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  1. Did a bit of work last night, getting up to 34th place and getting 10 points so far. Hoping to do a bit more tonight.
  2. Yep it's getting cooler out. Saw quite a few stars out tonight too. They look like diamonds.
  3. @wildflower Sorry but I'm unable to do that. No access to my computer, so I can't upload a picture. And taking one on my phone and then uploading it on a library computer isn't an option either, as I'm not sure of whether or not there are viruses, etc., on their computers. Better to be safe than sorry. That said, once I get back online on my own, I'll get a picture. @Kodiack The captcha for being invisible/cloaked isn't working. It did for a bit, but when I tried to make a post in the Tetris 99 thread, it started to act up.
  4. I'm of two minds about this, I'm glad that the corporation is doing bad, but I feel bad for the workers and the customers.
  5. I generally do that since my family doesn't always know what to get me lol. Nice.
  6. Damn. I really like their magazine as well. This isn't a good sign.
  7. An ICEE Red Dead Redemption Final Fantasy XIII a notebook Gifts for my birthday :).
  8. It's on Reddit. To make a long story short, it's not good that it's happening. The old Switch gets rather warm after gameplay and the vents aren't the best. So I can see how overheating might occur. Maybe the new chip was defective and overheated. Here's the title of the thread : New Nintendo Switch models having problems with burnt network card
  9. Yep. But it was enough to make me leery of exchanging my old one for it.
  10. Not quite that. It was a burnt network card. Sounds worse than what happened with the old Switch model. That happened with another persons system, but you bring up a good point about the interference. A good reason to try to exchange them for the new model, meaning the joycons.
  11. @DLurkster I see thanks for the info. I'll probably stick with the older model and just try to get the joycons replaced. Saw that someone ran into an issue with network chip in the new model.
  12. @Pichi Only thing is, this is no laughing matter. This setup they want could affect a whole lot of people.
  13. Not bad. Still hoping Fable is ported some day.