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  1. Exactly. A new system is an investment. It doesn't mean much, if past buys and whatnot aren't transferable.
  2. Yea. And hopefully it'll be backwards compatible with the Switch.
  3. Nothing like checking to see if I have enough room to install the Xenoblade Chronicles X update patches, and I don't. So there goes that. Played some games on it and it worked like a charm. Some Super Mario 3, Minish Cap, Goldensun, Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
  4. If only. $2.99 a piece for the Ace Attorney games is a steal.
  5. Finally picked up Pokemon Violet today.
  6. Yep. And with the recent save data issues with GO and the DLC... it'll be that much longer of a wait. Definitely not chancing things.
  7. I'm waiting and seeing on it tbh. If you mean the DLC, it sounds like it might be larger than Sword and Shields. But it depends on what else we do learn about it. Only bug I've seen is a ground graphical glitch in a battle. My system is running pretty cool with it so far. It hasn't been overtaxed.
  8. Been playing Violet via a physical copy of the game, that I rented from the library. Haven't run into any real issues yet. It's not that sluggish (the game automatically updated and it seems to make it run pretty well). My Switch is an older one with a Sandisk sd card. It seems to handle things well enough so far.
  9. Yea that's one that I'll be waiting for a sale on.
  10. Working on moving Pokemon over to Home and finishing things up. My Switch is running into issues (nothing too serious, but might as well cover all the bases) and will be trying to see what I can do for it in the spring.
  11. A $20 Nintendo eshop card. Bought Final Fantasy XV pocket edition, Dadish 2 and Monster Sanctuary.
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