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  1. Thanks for the fruits! Sorry about the lack of in game response. Not used to the Switch AC chat controls just yet.
  2. Never been so underwhelmed for an election. Biden's literally shown people what he's like over the course of the election, going from what I've watched clip wise and have read. No amount of bs ads is /are going to be able to put lipstick on that pig. That said, I will be voting for him to help get Trump out of office. Past that though, he does not have my support. He's tone deaf about Medicare for All. Saying that he'd veto it if it hit his desk, is one sure fire way of not getting votes. And promoting the ACA, isn't worth a damn thing, when some voters either can't afford it or earn a bit too much to even have it. I'm honestly wondering how he's going to appeal to those voters.
  3. Uh... now I'm a bit confused. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/07/nintendos_mobile_business_is_here_to_stay
  4. Nothing like trying to activate my new phone... Tried via their site setup at first and it kept on rejecting my email address. Thankfully found their site bot and got things working via that, minus said bs.
  5. @skycandy Your surfboard came in. Are you available to visit my town this weekend? I'm not that going to be that busy myself.