's comfortable in the moment.
  10. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    I can't recall ever having a dream that took place in an accurate version of a real-life location. Like you said, my dream-self will identify it as the place it's supposed to be, but it won't look like the real place. There is a memorable dream from my childhood that I do think of as taking place in my actual house, but I suspect it didn't necessarily appear that way at the time and it's more a result of having that dream lodged in my brain for so many years and unconsciously fixing the details.
  11. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    "Fucking awful human beings" is a bit of an overstatement imo. That description reminds me more of Always Sunny. I find a big part of the appeal of Seinfeld is the relatability of their pettiness, and the absurd level of importance placed on insignificant aspects of daily life. It's not always about laughing at their suffering, at least not for me. I'm often sympathetic to at least one character in any given plotline based on whatever social crusade they're on. If you can't tolerate whining, it's probably not the show for you, although that's a pretty consistent feature across most sitcoms.
  12. Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Against all odds, I just had a reuben sandwich where I didn't mind the sauerkraut one bit. It still smelled like shit but the sandwich was delicious.
  13. Political Containment Thread

    Well, you're right, I was just addressing more the specific circumstances of people like Bill Maher and Pewdiepie using racial slurs and seeing "they didn't have bad intent" come up as a defense. Certainly the inverse happens as well. The broader point is that intent is nebulous, which is why choosing the right words in the first place is so important.
  14. Political Containment Thread

    My mind is blown by the fact that you would equate Bill Maher and Richard Pryor's respective uses of the N word. Gee, I wonder what the difference could be that would change the effect of that word?
  15. Political Containment Thread

    There is an important distinction between context and intent. When we're talking about intent, we're mostly talking about a situation where someone's words don't match their supposed inner thoughts or feelings. The word "intent" comes into play as a way of defending a poor choice of words, by saying they didn't really mean what they said. Your Obama and Hillary Clinton examples are a different matter because they are only a poor choice of words in the sense that they can be manipulated by political opponents to misrepresent their meaning, but in the full context in which they were spoken, they're clearly innocuous. Intent is useless because it's just a demand for listeners to assume goodwill on the part of the speaker. Context matters because those speakers actually communicated their meaning effectively, they were just misrepresented by the other side.