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  1. Doc Brown

    what are your favorite go-to recipes?

    Found an old thread I made back in 2016 with some good recipes in it: Also if you're a chili fan, I'd recommend Tony Packo's Chili. It's nice and spicy (but not overly so) and it can be doctored easily. Same goes with Wendy's Chili. I swear by it. It's a nice go to if you're in a hurry. It has a pretty good flavor base as Packo's chili does and can be doctored easily too.
  2. Nice catch! Spotted some myself, but wasn't able to catch one. Went up to a Poke Stop today and ran into some GPS issues. GPS not found error and wandering. Tried 3 different spots to try to get by the stop itself. Finally did and got some items, a pair of gifts and a 2km egg. Also caught some Mareep, Buneary, a Lopunny, a weak Flaffy (keeping it for the lols). Up to near 60 candies, Mareep wise and was finally able to evolve my best Buneary into a Lopunny.
  3. Doc Brown

    Your Latest Purchase Thread

    Groceries, including some Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (chocolate fudge brownie).
  4. Doc Brown

    What's with all the Disney hate

    I liked TLJ, hated Rogue One. Couldn't get into it. TLJ was far from perfect, but at least it had characters I cared about/for.
  5. Doc Brown

    GDP releasing a "Switch inspired" device?

    I'm thinking maybe. It looks a lot alike.
  6. Doc Brown

    Switch firmware 8.0.0 now available!

    Yea which is annoying as heck (the between consoles bit). It's one thing when it's between 3ds's (given that they're less expensive), but another thing with Switches... ugh. I know one friend who has a Switch. And I doubt I'd be able to trade over temporarily to theirs if something went wrong. I'd be up a creek. -_-
  7. Doc Brown

    Switch firmware 8.0.0 now available!

    Wish that transfer your save data could work to sd cards as well, for anyone who doesn't have a 2nd Switch to transfer to.
  8. Anyone else's GPS acting up? For about a week now, my guy has been running randomly, usually around stops and gyms. It's been tougher than usually in terms of getting gifts and items and fighting in gyms. More than once my guy has been on the wrong side of the road as well. I have 4 eggs incubating right now... and they're all doing pretty well.
  9. My final score is 144 points. Took a bit of fighting to get the last few points though.
  10. Awesome! I'm up to 124 points so far. Highest I've gotten is up to 20th (just reached it tonight).
  11. Doc Brown

    Koholint Island - N4A Chat Thread - April 2019

    Doing well. Getting ready to game in a bit.
  12. At least you got one. I got none. Did get some good CP ones though, so it made up for it. One had a bit over 1000 CP. Surprised me, I was hoping to Arceus that it would stay in the ball.
  13. Got enough Bagon to evolve my best Shelgon into a Salamence. Also got some items, gifts and eggs.
  14. Doc Brown

    General movie discussion

    Just saw Ready Player One today and liked it ok. Loved the different video game cameos and easter eggs.
  15. Doc Brown

    Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    My hunt for a shiny Koffing has FINALLY ended in Pokemon Crystal. After over 200 (nearing 300) hours of hunting, one showed up last night. Caught her and named her Toxi (for now).