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  1. That's cool. I only have so many Pokeballs to work with, so I can only practice occasionally as I don't buy anything in game with real world money. They've just made the throwing circle too hard to see at times/too small and the hit box is a pain, even with the larger ones. I know that they probably do that to get people to spend money on Pokeballs, but the only thing it does is make me less likely to even bother. And excellent curveballs... seen my share of tutorials, and no matter what I do, things don't work out lol. (Sorry about the venting, but it gets
  2. https://ktla.com/news/california/coronavirus-strain-homegrown-in-california-apparently-more-contagious-may-be-partly-to-blame-for-surge/ Oh shit.
  3. Just caught a shiny Mareep in Pokemon Go today.
  4. I hope that Sony and Nintendo don't follow suit. $60 is bad enough as it is. $120 is major league overkill and I hope it bites Microsoft in the butt. It's in the middle of a pandemic, and they have the gall to pull this absolutely scummy move. It comes down to nothing more than pure greed.
  5. https://deadline.com/2021/01/another-new-covid-19-variant-in-l-a-vaccine-resistant-denmark-1234675834/ Yikes.
  6. So hyped for this game. It's definitely on my wish list for sure.
  7. Not even bothering. Since they're nothing more than loss leaders imo. Planning on getting 3d World and Bowser's Fury some day though.
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