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  1. Political Containment Thread

    Exactly. They want to stick with the usual status quo and that doesn't really help much of anybody.
  2. Political Containment Thread

    Fair points. Disagree on the Dems though, only ones that need to go are the Establishment ones, like Feinstein. The ones that are just too connected to the political machine to get more done. Articles like this one certainly don't help matters. Source: the Huffington Post It's just using the same old excuses. And they're dog whistling democrats in general. It's the corporate status quo not being happy about where Bernie stands. I understand that there needs to be shaking up, and it's of those Dems that are more sided with the corporate side of things. There won't be much in the way of change with them being involved.
  3. Political Containment Thread

    What wrong reasons? Not me. Given that he was for the health care bill over the years, irregardless of the no votes. It just makes me sick. Maybe a little bit. But I just hope that some more R's would step up and not just ones that aren't taking too much of a risk.
  4. Political Containment Thread

    I feel the same way given his flip flop nature over the years.
  5. Legend of Pokemon - Watercolor Heroes

    That is so adorable!
  6. Nice. I know, I just like a bit of variety.
  7. Shiny Sivally Event-GS

    Shit. I'll have to try to get up there. If not, can someone spare an extra?
  8. General movie discussion

    I just meant violence wise in some parts and less graphic language. The first two were R rated, the third was PG-13. I was more used to the earlier ones tone. Yes I have. Liked it better than the movies looking back on it. Wow. Interesting. I liked it, but my mom didn't. She thought it reminded her of Little Miss Sunshine and she hated that movie. I do too for what it's worth, but I think that Logan was better written and paced than Little Miss Sunshine.
  9. General movie discussion

    I just saw the third Mad Max last night. Finally finished the trilogy. Pretty good. Thought the third one would have been more intense. Was surprised to see that it wasn't.
  10. Nice. I can only take pictures of legendary raids. No one ever shows up.
  11. Political Containment Thread

    https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/10/13/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-october-15-through-october-21-2017-0 What in the actual fuck?!