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  1. @alienboyva Do you know if we have to use any stardust to send out gifts/receive them?
  2. Woah. Guess this one is on them then? lol Strange. Caught a pretty good Sudowoodo before the drift occurred. CP 1387. The in game guy said it was bad... but I'm still keeping him. (And he was near where I was at. Not where I drifted to. Which was by a stop I go to...) Was able to get back on fine. Game seems to be back to normal GPS wise on my end and didn't get into any trouble. Good news, found a Gastly. First one I've seen in quite some time. Bad news... it's at a stupid cell phone store! /facepalm Dammit Niantic. Swear that they keep on giving the place a lot of good Pokemon and elsewhere... not so much. One of the oddest bugs I've ever run into on this game is when a large group of Pokemon spawns... then I'm unable to move and/or move very far. It's similar to the Gym glitch where my guy gets stuck or the Pokestop one where I get stuck. Thinking it's due to my phone's strange GPS.
  3. Awesome! That'll come in handy. Woah... my game's GPS just went batty! And it's still going! Hope I don't get into trouble for it. My phone has weird GPS sometimes.
  4. Doc Brown

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    You've nailed it with the inconsistent stock. It's the same sometimes with Walmart and other stores. It's hard enough finding the usual games let alone the less common ones.
  5. Doc Brown

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    Ah. Cool. That's generally the same with Amazon on my end. Just tried to find the best sellers I could and go from there. Nice. I do too when it works out. Had to pay a little more for a copy of Soul Reaver 2, $8 instead of $2, but it was worth it since the game was nicely buffed and it was playable. Not the easiest game to find either.
  6. Doc Brown

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    Damn that sucks :(. Don't blame ya there. Cool. I tend to do that in my area as well. The selection is ok enough. Only other thing I'm gonna miss is not having to rely on Amazon for used games. I rather see the games themselves in person. Especially if they're dvd's/bluray's. You don't know how someone has treated the copies.
  7. Doc Brown

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    Yea they've pretty much fucked the company over. Lucked out with the one I go to, they shill sometimes, but the people working there haven't been assholes. That one I'll miss, but overall I won't miss it and I hope that the workers are able to find better work.
  8. Ah. I don't get why they couldn't do that for gifts then.
  9. Used to that one, given that eggs list location data as well.
  10. Which is ok in terms of not overloading the servers. Just hope it goes down to around lv. 10. Not kidding... that was around the level of a friend of mine. And they don't play a lot.
  11. Ah. Still too high lol. Hopefully to a more sane level.
  12. Wow that sucks. Guess it'll be a long time before I make it there. I'm not even level 24 yet. And there goes any chance for me to trade with any friends, as they are way lower than that level. Man this limit sucks. I hope it's temporary as well.
  13. Doc Brown

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    Yea that's generally me as well. Main stores don't carry those games that often. I'd do that too if systems offered plenty of data to store it. It's why I've preferred to get game via physical copy.
  14. Doc Brown

    Anor Londo - N4A Chat Thread, June 2018

    I love this guys covers. He's very good.