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  1. Glass Skull shot glasses and Decanter from Groupon... Lapalux albums "Lustmore" and "Nostalchic" A bunch of shit at E3 Some souvenirs while I was in Hollywood, including a $99 painting by Sean Danconia:
  2. Dell external CD drive One ticket to E3 2017 Shampoo Physical albums: Dir en Grey "Uroboros" and "Dum Spiro Spero"
  3. XENON

    One line whines

    Fuck my car. Fuck driving.
  4. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gym shorts and a shirt for working out. Panera
  5. When a Villain (not always a villain, but usually) has the Hero or character right where he wants him, but doesn't do anything. He just talks. He talks until the other guy finds a way to escape or kill him. Like that Martel guy in Game of Thrones... He had the Mountain beat... but he kept fucking talking. So his head exploded and the Mountain continues to walk the earth.
  6. "Grey Gator" Nixon Sentry watch Dir En Grey "Gauze" physical album Pair of Levi's Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 Spigen Galaxy Edge S7 slim armor case. (1) Ticket to see A Perfect Circle this coming April.
  7. Hate to be cliche here but... Akira Spirited Away A Bug's Life
  8. Graphic Tees as well. I try to dress a bit "nicer" these days, but it's too damn hot for that. Pokemon Anime sometimes. Collecting (mostly) Nintendo-related merchandise, or other merch from games I am a fan of. Also, I want to buy every guitar and bass at Guitar Center. I am not even that great at guitar, but I love the potential, the styles. I try to find the weirdest ones. Wow, from what I typed out, it looks like my guilty pleasure is just being a geek about things.