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  1. Nothing like trading random stuff on Wonder Trade in Moon Version .
  2. So sad to see so few signing up so far, hoping more sign up.
  3. I hope so too. I'd have my data straight on the system for now, and keep my sd card out while playing. Here's to hoping they patch this issue ASAP.
  4. Thanks! I will. Got Colosseum back when it first came out, just took years before I could play it lol. Sweet. I wish they'd bring those games out on the Switch and do some kind of sequel.
  5. Same here. I love Colosseum and I started playing XD and like it so far too. Agreed.
  6. Glad it's Thursday. Nearing the end of a long week. Nice. What games do you have?
  7. Of all the times to not have joycons lol. Wish I had my new ones in, but I don't know if they're in yet.
  8. @Chrom Is Secret Santa taking place this year? Just wanted to check in as I'm computer-less for now and just want to be sure, so I can sign up via a computer at the library.
  9. Dang gotta try their's out. Anyone else running into their left joycon disconnecting every so often while playing? I haven't had it happen with any other game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Smash included. Getting ready to send mine in for replacement for the new model.
  10. Had an ok community day, no shinies, but I got enough Turtwigs to evolve my best second evolution one into a Torterra. Also got some items and some gifts. Haven't found/seen a single 5th gen Pokemon yet. Just hatched a Chingling recently, along with an Igglybuff and a Tauros. Both of the latter I tossed. Kept the former.
  11. Did a bit of work last night, getting up to 34th place and getting 10 points so far. Hoping to do a bit more tonight.