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  1. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    I finally got a Switch!! It's pretty rad so far. I've spent a couple hours with Mario Odyssey and it feels like Breath of the Wild's platformer cousin, which I mean as high praise. Can't wait to get a bunch of games and sink many hours into this system.
  2. General movie discussion

    You don't like PG-13 movies? But that's like... every movie, almost.
  3. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    That sounds terrifying. I don't live in an extremely cold climate, but honestly I can't imagine someone wearing a ski mask in public unless they were setting out to scare the bejeezus out of everyone. I work in a movie theater, so my mind goes to mass shootings whenever I see suspicious characters carrying backbacks/bags or wearing an overcoat or something. Between that and my college campus, I can't decide which place feels less safe these days.
  4. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    I was surprised too. Wonder how many words I'd have to expand it to for penis to show up. It's currently 450.
  5. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    Here's a word cloud of the previous chat thread.
  6. GoFundMe Campaign

    Wishing you the best of luck. Also wishing I had a social media presence so I could spread the word; not much I can do on that front, but I hope my small donation helps.
  7. General movie discussion

    Historically, advancements in metalworking correspond with advancements in both technology and other areas of culture as well. I don't know for sure if it works on a literal level since I don't know anything about metals or the history of their use, but as a shorthand it just means that this bountiful region was able to speed through many centuries worth of tech advancements and outpace the rest of the world, setting the stage for where the story takes place. The details of it don't really matter.
  8. General movie discussion

    I'm a big fan of practical effects too, though I have no problem with a movie committing to a certain style. Sometimes the slick, slightly uncanny presence of CGI is a purposeful part of the overall presentation and lends to a movie's individual identity. What tends to bother me more is when a movie splits the difference, like the recent Star Wars movies, where there's both practical and CGI creations sharing the same space. It makes the CGI stand out in a sometimes distracting way, and the fact that the practical stuff looks so good makes me wish they had fully committed to that style. (Or at least augment the CG stuff with practical components such that the whole thing reads as a real physical entity. This is ostensibly what motion capture performances accomplish, but it doesn't always work for me - again, Star Wars with Maz Kanata, who doesn't emanate age, wisdom or anything because she doesn't feel like she's really part of the world)
  9. Ice Dragon Temple - N4A Chat Thread, Feb. 2018

    Let's get one thing straight: poop is hilarious. Which is why it's unacceptable that their shitposting excludes it in favor of penis.
  10. General movie discussion

    We had an advance screening tonight at the theater I work at; it was madness. This movie's gonna be huge.
  11. The Old Tower - N4A Chat Thread, January 2018

    All I have right now is a part list; I can't quite afford everything until I get my next paycheck in a week. But it's probably going to look pretty similar to this. The bitcoin market has been wreaking havoc on graphics card prices and availability, so this build uses one of the few that's still in stock and fits my budget. I'm gonna snatch that part up asap and then order the rest later.
  12. The Old Tower - N4A Chat Thread, January 2018

    It looks like my PC build is going to clock in at about $1400, including monitor and keyboard. Finally almost ready to retire this laptop and start using a desktop computer for the first time in something like 7 or 8 years.
  13. My spoiler-ing thoughts on The Last Jedi.

    Star Wars has always been a series where the action scenes are dictated by the story. The swordfights are never there for their own sake. It's just another form of storytelling, and this particular movie didn't have any narrative reason for a lightsaber duel. And as a rejection of the traditions that don't bring anything necessary to the table, it makes sense on a meta level as well. First of all, what do you mean "risks that aren't necessary"? What constitutes a necessary or unnecessary risk for you? Regardless of its quality, TFA is about the least risky film they could have made. That's not to say it shouldn't have been that way, but on almost all counts, it plays it safe. They brought back the original cast in their iconic roles, several of the new characters bear obvious similarities to their older counterparts, the plot repeats several elements from the original trilogy, the look and feel of the film is clearly meant to evoke the original trilogy, and most of the potentially interesting new story ideas are either relegated to the background or left as plot hooks for future movies in the trilogy to deliver on. JJ Abrams essentially made the first half of a season of Stranger Things, with the knowledge that the second half would be made by someone else. To actually explain who Snoke is or reveal the identity of Rey's parents, as though not showing the full backstory of a character in their first appearance qualifies as a "mystery," would actually be the boring choice as far as I'm concerned. TLJ undercuts all that nonsense unceremoniously, which is the greatest surprise of all. In today's Mystery Box storytelling landscape, that's the equivalent of a daring twist like Darth Vader being Luke's dad. When you say that's not a smart direction and it won't pay off, are you talking about box office returns, or artistic success? Because one of those things, I really don't care about.
  14. My spoiler-ing thoughts on The Last Jedi.

    The lesson here being, don't take risks, just give the fans what they expect. God forbid the sequel makes a few million less than the one that came before.
  15. My spoiler-ing thoughts on The Last Jedi.

    Why were you expecting something going in? This is how you set yourself up for disappointment with any kind of art. The only goal of the artist is to express themselves. They don't set out to make a movie with a checklist for how to satisfy IU's expectations going into the theater. That's called pandering. As far as a man baring his torso in a movie, I'm not scandalized. Men are often shirtless in real life. And it's already been said, but the point of Ben not having his shirt on is that the force connection intrudes randomly and inconveniently, and forces their relationship into an uncomfortably intimate zone. It's supposed to feel a little weird. They have a weird relationship. Expressing disappointment that there weren't enough epic lightsaber duels like in the prequels... honestly, just buy the action figures if all you want is to see someone act out cool swordfights.