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  1. Got a couple of word search books.
  2. Definitely. Just good quality all around. When/if I'm able to get a backup Switch, I'll be going through them again.
  3. Awesome! I love amfilm screen protectors. They're a good company.
  4. Same here. They were such good people. Rest in peace, Kevin Conroy. 😔
  5. Oh boy... Wow. Can still report tweets themselves thankfully. And it gets worse.
  6. Exactly. But a lot of celebrities are leaving. Muskrat isn't going to have a lot left. He's trying to tank it. He's been trying to get out of the deal.
  7. Heads up... Musk wants to paywall Twitter. So if y'all want to keep in touch with ppl best to do that sooner rather than later, just in case.
  8. I mask when I go out. Too many people are walking around unmasked. I'm not taking any chances.
  9. Yep all thanks to Stephen King. The irony? No one wants it still lol. Exactly. It's not meant to be a status symbol.
  10. Yep. It's one big old scam that he wants to profit from.
  11. Happy November! I'm actually curious about it. The separate paths and open world have my attention so far.
  12. @Chrom Are we having Secret Santa this year?
  13. Yikes that sucks. I hope you're able to get them done pretty quickly.
  14. Yea it's pretty sad. RIP Olivia Newton-John.
  15. They want to force their views onto everyone. This bullshit has been brewing for 40 to 50 years. Fucking Koch brothers, etc..
  16. Nothing like seeing my Switch's left speaker (blue joycon) isn't working. Sooo now I have that issue along with my joycons one. Now just looking into a secondary system so I can transfer things over to. Will have to wait on repairs until then tho, so I don't lose saves. Only really noticed it while in raids in Pokemon Shield. Some of the effects seemed off somehow, like the recovery ones from my Pokemon.
  17. Nice! That's an awesome group, song wise to get stuck in your head. Love their music. They deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame dammit.
  18. Nothing like waking up this morning, feeling lethargic and like a noodle in pain. Not sure if it's a cold, the flu or Covid, but I hate its viral ass. Fighting back hard. This piece of shit won't know what hit it. Annnd it's Covid. Fuck the person who gave it to us.
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