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  1. Been playing a bit. Trying to figure out the controls and stuff. Played as Pikachu.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. It'll come in handy in terms of regular package sending.
  3. Well shit... this isn't good. Informative, concerning and frightening 🧵.
  4. Nice review! Definitely picking these up when I can. Hoping that they remaster 3 and 4 too.
  5. Ham, bacon and pepperoni Just the usual... onion, ketchup, cheese. I'd get bacon if it wasn't extra. None. But if I did... it would be a lime margarita. I drink soda instead, generally Dr. Thunder or Dr. Pepper Cherry.
  6. Same. Mine had some repair work, but it's working fine. Can't justify another one... unless it was to replace the one I have.
  7. Ugh. Really Nintendo... https://twitter.com/SerebiiNet/status/1412396780873043969?s=19
  8. When and if it happens? Given the chip shortage and the economy at this point, I'm wondering if they're holding off until a better time.
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