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  1. Finally finished my 5* Masked Marth. Turned her him into a kind of pseudo-healer (Falchion + Renewal 3 + Ardent Sacrifice) exactly like Lucina. Isn't it just the oddest thing that they have the same nuetral stats? Crazy coincidence. Now if only I had more Fury to give to either one of them.
  2. Ahhh, I somehow missed the context
  3. Both VII and VIII were released NA only a year after they came out in Japan?
  4. This makes sense, I was thinking about the usual way. Yes while Tempest is still around, that's probably the best way to grind sp... assuming your unit is good enough to kill everything on the field and not die.
  5. TT Eighth stratum. Lowest you can go while still guaranteeing all units will be within 5 levels of you at level 40. Unless one of the other lunatic maps has 5 units and you think you can kill them all, you just spam that training map for... freaking ages, really.
  6. Initiation on that map is easy, just need dancer/draw back shenanigans to kill the red sword in the top corner and get out of dodge. After that it takes everyone but Narcian so long to actually reach you that you can more or less pick them off one at a time.
  7. 8-5 Got a healer with 21 def that can't attack.
  8. As long as Lucina is in it I really don't care what the rest of the roster is. Same goes for if she isn't in it, cuz I probably won't be getting a switch. If they can't meet my baseline Waifu needs, I'll take my money elsewhere. For this reason it makes me happy to see they're focusing on those four games, as it makes it more likely she'll be in.
  9. I'm glad I spent all my orbs trying for Celica now. Like I'd be even gladder if I'd actually got her but y'know. Better than wasting them on this banner.
  10. Other than Lynn they are very strange choices. Cordelia I can maybe see? Caeda... sure I guess. Who the hell is Charlotte? Why should I care that she exists?
  11. Rally Atk/Spd would be hella useful for my Nino team, but other than that the only reason to roll is for Waifu Appeal. I'm so glad Lucina isn't one of them, I'd have been forced to buy orbs and I have like no money.
  12. Oh that sounds really cool, actually. Muuuch better than the alternative.
  13. P-perma death? No surely not, that can't be legal. That would be devaluing prior purchases, right? The same reason they can't nerf a unit after releasing it.